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Q: HTML to CSS conversion of a simple text oriented web page ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: HTML to CSS conversion of a simple text oriented web page
Category: Computers > Programming
Asked by: cereb-ga
List Price: $50.00
Posted: 05 Oct 2004 00:08 PDT
Expires: 03 Nov 2004 23:08 PST
Question ID: 410486
An existing simple web page for text items in HTML shall be converted
to use external style sheets.  The few specs for this task are listed
on that existing page which is located at

Request for Question Clarification by andyt-ga on 06 Oct 2004 17:30 PDT
Hi cereb,
I can do this conversion, and understand your specs listed on the
sample page, but have one concern.  On that page you write "The
navigation/links content shall be changeable by modifiying separate
style sheets. (one?) " Could you elaborate on this please?  Style
sheets only contain style, not content.  HTML should contain content.

The HTML would be changed if you wanted to make modifications to the
content, and the Style Sheet would be changed if you wanted to make
modifications to the style.


Clarification of Question by cereb-ga on 06 Oct 2004 19:47 PDT
Thank you, Andyt, for answering and for considering to take this on. 
As to your question, the idea is to change all nav items on all pages
at the same time without using shtml extension names for server side
includes.  It was my understanding that under CSS it is possible to do
so.  Obviously I don't know how that is done.  I just know THAT is is
being done, in SOME manner.  And however that is being done presently,
that is what I need implemented.

I hope that this answers your question although in admitting to my
ignorance in these matters for the world to see forever, is a hard
pill to swollow.

Request for Question Clarification by andyt-ga on 07 Oct 2004 09:52 PDT
As far as I know there is no way to change the content of all nav
items on different pages by modifying a css file.  Even if you could,
you probably wouldn't want to, as it violates what CSS was designed to
do.  You *can* change the style of the nav items using one css file,
but not the content.  There are several ways to accomplish what you
describe, but they all involve some type of server side scripting
(PHP, Perl, ASP), or shtml server side includes.


Clarification of Question by cereb-ga on 07 Oct 2004 11:21 PDT
Thank you, AndyT - 
To use CSS for updating navitems was what I THOUGHT is what was
normally done, not that something I was insisting on.  I took it for
granted, in other words.  The main issue here is to see the desired
effect implemented, NOT for me to also specify the process.  The
desired effect, in so many words, is to start with a textfile I create
and through 'some' process wind up with a web page of a standard
design that the server can create and/or present upon a remote user
asking for that page, and that this page is alays current with respect
to all nav items.

I thank you for staying the course so far on this project

Request for Question Clarification by andyt-ga on 07 Oct 2004 21:16 PDT
I think what would be the simplest is to use PHP for the pages, if you
have that available on your server.

The solution could consist of:
nav.php: A page that defines the content of the the navigation bar

sample.php: A page like sample2.html, but using CSS for style, and
calling the nav.php page using a php include() function where the
navigation bar is located

style.css: A style sheet defining the page styles and layout for the above pages.

To change the content of the navigation bar, you would edit one file:
nav.php.  To change the style of either the navigation bar or the
sample page you would edit style.css.  To change the content of the
main page, you would edit sample.php (also you could use sample.php as
a template for additional pages).

Let me know if you have PHP installed on your server (or if you need
help in determining this), and if the above proposed solution sounds
OK.  I would also take note of the specs listed on the sample html
page linked above.


Clarification of Question by cereb-ga on 07 Oct 2004 23:31 PDT
Dear Andyt

The answer is YES.  I DO have PHP on the server (
as well as mysql, perl etc.  Scott, at opensourcehost, nixed anything
that runs under Perl to serve pages, saying it hogs resources. But
PHP/mysql are acceptable.

With the help of your prior comments I better understand what you said
in your last request, and so it is a "go".  Thank you for seeing this

Request for Question Clarification by andyt-ga on 10 Oct 2004 10:41 PDT
Hi cereb,
Since conversion of this type can never be exact, I'd like to get your
opinion on what I created so far.  Let me know if you'd like any
changes, or if it's OK, and I'll post the php/css source; as well as
zipping up the whole package and posting that as an answer.  It
validates with


Clarification of Question by cereb-ga on 10 Oct 2004 12:30 PDT
Greetings, Andyt
Indeed it looks good to me.  If you could just tag or flag where I may
play with the colors of the nav bar that would be useful.  And all
text and all headers are bold by default in this present selection of
fonts, sizes and their colors.  I hereby accept your work as an
answer, and thank you for doing this.
Subject: Re: HTML to CSS conversion of a simple text oriented web page
Answered By: andyt-ga on 10 Oct 2004 20:17 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
I made the changes as requested, by making all text and all headers
bold.  Also, I commented the style sheet where the colors and
attributes of the nav bar could be changed.  I also added some more
comments regarding the use of the different font sizes in the style
sheet.  If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding
this project, please don't hesitate to ask; I'll be glad to help.

You can download the zip file at  This file
-and all images

cereb-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Thank you, Andyt.  Will work the material, but I can already see that
it will be the answer and utility I was searching for.  The 10.00 tip
is but a token of my appreciation

Subject: Re: HTML to CSS conversion of a simple text oriented web page
From: andyt-ga on 11 Oct 2004 16:12 PDT
Thanks for the tip and the 5 *'s Cereb!

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