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Q: Question for sexanswers-ga or anyone who qualifies ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Question for sexanswers-ga or anyone who qualifies
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Asked by: aquamango-ga
List Price: $150.00
Posted: 08 Jul 2004 22:33 PDT
Expires: 07 Aug 2004 22:33 PDT
Question ID: 371709
Hello sexanswers-ga (and others),

I've read your comment on :

where you've stated :

"A Word of warning.  It is rare that the answer to a
less-than-satisfactory-sex-life is a longer penis.  There are much
better ways to please her...but that is another question.  ms"

I'm stimulated to find the answer to this question and would be
willing to pay well to have a well presented and detailed answer of
what other ways than larger penis size can satisfy a woman, especially
from a "professional" like you.

Thank you so kindly.

Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 08 Jul 2004 22:48 PDT
Hello aquamango!
 Sexanswers-ga is not a researcher for GA so he/she cannot provide a
formal answer to your question. Those who are not affiliated with GA
can only provide comments.
 Are you asking for a researcher to provide references to articles
concerning various ways to please a woman physically, which do not
focus on a "larger than normal" part of the male anatomy? References
and excerpts concerning various perspectives, opinions and advice on
sexual pleasure will be the most acceptable way to answer this
question to avoid becoming too explicit on a site that is read by all
 Is this what you are seeking?

Clarification of Question by aquamango-ga on 09 Jul 2004 00:42 PDT
hello umiat-ga,

I didnt know that sexanswers-ga is not able to answer questions.


I would like for any qualified and experienced (in the sexuality
field) researcher to provide me with links, references and material to
various methods, techniques, strategies, and "ways" a man can
physically satisfy a woman.

Ofcourse, if you've seen the comment sexanswers-ga provided, you'd
notice the quality of his/her "answer", thus for the amount I am
paying, I expect no less.

Thank you very much.

PS: I do not mind raising the price.

Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 19 Jul 2004 18:55 PDT
Hello aquamango-ga,

When you speak of physically satisfying a woman in your question, are
you looking for ways through intercourse alone, or any way? Knowing
this information would help me tailor an answer to this question for
you. Please let me know how to proceed.

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: Question for sexanswers-ga or anyone who qualifies
Answered By: guillermo-ga on 26 Jul 2004 06:33 PDT
Hello Aquamango,

What a stimulating research you gave us the opportunity to do ?saying
it with no intended double meaning humor ;-) Thank you very much.

Reading the very well informed comment by sexanwers-ga that you
quoted, I assumed that you?re very much interested in the
physiological aspect of the subject, but also in how to make a
satisfactory use of that knowledge. A third factor that underlies the
whole issue, deals with what I?ll call the ?attitude?. As I composed
my answer, the two former aspects are mostly based on specific web
research. For the latter, I relied mainly on my own knowledge about
sexuality in its behavioral and emotional facets ?which made part of
my education? and on my own experience as a human being.

However, you are aware that ?as is stated in Google Answers
Disclaimer, which you can read at the bottom of this page? our answers
are general information, not intended to substitute for professional
advice of any kind.

You will find detailed descriptions of sexual practices in web sources
for which you?ll be provided the URLs in this answer, not posted as
links, though, as I will not write or quote those descriptions either,
in order to be cautious about Google Answers? boundaries about adult
content. Still, you will be able to read the complete information with
all the details of your interest by using the URLs to the sources to
get to them with your browser. Thank you for your understanding.

Information not implying an explicit description for sexual practices
will have no restrictions as the above mentioned.

All that said, let?s get into our subject.

The first thing you?ll want to be aware of, is that right know there
is a lively, ongoing discussion taking place about the actual anatomy
and physiology of female sexuality. This debate engages voices from
the scientific community, the feminist movement, and even reaches the
pornography business. [See article ?Female Ejaculation: Research
Contrary to BBFC Ruling?
( ) at British ?Feminists
Against Censorship? website ( )];
you?ll see other examples of this controversy farther on. What is
important about this debate for our quest, is that some specific ?and
important? aspects of female sexuality?s physical knowledge have not
reached a definitive consensus.

Historically, the areas considered as related to sexual stimulation of
a woman have been the breasts ?particularly the nipples?, the vulva
?external genital organs-, particularly the clitoris, and the vagina.
Among them, the clitoris and the vagina have been deemed as the
responsible for female orgasms, and the existence of two kinds of
orgasms ?vaginal and clitoral? have been supposed. Related to this
topic, you can read the question ?What's the difference between a
vaginal and clitoral orgasm??, asked by an anonymous user to the
prestigious health question and answer Internet program of Columbia
University ?Go Ask Alice?, and its
answer( ). Part of the answer
reads: ?The difference between a "clitoral" and a "vaginal" orgasm is
where you are being stimulated to achieve orgasm, not where you feel
the orgasm.? And also: ?For some women, the outer third of their
vagina is also very sensitive. When stimulated during intercourse or
other vaginal penetration, these women can orgasm. This would be what
you referred to as a vaginal orgasm ? without clitoral stimulation.?

Now, please don?t content yourself with my quotation, the whole
article is very instructive, and addresses very directly to the use of
the information for healthy sexual satisfaction. One interesting point
mentioned in it, is that not every woman have the same response to the
same stimulation. For example, you will read in it that many women
enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, while for others that is such a
sensitive area that direct contact may cause pain. What leads to the
attitudinal aspect I mentioned in the beginning:

Since every woman is a unique human being, for each woman you have an
intimate encounter with you?ll need to rediscover a sexual
understanding. Your question about how to physically satisfy a woman,
suggests other questions, such as: who is that woman? how is she? what
does she like? what does she dislike? I consider a fact that sex not
necessarily implies love ?millions of people enjoy sex with occasional
partners all the time? but it necessarily implies quite a deep
understanding and communication. Many people act according to the
misbelief that a bunch of patterns or stereotyped techniques which
worked with one or several sexual partners can be used with others
with the same effectiveness, what is a mistake which often leads to
frustrating spoiled encounters, that could have been very gratifying
if communication, warmth, understanding and respect had been included
in the relationship, regardless how brief it was. By respect I mean
neither stiffness nor shyness, but being conscious of the presence of
another human being, as important as oneself, with her own
preferences, needs and expectations for pleasure, which are based not
on one?s preconceptions of what is good for her, but on what she knows
about her. Of course, this doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t propose
something knew for her, both can learn from each other new ways of
pleasure that can enrich each others? sexual experiences. This means,
instead, that an open eyes, ears and mind attitude is the necessary
ground for any sexual knowledge or technique to be effective.

Getting back to the anatomical and physiological approach, things
prove to be more complex than just ?clitoral or vaginal?.

You?ve probably heard about the G-spot, named so after Dr. Ernst
Gräfenberg, the German gynecologist who ?discovered? it in the 1950s.
The quotes are because it was a discovery for the western scientific
community, but millions of human beings along history have intuitively
stimulated it in their foreplay, and other cultures have had an
accurate knowledge of it for millennia.

At the time when Dr. Gräfenberg introduced to western culture this
sensitive area of female sexual apparatus, gynecologists already knew
the existence of certain glands called paraurethral glands or Skene?s
glands which surround the urethra ?the conduct for the urine, and also
for semen in males- which is placed inside the anterior wall of the
vagina. This gland is imbedded in a tissue called ?urethral sponge?,
which fills with blood during arousal, similarly as it happens with
the ?corpus spongiosum? that surrounds the male urethra. These glands
were known, but their function remained uncertain. By identifying the
area that later was called the G-spot, Dr. Gräfenberg contributed to
shed light on that mystery: those glands were a sensitive area that
had a role in female arousal. Further research seems to show that
these glands also produced a fluid with components similar to those
produced by the male prostate, the organ that produces semen and
triggers male ejaculation. In fact, a phenomenon of female ejaculation
?the release out of the urethra of a fluid different from urine during
female orgasm?, which is still controversial within the scientific
community, seems to occur, according to certain testimonies. However,
the concept of ?female prostate? has achieved official acceptation:
?Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FICAT)
at the 2001 meeting at Orlando, FL, USA has agreed to mention the term
female prostate (prostata feminina) in the new forthcoming edition of
Histology Terminology.?

To know more about the female prostate and female ejaculation see:
Female Ejaculation--Just What Is It? by Alex Kiefer:

As to your specific interest, this ?female prostate? (the G-spot that
can be sensed by tact from inside the vagina, on its anterior wall) is
an area that can be stimulated and may contribute to female sexual
satisfaction. A few websites can help you learn about how to find and
stimulate it:

There?s an interesting article about female ejaculation and female
prostate, non-strictly scientific, but with good references to
scientific sources and excellent diagrams. This is an extended
article, which also provides information for practical stimulation,
and also advice for health care related with it:
Female ejaculation:

You may also want to visit this website?s index, since it has many
other articles about practical suggestions for sexual pleasure: According to the interest
expressed in your question, I believe you have a good deal of useful
information to take from this website.

In its home page ( ), this site is
introduced as ?Dedicated to women's sexual pleasure, health, and
happiness. (?)This website is educational in nature. Teenagers are
just as welcome as are adults. The material presented here is done so
knowing it is accessed by people of all ages. This website contains
close-up photographs of the female genitals, but no pornography.?

For an interactive and somewhat humoristic ?while instructive? guide
for finding the G-spot, you can see

A journalistic approach, well informed, also humoristic, and with some
practical suggestions is the article at Men?s Journal, ?Foreplay Will
Never Be The Same?, by Em and Lo
( ). This one also
refers to a consequence of this identity between the G-Spot and the
female prostate: the male prostate becomes males? G-Spot, and can also
be stimulated.

One last issue about the anatomical aspect of your question, adding to
the ongoing controversy about female sexual organs, regards the
clitoris. In 1998, Australian researcher Dr Helen O'Connell, from
Melbourne Private Hospital, claimed to have discovered that the
clitoris was actually much larger than what was believed, with no less
than 3? inside the pelvis. You may find interesting the reading of two
articles about it:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Transcript and further
information for "Body of Knowledge" (TV show) On air: Thursday 22

The Anatomy Of The Clitoris - Study Claims Clitoris Larger Than

You asked for the physical ways to satisfy a woman, and we human
beings have our physical and emotional aspects merged. And sexuality
is probably the human facet in which this merge is most complete. To
deeply satisfy a woman, you?ll want to have in mind that you won?t
satisfy her unless you both satisfy each other. And there?s a
necessary component to achieve it: a deep human understanding,
regardless whether it lasts for a lifetime or just a few hours. Think
of the full meaning of the word partner: a person who shares with you
a common endeavor, in this case sexual pleasure. Think of sexual
intercourse like a game ? not a competition, but kind of a children
game. Do it as naively and as seriously as children playing. If she is
a new partner, try to build with her an ambiance of confidence, free
from fears of rejection or disappointment, as if you were telling each
other ?it?s ok, we?re both in it together, let?s give our best to have
a great time?. Take care of her (and of yourself) by preventing from
disease and unwanted pregnancy, this brings a better mood for physical
satisfaction. Take your time for the foreplay, and try to connect with
her so you can match each other?s timing. Make it a sort of dance; the
understanding that it requires may need no words but gestures,
movements, body messages. Or it may use words, tender words, dirty
words, that depending on what is being created between each other at
every instant of that unique moment. Having an orgasm doesn?t need to
be the primary drive for satisfaction: arriving is great, but
traveling can be as much as good. And the deepest you enjoy the
journey, the likeliest for the arrival to reach its highest splendor.

I hope to have met your needs with my answer. My search strategy was
?female genitalia?. For further clarification, please do not hesitate
to ask.

Best regards,

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