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Q: Tiffany & Co. Diamond ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Tiffany & Co. Diamond
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Asked by: afinch-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 07 Aug 2004 23:20 PDT
Expires: 06 Sep 2004 23:20 PDT
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How much should I expect to pay for the following diamond engagement
ring at Tiffany & Co.:
Shape: Princess
Carat: 1.5
Color: H
Clarity VS2
Ring: Platinum, Tiffany Setting

Request for Question Clarification by mother911-ga on 08 Aug 2004 00:56 PDT
Hi Afinch, 

First congratulations on finding someone this special that you want to
buy this ring for. I remember shopping for mine, it's a nice feeling.

I was going to start by giving you some basic pricing ideas, but the
first thing you need to know is that because it is Tiffany you go much
higher. Added to that, you are looking at a very nice diamond. I can
give you a price range of a tiffany set one carat diamond ring.
Unfortunately, you will pay slightly more then the lowest end of the
range because you are starting a half carat larger.

The second thing is its nearly impossible to pinpoint the price of a
diamond without more information. You have only given three of the
four pieces of the puzzle. Cut of a stone is just as important if not
one of the most important aspects. A perfect stone, cut poorly will
not reflect light well. Which is what gives a diamond its value, it's

So basically it boils down to the fact that a tiffany set diamond's
price will fall in between about a 10k dollar range. I don't know that
range will be acceptable for your question. I can tell you based on
the complete description of the diamond (carat clarity color which are
already given and cut which is not) the area of the 10k dollar range
you will be in. for instance:

cut value low end $1,000 to $3,000
cut value mid $3,000 to $6,000
cut value high end $6,000 to $10,000
(these numbers are for example only and are not based on any value)

Based on the stone's size color and clarity, I can probably give you a
smaller range. but it would still be above or below by say $3000.

How exact does the price need to be for your answer?


Clarification of Question by afinch-ga on 08 Aug 2004 11:30 PDT

Thank you for your quick response to my question.  I hope this can clarify same.

First, yes, I am aware that Tiffany's diamonds carry a premium over a
diamond purcuased elsewhere, and in fact, this is the reason I felt it
necessary to ask this question.  I guess another way to ask the
question, is how much more expensive would the diamond I have
described be then if I purchased the same diamond from another dealer.

As far as cut is concerned, the reason I did not list cut as a factor
is because the Tiffany website only states that all its diamonds are
cut for brilliance, and it did not go into this factor as specifically
as other diamond selling websites (, for example).  But,
to answer your clarification request, the cut of my fictional Tiffany
diamond is: Good.

Finally, to answer your last question, I am looking for an answer
which gives me the price of the diamond I have described (with the
ring described) if purchased at Tiffany, within a range of $1,000.

I hope this helps, and again thanks for your assistance in this matter.
Subject: Re: Tiffany & Co. Diamond
Answered By: mother911-ga on 10 Aug 2004 15:28 PDT
Hi afinch,

The main difficulty in pricing a diamond and setting from Tiffany is
that they price each diamond individually based on its 4 C?s, Cut,
Clarity, Color and Carat.  I contacted Tiffany & Co. and spoke to a
purchasing representative named Leeza Roufeh at their Manhasset
location. She can be reached at 516-869-0800 x 345 for any information
about the specific ring we discussed.

First problem I ran into was Tiffany & Co. does not offer a princess
cut stone, they instead offer a cut called Lucida. I have included an
image of a Lucida cut stone from Tiffany below. It is a very similar
cut to the princess cut, and the changes are made to increase

I think the best way to price a diamond for you from Tiffany which
closely meets our agreed range of pricing would be to price a specific
ring which closely meets your needs. Tiffany will not give a price for
a diamond that they do not have in stock.

I gave her your exact diamond description, and she was able based on
that to give me a price for a ring that closely matches this request.
The diamond and setting she came up with was:
Carat - 1.52 
Color - H
Clarity - VVS2 
Cut - Good
Setting - Tiffany Platinum
Price - $20,000

I further inquired about the pricing difference between VVS2 and VS2,
and she explained that based on what inclusions in the ring they could
find, the price would adjust up or down. VVS2 stands for very very
small inclusion, where VS2 stands for very small inclusion.

?VVS1,VVS2-Very Very Slightly Imperfect
These stones have very small inclusions which are very difficult to
see under a loupe with a 10 power magnification.?

?VS1,VS2-Very Slightly Imperfect
These stones have small inclusions which are slightly difficult to
difficult to see under a loupe with a 10 power magnification?

Diamond Grading

Google search terms: Diamond Grading

The difficulty in giving a price estimate on a diamond based on these
circumstances is that a diamond of the same description with a Very
Good cut rating increases its value. While a diamond with a Good cut
rating and a VVS2 clarity rating would also increase its price. I hope
this will give you an idea of the pricing on the ring. Leeza also
informed me that this stone and setting are available right now. It is
currently located in Atlanta, but could be delivered to whatever
Tiffany location you desired. Leeza will be away next week, but is
more then happy to help you with the purchase of this ring, feel free
to contact her at 516-869-0800 x 345. If you need to find an
alternative location for shopping with Tiffany, you can use their
online store locator.

Tiffany & Co.

If you have any questions, please request a clarification prior to
rating this question. My warmest and best wishes for a happy marriage.

Subject: Re: Tiffany & Co. Diamond
From: shananigans-ga on 09 Aug 2004 16:22 PDT
Have you tried calling Tiffany customer service? I'd do it for you,
but I'm not in the US.

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