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Q: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts?
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: pendleton-ga
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Posted: 02 Jul 2004 20:26 PDT
Expires: 01 Aug 2004 20:26 PDT
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I live in Mexico and have Prodigy as my Internet service. They hooked up with
TelMex which is the Mexican telephone system.

At present the max. no. of emails I can send in a day is just over
1,000. I have close to 20,000 emails of contacts, friends and
recommended friends to email to. What can I do to get a service that
would let me send 20,000 emails in a day? Is it possible? Is it price
practical? These are not spam lists.
Subject: Re: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts?
Answered By: aht-ga on 02 Jul 2004 22:35 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

20,000 friends is a lot of friends! As you undoubtedly know, most ISPs
have instituted limits on both outgoing and incoming mail volumes in
an attempt to restrict the spread of spam; therefore, when a person
wants to send out e-mail to several thousand people, they pretty much
have to turn to an e-mail marketing firm for help.

There are several e-mail marketing firms that are actually reputable,
dealing in opt-in e-mail services. One that is used by some of my
favorite e-mail newsletters is

Their service is not cheap, but if you have a legitimate marketing
need to send out 20,000+ e-mails without incurring the wrath of your
ISP, then it can be money well spent:

  Price Calculator

As an example, I priced out sending 20 e-mails each month to 20,000
subscribers, with each message being no more than 20 kb in size. The
monthly cost would be US$2,000, or $0.005/e-mail.

You can compare this cost with another provider, JangoMail:

Essentially the pricing is similar, about $0.005/e-mail in the volume
mentioned above. If you are sending less each month, then your cost
will be less. For example, the JangoMail price list shows that 80,000
e-mails per month would cost $800, or $0.01/e-mail.

Depending on the nature of your e-mails, this may or may not be price
practical; however, if you want to send regular or semi-regular e-mail
messages to 20,000 recipients, then this is pretty much the only
"proper" way (ie. not using illegal or unethical means such as
spamming tools that exploit open mail relays around the world, or
other people's PCs that have been transformed into 'zombies' by
trojans and/or viruses).

Hope this helps!

Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Answer by aht-ga on 03 Jul 2004 23:48 PDT

With regards to how a customer of one of these services would be able
to verify that the e-mails are actually being transmitted,
unfortunately the way that e-mail works through the Internet makes it
so that you pretty much have to rely on the credibility of the
marketing firm and their audit records. There is really no way of
knowing whether or not any particular e-mail makes it through to the
intended recipient; any number of reasons, including spam filters,
improperly configured e-mail servers at the recipient ISP, or even
transmission errors over the Internet, can result in an email not
arriving at the intended recipient's e-mail account. For marketing
campaigns, it is often a good idea to include some form of enticement
for the recipients to respond to the e-mail or visit a website so that
you get some indication of the actual open/read rate. Be aware,
though, that even the most successful e-mail marketing campaigns
typically only get response rates below 20%. Many large service
companies that send out regular e-newsletters to their customer base,
will often see verified read rates below 10%. The rest either never
made it to the recipient, or were never opened, or were opened but the
feedback mechanism (either a requested response or a visit to a
website) failed to properly record the fact.
pendleton-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Dear aht-ga. Thank you so much!! Excellent answers. Two sites to
compare costs. I just love ANSWERS.GOOGLE!! You and the other GREAT
researchers make my life go so much more easily and KNOWLEDGEABLY!!I
have ANSWERS!!!
God bless you to know and do His will!
John P.
PS-- BTW. How can one be sure that they are really sending out 20,000
emails or whatever the no.?

Subject: Re: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts?
From: owain-ga on 04 Jul 2004 11:01 PDT
To get an indication that the provider is sending out your mails, you
'salt' the list with emails to addresses that you receive, so perhaps
every thousandth email address you add in a different address of your
own. If you get 20 copies of your email, you have a reasonable
indication that the provider has tried to send all the messages.

Subject: Re: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts?
From: owain-ga on 04 Jul 2004 11:02 PDT
- this will also give you an indication if the provider is using your
list of addresses to send their own spam or is selling the list on.

Subject: Re: What can I do to be able to send several thousand emails to contacts?
From: aht-ga on 04 Jul 2004 11:19 PDT
owain-ga's suggestion of 'salting' the list with your own addresses is
a good one, just make sure you don't use addresses that are obviously
yours in case the marketing firm has anticipated this approach. Also,
create the addresses so that even if the list is re-sorted by the
marketing firm, the addresses do not get clumped together... in other
words, if you have 26 "check addresses", each one should start with a
different letter of the alphabet, and if at all possible, should use a
different domain. If you own your own domain with e-mail forwarding
capability, then using addresses like "",
"", etc. should help in this regard.

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