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Subject: Sports Bars
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Asked by: jackiecc-ga
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Posted: 06 Oct 2004 19:05 PDT
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Research on the sports bar industry

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 06 Oct 2004 19:42 PDT
Aww...c'mon jackie, give us poor researchers a hint.

What sort of research are you looking for...?

Clarification of Question by jackiecc-ga on 10 Oct 2004 21:20 PDT
Sorry for being so vague.  I am doing an advertising campaign for a
new sports bar but need information on competition in the industry report, market value, market segmentation,
market share, competitive landscape, leading companies, market
Subject: Re: Sports Bars
Answered By: belindalevez-ga on 11 Oct 2004 06:54 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
<Market value.

Sports bars are marketed under a number of names including sports
bars, energy bars, meal replacement bars. According to Consumer
Reports, Americans spend nearly $1.4 billion on these bars.

Energy bars are a $700 million market. 
Top three selling bars.
1. PowerBar is - $160 million.
2. Clif Bar - $100 million
3. Balance Bar - $63.4 million

Energy bars have a growth rate of 20 percent annually.
This article also looks at the advertising campaigns of the two market leaders.
(The Battle of the Bars. Berkeley?s PowerBar and Clif Bar duke it out
over image, profits. Carolyn Said. Sunday, April 27, 2003. San
Francisco Chronicle.)

According to this Clif Bar case study, energy bars are a $800 million market.

In 2002 the energy bar market was worth $600 million. Power Bar has
identifies its customers as men and women between the ages of 24 and
34 who see themselves as competitive athletes and eat at least one
energy bar a day.  (Power Bar?s Obsession: Power Consumers. Marketing
lessons from a top brand builder. John Gaffney. May 02, 2002).,17863,514724,00.html

According to Arla Foods Ingredients, coated protein bars are moving
out of the niche market long reserved for sports fanatics and health
freaks. Mainstream demands for meal replacers, slimming bars, energy
snacks and products that promote general well being have spurred the
protein bar market into rapid growth - turning it into a $2 billion
market in the US.

The U.S. Market for Food Bars: Cereal, Snack, Sports, Meal Replacement 
The market for food bars is expected to more than double by 2007,
thanks in large part to the popularity these items enjoy among U.S.
women, according to The U.S. Market for Food Bars, a new report
published by Packaged Facts. The market includes nutrition bars,
energy (or sports) bars, granola bars and cereal bars. This report
cost $3000 from

There is no end point in Innovation: A look at the U.S. energy bar
market. By Tom Clough. INNOVA. February 12, 2003.

According to a1nutritionproducts, the Nutrition bar market now totals
$1.5 billion a year, with options ranging from basic workout snacks to
meal replacements, weight-loss aids to muscle builders, even bars
designed specifically for women.

Segmentation of the food bar market:
Cereal bars.
Granola bars.
Protein and sports/energy bars.
Diet/weight-control bars.
Low-carb bars
Speciality products like diabetic bars.

According to Mintel, energy bars do not experience a huge difference
in age group usage. It's a little higher among younger adults, but
even up through the Baby Boomers group has a pretty healthy rate of
consumption, though it generally drops off after age 65,

Competition in the bar category is increasing with the bigger
manufacturers including Pepsi Co., Nestle, Unilever, Kraft, Kellogg
and General Mills.
In January 2004, Mars Inc launched the Snickers Marathon bar and
low-carb and protein-plus varieties. Their target market is active
people aged 18 to 45. They aim to be the number one advertised brand
during the products launch with 1.2 billion media impressions.

Clif Bar is continuously developing new varieties of its Clif Bar
brand. Its latest offering is Clif Builder?s ? protein bar.

PowerBar is expanding its brand to cater to carb-counting consumer
with its Carb Select line divided into sub segments. ProteinPlus Carb
Select targets men and Pria Carb Select  targets women.

Part of the growth of these bars can be attributed to the big and
growing demand for convenience.
(The Energy Train. Energy bars keep sales barreling down the track and
retailers jumping on board. By Alison Embrey)

This article give details of the advertising campaigns that have been
used to promote these bars. It also shows a breakdown by age and
gender for who has consumed an Energy Bar in the last 6 months. It
also gives 2002 sales for the top 3 market leaders.
(A Barrage of Bars. Who Has Consumed an Energy  Bar in the Past Six
Months? Susan Colebank).

Top Nutrition Bar Companies in 2001.
You need to highlight the page to read these figures.
Company Wholesale $M market share

1. Power Bar   180 23%
2. Balance Bar 105  14%
3. Clif Bar 90 12%
4. SlimFast 80  10%
5. EAS Myoples 40  10%
6. Dr. Atkins  30  4%
7. Pure Potein 20  2.5%
8. MET-Rx  20  2.5%
Top 6 $565 M 73%
Total wholesale market $770 million
Total consumer market $1.38 billion.

Market share of Luna. 
Luna (Clif Car Inc) ? 11.6 % market share for the 12 week period
ending October 20, 2001. Power Bar declined to 11.3% over the same

About PowerBar
PowerBar Inc. is the creator and leader of the energy bar market.
PowerBar proudly fuels world-class athletes including Lance Armstrong,
sponsors premier events such as the Boston Marathon and is the
Official Nutritional Energy Bar Supplier to the U.S. Olympic Team.
Headquartered in Berkeley, Calif.

Products include: POWERBAR® PERFORMANCE energy bars, POWERBAR HARVEST®
whole grain nutritious snack bars, POWERBAR® PROTEINPLUS? high protein
bars, the POWERBAR® BEVERAGE SYSTEM for hydration muscle fuel and
recovery, POWERBAR® PRIA® nutritional energy snack bars, POWERBAR®
POWERGEL® energy gels and POWERBAR® ENERGY BITES? bite-sized Energy on

Power bar is the number one market leader. However its position is
declining from 30% market share to a 23% share.

Growth of Power Bar

Power Bar Pria
This article from Food&Drink describes the launch of the
PowerBar Pria brand which was aimed at women. A $9 million campaign
foucused primarily on active women.

Clif Bar
Products include Clif Bar, Clif Shot, Luna Bar, Mojo Bar, Builders Bar and Zbar.

Balance Bar
Products include: Balance Bar, Balance Bar GoMix, Balance Carbwell
Bar, and Balance Satisfaction.>

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<Hope this helps.>

Request for Answer Clarification by jackiecc-ga on 11 Oct 2004 14:30 PDT
Your information is great but the information I need is research on
the sports bar ( restaurant) industry....The topic I listed it under
was "Arts and Entertainment:Restaurants"

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 11 Oct 2004 23:38 PDT
<Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would just like to check I'm on the
right track. Is the information you require about the market that
companies like ESPN zone, Fox Sport Grill, Fox Sports Skybox and
Champps Entertainment Inc are competing in?>

Request for Answer Clarification by jackiecc-ga on 12 Oct 2004 14:54 PDT
Yes, exactly.

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 13 Oct 2004 02:10 PDT
<Market overview.
According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant industry
sales will continue to rise in 2004 making a record $440.1 billion.
Sales in bars and taverns are forecast to be $13,847,729 in 2004 with
growth of 0.3% on 2003. The compound annual growth rate for 2001-2004
is an estimated 3%.
Bars and taverns are expected to post nominal sales growth of 3.6
percent in 1999 to reach a sales level of nearly US$11.5 billion.
Sports bars are the fastest growing concept in this segment.

Restaurant spending.
The typical American household spent an average of $2,276 on food away
from home in 2002. Per-capita expenditures on food away from home
averaged $910 that year (National Restaurant Organisation. National
Restaurant Spending 2002:). This report also contains regional
spending data and the influence of demographic factors like income age
and occupation.

NTN Network is a company that  provides entertainment and advertising
to sports bars and restaurants.  This article gives demographic
information about their customers in sports bars and restaurants. The
Median age is 33, with 53 percent in the 18 to 34 range, 77 percent in
the 21 to 49 range and 65 percent in the 25 to 49 year old range. 55.4
percent are male and 44.6 percent are female. 53.5 percent are single.
46.5 percent are married. Median household income is $69,536. (Source:
Simmons Market Research 1999.) Further information is also given about
sports viewing preferences, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and
dining out frequency. (Get your Client into the bar TV game. By Kathy

Competition in the sports bar sector.
Major players include:
Hooters of America ? 350 outlets
Champps Entertainment Inc. ? 60 outlets
Buffalo Wings Inc ? 220 outlets
Damon?s International ? 140 outlets
Total Entertainment Restaurant Corp ? 65 outlets
ESPN Zone ? 8 outlets
Fox Sports Skybox  - 7 outlets
Fox Sports Grill ? 6 outlets


Hooters of America Inc.
Operates and Franchises over 350 restaurants in 40 states.
Beach-themed bar and grills cater to sports fans. The menu includes
spicy chicken wings, chili and sandwiches. Beer accounts for around
25% of sales.
Estimated 2002  sales $275 million.
1-year sales growth 37.5%
Employees 6,700.

Champps Entertainment Inc.
Operates and franchises approximately 60 restaurants in 20 states
offering casual dining, bar service and entertainment. The menu
includes appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees. The restaurants
are multi-level incorporating a variety of design elements to create
differendt atmospheres. Entertainment includes the showing of sports
events, music and karaoke.
2004 sales $211.5 million. 
1-Year Sales growth ? 17%.
Net income - $5 million.
1-Year Net Income Growth ? 70.8%
Employees ? 5,400
(Source: Hoover?s Online).

Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.
Has 220 restaurants in 30 states. Owns and operates over 75
restaurants, the rest are franchised. The menu includes chicken wings,
burgers, salads, appetisers and desserts.
2003 sales $126.5 million.
1-year sales growth 31.6%
Net income $3.6 million
1-year net income growth 16.1%
Employees 3,377

Damon?s International.
Established in 1979. The company operates 140 restaurants and
franchises. The menu includes steaks, ribs, chicken, seafood and
appetizers. Each location has a dining room and sports-themed bar and
entertainment area called Damon?s Clubhouse.
Estimated sales 2004 - $77 million.
1-year growth 2.7%
Employees 3,350.
(Source: Hoover?s Online).'s/--ID__106393--/free-co-factsheet.xhtml

Total Entertainment Restaurant Corp.
Operates a chain of over 65 restaurants in over 20 states under the
names Fox and Hound, and Bailey?s. Offers full bar and restaurant
service. The menu includes barbecue, burgers, pizzas and appetizers.
Offers pub games including billiards and darts. Televisions show a
variety of sporting events.
2003 sales $121.7 million
1-Year sales growth 18.7%
Net income $6.5 million
1-Year Net income growth 9.7%
Employees 3,700.
(Source: Hoovers online).

ESPN Zone.
ESPN Zone is 80% owned by Walt Disney and 20% by Hearst. The company
lends its name to a chain of eight sports-themed restaurants. (Source:
Hoover?s Online).

B&B Restaurant Ventures LLC.
Founded in 2001. In the process of creating a network of sports bars
(Fox Sports Grill) which offer a menu of appetizers, sandwiches and
steaks in an upscale atmosphere including dozens of televisions
showing a variety of sporting events. The restaurants also hosts
banquets, parties and meetings. Three locations in Arizona, California
and Washington. (Source: Hoover?s Online).

Fox Sport Grill locations.

Fox Sports Grill
This article describes the opening celebration which included red
carpet arrivals, a live performance by platinum recording artist Smash
Mouth, and appearances by FOX Sports personalities including Terry
Bradshaw, Jillian Barberie and Joe Buck.  Other guests include
athletes such as Wayne Gretzky, Fred Couples, Curt Schilling, Claude
Lemieux, Roger Staubach, Mark Grace and Kenny Lofton, as well as
several Arizona business leaders.

"The primary difference between [ESPN] Zone and Fox Sports Grill is
the focus on the local market," Freeman said. "We believe that sports
are viewed in a local market, and the affinity of fans is pretty much
local. We are catering to the local market, as compared to Zone, which
is really more focused on the tourist market."
Fox goes toe to toe with ESPN. Nation?s Restaurant News. April 22, 2002.

This article explains how Fox Sports Grill aims to compete in the
sports bar sector. Bill Freeman distinguished their brand from other
contenders, stating that "we are creating a new category of
sports-restaurant-bar by having a high-energy destination restaurant
and a technology-driven sports bar." The executive also noted that his
concept is situated to appeal to a local market, rather than what he
described as the "tourist-driven product" at ESPN Zone. (Instant
replay: Fox Sports Grill to open 2n Unit. Nation?s Restaurant News.
May 19, 2003.)

Fox Sports Grills sales.
Sales are averaging $8 million per unit on an average check of $18.
Further expansion is anticpated at the rate of 3 units per year.

Fox Sports Grill differs from ESPN Zone in that its restaurants are
smaller -- ESPN Zones average 35,000 square feet -- and have a more
upscale approach. The sports bar is in a separate room from the dining
area. (Fox Sports Grill nabs Seattle locale. Los Angeles Business.
August 18, 2003.)

Competition in the sports bar sector.
Anticipated sales at the Fox Sports Grill in Irvine are $8 million.
Sports Grill intends to differentiate itself from competitors. 
According to Bill Freeman "we are creating a new category of
sports-restaurant-bar by having a high-energy destination restaurant
and a technology-driven sports bar." The executive also noted that his
concept is situated to appeal to a local market, rather than what he
described as the "tourist-driven product" at ESPN Zone.
Champps Entertainment has struggled recently with a decline in
earnings for the third quarter ended March 30. Revenues were $46
million and net income $544,000.  In 2002 third-quarter revenues were
$41 million and  income $1.8 million in income, representing a 2.5
percent decline for the quarter. The decline was attributed to an 8.4
percent drop in liquor sales. (Instant replay: Fox Sports Grill to
open 2nd Unit. Nation?s Restaurant News, May 19,2003.

Description of ESPN Zone in Chicago. (CenterStage Chicago)
Disney plans to open more sportsbars.
Disney plans to open 15-20 uber-sports bars within the next five
years. "By the end of the year, we'll have a network with different
franchises in different cities, a lot like a league," said Scott
Dickey, a former NBA exec, now director of marketing and sales for
Disney Regional Entertainment. (ESPN Zone Inkis All-Star Sponsor Team.
Brandweek, March 29,1999.)>

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advertising, promotions. By Samantha Xanthos.>

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<Hope this helps.>
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