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Q: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   7 Comments )
Subject: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
Category: Family and Home
Asked by: jsc-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 25 Jun 2004 20:29 PDT
Expires: 25 Jul 2004 20:29 PDT
Question ID: 366516
I am looking for the maker, patent holder or distributor for Moshi Pillows.
A google search shows several retail sellers of the Moshi Pillows. I
would like to find out where they are actually made and if possible if
there is a patent and or who the import/export or manufactuer of this
product. I will start off with $10.00. But I will reward what I
believe is a really acurate and detail answer. Thank you.

Request for Question Clarification by scriptor-ga on 26 Jun 2004 05:39 PDT
Dear jsc,

I have found several sites where the Moshi Pillows are labelled as "by
Brentwood Originals". That leads me to the conclusion that those
particular pillows are either manufactured by or distributed by that
company. However, I could not confirm this yet.
Therefore, I have decided to not yet post this as an answer. I provide
you full contact information for Brentwood Originals, and should that
prove to be useful for you, please let me know, so I can make this a
regular answer.

Brentwood Originals
Corporate Office and Western Plant
20639 South Fordyce Avenue
Carson, CA 90749-1019
Phone: (310) 637-6804
Fax:(310) 608-6036


Clarification of Question by jsc-ga on 26 Jun 2004 13:46 PDT
Hey scriptor-ga. Thanks for the prompt research but that doesn't seem
to be it. Those folks just seem to be a retailer too. I've sent the
sales dept. a question but haven't gotten a return. But I did review
their site and didn't see anything that indicated they were the
manufacuter, import/export or more detail providers. Thanks. Lets keep

Clarification of Question by jsc-ga on 05 Jul 2004 09:05 PDT
Has anyone had sucess in tracking down the elusive makers of this pillows?;-)
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
Answered By: byrd-ga on 06 Jul 2004 16:12 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello jsc-ga,

It turns out that ?Moshi? is just one trade name for a pillow made 
of lycra or nylon spandex and filled with very small polystyrene beads.
  The product is a fairly new one, and is being marketed and sold 
under several other names in addition to ?Moshi,? including ?
Mogu? and ?SnoozTime.?

The information I?ve found indicates these pillows are made 
exclusively abroad at this time, particularly in Asia, and are not yet 
widely handled by wholesalers and distributors in the U.S.  The one 
exception is Mogu, a Japanese company that takes credit for starting 
the fad over these pillows. They have recently expanded their 
operations to the US, and the American company?s website is here:  Check out the ?history? link for some 
fascinating reading on these pillows.

Although I searched the site above, as well as the Japanese site, here:  I could find no Patent 
No. or Pat. Pending No. referenced, and a search of both the U.S. 
Patent and Trademark database, here: or the 
Japanese Patent Office, here: 
yielded no patents for pillows under this name.

There is, however, a trademark application pending for the name ?
Mogu,? which lists pillows among its products, here:
as well as listings of issued Japanese trademarks for that name, at 
this url: with 
these registration numbers (though the Japanese listings give few 
details) 2414027, 2480802, 2482887,  3341586, 4270547,  4297095,  
4637976, 4669836, 4711159 and application numbers 2003-092926, 
2003-105714, and 

In addition, there is also a U.S. trademark application pending for 
the name, ?Snooz Time,? here: . I 
found no U.S. trademark or patent or pending applications under the 
name ?Moshi.?

Although I have not been able to locate information that would 
indicate this product is patented, do bear in mind that if you have 
reason to believe there is such a patent under one or more of these 
names, a more exhaustive search, perhaps by a patent attorney, may be 
in order.  Please understand I can provide only general information 
here, which is no substitute for professional legal advice.

However, though Mogu is a manufacturer of these pillows, they are also 
a retailer, and as such may not fill your need to find a wholesale 
source for the pillows, though initially in 2003 they were the 
suppliers of pillows to stores such as Brookstone and Urban Outfitters.
 Still, it couldn?t hurt to contact them for information, and you 
might be interested in the ?licensing opportunity? they talk about 
and provide a link to on their American site.

But should you have no luck with Mogu, there are manufacturers in 
China who will sell these pillows to you in quantity, likely under 
your own brand name if you would like, as well as made to your 
specifications of size, color, etc.

The most dominant company Chinese manufacturer of these pillows is 
NEWPORT ASIA LIMITED, and their website is here: In addition, they are listed in two 
trading sites, with some further description and contact/ordering 
TDC Trade Partners:

One other company consistently turns up as manufacturing these type of 
pillows.  That is the Chinese company, ZHANGJIAGANG HENGYU KNIT GOODS 
MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Their website is here:  and they are also listed on 
Alibaba, here:

In addition, Alibaba lists two other Chinese companies as 
manufacturers of these kinds of pillows, though I was unable to locate 
independent web sites for them.  But their Alibaba listings give 
contact info, as well as a description of their goods:



I hope you will find this information helpful. If something isn?t 
clear, please do use the ?Request Clarification? feature to ask 
before rating and closing your question so I can be sure you?re 
happy with what?s provided.  Thanks for a fascinating hunt, and I 
wish you best of luck in your pillow endeavors.


Search strategy:

As luck would have it, I am the owner of such a pillow as you describe,
 though mine is labeled ?SnoozTime.? I looked at the tag, and saw 
it says ?Made in China,? with a little R in a circle, or trademark 
symbol on it.  It also says what it?s made of, i.e. ?foam 
polystyrene beads.?  and ?nylon? exterior.  So I began my search 
with the terms:

[polystyrene nylon pillow manufacturer OR wholesaler OR distributor OR 
[pillow "foam polystyrene beads?]
[china pillow "foam polystyrene beads?]
[china polystyrene pillow]
[china polystyrene pillow manufacturer OR distributor OR importer OR 
["made in china" pillows polystyrene U.S. distributor OR wholesaler OR 

While searching, I discovered that pillows are frequently called ?
cushions? in Asia, and there are other terms for the ?polystyrene 
bead? stuffing, such as ?micro beads,? ?powder beads,? ?
polystyrene powder,? and ?snow beads,? so I added those terms to 
the search, with and without the ?china? filter.

When finding certain companies referenced in Alibaba and the trade 
engines, such as I then searched specifically by 
company name to locate their websites and specific information.
jsc-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Earned every penny. Job well done!!! I'm poor so my praise will have
to be the tip. But again, well done. Thank you.

Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: chooch217-ga on 30 Jun 2004 12:06 PDT
I am also looking for info regarding the manufacturer, patent holder
and/or importer/exporter.  I've contacted Brentwood Originals and got
no where.  They are very secretive about where they buy these pillows
from.  I do have a relative that is involved in the import/export
business so I've asked her to find out what she can.  If I get any
pertinent info I will post it.
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: dwzlfut-ga on 05 Jul 2004 16:38 PDT
I too, wish to find them. I need a bed made of this stuff. Sleeping
with my leg on them has brought about tremdous relief from pain of an
old injury. I wake up in the morning with no swelling or pain. I can
actually stand up first thing. I have thought about buying several
squares and having them stitched together.
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: byrd-ga on 06 Jul 2004 17:51 PDT
And thank *you* for the very kind words and five-star rating! I'm so
glad you were pleased. :-)

Warmest regards,
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: guychance01-ga on 17 Jul 2004 20:46 PDT
There is a company in Southern California that is a
wholesaler/manufacture of these products..

Niuline Inc.
2580 Corporate Place F-108
Monterey Park CA 91755
Ronald Cheng
Tel: 323-262-6268
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: byrd-ga on 18 Jul 2004 08:22 PDT
Hi jsc-ga, 

Just a note regarding the company recommended in the previous comment: actually 
this company does not appear to be a manufacturer, nor a true
wholesaler, but rather a "direct seller," i.e. a retailer who buys
directly from the manufacturer for sale to the general public. See
their website at and click the "About Us" tab.
 At the present time, their product offerings are fairly limited,
though they do say to check back.

Also, "Niuline, Inc." is not listed by the State of California as a
registered corporation, nor do they own the phone number given.
However, that number is owned by a company named Lomas Enterprises,
Inc. which *is* a CA corporation, as you can see here:
and is furthermore identified in the CA Yellow Pages listing, here:
as an importer.  So Niuline may well be a good source of these
pillows, and if, as it seems, it is a subsidiary of Lomas, it would
appear to fit the "importer" description, but I just thought it'd be
good to have a bit more info.

Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: byrd-ga on 18 Jul 2004 08:23 PDT
Oops, pasted the wrong url for the yellow pages listing.  Here's the correct one:
Sorry about that!
Subject: Re: Moshi Pillows-Manufactuer, patent holder distributor or import/exporter
From: lockgirl-ga on 17 Nov 2004 18:43 PST
Anyone have luck finding a mattress topper?  I want one...let me know!

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