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Q: naming a product ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   16 Comments )
Subject: naming a product
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: spa1-ga
List Price: $40.00
Posted: 14 Jun 2004 09:25 PDT
Expires: 14 Jul 2004 09:25 PDT
Question ID: 360860
i have a product I wished named. I saw a link to  brucepr-ga who i
believe did this for someone. in any case the product is a food based
neutraceutical that is customized in 30 day packets. it will be sold
by doctors, spas, and allied health people as well as the internet
consumer. its distincitons are that it is "grown" , personalized, and
automatically sent every month. i came up with the name which is good but i'd like something a little hipper.
think earth, mystery, longevity, youth that kind of thing. i will pay
100. i have used google answers a number of times with great results.
i will honor this request if the name works or if it is responsible
for pointing me to the name. thanks steve

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 14 Jun 2004 10:30 PDT
Hello -

Any of these sound plausible?

Neutracea or Nutricea
  As in - Neutraceutical or Nutrition + panacea

  Medicine + panacea

  Remedy + Medi (medicine)

  Vitamin + panacea

  Wordplay on "diatonic" -- diet + tonic

  Nutrition/Nutra + delicious


Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 14 Jun 2004 10:59 PDT
Also: "nutraspark"

Request for Question Clarification by palitoy-ga on 14 Jun 2004 11:10 PDT
How about "essentia"?  That has a nice ring to it I think.

Clarification of Question by spa1-ga on 14 Jun 2004 18:22 PDT
jb...your good! let me go over these with my partner tomorrow...which
is tuesday and i will get back to you..
thank you...

Clarification of Question by spa1-ga on 14 Jun 2004 18:25 PDT
to palitoy...your name is good also. we will get back to you guys
tommorow, probably evening when i get back to the net...thank you...

Clarification of Question by spa1-ga on 14 Jun 2004 18:36 PDT
ok. i have had time to review the answers so far. of all i liked
essentia the best but it has already been domnained. could you all
keep trying? your on the right bandwidth...
thank you...

Request for Question Clarification by mother911-ga on 14 Jun 2004 22:38 PDT
Vitameata­vegamin...hmm that one has been taken.


Medessential is available.
Nutrassential is available.

Best of luck,

Request for Question Clarification by madsky101-ga on 15 Jun 2004 01:04 PDT
How about Youthusion or Neutranosh?

Request for Question Clarification by palitoy-ga on 15 Jun 2004 01:33 PDT
If essentia is gone, I believe eessentia is still available and still
scans well I think. is still available and worth
considering (although not as desirable as a dotcom).

Others that I thought of include:

hipabulum (pabulum means food or a substance that gives nourishment)

I will keep thinking...

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 15 Jun 2004 02:28 PDT
Mythological names associated with health, fitness: 
- Nuadu (Celtic god of healing)
- Asclepia [from Asclepiius, Roman God of medicine]
- Salus [---> diesal is not taken; vitasal and vitasalus are taken;
Natusal, Natusalis and Natusalus not taken, sound very good and one of
them is very similar to "natural", which could be good for search
engines, etc.; ].
- Uminafit, Uminavital (the Aztec god of health, Umina) [also sounds a
bit like "you mean..."]

- Fitorigi (Fit + Origa, as in source). 

- Hollefit

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 15 Jun 2004 07:24 PDT
Is it a drink?  Like a mixable powder?

How about:


Request for Question Clarification by adiloren-ga on 15 Jun 2004 18:59 PDT
Here are my suggestions:

mannange (combination of manna meaning "Spiritual nourishment of
divine origin" and mélange - meaning mixture)

or-- lunange -- combination of luna (mysterious, lunar healing powers,
etc. and mélange (meaning mixture).

-mannassentia is another option
-Ballistic Monkey Pak

Request for Question Clarification by palitoy-ga on 16 Jun 2004 05:16 PDT
Similar to voila-ga's comments words you could add on include "co"
suggesting a company.  For instance essentia could become essentico.
Subject: Re: naming a product
Answered By: jbf777-ga on 17 Jun 2004 11:40 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Steve -

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question.  


Clarification of Answer by jbf777-ga on 17 Jun 2004 11:42 PDT
(The question now as an official "answer" posting, so it's all wrapped up).
spa1-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
great job.. thanx

Subject: Re: naming a product
From: jnicholas42-ga on 14 Jun 2004 20:31 PDT
just to throw one out there, how about Quintessencia.

Entry:   quintessence 
Function:   noun 
Definition:   essence 
Synonyms:   apotheosis, bottom, core, distillation, epitome,
essentiality, extract, gist, heart, kernel, last word, lifeblood,
marrow, pith, quiddity, soul, spirit, stuff, substance, ultimate,
Concept:   main/core part
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 15 Jun 2004 04:10 PDT
ok..its tuesday.  quintessencia is taken. its excellent. i am
requesting that we try including the concept of custom packets, or
personalized packets into the mix.
so to review: a food based
neutraceutical that is customized in 30 day packets. it will be sold
by doctors, spas, and allied health people as well as the internet
consumer. its distincitons are that it is "grown" , personalized, and
automatically sent every month.  thank you all for your efforts.
steve ellis
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: voila-ga on 15 Jun 2004 07:19 PDT
Hello Steve,

Since you like 'essentia' (and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser; I like
it too), I wonder if you couldn't tack the dosing onto palitoy-ga's
suggestion. I think it also sounds a little like 'ascend' so it has
that going for it as well.

There is certainly a -pack precedence in PharmaWorld for this with
various cutesy spellings incorporated.  The dosing is usually a
blister pack with medication taken for a prescribed period of time
(weeks/months).  Whether you take your product for a week or for a
lifetime and how you tear into the packaging seems to be incidental
(to me at least).

Avelox ABC Pack
Medrol Dosepak
Sporanox Pulsepak

If you wanted to turn 'essentia' into any of these, the names are available. are these shortened forms: (taken)

Of course, if you'd like to solicit more possibilities, you're
certainly welcome to do that also.

Best regards,
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: hummer-ga on 15 Jun 2004 08:03 PDT
Hi Steve,


Regards, hummer
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 16 Jun 2004 06:08 PDT
ok. its wed june my virutal design guys have all
been amazingly generous with your time..without any assurance of
resolving the name game. adiloren's monkey pak was delightfully
playful...voila's pak additions were very helpful. i have not had a
slam dunk yet. i have domained the name lifepaq,paqs and paks and that
was tossed in by jbf777. it is not the name i willl settle on but it
is close. i am going to pay jbf777 40.00 as that seems fair and i am
going to re ask the same question with 100 as the price again. i hope
this is fair to all.  if not please advise.
best steve
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 16 Jun 2004 06:14 PDT
how can i pay you Jbf777? is it possible to partially pay like this?
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: jbf777-ga on 16 Jun 2004 08:14 PDT
spa1 - 

Actually, that would go to voila-ga.  Simply lower the price of this
question by selecting "edit question parameters," and change it to $40
(or whatever price).  I'll let him know.
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 16 Jun 2004 08:59 PDT
Jbf777..acutally it was lifepacket that got me to any
case i'd like 20 to go to you and 20 to voila and then i'd like to re
post the question...any suggestions..
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: voila-ga on 16 Jun 2004 09:14 PDT
Actually, jbf777 and Steve, if it seems fair I'd prefer jbf claim this
answer if I could get first crack at the repost.  I'd sworn off these
'naming' questions but I couldn't stop myself from at least looking at
this one.  Our customer track record on these questions are a bit iffy
but, Steve, you seem like a pretty reasonable guy.

Lifepak certainly works.  It's short, easy to remember, conveys a
lifetime commitment/fit for life message, and domain available. 
However, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't let you know that
Pharmanex already has an existing registered product supplement, so
you could run into some trouble there.   I didn't find anything under
LifePaq though.  You could also use AutoLifePaq to indicate the
automatic delivery system of your product.

Any way you want to handle this is fine by me; however, I wouldn't be
able to work on your question until Sunday since I'm a little under
the gun at my regular job.  If you need something sooner, I completely
understand, although I'd be happy to work with you.


p.s.  I liked adiloren's "Ballistic Monkey Pak" too.  ;-)
p.s.s.  Steve, there's not really a way for researchers to split the
fee on a single question, so no big deal.  Make it easy on yourself.
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 16 Jun 2004 10:31 PDT
ok. i'm crediting jbf777 with "answering" this particular post
although i am not by any means done. i work hard for my money and i
don't want anyone working and helping me without a fair move back
their way. i forgot how to allocate this to you jbf777 so if i'll try
on my own and if i get hung up i'll request help. thanks.
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: mother911-ga on 16 Jun 2004 10:37 PDT
I hope I'm not crossing any lines here, but you could adjust the price
of this question and allow one researcher who you feel deserves it to
claim the answer, then ask another question for whatever price you
feel is reasonable and just use the question "For (specific
researchers name), re:naming my Ballistic Monkey Pak." to compensate
that researcher.

That researcher could then claim his award for his excellent naming skills.

Hope this helps, I personally liked Nutrassential but i'm slightly biased.

Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 16 Jun 2004 16:51 PDT
ok. jbf777 i'd like to consider the question answered...will you e
mail me and tell me how to wrap this up. i will then repost a slightly
different question.
thanks to all..and thanks mother911..i'll do that the next time. my
head is spinning from allocating the monies this time around.
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: jbf777-ga on 17 Jun 2004 11:41 PDT
Thanks, Voila!  

Subject: Re: naming a product
From: voila-ga on 18 Jun 2004 06:48 PDT
No problem, cookie, and congratulations.  I didn't expend all that
many brain cells on this one anyway.  Besides, I'm hardly a wallflower
when it comes to telling a customer that I've worked my tail off on
their question.  ;-)  Letting Steve know that the pharmaceutical
companies use this tack method in naming their drug just seemed
neighborly.  If anyone could build on that idea, goody for them.

With these naming questions, usually a team approach is best.  There's
not a single individual in a dark room branding all these strange and
wonderful product names.  It's usually a creative team bouncing ideas
off each other and building taglines an advertising campaign around
that kernel.   Since GA researchers work independently from their own
home base, we rely on a bit of creative interfamilial kickbacks while
making the customer's transaction a tidy one.  Most of all, I'm just
glad *someone* was rewarded here as that's happened so seldom in the
past with these type questions.  So hooray!

Steve obviously understands the work involved in naming a product, so
let's not make him fret over whom he pays, eh?  The customer is king
and doubly so when it pertains to something so personal as a product
or company name.  The 'best of the bunch' was rewarded and we all
should be happy about that.  It was a good first round with some very
unique-sounding names, IMO.  In the meantime, I have been giving this
question some thought, so I'm in for the next go-round.  May the best
name win!


p.s.  Also, Steve, if you're still here and leaning toward more
functional names rather than invented, experiental, or evocative ones,
you might let us know in your repost; otherwise, sometimes you'll get
the kitchen sink.  This guideline would allow a researcher to corral
their thought processes in a certain direction. Sometimes more is
better and sometimes more is just confusing.

Here's a recently updated naming guide from Igor International in pdf form:
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: spa1-ga on 18 Jun 2004 08:16 PDT
For Volla, ok..i'm still in the running...and the article was
excellent.  the web portal for our neutraceutical products has been
named previously and i'm thrilled to see that it follows most of the
guidelines in the article. i am busy trying to aquire the name without
the "the" so i am nervous about writing it here because someone else
may start bidding on it but i will as soon as its aquired. we are
leaning towards med-essence for the the product itself and the current
runner up is eesentia which i believe you tossed in the pot. however
neither conveys the customized packet aspect and i think thats
important. med-essence is cool because it blends the mystry the
science. eessentia may work as a spa line. i have domained it so i
feel it is strong and if we go with it i will post a new question for
100 directed to you and then have you "answer" it and take care of you
that way. (can you think of a better way?)
i am still open for a name that brings the custom packs and a sense of life etc all that
possible? i don't know. i will post this question open ended sunday
evening pretty much as i just stated it and let the best answer take
the prize.
thanks to all
Subject: Re: naming a product
From: voila-ga on 18 Jun 2004 09:40 PDT
Hello Steve,

We must stop meeting like this.  ;-)

I do understand your concern for privacy and this is one of the 
drawbacks in using Google Answers for these questions.  Plus there's 
really minimal give-and-take, knowledge about the product, or mindset 
of the customer so we fly blind in a lot of ways.  We're trying our 
best to work within the parameters of the system though.

Actually, 'essentia' is palitoy-ga's entry.  I just built on that name 
because it seemed mysterious and popular.  You could direct a question 
"for palitoy-ga" in the subject line should you decide to use that concept.

And don't worry about the payment business.  All of us know these 
naming questions are subjective and risky -- some more than others -- 
but we can work that out among ourselves.  We have a very good group 
of honorable folks on the researchers team.  So you just pick the name 
you like best and we'll do the rest.

As for ideas on what's fair, I always point to manchester-ga's 
creative solution to these questions.  From the main Google Answers 
page, you can enter "manchester-ga brand" (without the quotes) and see 
his stategy.  To this day, I'm not sure which (or if) we hit on the 
perfect name for his system, but we certainly gave him a lot of 
options to consider.  Maybe he'll swing by one day and tell us. 

I think sometimes we run into problems when there's a general question 
asked and it ends up turning into a big 'ol mess.  You might check 
around who you feel handles these branding questions particularly well 
and direct a lower dollar fee to several different researchers.  

Also it depends on if the researcher has a particular interest in the product 
line or any insider's knowledge of that field.  For instance, I have 
no clue or interest in computers or sports, so I wouldn't even attempt 
a naming question in those areas.  I know my limitations. ;-)

To help you find some of those names, I corraled some of our "hit and 
miss" history on my {ahem, and king's X} final naming question here:
(For the love of God, please don't read the text; I was in
free-association 'crank' mode.)

Can we convey the mystery, organicity, and packability for your 
product?  Gee, I hope so but we'll have to wait until your posts come 
through and let you be the judge.  We'll certainly do our best.

Also, if you're having a little trouble with the Google Answers 
clarification and amending feature, a very generous researcher by the 
name of skermit-ga (thanks, skermie!) composed this helpful tutorial:

Caio for now,

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