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Q: Corrective rhinoplasty doctors ( No Answer,   0 Comments )
Subject: Corrective rhinoplasty doctors
Category: Health > Beauty
Asked by: divinemisss-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 09 Jul 2004 20:20 PDT
Expires: 26 Jul 2004 17:46 PDT
Question ID: 372164
I would like to know 5 of the top doctors in America who practice
corrective or revision rhinoplasty. California would be top choice but
anywhere the best doctors are is fine.
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Subject: Re: Corrective rhinoplasty doctors
Answered By: hummer-ga on 10 Jul 2004 11:21 PDT
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Hi divinemisss,

Thank you for this interesting (and challenging!) question. Given that
you are asking about "revision rhinoplasty", I think it's fair for me
to assume that you already are very familiar with the territory (more
than you'd care to be!) and that you aren't looking for alot of
background on Rhinoplasty but rather you've had a less than stellar
experience and you're doing the best you can to not repeat past

My list of Rhinoplasty Surgeons below contains physicians who do
revisions (among other things) and who are well thought of in the
field and are fully capable surgeons. I can't claim that they are the
best *for you*, only you can determine that. It is important to
remember that only you can decide who has the same tastes in
aesthetics as you do - in other words, choose at least three
(preferably more) surgeons to make consultation appointments with, and
insist on seeing photographs of their work (portfolio). Choose a
doctor who you not only feel comfortable with, but who also seems to
conform to your own particular tastes (he might have a thing for wider
noses while you prefer narrow noses). Don't get too hung up on cost -
the 'most expensive jobs' don't ensure 'the best jobs'. Another thing
to consider is, it's all well and good to look far and wide for the
best, but follow-up visits after surgery are very important for proper
recovery and so a surgeon within a reasonable distance of your home is

"Revisions: There is a 20% chance you will want or need revision
surgery. This is because plastic surgery of the nose is difficult and
your nose can also change in ways that cannot be predicted following
surgery. You must accept this risk before having cosmetic nose
If you require revision surgery, wait at least one year from the date
of your last nasal operation. If revision surgery is performed sooner,
it will be less likely to accomplish your desired result.
Revision rhinoplasty is more complicated than original rhinoplasty. If
you need a second surgery, choose a doctor who specializes in

As I mentioned, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't
already know (been there, done that), and you are anxious to see my
list. So here we go (in no particular order except that I've listed
California separately and I've put stars next to five, but remember,
they may not be the top five for you)...


Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The Ellenbogen Plastic Surgery Institute
Beverly Hills, CA
9201 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069-3170

2001 Santa Monica Boulevard
Suite 890-West
Santa Monica, California 90404
(310) 829-5977
(310) 828-0367

The Keyes SurgiCenter
9201 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 611
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 859-9388

8500 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #900 
Beverly Hills, California 90211
(310) 652-9583


7640 Pacific Street
Omaha, NEBRASKA 68114 
(402) 391-7640 
(800) 233-7640

60 E. Delaware 

8144 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 170
Dallas, TEXAS 75231 
(214) 369-8123

UT Southwestern Medical Center  	
James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center 
5303 Harry Hines Blvd. 	
7th Floor, Suite 108 	
Dallas, TEXAS 75390-9132 	
(214) 648-3119

* DR NICHOLAS TABBAL, Assistant Professor
NYU School of Medicine
School of Medicine, Surgery, Plastic Surgery
521 Park Avenue
(212) 644-5800

Advanced Rhinoplasty
815 Park Ave
NEW YORK, NY 10021

NYU Medical Center
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
530 First Ave, Suite 7U 
NEW YORK, NY 10016 
(212) 263-5882

Ironbridge Medical Park
11601 Ironbridge Road Suite 201
Chester, VIRGINIA 23831
(804) 748-7737

>>>>>>>>>> Additional Website of Interest

Just in case you haven't seen this website already, here you'll find a
good introduction and explanation regarding Revision Rhinoplasty.

All About Revision Rhinoplasty:

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons:


So, divinemisss, it would seem you have your work cut out for you! If
you have any questions, please post a clarification request before
closing/rating my answer and I'll be happy to reply. Good luck with
your search and surgery!

Thank you,

Google Search Terms Used:

rhinoplasty glossary
revision rhinoplasty
"revision rhinoplasty specialist"
rhinoplastic surgeons

Request for Answer Clarification by divinemisss-ga on 10 Jul 2004 22:34 PDT
Dear Hummer

Yes, the Divine Miss S has a question. I am very very familiar with
rhinoplasty and the whole issue. I have been trying to research good
doctors ad nauseum.

Of course you are right, it does depend on what type of look you are
after, and so it can be a subjective quest.

Perhaps I should ask you how did you arrive at these doctors? Were
they voted best by their peers? Or how did you pick these doctors over

I actually have only heard of one of the doctors you mentioned,
Dr.Tabbal. So its a good list of doctors I don't know about. When I
research a doctor, I NOW look at their before and after pics.

Money is no object at this point. I don't want to look like Michael
Jackson, so whoever I pick I am going to do whatever I can to
preresearch. The rest is fate and luck.

I have also waited almost 2 years and counting.


Request for Answer Clarification by divinemisss-ga on 10 Jul 2004 23:58 PDT
According to this link, some of the doctors you listed have blemished records:

If you just cut and pasted doctors then I could have done that myself.
Again, I would appreciate knowing how you came to conclude that these
doctors had above average expertise in the field.


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 11 Jul 2004 08:44 PDT
Hi S,

The strength of GA is the option to post as many clarifications it
takes to arrive at a suitable answer. The ability to communicate with
each other is really wonderful, but it's up to the questioner to take
advantage of the option, and as I stated in the last paragraph of my
answer, "If you have any questions, please post a clarification
request before closing/rating my answer and I'll be happy to reply." I
see that you did post a clarification, but given that we are in
different time zones, I was in bed and didn't see it. As it is now,
you've closed the question and not given me a chance to answer any
questions you may have before rating my answer.

That said, I will respond. No, I did not just copy and paste from a
database somewhere. I spent literally six to eight hours on your
question and as I noted in my answer, it was a challenge. I started my
research by reading "Finding a Great Revision Surgeon"  and taking it
to heart. From there I investigated the relevant associations, such as

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS):

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS):

Online Referral Service:

The AAFPRS Foundation is accredited by the Accreditation Council for
Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical
education for physicians.
The AAFPRS Foundation designates continuing medical education
activity credits in Category 1 of the AMA Physician?s Recognition Award
as follows:
Head and Neck Workshop up to 4 credits

I started to gather information and build a list of surgeons. I then
started to read rhinoplasty forums, and I came upon this one:

"I've researched extensively and The best REVISION RHINOPLASTY SURGEONS are:
Michael Bermant,
Dr Harold Clavin.
Francis R Palmer III. 

With that list in hand, along with names on my own list, I researched
each surgeon, one-by-one, on the internet and forums to see what I
could find. The five that I marked with stars came up again and again
with positive responses (given the nature of the surgery, I think
finding a surgeon with absolutely zero negative responses is slim,
unless he's fresh out of school) and especially Dr. Denenberg. After I
narrowed down my list a bit, I visited each website. One interesting
item of note, was to find out that Dr. Keyes performed surgery on
Linda Tripp:

"Deeply offended and hurt at her bad press and the jokes about her
appearance, Tripp went in for $28,000 of cosmetic surgery on
10/14/1999, funded by an anonymous benefactor. In seven hours of
surgery, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes removed the bags from under her eyes, cut
away the fat from her neck and tightened her chin, softened and
shortened her nose and provided a chin implant."

I regret that I didn't explain all of this in my answer, it was an
oversight on my part. I do wish you well and hope my research proves
to be useful for you in reaching your goal. I'm sorry we couldn't have
worked through to a happy conclusion using the clarification option.

Sorry, I see that I omitted Dr. Palmer's URL in my answer:
Dr. Palmer's URL:

p.s. Your URL
  is interesting but I can't gain access without paying a fee.
Reason this answer was rejected by divinemisss-ga:
Please read my posted comments to researcher as to why I am unhappy. I
asked him how he came to pick those specific doctors and why there
were anymore expert at revision then the revision doctors I had found.
I asked him if they were chosen by peer review or some other higher
standard. He did not answer. I know that some of the doctors he picked
have blemished records which is public information. I didn't just ask
for a handful of revision doctors. I asked for doctors top in their
field and why they were top in their field.
divinemisss-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars
So far the doctors referred have shakey records

This website gives you the records of doctors and some of the ones
suggested have shakey pasts. I don't think for the money I paid it was
a satisfactory answer. Sorry.

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