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Q: The Fresh Market ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   6 Comments )
Subject: The Fresh Market
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Asked by: jack12345-ga
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Posted: 27 Jul 2004 20:35 PDT
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?The Fresh Market? operates out of North Carolina.  I would like to
know more about the owners and management.

Who owns ?The Fresh Market? grocery stores and what percentages? ?
This is a private company and some educated guesses based on local NC
articles are fine.

Who calls the shots ? not who is in the press?

Please give the owners? contact information: address, email, phone, etc.

Any personal information about the owners is a plus.

Clarification of Question by jack12345-ga on 28 Jul 2004 08:58 PDT
Thanks, This info is great - is it possible to find out more about the Berry family?
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 28 Jul 2004 09:43 PDT
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Hello Jack,

As I'm sure you're aware, a private corporation is...well...private! 
As such, information escapes in dribs and drabs, generally as much (or
as little) as the owners see fit.

As The Fresh Market has grown into a regional presence in the past
decade or so, there has been an increasing amount of press coverage. 
In addition, however private an organization may be, there are still
reporting and filing requirements that open the door, at least a bit,
to some of the inside information.  I've reviewed press, internet,
commercial sources of company information, and government filings for
The Fresh Market in response to your question, and have summarized the
results below.

I was able to add considerably to the information offered in the
comments by epedia-ga (who is not a Google Answers researcher, and
cannot post a formal answer).  I'm sure you'll find this information
of interest.

Before rating this answer, however, please let me know if anything
here is unclear, or if you need any additional information.  Just post
a Request for Clarification, and I'll be happy to assist you further.




The basic specs on The Fresh Market (which I'll refer to as TFM to
simplify matters), as culled from company report services, is as

802 GREEN VALLEY RD # 306 
GREENSBORO,  NC  27408-7099 
(336) 272-1338 
(336) 272-5800 
1,000 - 5,000 employees  
Credit Rating is considered excellent

Executives are listed as:

Ray Berry, President
Mike Barry, CFO
Brett Berry, COO
William Bailey, Human Resources



A number of newspapers and magazines have reported on TFM, either to
profile the company as a whole, or to describe the operations of a
local store.  Several articles make clear the company is expanding
beyond its traditional base in the southeast:

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch
June 25, 2004 

Kroger's Fresh Fare chain, Fresh Market to compete for gourmet-foods niche

Two new upscale grocery-store chains -- both firsts for Ohio -- will
try to elbow into an increasingly crowded Columbus market that
includes the Hills Market, Trader Joe's and Wild Oats...

The Fresh Market, privately held and based in North Carolina, will
open late this year or early 2005...Fresh Market operates 46
full-service grocery stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virgin...The Greensboro,
N.C.-based chain was founded in 1982 and is starting to expand

...Stores are heavy on ambience, with classical music, antiques and
food samples part of the routine. Delis, meat counters and bakeries
are full-service, and store clerks are available to carry out
groceries..."It's like a Trader Joe's, but larger and more upscale,"
said George Hadler, owner of the Northwest Center...Fresh Market will
occupy 22,000 square feet...

...The new entrants will go head-to-head with not only Trader Joe's
and Wild Oats but also Whole Foods, the leader in the organic- and
natural-grocery store segment...


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
October 27, 2001 
Cub Foods closing its Ga. stores

[This article made only brief mention of TFM, but specified that there
was 1 store in the Atlanta region, with 0.1% share of the grocery
market business in the area]


The Roanoke Times
July 23, 2004

Upscale grocer may be headed to Roanoke, Va., shopping center

...Rappaport Cos., the Vienna, Va., company that manages and leases
space at Towers Shopping Center, said it was negotiating with Fresh
Market, a natural-foods grocer based in Greensboro, N.C. It has
targeted Fresh Market to move into a 25,000-square-foot space in the
upper level of Towers..."We're interested in the area, and we're close
in negotiations with the landlord," said Eric Blaesing, spokesman for
Fresh Market. "We've exchanged leases. We think we have a deal

The stores typically are small -- about 18,000 to 20,000 square feet
-- and some entice customers with soft music and the scent of
specialty coffee beans..."We're like old European markets under one
roof," Blaesing said. "We're not a gourmet store. We're a store with
high-quality perishables."

There are two Fresh Markets in Virginia, one in Williamsburg and one
in Virginia Beach. Blaesing said the privately owned grocery chain
focuses on expanding in the Southeast. But several stores soon will
open in the Midwest..."We look for markets with people who are
generally educated and enjoy the whole shopping food experience,"
Blaesing said...


News & Record (Greensboro, NC)

June 27, 2004 

Once a year, The Fresh Market holds a cookout for its accounting
department workers.

"It's just good to get everyone out in a casual setting instead of in
the office," said Mike Barry, chief financial officer for the
Greensboro-based chain of upscale grocery stores. "We definitely want
to have a great work environment."

This year, the employees gathered at Country Park. The company
controller grilled burgers and ribs, and employees competed for
gourmet prizes by answering questions about The Fresh Market and their

Among the secrets revealed during this year's outing...Barry doesn't
know The Fresh Market pledge...No one guesses the controller's wife's
name until Barry offers a hint, "Begins with M and ends with
-issa."...And the company's risk manager started her career as a
cheese maker for Kraft....


[Problems at a Florida TFM]

St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

July 4, 2004 
Arrest made in Clearwater arsons, Eckerd robbery

A Gainesville man was arrested Saturday morning in connection with an
armed robbery, a kidnapping and three arsons in Pinellas County
committed over the past 15 months.

Pinellas County Sheriff's officials charged Jeffery Kent Aldridge, 21,
with arson involving fires at two Clearwater-based businesses in
2003...The Fresh Market at 25961 U.S.  19 N caught fire in June


[And expansion plans in Tennessee, and elsewhere]

Chattanooga Times Free Press 
March 27, 2004 

Fresh Market moving to bigger site

Eric Blaesing of The Fresh Market says the specialty retail grocer
plans to stay true to its core business when it moves to a new
Chattanooga store 40 percent larger than its existing site..."This
will be more in line with the stores we're building today," Mr.
Blaesing said...The 18,000-square-foot store will offer customers a
larger prepared foods area, an enlarged floral department and added
space in the seafood and bakery departments, according to the

...Fresh Market, which has been in the city for 10 years, is expected
to split the former Kmart space with a Hobby Lobby store...Privately
held Fresh Market has 39 stores in North and South Carolina, Georgia,
Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. It plans to open six to eight
stores annually...


[Good description of how ambience plays into TFM's marketing strategy]

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
June 12, 2003 

'A grocery store on every corner';
Upscale markets join established chains in vying for metro Atlantans' food dollars

The antiques used as displays at Fresh Market are brimming with
gourmet items, from dark chocolate and 200 types of cheese to Parmesan
focaccia and H&H Bagels from New York City....Awnings hang over the
meat department, wood arbors arch over the cash registers, and the
Italian ceramic tiled floors that stretch underfoot give the store a
cozy European market feel...The smell of cedar mingles with the aroma
of freshly baked bread while classical music wafts through the chain's
store in Alpharetta and the newest store in Dunwoody.

"We want shopping to be an experience," said Ken Towery, Fresh
Market's vice president of operations. "It has to stimulate the eyes,
smell and touch, as well as the palate. We invite shoppers to walk
around and relax."

Fresh Market and other smaller niche grocers are bucking the trend of
conventional chains by captivating time-pressed consumers and even
slowing them down. Their theatrical lighting, attractive layouts and
gourmet food tastings are designed to intrigue and entertain
consumers, who often spend more dollars per visit than at conventional


[An auxiliary business for TFM -- cookbooks]

Chattanooga Times Free Press
March 12, 2003 

Food from friends
Grocery chain cooks up idea for cookbook

Since The Fresh Market opened at Hamilton Place in April 1994,
shoppers have found it the perfect place to buy hard-to-find items.
Its old-world feel is in sharp contrast to today's modern
supermarkets....Recently, the grocery chain cooked up another idea by
publishing a cookbook: "The Fresh Market & Friends: A Collection of
Recipes From Family and Friends."

"We have a lot of customers who share recipes with us, so we put
recipe cards out in the stores and asked for people to submit their
favorites," said Eric Blaesing, director of community relations for
Fresh Market...


[article profiling businesses in upstate NY identifies Penn Traffic,
Inc as a TFM developer company]

The Post-Standard Syracuse, NY 
February 6, 2003


The Penn Traffic Co.

2002 highlights: Opened five stores, expanded one and remodeled 11,
including the "Fresh Market" in Towne Center at Fayetteville. Fresh
Market is Penn Traffic's prototype for new and remodeled stores...


[more on expansions, aspirations, and the family connections]

The Miami Herald
May 2, 2003

Upscale Grocer Rolls into Aventura, Fla.

To the tune of a three-piece jazz band in the parking lot, a feeding
and shopping frenzy erupted in Aventura Thursday as Fresh Market
opened its first Miami-Dade County grocery...The new store is part of
an aggressive growth strategy adopted by the North Carolina-based
chain of upscale groceries. Already open are 10 other Florida Fresh
Markets, including two in Broward County and one in Boca Raton...

Brett Berry [is the] chief operating officer of Fresh Market...Berry
has big plans for the company his father, Ray, began in Greensboro,
N.C., in 1982. Ray Berry founded Fresh Market with a simple goal: to
replicate a California open-air produce market in an East Coast

The privately held firm...had revenue of $ 250 million in 2002. Its
northernmost presence is in Williamsburg, Va.; the Aventura venture is
its southern outpost.

"The company I'd like to emulate is Disney," said Berry, who holds a
law degree from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania...."Our income
statement is strong," he said. "Banks love us. We're young and dumb
enough to think we can do anything in the future."...Berry said he was
scouting for a location in Coconut Grove. He plans to open six more
stores along the Eastern Seaboard in 2003, he said, and 10 next year.

...Chuck Gilmer, an analyst who tracks the $ 414 billion-a-year
grocery business for the Shelby Report, said Fresh Market's expansion
plans could prove successful, for its customers are known to be
particularly loyal.


[TFM as an acquisition target?]

Mergers and Acquisitions Journal
April 01, 2001

Organic and Fresh Food Purveyors Ripe for Acquisitions and Imitation

The $515 billion U.S. supermarket industry is going through a wave of
consolidation among the mega-players like Kroger Co., Albertson's
Inc., Safeway Inc., and Ahold NV. But beneath their headline
transactions, there is a secondary level of dealmaking that is
reshaping smaller, regional chains that have differentiated themselves
from the giants by adopting a variety of retailing concepts such as
fresh food, organic, and gourmet formulas...

"What you're seeing is 2% or 3% growth at the established all-purpose
grocery stores," says Scott Van Winkle, a supermarket industry analyst
at Adams, Harkness & Hill in Boston. He noted that the attraction in
the niche concepts of food retailing is that they offer growth rates
of as much as 10%...An example of the type of operator that has been
mentioned as a potential acquisition target is Fresh Market Inc.,
which is based in Greenboro, N.C. The family-owned, 30-store chain in
the Southeast has put up numbers like 9.2% growth last year, which
explains the allure of the specialized approach to grocery sales.

..."We're at the nexus of gourmet and fresh foods," says President Ray
Berry, who built the business over the last 19 years. The company
offers high-quality meat, other specialty items, produce, and bakery
goods in stores that are located in or near upscale
communities...Berry's son, Fresh Market COO Brett Berry, pointed to
the increasing consolidation among the major supermarkets as a
development that has provided additional opportunities for niche
supermarket operations..."...there is a substantial category of
customers who are interested in quality and service as much as price,
and who often no longer have options. We find that whenever we open a
new store, people thank us for coming to their community and giving
them choices that they didn't have before," he says.

With about 75 employees working in stores that average 18,400 feet,
Fresh Market ties its financial performance to its high levels of
service and quality, says Ray Berry....while the Berrys don't rule out
the possibility of making acquisitions of their own, Ray Berry remarks
that if they were to consider purchasing another operator, it might as
easily be for real estate opportunities as for other strategic



August 10, 1999
Gourmet Food Chain to Open Store in Virginia Beach, Va.

...Ray Berry opened the first Fresh Market in 1982, intending to
develop quality service grocery stores geared toward baby boomers and
their parents. Sales have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 33
percent, and net income has grown 48 percent, according to the


[And as noted in the comments below, Berry was one of Inc. Magazine's
Entrepreneurs of the Year in 1992]

December, 1992


Ray Berry
Fresh Market, Greensboro, NC


There is an article on Berry and TFM here in a February 26, 2001
publication known as The Food Institute Report:

but (oddly) pretty much the same article is posted on a discussion
board about TFM, and is attributed to the Wall Street Journal in 2002:

Regardless, here are some key excerpts:

...At a time when supermarket operators in the competitive
southeastern U.S. market are thrilled to score 2% sales gains at
stores open at least a year, the family-owned, 30-store Fresh Market
Inc. is chalking up 9.2% growth...Mr. Berry's 33-year-old son Brett
became chief operating officer in January after running marketing for
two years...

..."If I can get what I think the company's worth three years from
now, I'll sell it," says Mr. Berry, who
doesn't plan to retire any time soon."But I won't sell it for what
it's worth today because I'm having too much fun."

Mr. Berry, 60 years old, says the key to Fresh Market's financial
performance is its commitment to service and quality...Sales totaled
$193 million in 2000 and have grown 25% a year compounded since the
first store opened in Greensboro in 1982...labor costs are nearly
double that of large-format stores....

...Ray Berry was 39 years old, overseeing 3,600 7-Eleven stores as
vice president of Southland Corp. in 1980 when he quit amicably over a
management disagreement he won't detail. After turning down several
jobs, Mr. Berry, and his wife, Beverly, decided to invest everything
into opening a grocery focused on quality and service. After selling
their Dallas home, the couple packed two cars, two children and two
dogs and traveled east to find the right town to launch their
dream....Mr. Berry chose the Southeast for the high returns on
investment for grocers and the abundance of small store spaces being
vacated by supermarkets moving to larger formats. He chose Greensboro
based on a stranger's recommendation and a good site for the first

Raised in San Diego and having started out in food retailing as a
teen, Mr. Berry borrowed ideas from stores he had seen all over the
U.S...Merchandisers at headquarters select the stores' products, but
managers order directly from third-party distributors. Fresh Market
doesn't have the concentration of stores that would make running its
own warehouses profitable...


[TFM involves itself in charity and community works]

11 July 2001
Greensboro News & Record 


The Fresh Market will hold its seventh annual Root Beer Float
promotion July 11-14 to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation International...For approximately four hours each
afternoon, the Fresh Market will sell root beer floats throughout the
entire chain of 30 stores in North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and Kentucky...


[This also appears to be a fund-raising event, although the article is
a bit ambiguous]

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

February 22, 2004

...Fresh Market, 9375 Poplar in Germantown, will host an "In Store
Tasting...Tickets are $20 and are available at the Fresh Market ...


[info on some of the Berry's community activities in Greensboro can be
seen at the link below]*+berry%22)+%22fresh+market%22&hl=en


As I mentioned above, TFM files regularly with the State of North
Carolina.  Here are some links to, and excerpts from, their various

The Fresh Market, Inc. 
Date Formed: 7/9/1981 
Agent Name: Meschan, David F 
Principal Office Address: 802 Green Valley Rd # 306
Greensboro NC 27408-7020 

The actual reports filed by TFM can be viewed online at:

TFM's Articles of Incorporation were filed July 9, 1981 and:

--gave the company authority to issue 100,000 shares

--Listed Directors of the Corporation:

Ray Duane Berry
William Ososki

--Listed Incorporators: [I presume this means the legal team that
attests to the articles]

David F. Meschan
Thomas W. Sinks
J. Samuel Gentry, Jr


On January 1, 1984, The Fresh Market filed "articles of merger" with
the state.  The merger was between The Fresh Market, Inc. and TFM of
High Point, Inc.  Both companies were headed by Ray Berry, and both
listed William T. Ososki as the Secretary.  The merger ups the number
of shares allowed to be issued to 200,000, but also acknowledges that
-- at the date of the merger -- only 37,500 shares had been issued.  I
suggest looking at the full document if you are interested in more


The company's annual reports to the state are also available online.  

The 2002 report  includes the following information:

Federal Employer ID Number: 56-1311233
Principal Office Address:
802 Green Valley Rd., Suite 306
Greensboro, NC 27408

Officers and there business addresses are listed as:

Ray D. Berry, President
803 Hood Place 
Greensboro, NC 27408

Ralt W. Bohn, VP
3914 Hazel Land
Greensboro, NC 27408

Alan R. Martin, VP
1601 N. College Park Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27403

Bill Bailey, VP
144 Hunters Glen Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27358

Brett Matthew Berry, COO, Executive VP
802 Green Valley Rd Ste 306
Greensboro, NC 27408

There is also a 2003 report available, but it is merely a boilerplate
report indicating no significant changes since the 2002 filing.



Perusing the prior annual reports uncovers some additional information:

1991 -- lists Donald L. Nelson as a VP and Beverly J. Berry as the
Secretary/Treasurer.  There is also a mention of Amy M. Berry,
apparently as a Director, although the listing is a bit ambiguous.

1993--Lists Robert B. Fooshee and Douglas J Porter as VP's.  The
Berry's -- Ray, Beverly, Brett, and Amy -- are listed as Directors.

1995--VP's are the same, but the Officers are now listed as:

Ray Berry, President
Doug Porter, Ralt Bohn, Alan Martin, as VP's.

1996--Doug Porter is gone, and Bill Bailey is listed as one of the VP's.


That's it!

It's actually a fairly good information haul for a private company. 
But as I said earlier, if you need additional information on anything
listed here, just let me know, and I'm at your service.  After all,
TFM isn't the only business out there with a focus on keeping the
customer happy!

jack12345-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
pafalafa-ga did a great job and followed up to make sure that the
question was answered -- thanks!!

Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 27 Jul 2004 23:50 PDT

The owner of "The Fresh Market" is Ray Berry. I found the following
details in the website : .
The Fresh Market:

This gourmet store is the place to go for the best meat and vegetables
in the Triangle, and decidedly the most pleasant atmosphere, putting
Wellspring and the other chains to shame.  It's sort of a best-kept
secret, without a website, with reluctance to converse with
journalists, and with somewhat obtuse locations (nothing in Chapel
Hill or Durham, for instance).  That said, it has 31 locations across
the Southeast, with more due to open soon.  Founded by Ray Berry  in
1980 after a career at 7-Eleven, the Greensboro chain has expanded
carefully and profitably from the start, funding itself out of cash
flow.  The Fresh Market. 1261 Kildarie Farms Rd., Cary, NC 27511.
Telephone: 919-481-2865.  Also at 400 Woodburn Rd., Raleigh, NC 27605.
 Telephone: 919-828-7888.  The second Raleigh location is at 6661
Falls of Neuse Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615.  Telephone: 676-2939.

Also the address and phone number as:

Ray, Berry 
816 Jackson St,
Gastonia, NC 28052-7505 
(704) 861-8836


Ray, Berry 
19837 Bowers Ln,
Broadway, VA 22815-2114 
(540) 896-2801 

Best Regards
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 28 Jul 2004 00:05 PDT
Hi again,

Ray Berry , founder president of "The Fresh Market"  received the
"Regional Entrepreneurs of the Year" for the year 1992.

Please find the information in the website :

Ray Berry 
Fresh Market, Greensboro, NC

Best Regards
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 28 Jul 2004 00:10 PDT

Please find some more details about Ray berry, in "Business Journals"
in the web page:

After opening the first Fresh Market in 1980 after a career
supervising 7-Eleven stores for Southland Corp., Berry has transformed
his once-perceived longshot idea into a prosperous family business.
His son, Brett, serves as chief operating officer. All along, growth
has been funded almost entirely through store cash flow plus
bank-funded debt; there are no public shareholders and no plans to go
public anytime soon.

So strong has been Fresh Market's performance that Berry says he has
been approached by buyers. But the 60-year-old isn't ready to sell
yet, and he declined to say whether Whole Foods was one of the
interested suitors.

Best Regards
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 28 Jul 2004 00:16 PDT

Please find the company details:

The Fresh Market, Inc. 
3708 Lawndale Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27455 
Phone: 336-282-4832
Fax: 336-282-8176

The Fresh Market operates about 40 full-service grocery stores in
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, and Virginia.

Presidet : Ray Berry     ( Age now around 63 )
COO      : Brett Berry, ( Ray Berry's son )

Best Regards
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 28 Jul 2004 00:23 PDT
Recent news clip about "The Fresh Market"

Best Regards
Subject: Re: The Fresh Market
From: epedia-ga on 28 Jul 2004 01:37 PDT
Hi again,

Some more informations about 'Ray Berry', as found on internet. I am
not too sure about the facts, but you please give a try!

1. Berry, Ray D 
803 Hood Pl,
Greensboro, NC 27408-5603 
(336) 275-4111 

2. Mr. Ray Berry founded Southern Boiler in 1984. The company's
customer base and reputation continues to grow as Southern Boiler
expands into new markets and new product lines.

3. Ray Berry's email :

4. Berry, L 
4512 Lawndale Dr,
Greensboro, NC 27455-2261 
(336) 540-1970  

5. Who owns ?The Fresh Market? grocery stores and what percentages?
Ans: Mr. Ray Berry, 63, founded "The Fresh Market" and sole owner of it.

6. Who calls the shots ? not who is in the press?
Ans: Mr. Brett Berry, 33, Cheif Operating Officer (COO) , son of
Mr.Ray Berry, now actively runs the company.

Best regards

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