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Q: Legitimacy and success rate of a company ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   8 Comments )
Subject: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: nimmt-ga
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Posted: 15 Jun 2004 04:53 PDT
Expires: 15 Jul 2004 04:53 PDT
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Is Nijah Model and Talent a legitimate company? Do they find real
modeling jobs for people? How successful are they?
 They are located at:
115 River Rd #9, Edgewater, NJ 07020 tele. #: 201-840-9007
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
Answered By: tox-ga on 15 Jun 2004 14:28 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi nimmt!

Nijah Model and Talent is a particularily disreputable company for a
number of reasons.

Firstly, Nijah has no web presence.  Although plenty of businesses do
not have websites, it is very unlikely that a business that is based
on advertising their clients would be able to compete successfully
without one.  This is merely circumstantial evidence, but it is
nonetheless fairly damning.

Secondly, Nijah has been contacted on several occassions by the Better
Business Bureau for basic company information, but have not recieved
any response.
The BBB is a non-profit consumer-protection organization which
collects information about and complaints against businesses.  It is
very well known and virtually every legitimate business is registered
with them.  The fact that Nijah has not registered with BBB is very
suspect and prevents them from collecting complaints.

The BBB has issued a warning about modelling/talent agencies which can
be read here:
It warns of several signs that a modelling agency may be crooked.  I
have found anecdotes online from former Nijah customers which indicate
that they display these signs.  For example, includes the comment of a parent which
allege that Nijah use high-pressure tactics, ask for up-front fees,
and claim to be associated with the IMTA.  IMTA is a modelling/talent
convention which has a reputation of being involved in scams.  That
site,, is one which is dedicated to exposing modelling
scams and has a wealth of information about IMTA and their shady
business practices here:

Most damning is the evidence that has found which links
Nijah Model and Talent to Nijah Productions.  Nijah Productions is
model agency in New York which is actually the same company as New
Faces Development Center.   NFDC charges people hundreds upon
thousands of dollars in photo shoot and development fees.  They also
convince people to pay $800 to place photos on a website called
GigaComps to 'gain exposure' when in fact, they own GigaComps! 
GigaComps, NFDC, and Nijah are all one operation; one elaborate
scheme!   New Faces is even involved with IMTA.

Further complaints and evidence against these companies can be found here:

The Better Business Bureau of New York has a file on NFDC and have
amassed more than 23 serious complaints.

NFDC is not even registered as a business in New York. 

I could not find any evidence of Nijah Model and Talent being
registered in New Jersey, but some databases are not available online.
 I recommend you call the New Jersy Regulated Business Section at
973-504-6370.  They can tell you if Nijah Model and Talent is licensed
as an employment agency, as New Jersey state law requires of modelling

If you would like any clarification about the evidence presented here,
or the link between these companies beel free to ask.  I would be
happy to work with you until you are satisfied about your answer.


Clarification of Answer by tox-ga on 15 Jun 2004 14:59 PDT
Hi there,

I'd just like to remind you that answers provided on Google Answers
should not be interpreted as professional advice, but general
information based on available research.  Google nor I endorse, and
expressly disclaim liability for any product, manufacturer,
distributor, service or service provider mentioned or any opinion
expressed in answers or comments.

nimmt-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: geminiangel_528-ga on 01 Jul 2004 19:43 PDT
THANK YOU! very much for that i needed to know what tha Nijah company
was all about. I'm from new york city and i signed up for some
modeling, actioning and singing company but i didnt know anything
about the company, or have i ever heard of it. So i decided to
research it online and came across this google page. It's good to know
all of this now because they have called my house for a interview and
now i am thinking about not calling them back.
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: tox-ga on 01 Jul 2004 20:42 PDT
You're very welcome geminiangel_528!
I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and let us know
how google answers helped.  If you have any new questions or research
needs, please feel free to give us a try and we'd be more than happy
to do our best.

Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: nimmt-ga on 06 Jul 2004 06:58 PDT
I got an email from google that says there is additional info on the
Nija Talent Agency but I can't get it. When I copy in the site it just
takes me to my Google account and the original answer to my quest. Any
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: nimmt-ga on 06 Jul 2004 07:06 PDT
Dear tax-ga, Please ignor my last comment/question. I missread the
email from Google which said I had a comment not more info. Am Express
is investigating this co.  because I don't want to loose the $ I
charged to them plus I'm sending a request to the NJ BBB to look into
them. Thanks again for your help and at least I didn't lose the other
half of what this "Co" was going to charge me. Live and learn.
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: dianaakadeezy-ga on 17 Jul 2004 14:50 PDT
Hey everyone!

I'm glad I found this page like geminiangel_528 said, my sister had
signed me up for something from this lady who was walking around in a
mall and she came up to my niece asking her if she wanted to model she
said no but my sister mentioned me and that I'm interested in acting,
so she signed my name up or whatever, the lady gave her this little
slip that says something like ...

Congratulations, you have just been recruited by a TeenPlans
recruiter. and then talks a little about teenplans and being able to
participate in many of their private parties and things they also gave
a website,

that was last week sometime, so then I get a call today from this lady
about how they want to set up an interview with me to meet with some
director I think she said, and thats just to see if they would be able
to work with me or whatever...

so on the caller ID it said NIJAH model something, and so I searched
that and here I am, I'm not so sure about persuing something with them
either, I mean to begin with, I really do want to get involved and get
out there with acting and maybe some modeling more acting though but
then again, I'm now more focused on other things in life, but still if
an acting opportunity does come along I'll go for it, but I'm just not
sure about this company and everything... so its good to see some
things to think about,

I'll check out those links too!

- Diana
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: shelly9728-ga on 30 Jul 2004 18:59 PDT
i recently signed at nijah models and talent and i would just like to
verify that they are not an agency.  Nijah models makes their money
from producing the cards needed by models.  They also find work for
their models in many well known magazines, but do not take any
percentage of the money you receive form these jobs.  Nijah models
also helps you find an agent after you receive work.
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: nycmodel-ga on 08 Aug 2004 20:31 PDT
I wish I had all this information before I paid Nijah and their
related companies about $10,000. They sucker you in with false ads
looking for models then they get you to sign up for classes for IMTA.
After you pay them $6,000 you are told about additional thing that you
need to have, but they all cost more. Each additional workshop costs
over 400 dollars. They pretend to have connections to NYC agency's but
that's all a lie. They know a couple but after that they don't help
you. These are not nice people and do not care about the models they
take money from. I wish I had this information last year.
Subject: Re: Legitimacy and success rate of a company
From: neelielyn-ga on 18 Aug 2004 13:08 PDT
Oh boy. I just went to a job interview at Nijah for an "appointment
setter."  I saw the job posted on Craig's list and the place is a
total scam.  I am a former actor and if you have any talent or
potential to be a model you do not need a company to "introduce you to
the industry." The job i was interviewed about (by a young uneducated
girl wearing a strapless top so i could see her name tattooed on her
shoulder - she kept me waiting for 45 mins) involved calling the
people the "scouts" think have "it" and (i'm guessing) pressuring them
to come in for an appointment where they will be pressured into
forking over money i'm sure.  i was an actor for a few years and the
place reeked of rip-off.

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