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Q: digital cameras ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: digital cameras
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Asked by: sroch-ga
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Posted: 08 Aug 2004 18:26 PDT
Expires: 07 Sep 2004 18:26 PDT
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Could you help me select a 'weather-resistent' digital camera by
providing the best resources for comparing digital cameras? I am
having trouble researching and comparing digital cameras that are
'weather-resistent' - with a good 'zoom'. I've done some shopping
around, but hope there is more choice than the Olympus Stylus 410
(which is where I wind up) because the zoom is so limited. (I do like
the size, however.) I've gone to Shutterbug, CameraWorld,looked at the
Discovery Chanel Store, the Sharper Image, and read some reviews
(painful, painful - because I am not a 'technical' person and they
don't enable me to limit my search to just 'weather resistent' digital
cameras. I don't plan on doing underwater photography - but I would
like a camera to take with me kayaking.  Or just walking around in the

Request for Question Clarification by mother911-ga on 08 Aug 2004 19:38 PDT
Hi sroch-ga

I can reccomend one website which compares about 14 weather resistant
cameras. The problem is most of these cameras are not zoom, and since
camera manufacturers try to make a specialty camera without multiple
options. I think you might find it easier to search for a camera which
meets your photographic and price needs and also either has a
specialty external waterproof case for that camera, or a general
waterproof case for basic camera sizes.

On my honeymoon I chose to bring a video camera and digital camera to
use on volcano trips as well as snorkeling and rain forest days. I
used a generic camera case that fit both my digital and video cameras.


Clarification of Question by sroch-ga on 08 Aug 2004 21:40 PDT
I think I was beginning to come to that conclusion myself.  Bottom
line:  I'd like a powerful zoom camera that's not bulky, or heavy (but
not necessarily the size of a playing card)that I can equip with
something so that I can take pictures in misty places, etc.  I know
there's always a trade-off between size and zoom.  But I'd like to do
better than the zoom on the Olympus Stylus 410. And I really want to
stop worrying about the rain.  I don't know what I'm willing to spend
until I see what it will get me.  Hopefully, not more than $800.

If you can help me put something together, I will be most grateful.
Subject: Re: digital cameras
Answered By: mother911-ga on 15 Aug 2004 20:10 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi Sroch-ga,

OK?so I can see now why you had such a hard time, I?ve searched high
and low. Most weatherproof cameras don?t have decent zoom
capabilities. I instead discussed with you finding a nice zoom camera
and waterproof housing. Your only restrictions were better then the
410, improved zoom, and under 400 dollars. I figured I would try and
find the newest most advanced camera for you to keep you from having
to replace this camera anytime soon.

I begin my search by going to and used their buyers guide
to select the features I wanted. I entered some base features to
narrow down the phones. I searched for a compact phone with a zoom
over 200mm that is less then $600 and is not discontinued.

Digital Photography Review

The first camera I thought would nicely fit your concerns is the
Olympus C765 UZ. The camera boasts an impressive zoom of 380mm and a
digital 3x zoom. It is a 4 megapixel camera and uses XD storage cards.
You can see a detailed layout of the camera here.

Digital Photography Review

I then went to and searched for this camera to find
waterproof case options for this camera.

Online directory for digital underwater photography equipment

The second option for a waterproof case is from Ewa Marine. I own one
of their underwater cases that fits my camcorder, oddly enough I would
need the same Ewa Marine bag for my camera. I personally feel more
comfortable with the solid plastic underwater case. It won?t dry out,
rip, puncture etc. I feel confident with my older video camera in the
Ewa Marine bag, but my new digital camera in that same container is
not so comforting.

Ewa Marine

The part you?ve been waiting for:
The cost
Olympus C765UZ  $379 - $499 pricing guide through Digital Photography Review
The pt-022 hard plastic underwater housing $196-$276

Price Grabber

The Ewa Marine D-A case and C-A55 adapter $219 & $34

Keep it dry case

The second camera I chose is a PowerShot S1 IS, This is also a 10x
zoom camera with a 3.2x digital zoom. It is a 3.2 megapixel camera
which uses compact flash type I or II. You can see a detailed layout

Digital Photography Review 

This camera would use the same Ewa Marine case as the other camera,
and also has a separate hard plastic waterproof unit, the Canon
WP-DC20. I repeat that I prefer the underwater hard case for the Canon
as well. The advantage to these cases is it not only protects it from
minor splashing, but it is also fine for use underwater. I went to again and found a nice waterproof case.

Online directory for digital underwater photography equipment

Once again, the cost:

PowerShot S1 IS $324-$529 pricing guide through Digital Photography Review

The Canon WP-DC20 $159-$199
Price Grabber

I think both camera are perfect for what you are looking for, nice
high end cameras with modern features that keep you from purchasing
another new camera anytime soon. The hard cases provide you with extra
protection and the ability to swim and snorkel with these cameras.
They are also both well adapted to regular daily use. Large LCD
displays, easy comfortable handling, the ability to set everything
manual, or adjust each setting by hand. I also provided the names of
the websites I used to find this information if you would like to
search for other options.

I hope this answers your question, if you have any other questions,
please request a clarification prior to rating this question. I will
unfortunately be away for the next week, returning on Saturday. I have
asked my fellow researchers to keep an eye on my customers, and I am
more then happy to continue to help you when I return.


Request for Answer Clarification by sroch-ga on 17 Aug 2004 15:52 PDT
Thank you for appreciating my struggle.  After our last conversation,
I called my local phot shop and asked about the best digital zoom
camera at the lightest weight (figuring I could wrap the darn thing in
plastic when the weather was bad).  Anyhow, they recommended a
Konica/Minolta not out yet with a 38-420 zoom and image stabilizer at
$600. It weighed 1 pound.  I loved the zoom and stabilizer but don't
want to carry around 1 pound of camera.  As a matter of clarification,
would you change your recommendation if I could spend any amount for a
small, powerful, compact digital camera? And if so, what would your
recommendation be?

Request for Answer Clarification by sroch-ga on 28 Aug 2004 14:05 PDT
Hello Mother911-ga,

I hope you enjoyed your vacation - and looked forward to returning to
Google Answers.  In my last clarification, I think I missed the point:
 I can spend more than $400 (but was hoping not to exceed $800 as I
believe I originally indicated).  Can you recall whether there was
another light-weight, big zoom digital for more than $400 that really
caught your eye?

Clarification of Answer by mother911-ga on 30 Aug 2004 06:38 PDT
Hi Sroch-ga,

Had a good time and now i'm back on Google where I feel at home. I
reviewed many cameras and found no ultra compact cameras with a good
zoom. The next size cameras up are the ones i've posted, and mostly
the same company and similar models come up as a response.

Digital Photography review

I plugged in under $600 with 320mm zoom and compact in size. The nine
cameras are mostly Olympus older models then the one I posted, and two
Panasonic cameras which take a harsh beating from users, and had no
visible water protection.

If there is something else you would like to see I am more then happy
to continue clarifying this answer.

sroch-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Thanks for taking the time to look into this.  You've re-affirmed my
own conclusion, which is worth a lot to me (since I don't know
anything about cameras and get overwhelmed with all the information on
the internet.)

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