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Q: Converting sound into zeroes and ones ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Converting sound into zeroes and ones
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: burton90-ga
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Posted: 03 Oct 2004 06:55 PDT
Expires: 02 Nov 2004 05:55 PST
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I need to convert sound into zeroes and ones (0 & 1), i want to do
this with software, i dont have a clue about sounds so i need realy
detailful explanation how to do this, like "which software should i
use", " how should i do this with the software" and so.. ? (ps: the
sound is long 2 seconds)

Request for Question Clarification by andyt-ga on 03 Oct 2004 09:26 PDT
Hi burton90,
Which format is the sound file in (mp3, wav, etc..)?  Are you running
windows, linux, mac os x?  Are you comfortable running a command line


Request for Question Clarification by efn-ga on 03 Oct 2004 09:44 PDT
Hi burton90,

Do you mean you want to record audible sound into a computer file? 
That is, use the computer like a tape recorder:  plug a microphone
into the computer, aim the microphone at a sound source, press Record,
record the sound, press Stop, and then you have a recorded sound you
can play back.

If not, please explain more about what you are trying to do.  I'm not
sure what you mean by "zeroes and ones."  Do you want to record a
sound and then have it represented on a computer screen as a whole lot
of 0 and 1 characters?


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 04 Oct 2004 08:49 PDT
Hello burton90-ga,

Pretty intriguing question you've asked DOES wonder why you
want to convert sound into zeros and ones...?

I can help you convert a sound file into something close...there are
programs that will convert sound files into hexadecimal units and/or
into pixels (each pixel colored according to the value of the
hexadecimal code).

For instance, the beginning of Beethoven's Ninth looks like this:


...and so on (a very l-o-o-o-o-n-g so on....).  I wish you could see a
screen shot, because it looks a lot like the data screens from The
Matrix, if you're familiar with that movie.  The pixel conversion is
pretty cool too, in a static-y sort of way.

This is one step shy of actual binary (zeros and ones) code, but it's
actually quite a challenge to go the next step, and get these to
actual zeros and ones.  I guess there are not many folks with an
interest in viewing the actual zeros and ones, so there haven't been
programs that I can find that allow for such a view.

Would the hexadecimal conversion meet your needs...?  If so, let me
know, and I'll be happy to provide the details as an answer to your



Clarification of Question by burton90-ga on 05 Oct 2004 04:17 PDT
clarification for andyt-ga: yes its wave file (.wav) I have both
windows 98se and linux slackware 8.0 or 9.0, the file is only 2-3
seconds long.

clarification for efn-ga: I have it already on the computer as wave
file (.wav file) Its just i need to see it as zeroes and ones on the
computer screen.

clarification for pafalafa-ga: Sorry hex is not good enough, i just
need to see the 2-3 seconds sound as zeroes and ones.I dont mind if
its not thru software i just need the result :) The sound presented as
zeroes and ones.

mister2u-ga: Thank you for the comment, i know that the computer
understands all as zeroes and ones its just im looking the way to
print the binary of this sound file so i can see how its presented as
zeroes and ones.
Subject: Re: Converting sound into zeroes and ones
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 05 Oct 2004 05:29 PDT
Hello again burton90-ga,

Got it!

You need a copy of Hex Editor II, which you can download at:

It's name notwithstanding, this shareware program will allow you to
view any file in your choice of binary, hexidecimal, decimal or text.

The program has a free trial period, after which, you are asked to pay
for its continued use.

After downloading and opening the program, all you need to do is
select "Binary" under the "View" pull-down menu, and then choose the
file you wish to open under the "File" pull-down menu.

This should give you exactly the view you're looking for...ones and
zeros to your heart's content.  But before rating this answer, please
let me know if you need any additional information.  Just post a
Request for Clarification, and I'll be happy to assist you further.

All the best, 


search strategy -- Google searches on:

"hexadecimal to binary" conversion
hex bin conversion download
Subject: Re: Converting sound into zeroes and ones
From: mister2u-ga on 04 Oct 2004 06:29 PDT
Zeroes and ones are they only numbers or letters a computer
understands anyway,that is the way machine code works,any other
program just acts as an interface between you and the computer.You may
want to learn to program in assembler that is the most base computer

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