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Q: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   8 Comments )
Subject: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: inkvisitor-ga
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Posted: 06 Jun 2004 07:32 PDT
Expires: 06 Jul 2004 07:32 PDT
Question ID: 357105
For a movie project, we need to come up with some good visual symbols
/ icons / totems that can appear in the background of various scenes,
that signify or imply someone is very rich or may have luck getting
that way.  For example, there might be a woman holding a lottery
ticket, a rainbow which signifies a pot of gold at its end, a man
trying to catch a leprechaun to force him to reveal his stash of gold,
a chest that looks like a treasure chest, etc.  Other symbols we might
recognize would be a dollar sign ($), maybe someone playing Monopoly
and moving the ritzy "top hat" piece, etc.  Even symbols for being
rich from non-US cultures (a goldfish in China, and the color red, for
example, each signify riches) we cannot rule out at this stage.  I
would ask for as hugely comprehensive a list of such symbols, icons,
etc. as can be produced, so we can find the ones to work into the
movie at the right places.  Ideally, you will come up with at least 35
- 40 such symbols (not including those I have already mentioned), and
more if at all possible.  Many thanks!
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
Answered By: voila-ga on 09 Jun 2004 15:16 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Greetings again, IV

I can just hear you now.  Oh Lord, it's *her* again!  What can I say
... I have 'rich' fantasy life and I've enjoy working on your
questions in my usual compulsive style.

First, could I get an 'amen' on a disclaimer statement.  I've listed
tons of luck/prosperity/abundance symbols, totems and charms, etc.,
many of them from lore, mythology, and superstition.  Do I believe in
these or should you or anyone reading this question -- doesn't really
matter.  I'm just reporting to you what I've found and giving you the
most comprehensive list I could come up with.  Take these with a grain
of salt (whoa, there's another one!) and use the ones most fitting for
your purposes and which are the most true for you.

Disclaimer out of the way, most of these I just conjured up from my
head and if you need a link on a particular mention, shoot me a
clarification and I'll be happy to run anything down for you.  I
included quite a few for luck, drawing and keeping wealth, protection.


jade Buddha (brings good luck and wealth) 

Egyptian ankh (symbolizes the power of life and cosmic knowledge) 

Indian arrowhead (protection against enemies, bad luck, jealousy, evil
spirits, and all negative forces)

cat-shaped jewelry (increases telepathic powers, protects against evil
entities, or makes secret wishes come true)

crab-shaped amulet (brings good luck to persons born under the
astrological sign of Cancer)

coppers (shield-like objects made from hammered sheets of copper
symbolize high status and wealth)

dragon (Chinese symbol of the male element known as yang;
dragon-shaped jewelry dispels all negative vibrations and bad luck)

elk tooth (dispels negativity and attracts good fortune)

horseshoe (good luck symbol; nail an iron horseshoe over your door
with the open side pointing up for protection against bad luck)

Indian Head coin (good luck charm when gambling; good for the Monte Carlo trip)

lion (when engraved on a garnet, the symbol of the lion brings good
health and success to the wearer; brings exceptional good luck to all
persons born under the astrological sign of Leo)

loon (this bird is associated with wealth and peace; loons often
appeared on the headdresses of various tribes)

owl (symbol of good luck but also paradoxian) 

playing cards (charm in the image of playing cards brings success and
attracts riches)

Seal of Solomon (Celtic amulet worn for protection; brings good luck
in all aspects of life)

shark?s teeth (good fortune) 

skeleton key (wearing a skeleton key necklace as an amulet is believed
to open the doors of opportunity and success)

sun (carrying a gold charm shaped like the sun in a gold or
yellow-colored velvet charm bag if you wish to acquire wealth)

killer whale (thought to be the reincarnations of great chiefs and are
associated with wealth)

pyrite, aka fool's gold (used for attracting money-drawing luck)

burn yellow or brown candles to attract money and people/sorcery

white rice (increases one's luck and fortune/Tibetan) 


four leaf clover/shamrock

rabbit's foot

the #7

scarab beetle jewelry


Aladdin's lamp

crossing fingers

cornucopia/horn of plenty

golden apple (symbol of wealth but also paradoxian)

mustard seed (white)

World Tree/Tree of Life/olive tree

Tarot cards:  power, position, etc., are Spades; those concerning
wealth, material gain, etc., are Diamonds
10 of Spades: True wealth, family, love of family, inheritance

mistletoe:  The mistletoe was a sacred plant in the pagan religion of
the Druids in Britain. It was believed to have all sorts of miraculous
qualities: the power of healing diseases, making poisons harmless,
giving fertility to humans and animals, protecting from witchcraft,
banning evil spirits, bringing good luck and great blessings.

The feng-shui plant for good luck and prosperity is the jade plant.

acorn/circles/waterfall/ladder (paradoxical) all symbols of success,
wealth or abundance

Italians eat lentils, raisins and oranges on New Year?s because they
symbolize riches; black eyed peas for Americans.

Romans gave their friends a glass jar full of dates and dried figs in
honey so the coming year would be sweet and full of good fortune.

Aphrodite (goddess of beauty and wealth)

Chinese symbol for good fortune


gushing oil well
diamond ring
bull (market)
stock certificates
Maserati/Rolls Royce
diamond cigarette holder
universal butler symbol (Jeeves)
gold/silver bars
Ft. Knox/Federal Reserve/Cayman Islands
Wall Street sign
Russian sable fur coat
private island
Swiss chalet
cruise ship
dollar/Euro sign
bank vault
safety deposit box
shopping bags from exclusive stores
hotel penthouse suite
Cuban cigars
casinos in Monte Carlo
ostrich/alligator/snakeskin leather goods
ten gallon hats
private jet
art pieces
Wagyu/Kobe beef
polo player on horseback
luxury golf course
horse farm/equestrian stables
fox hunt
Tiffany/DeBeers/Bulgari logos
race car drivers 
magazines/catalogues/calendars (DuPont Registry/Horchow/Robb
Report/Pirelli calendar)
elaborate gates opening onto estate grounds
antiques/opulent furnishings
clinking champagne glasses
accoutrements of royalty (crown/tiara/coat of arms)
red carpet
famous restaurant/trendy club logos
ivory chess set
library of first edition books
person being pampered (massage/manicure/spa, etc.)
runway fashion show
Rolex watch
high-end electronics/gadgets
the sport of fencing
Saudi sheik
swimming pool/landscaping/private maze or garden
money clip
prep school/university names
plastic surgeons
baccarat table
the debutante season
famous buildings/landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Pyramid of Giza, Taj Mahal,
Trump Tower, Bellagio/Venetian in Vegas)
psychiatrist's couch
tennis racket/athletic club
fashion pet
country club
the black/white ball (tuxedo/ballgowns) 
engraved invitations
designer labels
fine china/tablewear
auction houses (Christie's/Sotheby's)
garage full of vintage automobiles
rare orchids
marble bath/gold fixtures/heaping bubble bath
theater/opera/philharmonic/gallery openings
cattle ranch

Hope this is everything you had in mind.  Again, lean on that
clarification button for further assistance.

Best wishes for your own success,
inkvisitor-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Voila, you should have a motto: "No half measures!"  Outstanding.  It
is interesting, the extent to which one regards luck and good fortune
as a big part of getting rich.  Both types of references exceedingly
useful.  How exactly do I preface future questions to gain your
attention?  I assume it is not possible to direct questions to
specific researchers?  (By the way, I'm on an astoundingly (one might
say depressingly) tight budget, alas, or would be tipping like Gatsby
for all your great work.)

Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: daytrader76-ga on 06 Jun 2004 16:49 PDT
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: inkvisitor-ga on 06 Jun 2004 18:50 PDT
Scriptor, thanks for your support.  Fibulator, while no doubt your
recommendations would form a wonderful movie, our investors and
producer are already committed to our theme.  Daytrader76, the links
are much appreciated!
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: pinkfreud-ga on 06 Jun 2004 20:05 PDT
The first time I visited Beverly Hills (at the age of fourteen), I was
*very* impressed by the sight of an extremely blonde, carefully
coiffed middle-aged woman sauntering down the street. She was swathed
in mink from her neck to her knees (even though it was about 85
degrees outside). She was wearing high heels and sunglasses, and was
walking an ocelot on a leash. The ocelot's collar was studded with
glittering stones (could have been diamonds, even). To my
impressionable young mind, this totally represented glamour and
wealth. Even today, more than forty years later, the woman with the
ocelot is the first thing that springs to mind when I think "rich."
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: pafalafa-ga on 06 Jun 2004 20:25 PDT
I remember that woman.  She was very wealthy, very well-known, and was
eaten by an ocelot.
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: pinkfreud-ga on 06 Jun 2004 20:27 PDT
Ah. So perhaps the woman with the ocelot should be the first thing
that springs to mind when I think "catfood."
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: voila-ga on 10 Jun 2004 07:12 PDT
Hola IV,

Yep, that's fairly descriptive of my style -- all in 110 or I won't
even bother locking the question but I'll certainly toss in my
research as a comment.  What good is knowledge or research if not
shared?  It might be a key to something useful to *someone.*   Why
hold it on your drive just because a customer doesn't pay you for it? 
Most conscientious researchers like to give value added information as
a measure of excellent customer service.

I fully understand tight budgets -- I'm on one myself.  Hoping for
some backend comp, I really scrounged for an interesting mix of
locales, songs, and totems to give you plenty of options for your
film.  Also, I research something till I'm absolutely sick to death of
the subject or when *I'm* completely satisfied with my answer.   With
these late editions, color me there.

If you'd like to address a question to me or any other researcher, 
just put the researcher's screen name in the title (for Voila-ga only)
and other researchers won't lock that question.  I do medical research
and book editing on the side so if you're in a hurry, I'm probably not
your gal.   But, since no one had done much with this question and I
finally had a day off yesterday, I was happy to have a chance to work
on this.  It's also my style to look at 46,000 links before I find
something that interests me and I'm always gratified when we have a
mind meld.  I'm really trying to work on that perfectionistic streak
but it ain't workin' out so far.

Gargantuan list projects are a favorite because I can snag most of the
information from my memory bank before I do any actual research.

IV, you've been excellent in giving the researcher detailed guidelines
with appropriate examples and the target numbers you're seeking. I
wish all our customers would follow your lead and we wouldn't have to
bug them so with clarifications.  Usually researchers are very
tentative about posting answers unless a customer is quite specific
with their parameters, so thanks for that.


Fabergé Eggs

NatWest Black Card


Purple, red and green:  Three colours support wealth energy in a space.,,613041_616883,00.html

Chinese presentation boxes filled with symbols of wealth - coins and
rhinoceros horns.

The most powerful symbols of wealth, which in turn help generate
money, are the three-legged money toad, three Chinese coins, arowana
fish, money trees crafted from semi-precious stones like yellow
citrine, the Chinese god of wealth and even the creeper plant
popularly known as money plant.

Pearls:  Due to the difficulties involved with acquiring pearls, they
are potent symbols of wealth.

Peonies:  Tree peonies, Paeonia suffruticosa, were called the "King of
Flowers" and were reserved for royalty.  Peonies symbolize wealth;
they were forced into bloom for winter use in Imperial palaces and in
the receiving halls of Chinese homes.

Poppy/Chrysanthemum/Tulips/Lily (tiger):  Wealth and prosperity.

Persian carpet:  "From being simple articles of need, floor and
entrance coverings to protect the nomadic tribesmen from the cold and
damp, the increasing beauty of the carpets found them new owners -
kings and noblemen, who looked upon them as signs of wealth, prestige
and distinction." 

Yoruba beads/cowrie shells:  Signs of wealth and status

Hindu goddess Lakshmi:  Goddess of auspiciousness.   Her footprints
are painted at the door on all festive days.  These footprints are
traditionally red in color. Lakshmi wears a red saree, carries red
lotuses and is seen with a white elephant, which is also a symbol of
wealth and plenitude.

New Guinea:  Birds of Paradise/cassowary plumes are greatly sought
after as both symbols of wealth and decoration in tribal rituals.

As far as animals/birds, I ran across several references to rats,
bats, phoenix and peacocks (the birds themselves but not their plumage
which is said to carry bad luck).

Okay, I'm feeling all Will Smith in Six Degrees with this question, so
I'm signing off.  Thanks for the full complement and I look forward to
working with you in the future.

Again, best of luck on the project!

p.s.  I also meant to tell you that you can comment to your heart's
content in the comment section and it doesn't turn on any lights nor
do you receive any GA notification.  You're only aware of it if you
check your question activity regularly.  Feel free to chat with us
there as much as you like.

p.s.s.  Maybe I should get me some of these charms.  My current MO
sure ain't makin' it happen.  What could it hurt, eh?
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: fortunella-ga on 10 Jun 2004 15:55 PDT
Someone mentioned being swathed in mink. When I was a kid, I was in an
elevator in NYC in winter. Two women got in swathed in furs, maybe
mink, maybe chinchilla, maybe sable ... who knows. But it was the
complete package that did it! The coiffures, the makeup, the jewelry
and permeating all ... the PERFUME!  Sixty years later I can still
smell it, and it for me it still epitomizes great and beautiful
Subject: Re: Symbols and icons, etc. that signify being very rich
From: voila-ga on 11 Jun 2004 05:39 PDT
{thud to the forehead and thanks fortunella-ga}

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