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Q: pasta, pasta ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: pasta, pasta
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: jack12345-ga
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Posted: 14 Aug 2004 20:24 PDT
Expires: 13 Sep 2004 20:24 PDT
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I would like to find the least expensive dry pasta source to buy in
bulk and then private label.  One of the main pastas will be large
couscous, sometimes called Israeli couscous or grande couscous.  The
other most popular sellers will be shapes that are uncommon.  I am
willing to buy up to 250lbs of any given shape and up to 10000lbs as
an initial order.  I would like to then repackage it as our brand.  We
can do the repackaging, but it would be helpful to have the supplier
do the packaging.

What are the choices for sources?  And, what is the background of the company?

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 18 Aug 2004 18:40 PDT
Hi Jack:

I'm working on your question. I just want to check:

1. Did you mean up to 1,000 (one thousand) or 10,000 (ten thousand) pounds?

2. Could you please also verify that you're in the U.S.? If not, please let me
know in which country you reside.

Regarding cost: as far as finding the least expensive supplier is concerned,
so far I've found only one supplier of Israeli couscous and have contacted

I'm also contacting some other pasta suppliers that don't list Israeli
couscous, but may actually have it or be able to manufacture it, but I just
want you to know your options for suppliers may be limited.

I may not be able to give you much price information as many companies
prefer not to list their rates publicly, but rather discuss that
privately with prospective clients. I'll certainly give you as much
background information as I can on suppliers.

Best regards,
Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by jack12345-ga on 18 Aug 2004 19:21 PDT

Thanks for your response.  Maybe some of this is not pratical to do
over the internet.  Here's the crux of the question; what is the
standard cost of bulk pasta and what are the sources?  To answer the
question of 1,000lbs or 10,000lbs, I meant 10,000lbs but it would be
better to order in smaller quantities if it is possible.  If this
question cannot be ansered with Google answers that's OK, let's lower
the dollar value and focus on what can be answered.


Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 18 Aug 2004 21:25 PDT
Hello Jack:

It's really not so much a matter of whether this can be done on the
Internet, it's just that specialty pasta makers don't usually list
their prices; they prefer to have prospective customers contact them
to discuss that. I really don't have a fix on what the price range
might be.

I can only find bulk prices for pasta on "regular" pasta (spaghetti,
penne). For instance, Food Service Direct:
lists its prices on buying pasta in bulk (just click on the icons);
however, as you can see, that isn't specialty pasta.

But what I've been doing is searching for manufacturers/suppliers who
make special shape pasta, and e-mailing them to see if they also make
Israeli couscous. (As I mentioned, I have found one company that
specializes in manufacturing Israeli couscous, and I'm waiting to hear
back from them.)
I'm also asking pasta makers if they can give me their rates for the
amounts you gave, 250-10,000lbs; however, there's a good chance that
they won't care to have their price quotes stated here at a public Web
site! (I'll know when I start hearing back from them tomorrow.)

For instance, one company I've contacted is Pasta USA:
which makes over 100 shapes of pasta.

Their private label info:
They don't list prices, but say they offer "competitive" pricing.
Nearly all the pasta manufacturers whose sites I've visited do NOT
list their prices; they prefer that you contact them to discuss what
you need -- not just the amount, but the types of pasta -- then
they'll provide a price.

But is the above company, along with makers of Israeli couscous, the
kind of thing you're seeking?


Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 19 Aug 2004 15:15 PDT
To update you:

I have learned of the two Israeli companies that manufacture Israeli
couscous. Based on my search, and my conversation with an executive
from an American food manufacturer, there don't appear to be any other
manufacturers of that type of pasta.

I have been in contact with one of those companies, and they can sell
you large couscous in the quantities you stated. (I am sending an
e-mail to the other manufacturer now.)

There are a couple of American companies that repackage Israeli
couscous for sale in bulk, and I can give you information on them, but
it's likely you're going to be better off ordering that particular
pasta from Israel.

In addition to the two Israeli couscous manufacturers, I can also list
companies -- like Pasta USA -- that make special shape pasta for
private label. I will also give you as much background information as
I can on all those companies. Again, you will have to e-mail, fax, or
call these companies for price quotes.

Would all the above information be a sufficient answer for you?

Btw, I have also contacted the U.S. National Pasta Association to see
if they can give me an idea of what specialty pasta costs in bulk, and
if they can give me any leads on any other possible suppliers of
Israeli couscous -- although I really think there are only the two

Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by jack12345-ga on 20 Aug 2004 10:32 PDT

Thanks.  I think we are heading in the right direction.  Thanks for
making the calls and sending the emails.  To the extent that we can
get pricing info the better, but I understand that it might be
difficult.  If you can organize a list of companies I can make some
calls, too.


Subject: Re: pasta, pasta
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 23 Aug 2004 18:53 PDT

Osem, a division of Nestle:

Baruch Peled
Export Manager - OSEM / NESTLE ISRAEL
Tel: 972-3-9265208
Fax: 972-3-9265216

If you e-mail him your phone number at, he will call you.

He told me Osem is the only company that manufactures large Israeli
couscous, and that they can fulfill large orders, like yours. Osem
also makes special shape pasta and will be glad to discuss that matter
with you. They are very eager to speak to you.

Read about Osem:

The article "Model For Elite," by Guy Rolnik from The Marker,
published July 16, 2003: examines the Israeli market and Osem's huge


Couscous Maison LTD:
Scroll down to see information in English.

Read a profile of the company:
Note: Osem told me it's the only manufacturer of Israeli couscous, but
Couscous Maison LTD describes itself as a manufacturer also, as noted
at the above page.

Read about the company in the article, "The Foods of Israel," By James
Mellgren, from the Oct 1, 2001, issue of Gourmet Retailer:
Scroll down to the header "Couscous" to learn about Couscous Maison's
"instant" mini-pasta products, and there's also mention of Osem as the
manufacturer of "large" Israeli couscous."

I did tell you Couscous Maison you were interested in large Israeli
couscous and I was told they produce that. I'm certain Osem can give
you exactly what you want, and I *believe* Couscous Maison can too!


Tel: 972-9-8652862 Fax: 972-9-8652864

I spoke to Mr. Chriqui and he is also very eager to speak to you. 


Indian Harvest:
Sells Israeli couscous:

Joe Bofferding, Sales Manager of Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, told
me, "Indian Harvest Specialtifoods purchases Israeli Couscous and
repackages for our own customers.  We are open to repackaging for
another vendor with the proper arrangements. Our plant in Colusa, CA
is capable of packing in poly film from 8 oz to 5 lb. bags."

Mr. Bofferding will be on vacation until the end of August, but he
invites you to call 1-800-346-7032 and ask to be connected to a sales
associate for more details and pricing information. (Btw, he told me
that Osem is the only Israeli couscous manufacturer he's aware of.)

Indian Harvest's Contact Information:

Read the company's history:


You will have to call or e-mail the following companies for price quotes:

American Italian Pasta Company (AIPC):

I e-mailed AIPC to see if they carry couscous, and Ted Keith of AIPC's
Consumer Affairs division replied: "Couscous is not a product that we
are currently producing. The closest we would have is Acini Di Pepe."

But they do make special shape pasta. At this page:
Click on "All About Pasta" at the top of the page, then click on
"Pasta Shapes." Such items as Cavatappi and Ditalini may be of
interest to you. AIPC manufactures over 80 pasta shapes and will be
glad to review them with you when you contact them.

Contact Information for AIPC:

Read about AIPC Hoover's Online:
And at


"We offer more shapes and sizes than any other pastamaker We customize
pasta shapes with special ingredients and sizes We package products in
formats from 16 oz. to 1,600 lbs."

At that above page you can also click for "sample" and request a
proposal for a particular order of pasta.

Contact Information:

This appears to be a privately held company; I can't find much
information on them. Check this blurb at World Food Net: 

Pasta USA:
Manufactures over 100 different shapes, thank to their research &
development team, which works with clients to design to spec:

Contact Information:
Phone: 1.800.456.2084; Fax: 1.509.489.2848

Read about the company at Hoover's Online:

Philadelphia Pasta Co./Conte Luna Foods -- based in Minot, ND.

Contact Information:

More Contact Info:

The company's Web Site:
Where you can check out their products and facilities from the menu at top. 

Their specialty pasta, peace signs, dinosaurs, etc., are listed at this page:    

You can read a little about them in this brief excerpt from
"Philadelphia-Based Pasta Company Aims to Shine On in 21st Century," 
published 1/6/2002, written by Mikkel Pates, Grand Forks Herald, N.D.
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News:

D. Maldari & Sons, Inc., of Brooklyn:

Scroll down at this page:
and you'll see special shapes like "tear" and "star."

Contact Information:

You can also read the company's history at the site.   

Buhler, Inc., global corporation; U.S. HQ is in Minneapolis.


See their U.S. Web site:
which features updated contact information.

Read about Buhler's food products, including pasta:
Scroll down to: "Engineered Products Division:  Process technology 
engineering, supply and installation of entire plants, individual
machines and automation systems for. . . . Production of short, long
and *specialty* pasta . . . ."

makes frog-shaped pasta. 

E-mail the company: 

Ricossa -- Italy

Their English language Media Kit provides a solid view of their operations:


DIRECTORIES: Dry Pasta Suppliers:

National Pasta Association:
(Note: Some companies listed there are millers that sell to pasta
makers, some others are packagers.)


National Pasta Association:
didn't get back to me (if they do, I'll post that information as an
Answer Clarification), but I found a few resources regarding pricing:

Rosa Food Products' price list:
may give you a *ballpark* idea of what to expect, as it's for imports.
Since you want specialty pasta, that may be fairly analogous --
cost-wise -- to imports.

A June 18, 2004 USA TODAY article "May's wholesale inflation rise,
0.8%, biggest in a year Higher energy, food costs, especially dairy,
play role," by Sue Kirchhoff, notes that  while "Overall wholesale
food prices are up 7.4% from last year, though some select products
such as vegetables, pasta and fish have seen price declines," so this
appears to be as good a time as any for buying pasta.

From the January/February issue of Private Label magazine, see the
article "Pasta and Rice Face Challenge," by John J. Pierce:
At bottom of article see a chart and several listings of pasta makers
and their contact information.

Also, you may be interested in joining the Private Label Manufacturers Association:
Phone: 212-972-3131 
Web site:
Networking with other private label entrepreneurs will help you keep
abreast of trends, including pricing trends, and you may well learn
where you can buy at a bargain.

Search Strings
pasta AND bulk AND "private label"
"Israeli couscous" AND "private label"
Israeli OR grande couscous AND supplier OR manufacturer
price bulk pasta
price bulk specialty pasta
price bulk special shape pasta
special shape pasta private label

I hope my research is of help to you. If you have any questions, or
need assistance navigating any of these links, please post a "Request
For Clarification" and I will be glad to assist you further.

Best wishes for your new venture!

Google Answers Researcher
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