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Q: PDA Calendar Updates ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: PDA Calendar Updates
Category: Computers > Wireless and Mobile
Asked by: maphu-ga
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Posted: 04 Jul 2002 10:16 PDT
Expires: 03 Aug 2002 10:16 PDT
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I am wondering if any software is available that would allow a person
to send numerous pre-defined calendar items to someone's PDA. For
example, let's say I were to hold 12 committee meetings in a year. I
would input them into my Outlook calendar (it would transfer it to my
PDA). Now I'd like to 'share' or 'send' these 12 appointments to other
members of my commmittee. I do not want for them to have to receive
and accept each individual appointment, but all 12 at once. Is this
Subject: Re: PDA Calendar Updates
Answered By: xemion-ga on 04 Jul 2002 12:07 PDT
WeSync sounds like the solution you're looking for.  Their service
appears to be free which is always a good thing.  I suggest checking
out their website:

In my research, I came across several other solutions that might work
for you, but WeSync looked like the best bet.  If it doesn't work for
you, please detail why it didn't work for you and I'll look for a
better match.

To find the WeSync site, I searched Google for "palm calendar sharing"
(quotes not included) and then found a link to WeSync in this article:

Thanks for the question and if you require more information regarding
my answer, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.  And if you find
this answer satisfactory, please feel free to rate it. Thank you!

Request for Answer Clarification by maphu-ga on 04 Jul 2002 12:54 PDT
This looks like a nice solution, however I'm looking for something
that is more universal. As in something more like vCalendar
(, but that allows for multiple 'appointments'
to be transfered at once.

Clarification of Answer by xemion-ga on 05 Jul 2002 11:22 PDT
Can you better define "universal" for me?  

Any non-standard Palm program would have to be beamed to everyone on
the committee for them to have the benefits of receiving all the
appointments at once.  There's really no way around that.  If PalmOS
doesn't come with a desired functionality, it has to be loaded via a
program.  vCalendar is the same.

As for "universal", WeSync is actually owned by Palm.  It seems that
any program created by Palm would be pretty universal across the
PalmOS which is the OS you're using in this situation.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.  If you can better define what
you're looking for, I'll try and find something.  Thanks.


Request for Answer Clarification by maphu-ga on 05 Jul 2002 12:54 PDT
Well, by universal, I mean not just limited to the Palm. For example,
I have a Nokia 7160 which allows a Palm to beam contacts and
appointments to it. I beleive all of the protocals that I'm looking at
(Palm, Nokia, PocketPC, Outlook) will accept vCards, however I am
looking for a way to send several at a time. Thank you for assistance.


Clarification of Answer by xemion-ga on 05 Jul 2002 13:21 PDT
Ok, I will look further and get back to you.  Thanks.


Clarification of Answer by xemion-ga on 08 Jul 2002 21:51 PDT
I think I found it!!!  I'm so excited.  I've been researching this
forever and I've written a "I couldn't find anything" message about
four times now only to do some deeper research and delete the message.
 Anyway, I'm really excited I found something so I hope this works out
for you.

It's called SyncShare.  Below is the link to the website and a couple
quotes from the site that lead me to believe that it'll work for you.

"It seems that everyday a new mobile device appears on the market. The
problem is Palms can't talk to PocketPC, Psion, or smartphone devices,
and vice-versa. That is, until now! SyncTalk software is solving one
of the biggest problems in wireless computing."

"Lets you select and send a specially created set of multiple
contacts, appointments, and files to any SyncTalk user."

Below is a list of devices it will work on:

Laptop x/ IR Port
Desktop PC w/ IR H/W
Palm Vx
Palm Vll
Handspring Visor
Qualcomm PDQ
Psion REVO
Psion REVO Plus
Psion Series 5mx
Psion Series7
SonicBlue Mako
Psion NetBook
Compaq iPAQ H3600 Series
Compaq iPAQ3650 Series
Casio E-115
HP Jornada 540
Compaq Aero 1550/2150
Cassiopeia EM 500
Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000
Sharp Mobilon TriPad PV-6000
NEC MobilePro 800
NEC MobilePro 700 Series
Vadem Clio 1000 / 1050
Compaq Aero 8000
HP Jornada 680/690
HP Jornada 420/430 SE
Casio Cassiopeia E-105 / E-100
Philips Nino 500 Series
Compaq Aero 1520/1530
Compaq Aero 2100 Series

I don't think that's a complete list because I'm pretty sure the
program will work on my Kyocera SmartPhone as well which wasn't

I finally found this program by searching for
"pocketpc" (link is below).  In retrospect, I probably should have
done that in the first place.  After finding the program I searched on
Google for "SyncTalk Professional" (without quotes) and found the
corporate website with additional information on it.

Thanks again for the question and I hope this program suits your

Subject: Re: PDA Calendar Updates
From: nkans-ga on 04 Jul 2002 10:54 PDT

You can check this site. Will give you sufficient information
regarding calendar updates to PDA's.

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