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Q: Collenot Violin ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Collenot Violin
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Asked by: trailzzone-ga
List Price: $2.50
Posted: 06 Jul 2002 18:57 PDT
Expires: 05 Aug 2002 18:57 PDT
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A friend has a violin marked "Louis Collenot."  It is marked inside
and on the bridge.  I believe the bow and case to be original to the
instrument.  Can anyone provide information about this maker and
aproximate estimate of value?
Subject: Re: Collenot Violin
Answered By: araminty-ga on 06 Jul 2002 19:49 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hi Trailzzone,

Louis Collenot was a French stringed instrument maker during the late
19th -early 20th century, producing most instruments during the 1910s
to 30s.  He was based at various times in Paris and Reims.

It is very difficult to estimate a value for your friend's violin.  My
suggestion would be to take the instrument to a professional stringed
instrument seller for valuation.  Check the Yellow Pages in your area.

The website states

"Typical valuation of the violin is determined by : 
- Reputation of the maker.
- Age and condition of the instrument.
- Skill and craftsmanship of the maker.
- Tonal qualities and playability."
( source: )

Another website, (
)offers three types of valuations:

"1. Verbal valuation which includes a description of the instrument,
its maker, some history and its approximate value - AUD$25.00

2. Written valuation (for insurance purposes), which include a signed
document describing the instrument, its origin, history, dimensions
and its current market value - AUD$105.00 and AUD$35.00 for an upgrade

3. Certifications which give a comprehensive history and description
of the instrument, and color photographs from various angles -
AUD$250.00 and AUD$70.00 for an upgrade"

There are some online listings for Louis Collenot stringed instruments
which mention a sale price.  However without knowing any specifics
(e.g., age, tonal qualities, etc.) it is difficult to say if your
friend's violin is comparable to these.

All Things Strings: Musical Instrument Auction results

This site lists a:
"COLLENOT, LOUIS [T5/OV 26] Good French Violin in excellent condition:
Paris, 1931 1,800/3,000 $1,540 £1,080 DM3,403 ¥187,988"

This Dutch dealer is offering a Collenot cello for USD$15,000

ViVaCe Strings Collenot Cello

Number 328 in the catalogue of this Vichy auction last month is: 
"Violon de Louis COLLENOT fin XIXème fait à Reims. Assez bon état.
351mm." and was expected to sell for 2000-2500 Euro.


I hope this information is useful to your friend,

Search terms: 
"louis collenot" violin
"louis collenot" violon
violin valuation
stringed instrument valuation

Clarification of Answer by araminty-ga on 06 Jul 2002 21:00 PDT
I'm sorry if my answer failed to meet your expectations.  As I stated
above, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration.  I
definitely think a professional opinion will give your friend a better
idea as to collectibility of his/her instrument.

Collenot's instruments are perhaps not often sold: The only listing on
this large dealer's website that I found was for a Collenot bow,
listed for sale at USD$1,481.20 at

This website also has a disscussion board, where you or your friend
might consider posting a question regarding the instrument's history
and value.

Maestronet forums

There is a useful site with a great bibliograpy online at the
Smithsonian Institute's homepage,

Your library may be able to get a copy of "The Universal Dictionary of
Violin and Bow Makers" by William Henley, 1997.  This definitely lists
Collenot, and gives a little information about his instruments.

Collenot was never highly prolific and is comparitively modern; hence,
there is little information available regarding his works.
trailzzone-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
Thanks, I guess that's a great answer for what I was paying. :-)  I'd
like to have heard more about the reputation of the maker and the
collectability of the instrument.

Subject: Re: Collenot Violin
From: missy-ga on 06 Jul 2002 21:40 PDT
A professional, physical appraisal of the instrument would be
necessary to determine both the value and collectibility of such an
instrument - neither of these can be accurately ascertained through a
simple query to the Researchers.

The cost will range anywhere from ~$20 for a simple "once over"
(non-binding) appraisal, to several hundred dollars or more for a full
appraisal with research into the background of the instrument and its
maker.  Any papers you have which may document the authenticity of the
instrument should be presented to the appraiser to aid in verifying
the origins of the instrument.

I would suggest you contact a reputable antiques dealer in your area,
specifically one who deals primarily in instruments, to arrange for a
full appraisal if you're truly interested in the details and value of
this violin.
Subject: Re: Collenot Violin
From: inky-ga on 06 Jul 2002 23:38 PDT
If it was such a great answer for its price, why did you only rate it
three stars?  If you'd wanted a better answer, you should have been
willing to pay more.
Subject: Re: Collenot Violin
From: trailzzone-ga on 07 Jul 2002 10:42 PDT
I sincerely appreciate the responses.  I am a semi-pro musician,
although not a violinist, so I am familiar with the appraisal process.
 I also know violins can be tricky.  That's why I posted the question
here, hoping someone familiar violins and this maker could provide
information. I had already found the information provided in the
answer via my own web search. Hence, the three star rating.


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