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Q: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot" ( No Answer,   4 Comments )
Subject: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot"
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Restaurants and City Guides
Asked by: johnfrommelbourne-ga
List Price: $4.00
Posted: 23 May 2004 07:40 PDT
Expires: 22 Jun 2004 07:40 PDT
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       In an earlier question and in light of my aim to visit North
Carolina you suggested you could provide a short listing of good
restaurants in that state and especially those of mid-eastern cuisine.
  I shall reserve the spare $20.00 of a previous question to " shout"
you a meal when I get there. "Shout" by the way being a word in
Australian slang meaning to treat another to a drink, a meal or
whatever, the origins of which no living person knows or understands.
Best bet is that in the very noisy tent hotels of the 1850's that one
had to yell(shout loud) over the crowd to get the barmans attention 
before being served a beer.

Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 23 May 2004 12:14 PDT
Where in NC will you be?

When I have an answer ready I will put it in comments since the
information will be second hand.  I have never eaten in any
restaurants in NC - only SC. (Columbia - was stationed at Ft. Jackson
when I was in the Army sometime just past the end of the American
Civil War - I really am old ya know)- Grumpy too.

Plus, they do fill the plates real full as Bryan states.  You will
need the $4 for digestive aids.

What city are you visiting?

Cordon Bleu Digs

Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 23 May 2004 13:47 PDT
While waiting for your clarification response, this came from
out-of-the-blue.  Well actually it didn't come from out-of-the-blue,
it came from the Pacific Northwest where there isn't that much blue
because it rains all the time.

This is from a researcher who eats both animal and vegetable.  It is
the American Express list of fine dining establishments in NC.  While
none of them are Mideastern, you can always take your own shaker of
ground sumac and fake it.

More after I hear from you.

Dining out with

Clarification of Question by johnfrommelbourne-ga on 27 May 2004 09:08 PDT
Gee Digs  think you have done enough already for the small fee I put
up. Just add a tick as answer and that will satisfy me. I am not even
sure where my brother-in-law lives by the way but I know it is a large
town rather than a city but has within its borders  one or two larger
corpratiions or subsiduaries of at least. Must ask my wife but alas
she is in Indonesia and I am in Australia. I will read everything you
have provided as I always do anyway and am just about to check out the

By the way, nice to hear from Chromedome again. Long time no see. Now
if i could just ascertain Missy's whereabouts of late.

 Thanks also for your comments Bryan. If ypou read this perhaps you
could let Digs know that I did get back to his response albeit


Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 27 May 2004 14:18 PDT
Ur - um - If you get hold of any of that southern fried chicken,
hushpuppies, or any of those other deep fried delights, you really
will need those digestive aids. (all that grease)

When you get here, you will be a guest.  Since I won't be there to
play host in person, please consider my refusal to put anything in the
answer box as my feeble attempt to say "welcome."

Dieting again
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot"
From: probonopublico-ga on 23 May 2004 10:23 PDT

If you should shout in a very loud voice, I will come over and join you.

And, in that case, the shout will be on me.

Just a word of warning: there just ain't anywhere that provides decent
eating in the old US of A.

Sure, they have bigger plates and they fill them real full.

So, please watch your waistline!

Subject: Re: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot"
From: chromedome-ga on 24 May 2004 09:26 PDT
Hi, John!  Good to see you, as always.

As a cook, I spend a lot of time on a food-related forum called
eGullet (my favourite form of professional development).  The
Carolinas are covered in the "Southeastern USA" forum, located at this

You do not need to register to read the posts in most of the forums.
Of course you may want to, if you find it as addictive as I do. 
There's even a thread in which an eGulleter calls on a friend from
another site, a curmudgeonly retired archaeologist, to help a young
lady plan an Egyptian meal for her class of special-needs children...

Subject: Re: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot"
From: digsalot-ga on 24 May 2004 17:56 PDT
Hi again

In Charlotte NC there is the Ali Baba which serves a general
Mideastern menu.  The entree prices average $8 or less.  It is open
for dinner and carry out is available. - 4113 Monroe Road #A
Charlotte, North Carolina - Ph 704-376-0750

Chapel Hill has the Cafe Parvaneh - Persian food - you won't need your
bottle of ground sumac here, they will already have their own.
(amazing, here in the US so many people think that sumac is poison but
it is a wonderful spice.  The red berries and bark are ground
together)  Here is their website: - - The
pictures look like verious forms of kubideh with saffron rice and
roasted veggies.  Kubideh is a delight and is almost the Iranian
national dish. - I looked through their menu and also found a good
selection of khoreshes.  Khoresh is another near universal Persian
dish that is eaten in most Iranian households at least once a day.  It
would seem that this is not a Halal restaurant as there is a selection
of wines and other alcohol containing beverages.  But as a traditional
beverage, may I recommend doogh - liquid yogurt, soda and dried mint.
- - I have never eaten there but a friend who imports caviars from
Iran has.  I talked with him last night and he highly recommends the
place.  Address on the website.

In Durham is the Bread & Kabob.  "Persian, Afghan, Middle Eastern and
a great variety of Vegeterian dishes"  A restaurant review by Greg Cox
- "The bright fluorescent lighting and pictures of combination plates
over the order counter give a first impression that Bread & Kabob is a
fast food joint, but the warm welcome from the mostly native Afghani
staff makes it clear that it's a family run eatery. Kabobs, ranging
from lamb cubes to marinated chicken to mildly seasoned ground beef,
are the specialty, grilled to order and served with a house-baked
bread resembling pita. A rotating selection of vegetable side dishes,
with flavors reminiscent of India and the Middle East, include chunky
potatoes, slow-cooked spinach, and eggplant cooked to soft, melded
sweetness with tomatoes." - sounds good to me. - 1013 W. Main St.
Durham, NC  - 919-956-5559

From Raleigh we have the Kabobi Resturant  - "Kabob Kobideh, Barg,
Chengeh, Chicken with basmati rice, Geymeh Stew, Okra Stew, Taaskabob,
Aash, Lentil rice (Adas Polo) are some of the foods that are available
along with fresh Persian pastries, Ice-cream and Faloodeh." - I know
nothing else about it except the menu sounds good.  It really is
difficult to find a "bad" Mideastern restaurant.

You may have noticed the restaurants selected are basically Persian. 
Well??? - I'm biased.

Take a look at the website Chromedome recommended.  Calling me a
"curmudgeonly retired archaeologist" - - - - - - Well - - - - yes, it

Have a great trip.

The great overweight one
Subject: Re: Good restaurants in North Carolina by famous food critic "Digsalot"
From: probonopublico-ga on 27 May 2004 09:34 PDT

I've read your message & I'll give Digs a dig in his ribs when I see him.

Have a great trip, whenever!


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