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Q: Pinging a blog fails - causes error message in Windows ( Answered 2 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Pinging a blog fails - causes error message in Windows
Category: Computers > Operating Systems
Asked by: rickbutts-ga
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Posted: 26 Jul 2004 23:50 PDT
Expires: 25 Aug 2004 23:50 PDT
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I am forwarding an error message my daughter gets. She is 
using Windows XP, and is trying to ping a blog with the 
URL below in the browser window. This works fine for me
(It brings up the Open - Save etc and I just hit open and
it brings up the DOS box and then it disappears) My 
girlfriend is having the same problem as my daughter, she
is using Windows 98. Here is the problem:


when I type in :

a window comes up : File Download,You are downloading the file: from

would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?

I click "save" and I save it in My Documents

It saves it

I open it from My Documents

Then a window pops up : 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem: 
The NTVDM has encountered an illegal instruction; CS:0538 IP:ffe2
OP:fe ff 1e 09 00 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application; CLose
or Ignore

I click Ignore

and it just shuts down the window

So, the program won't open.

This fails, too, when I choose Open.
Subject: Re: Pinging a blog fails - causes error message in Windows
Answered By: funkywizard-ga on 27 Jul 2004 02:07 PDT
Rated:2 out of 5 stars
I have the same problem with windows 2000. I suspect that the program
in question is only compatible with "win9x" (or earlier) meaning
windows 95, 98 or Me. This is especially probable because of the
message saying it is loading up a 16 bit dos application, which has
limited support under newer versions of windows.

What I would suggest if you are trying to ping that website to do so
in the following fashion as what you are trying to do will not be

Open a dos dialog box. In win9x, go to start / run / and type
"command", hit enter, then type "ping" and
hit enter. In windows 2000/xp go to start / run / and type "cmd" and
hit enter and type ""ping" and hit enter.
This should perform the same function as the downloaded program.

After doing some searching around it seems microsoft has some
information on this problem:
where it says "This behavior can occur if you use an incorrect version
of the file. For example, this issue is known to occur if
you use a file included in Microsoft Windows 95, dated
7/11/95". It goes on to say that "To resolve this issue, replace the file in the Winnt\System32 folder with the same file from
another computer that is running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Windows
NT Server 4.0, and then make sure that there are no files
dated 7/11/95 on the computer. You can also replace the
file on the computer with the same file on the Windows NT installation

Though this page mentions windows nt 4.0 workstation and server, the
same information applies to windows 2000 or xp, which is originally
based on windows nt that may help.

Ultimately your best bet is not to download this program to do your
pings, since windows includes this tool by default. In case there is
some particular reason that you need to do this, I hope the microsoft
knowledge base article is of some use to you. If not, I hope the
instructions provided above on pinging manually are of some help.

I trust that this answers your question, but if there is some issue I
have overlooked, please feel free to request a clarification.

Search strategy:


Request for Answer Clarification by rickbutts-ga on 07 Aug 2004 21:10 PDT
I apologize for the delay in replying - thanks for your assistance. I
am employing a strategy that requires that I perform a whole LOT of
pings of different blogs, dozens of times a day. To type them into a
dos command every time is massively time consuming (especially since
it DOES work on my desktop - and tonight I find, not on my laptop,
though both are running XP home.)

I will check the microsoft information - and let you know. 

I am still confused as to why this works perfectly on my desktop and
not the laptop, or another computer running XPHome?

Request for Answer Clarification by rickbutts-ga on 07 Aug 2004 21:14 PDT
Also, my girlfriend is using a Windows 98 system, and has the same problem?


Clarification of Answer by funkywizard-ga on 08 Aug 2004 03:26 PDT
I would recommend making a simple batch file. A batch file is a text
file you can make in notepad that is executed that simply contains a
list of all the commands you would like to execute from the command
prompt. A batch file should end in the file extention ".bat". You can
also save the results to a file.

To do what you want you would make a text file that looks like this:

ping >pingresults.txt
ping >pingresults.txt

this should append the ping results to the file indicated after the >.
The > redirects what would normally go to the screen and puts it in
the text file. After you make your batch file, you can run it at any
time by double clicking it or executing it in some other manner and it
will output the results to the text file instead of the screen,
requiring no user intervention.

Request for Answer Clarification by rickbutts-ga on 10 Aug 2004 10:50 PDT
Thanks - this is an interesting work-around.
I created the .bat file and the results.txt file.

I placed the .bat file on my desktop with the command >results.txt

and the results.txt file on my C:\ 

The .bat runs, and the DOS box appears and flashes on and
off really fast, but nothing appears in the results.txt file.

The RSS Feeds are down on so I can't see if it is

Here is my question:

you suggested pinging the blog - but didn't clarify if I can
use the full command (above) that will ping it specifically
to the MyYahoo RSS feed-which is the goal for search engine
attention - can I use it in the .bat file?

2. Can I put multiple ping requests, just load them on different
lines, in this single file so that I don't have to click on and
run dozens of files?

As soon as I am able to test this I will know if it works.

Happy to pay you and extra $5 to get me to the finish line!


Clarification of Answer by funkywizard-ga on 10 Aug 2004 15:24 PDT
Unfortunately, if you use the yahoo ping program you will still have
the same 16 bit non running program issue you mentioned.

I looked at the program that is actually downloaded when you invoke
the url you sent me. If you open it up in notepad, you'll see it only
has one entry "Refresh requested:".
Now my question is that in addition to running the program they give
you, are you supposed to install some yahoo api or anything like that
that makes this program work properly?

If not, then this ping program you download looks so simple that it
cannot possibly be any more sophisticated than just typing "ping" at the command line. As such, it probably
is not having yahoo themselves ping the various blogs, but having your
computer do it, in which case there is no advanatage to running the
program vs using normal ping. I can see where you would say that it
would be useful to see for instance wether or not yahoo can ping the
blogs instead of wether or not you can ping the blogs, but it seems to
me that this program does not do that anyway.

If you do want to use the program you can make a copy of the
downloaded ping program, and copy it for each blog you want to ping.
Inside each copy, you can open it in notepad and change the url it is
pinging. Then you can invoke it with a batch file like thus: >results.txt >results.txt >results.txt

where, 2 and 3 are all what you have renamed the
downloaded ping program to.

Alternatively the same thing can be done by using the ping command
directly with a little less work

ping >results.txt
ping >results.txt
ping >results.txt

and you are correct in assuming that you can simply add more lines to
the batch file to make it do more things. Anything that is valid to be
typed on the command prompt can be put in a batch file.

I hope this helps, let me know if I left something out.

Clarification of Answer by funkywizard-ga on 10 Aug 2004 15:28 PDT
I forgot to mention, the http command you listed will not work because
the dos prompt does not know what to do with something starting with

The only way to get it to launch something from that would be
something of this nature:


however, this will load up a browser window instructing you to
download the referenced program, which is not what you are looking

The best thing to do is downlaod the ping program seperately, rename
the file, and invoke it via the batch file I mentioned earlier. Or
just invoke the standard ping command like shown earlier will work

Request for Answer Clarification by rickbutts-ga on 22 Aug 2004 18:30 PDT

I hate to be a pain - but these suggestions have put a band aid on the
problem, but not solved it.

I am fine with the DOS box appearing and asking Open - Save etc. This
is what mine does - and it pings the blog instantly.

I set up a bat file, and even uploaded it to the web
( so that I could test if it ran okay on
the server, it still tries to run on my machine and runs on my
daughter and girlfriend's machine, but it takes a whole lot longer for
ping results to show up, compared to doing it one ping at a time on my

I have 2 commands on that page Big and Little, one has the results.txt
on the end and one does not - it doesn't seem to matter which one is

Question: I never downloaded the ping program from Yahoo - there isn't
one - just used the URL command to invoke the ping.

This should work easily and I still am not satisfied that something
else isn't missing - is there a special ping command program I should

Thanks so much,
rickbutts-ga rated this answer:2 out of 5 stars
The information provided was informative - but did not solve my
problem. Two PCs running the same Windows XP home, one works fine -
other stil won't work, problem not solved.

Subject: Re: Pinging a blog fails - causes error message in Windows
From: mrsillinois96-ga on 29 May 2005 08:01 PDT
I think I have an answer for you.

As me the question over here:
Subject: Re: Pinging a blog fails - causes error message in Windows
From: webone-ga on 13 Jul 2005 21:06 PDT
You could stop trying to use that file  and go back to the
ping.exe file that came with windows...  It seems to work fine...  I
don't know where I got the file from, but when I deleted it,
I had no trouble pinging the blog you listed.

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