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Q: Custom Words & Phrases Request : Parting Words ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Custom Words & Phrases Request : Parting Words
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Asked by: captainnemo-ga
List Price: $45.00
Posted: 03 Jul 2004 04:05 PDT
Expires: 02 Aug 2004 04:05 PDT
Question ID: 369196

This one is for English majors and those who have the whole thesaurus memorized.

I would like to ask a researcher to compile a list of common words and
phrases used by everyday people (in English) to say parting words
(such as good byes) or closures of letters. I am requesting atleast 50
entries, and for every one after that, you'll receive a $0.20 per
word/phrase as an extra.

Example of such list is below:

Regular Common:

Good Bye
See you
Take care
Until Next Time

Regular Formal (Letter):

Trully yours,
Respectfully yours,

Regular Informal:

Peace (slang)
One (slang)
See ya
Subject: Re: Custom Words & Phrases Request : Parting Words
Answered By: voila-ga on 03 Jul 2004 10:34 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Greetings captainemo!

These farewell words come easy -- the actual parting is hard.  Here's
my free-associating Saturday assemblage for you, cap'n:


See ya 'round
See ya later
So long/S'long
See ya tomorrow
See ya in the morning
See ya soon
See ya at the ______
Take it easy/Take care/Take care of yourself
I'm off/Shoving off now
Gotta go/Gotta run/Gotta book/Gotta motor
Have a good one
Have a good day
Have a good week
Have a good weekend
Catch ya later
Check ya later
Bye now
Time's up!
Get outta here!
It's been fun/It's been real
Shout if you need me
Gimme a holler
Don't work too hard
Speak/Talk to you later
Call me/Ring me up/E-mail me
Nice knowin' ya/It's been nice knowin' ya
A pleasure to have met you/Nice meeting you
Hope we meet again
Until tomorrow/'til tomorrow
Until later/'til later
Until we meet again


Ta-ta/TTFN (ta-ta for now)
Auf wiedersehen
Au revoir


Best of luck
Break a leg
Be well 
Stay well
Peace be with you/Pax vobiscum
Goodbye and good luck
Goodbye and good luck
Bless/May God bless


Have a good holiday/vacation
Bon voyage
Drop me a line/Send me a postcard
Don't be a stranger
Drive safely
Safe journey
Come again
Ya'll come back
Ba-bye (flight attendant)
Happy trails
So long, pardner
Please forward my messages to...


Live long and prosper (Trekkie)
May the force be with you (Star Wars)
Hasta la vista, baby (Terminator)
Andiamo, Bambini (The Fugitive)
If you need me, all you have to do is whistle (To Have/Have Not)
To the Batmobile... (Batman)
Goodnight, you princes of Maine, you kings of New England (Cider House Rules)
And that's the way it is (Cronkite groupies)
Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow (SNL)
And so it goes (Linda Ellerbee)
Good night and good luck (Edward R. Murrow)
That's the news and I am outta here (Dennis Miller)
Good night, Chet.  Good night, David.  And good night for NBC News
(Huntley/Brinkley signoff)
Good night and good news (Ted Baxter)
Good day and may the good news be yours (Les Nessman)
Glad we could get together (John Cameron Swayze)
Courage!  (Dan -what's the frequency- Rather)
Ciaocito, baby (Daisy Fuentes)
See you on the radio (Charles Osgood)  
Bye-bye! (John McLaughlin)
-30- (journalists)
~Fini~ (foreign films)
The End (homegrown films)


Sweet dreams
G'night, don't let the bedbugs bite
See you in the morning
Lights out
See you in my dreams
Farewell, my lovelies
Go to sleep!


Peace/Peace out/{peace sign}
Word (word to your mother)
I'm Audi/5000 
Let's 86 it
Giddyup/Let's giddyup
Over and out
Keep the faith
Keep it real/Real
Catch ya on the rebound 
Deuces, I'm out
Get at me dogg 
Rasta; I gotta jet
Stay frosty 


Best regards
Personal regards
Kindest regards
With best personal regards
Do give my kindest regards to ? 
Best wishes
Cordially/Cordially yours
With best wishes
Sincerely yours/Most sincerely yours 
Faithfully/Faithfully yours
Faithfully yours
Truly/Yours truly/Very truly yours/Yours very truly
Remaining/I remain truly yours
With my compliments
We look forward to hearing from you soon
I look forward to seeing you soon 
Once again many thanks/thanks a lot/thanks
You'll be hearing from my attorney ...


For now
Miss ya
Yours forever
Love/Love and kisses
All my love
Lots of love 
With love and best wishes 
Much love 
With love to you all  
With love 
Love from us both   
All the best 
Goodbye, you freakin' loser [usually followed by slamming of receiver/door]
Don't call me -ever- again!
I'll see your ass in court!


*(Hip-hop slang popularized by Flayvah Flav of Public Enemy, "5000"
means "goodbye." It is derived thusly: "I'm out of here" becomes "I'm
Audi 5000" becomes "5000.")

Thanks for a truly fun cerebral exercise, cap'n.  Pay for the ones you
want -- I was just entertaining myself mostly.

{see above}
* V, the listmaker*
captainnemo-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Another very professional and speedy reply!
Thank you so much viola-ga, Im so flattered to have such wonderful
researchers answer my questions! As far as it goes, are you able to
find a verb wordlist for my other question? Thank you once more!

Subject: Re: Custom Words & Phrases Request : Parting Words
From: voila-ga on 03 Jul 2004 11:23 PDT
Hi cap'n,

Thanks for the stars and your most generous tip.  And sorry those few
repeats, too.  I was multitasking (and not well, I might add!) while
composing my answer.

As for your verb question, I would like to help but I'm off to the
slave labor camp of my regular job now.

Your question happens to be in the jaws of the Googlebot, so you might
try cancelling that question.  It will only cost a 50-cent posting fee
but if you're in a hurry for an answer, this might be the most
expedient thing to do.

See this link for instructions on question cancellation:

When and if you choose to repost, do *not* copy any of text into your
new question.  In the body of your post type "See Question ID: 369191"
and you can post the question link.  It's okay to use the same
*subject* line.

Hopefully someone's has been busily at work on your question and can
post an answer immediately.

Best of luck and a pleasure being of service to you,
* V *

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