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Q: Website Not in Google Search Engine ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Website Not in Google Search Engine
Category: Computers
Asked by: peterp-ga
List Price: $30.00
Posted: 04 Jun 2004 21:34 PDT
Expires: 04 Jul 2004 21:34 PDT
Question ID: 356686
Over the night this week our site lost key word ranking and seems
almost out of google. I would appreciate if you take a look. The site
was ranked well in Google.  ?six sigma? ?six sigma training?

It appears that Google is looking for the web instead of ?? has no page rank

Under Google advanced search
://   google does find pages
that link to and pages similar to

Google does have the current page indexed
even though when I type in the main google search area
google goes to which has a pr of 0.

So what is up? it appears google is not seeing the
domain fully and although still has page rank it recognizes the domain with a pr of 0. Google still finds some pages for
example with the search of ?Six Sigma Orlando?.

About the same day our host provider was updating the items and the
site was down for some time.

Request for Question Clarification by aceresearcher-ga on 05 Jun 2004 01:13 PDT
Greetings, Peter!

If your site was down for a significant period of time, the Googlebot
may have gotten confused.

This is mentioned in the Google FAQ for Webmasters:
"Your site may not have been reachable when we tried to crawl it
because of network or hosting problems. When this happens, we retry
multiple times, but if the site cannot be crawled, it will not be
listed in our current index. If it was a transient problem, your site
will likely show up in the next index, which will be completed in a
few weeks."

I encourage you to submit your main URL to
again and wait a week. If you're still seeing a problem, then come
back here and post a Clarification requesting more assistance.



Clarification of Question by peterp-ga on 05 Jun 2004 06:36 PDT
Thanks.I am sure my site was up and down a number of times when google
tried to run it. Google did index my new homepage however.

Any reason why google would default to and not If you check if you check google for pages similar or
for links even though I type google reverts back to

Your search - - did not match any documents. 

However if I go to google's advanced search 


with it finds the links and similar pages. What is up with this?

I am not looking for a book for an answer just want to make sure I
have not missed anything. Like does google have an error. Is my
website configured in some why that would cause this problem of seeing versus the fill domain

If listed in google's current index?

Subject: Re: Website Not in Google Search Engine
Answered By: serenata-ga on 05 Jun 2004 15:21 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hi Peter ~

First of all, this morning, at approximately 7:30 PDT, I get two
entirely different results for your domain, depending on whether or
not I use the 'www'.

WITH, Google has determined that I am searching for a
domain and gives me the usual return on that query as follows,

 "Six Sigma - Six Sigma Training - Six Sigma Certification
  - Design ... Six Sigma . us. ...

  Google can show you the following information for this URL:

   * Show Google's cache of
   * Find web pages that are similar to
   * Find web pages that link to
   * Find web pages that contain the term "" "

With just the '' entered in the search box, I am getting
results as one would for any ordinary search term. This rarely happens
with other top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, etc., but it
IS happening with any site which is using the .us TLD.

This would indicate that without the 'www', at this moment Google
isn't resolving that as a TLD, but rather as a "regular" search query.

[Google search link below] -
   - ://

It is not difficult to see that may be leading to the phenomenon you
are experiencing at the moment.

It has been noted in other forums that the same type of 'phenomenon'
or 'difference' happened with other TLDs, such as .com, .org, .net,
etc., and some of those appear to have been resolved, with Google
search results pretty much the same with or without the 'www'. On
others, there are still two different sets of results with or without
the 'www'.

There is *definitely* a whole different look in search results when
searching for your domain, depending on whether or not one uses the
'www'. I suspect it's a matter of Google not adjusting its algos to
handle all the TLDs yet so that either with or without produces the
same search. There are still some URLS that require the 'www' to even
bring a site up, and it should be easier to accomplish this on the
world wide web than tweaking search engines to recognize it.

The reason both with and without the 'www' are showing up is simply
because some of the links TO your site are listed without the 'www',
and Google has picked this up.

For instance, here's a cached link,

And some others,

Since you're using the .us TLD, I would make sure all links to your
site use the 'www', if only for the sake of continuity.

All of the foregoing is offered by way of understanding that even
Google can make some mistakes at times, but that it is always working
to achieve its main goal -- to deliver the most RELEVANT results in
answer to the searcher's query.

To Answer Your Questions

Please understand that Google results can change from one search to
another, sometimes several times per day for search queries. This
often has to do with which of Google's many data centers your search
query is directed to (due to internet traffic, etc.) - so seeing some
unusual or even different results for the same search is not unusual.

My colleague pointed you to a Google link for that, and as I showed
you above, the site IS indeed listed and indexed by
   - ://

If you click on "Find web pages that link to", there are 0 returns.
   - ://

If you click on Find web pages that contain the term """,
there are "about 1,620" results.
   - ://

For the search term 'six sigma', your site ranks 409th.

For the search term 'six sigma training', your site ranks 95th.

If you care to check yourself, you can use this tool - Google Rankings
- (warning, don't use it too often,
Google doesn't approve) to check where you rank). Its results are from
a live search and are usually pretty accurate, although it, too can
reach a Google data center that you won't reach when doing your own
Google search.

So Why Are There No Links
And Only Pages That "Contain The term"?

I was unable to find out whether or not previous searches for your
site on Google returned any "pages that link to" or any results for
using Google's link tool (entering - however, I
find it interesting that you have an entire section devoted to links,
whether or not they are relevant to your own site's content (Six


In addition, there are links from link exchanges TO your own site such as,

and others, which really aren't relevant to your site's content.

Google specifically warns against participating in linking schemes and
has been known to penalize sites for doing so. As you can see at the
moment, it is not attributing any of those sites as actual "links" at
the present time.

In its "Quality Guidelines - Basic Principles", Google specifically mentions,

     "Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase
      your site's ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid
      links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web
      as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those
   - ://

And further states in reasons your site may not be listed,

     "certain actions such as ... setting up pages/links
      with the sole purpose of fooling search engines may
      result in permanent removal from our index."
   - ://

Recently, such types of links which are purely for the sake of links
have been greatly discounted toward page rank. In some cases, sites
have dropped so low in search results so as not to even be listed. You
may want to rethink the benefit of participating in those type of
linking schemes.

The best advice you can receive is still that contained in Google's
Guidelines, to design your site for your users.

Jill Whalen, of High Rankings, said it best,

     "Google wants what Google has always wanted -- pages
      that provide some sort of usefulness to the people
      Google sends to them. Some of those will naturally
      have links out to other sites, some of those won't...

      ... Google looks at all different things, but it has
      to look at each individual page (and perhaps each site)
      and take it on its own merits.

      The bottom line is that you should do what makes the
      most sense for your site and its own situation. If
      you want to link out to other sites because it's
      helpful to your visitors, then you should do it! If
      you don't think there will be any benefit to your
      visitors to link to other sites, then don't. Either
      way will only help or hurt you in so much as you do
      it just because you're trying to figure out what
      Google might like."

So as you are working to optimize your own site, always keep what is
of benefit to your visitor - not to Google or any other search engine.
In the long run, those sites that do that are the sites which place
well in search engine results pages.

Important Google Links For Your Reference

It is natural to want to place well in search results on Google,
because it is the number one search engine online. Therefore, I am
including important links from Google's site. This information will
help you understand Google's goals and responsibility to the web
searcher (and not the webmaster or site owner).

It is incumbent upon you, the webmaster or the website owner, to
ensure your site meets these basics if you want your site listed.
Webmasters who do follow the guidelines and avoid Google's "Thou shalt
nots" usually have no problem getting listed and showing up under the
search terms they desire.

   * Google Today (absolutely the best information you
     can read about the "how and why" of Google's results
     - ://

   * How Do I Get My Site Listed on Google?
     - ://

   * My Web Pages Are Not Currently Listed (a good 'primer'
     on how and why Google works so well)
     - ://

   * PageRank Information (covers both Google's PageRank and
     - ://

   * Webmaster Guidelines (contains both the dos and don'ts)
     - ://

   * Google Facts & Fiction (can  you buy your way to a
     high ranking in Google?)
     - ://

   * Search Engine Optimizers (some good advice on what to look
     for if you're going to hire a Search Engine Optimizer)
     - ://

   * Frequently Asked Questions (pretty much what it says, but
     definitely worth wading through)
     - ://

   * Remove Content from Google's Index (just in case you feel
     a burning need to start all over again)
     - ://

Other Sources of Information

There is also good information from many of the top search engine
optimization experts, such as

   * Detlev Johnson, Search Engine Guide

   * Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch

   * Jill Whalen, High Rankings

   * Shari Thurow, Web Pro News (and quoted all over the Internet)

who all have columns or newsletters to which you can subscribe and
keep abreast of the best way to use good content for better
positioning in search engine results.

It never hurts to keep track of the discussions; but remember, trying
to optimize for search engines only is like trying to hit a moving
target. You'll notice among the more experienced contributors to the
discussions - plus the SEO experts listed above - that there really is
no substitute for content, relevant links and good HTML.

Search terms ~

Besides the specific searches I listed above, I relied on reliable
resources I use in my daily business as a designer and SEO consultant.

I hope this helps answer your questions,

Google Answers Researcher

Request for Answer Clarification by peterp-ga on 05 Jun 2004 20:33 PDT
Thanks for the follow through. Most of the links items are two+ years
old and need to be cleaned up. We have only added relevant links over
the past year and many of those old links should be pulled down. I
will relook at the links and pull down ones that are very old and not

Please research a little more and I will approve your detailed answer.

I would ask for some clarification. For the past year our site ranked
in the top ten for most key words. I don't believe our site's main
page is coming up on any searches in google currently as you
indicated. perhaps google is confused with and

At least from our view point when I do a search from
and put in it appears google is registering pages and
links as you suggested. However for me when I actually click on  1)
Find web pages that are similar to google finds no pages
and reverts to 2) The same is true for "Find web pages that
link to" it finds no pages. and reverts to searching for The site you mentioned that is 407 is not our site just a
link on a quality related site. The 95th rank for "six sigma training"
is not actually our site but a link with if you type
"six sigma orlando" you will see one of our interpages ranking well
but no home page? Please research this point with some more detail.

Clarification of Answer by serenata-ga on 05 Jun 2004 21:33 PDT
Hi again, Peter ~

You might want to try clearing your cache (just in case that's where
you're picking up your google search from).

I've tried the search for now on six different browsers
(so there'd be no disk cache and no cookies for that search), and I am
unable to duplicate the results you are experiencing.

I did last night, but as of this morning, that has not been the case.

I also asked a half dozen friends (boy are we skewing search results
this week) ... and none of them get other than the results I reported
in my answer.

As for your search engine rankings, please remember that I suspect
some of your links and the linking structure may be doing you more
harm than good at the moment.

I can't comment on what you're experiencing, except either what we're
seeing hasn't propagated throughout ALL the Google data centers yet,
and you're getting one it hasn't reached, or you're picking up your
own disk cache.

About your question about "six sigma orlando" ranking better than your
home page. That is the way Google is supposed to operate!

Think about this: Google returns pages, not websites, in response to a
searcher's query. When it's working right, an inner page, like "six
sigma orlando" would show up for that search, because your landing
page (or home page) wouldn't have the kind of detail that inner page
would have for that search term.

The best you can and should do is to have each page present the best
information for your visitor, which coincidently also helps it be
"optimized" for search engines. If you do it right, Google will
present it toward the top of SERPs with the other sites it determines
are the most relevant.

Hope this helps,

peterp-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
This was a good answer but for whatever reason the computers I have do
not get the same results as the researcher so my question. Hope you
have a good day.

Subject: Re: Website Not in Google Search Engine
From: arsco-ga on 05 Jun 2004 22:10 PDT
you should add your web site to google Directory and wait 2 or 3 week
to google add your web site

to add your web site go to this page

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