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Q: Recording Tape On PC ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Recording Tape On PC
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: nrduncan-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 07 Oct 2004 13:14 PDT
Expires: 06 Nov 2004 12:14 PST
Question ID: 411663
I want to record tapes on my pc.  I have the following already:
1) A Sound Blaster Live (forget which version - however I'm 90% sure
it's the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum) with the breakout box in the
front of the PC with RCA Audio Inputs.
2) A tape player for a typical home audio setup (very similar to the Sony TC-WE475)
3) Obviously I Have RCA Cables

I know how to hook it all up.  That's not the issue.  I want to know
what software to use to record the sound coming in.  There are
limitations though:
1) The software must cost no more than $50 (I don't have to have a cd
mailed to me, downloading it is just fine)
2) I must end up with a wav file as my result. (I can then burn cds or
make MP3s at my choice).
3) The software must be fairly easy to use.  I don't need a pro
version with 10 million imputs and dials.
4) It must NOT be supported through ad programs.  If I have to install
GAIN or something similar, I will NOT be happy.

Tip money will be provided if any of the following conditions are met
(all don't have to be met to qualify for a tip, but the more you meet,
the better the tip):
1) The Software costs less than $30.00
2) The Software is knowlingly compatible with Sound Blaster Audigy
Platinum sound cards
3) The Software has some sort of noise reduction built in (I am
recording from tapes after all).
4) The software was designed around someone doing what I'm going (i.e.
recording tapes to the computer for burning/mp3s etc)

Clarification of Question by nrduncan-ga on 07 Oct 2004 13:24 PDT
by tapes, I mean Audio Tapes.  I.e. Books on Tape
Subject: Re: Recording Tape On PC
Answered By: wengland-ga on 07 Oct 2004 14:36 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

This sounds like a fun project.  I would suggest using the software GoldWave.

I have been using it for years, and it will meet your requirements. 
Let's address  them in order:

1) Free evaluation download - if you like the software, you can
register it for $CAD55, or about $USD43.  The evaluation does not have
any adware or spyware.

2) You can record direct to uncompressed WAV, or to MP3 or other
compressed file formats.  Supported file formats are: (wav, mp3, ogg,
aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, raw binary data, text data, and more). 
Goldwave also supports file format plug-ins for the next generation of
audio compression, such as WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC.

3) To record live sound you choose "File, New".  Enter the duration of
the recording (or a bit longer) in the dialog box.  Set the volume
level.  Then, click the big red button, or hit "F9".  Wait till it's
done.  Hit "File Save".  You have your recording.

4) The software is supported by shareware fees; if you like the
program, please register it.  From the help file included with the

"This shareware version is limited to 150 commands each session and
3000 commands total.  When the session limit is reached, a reminder
message will appear whenever you use a control in the Control window. 
Exiting and restarting GoldWave will let you use another 150 commands
without interruption.  The program will stop working when the total
command count is reached.  By registering, you will receive a license
that removes this counter completely."

(Editors note: 150 commands is a heck of a lot - you can easily make a
new recording, edit it, clean up the sound and export it without
hitting the limits)

Tip Requirements:

1) Free for demo.  $43 to register.  Ok, not quite under $30.
2) Goldwave uses the Windows sound drivers (Direct X).  If you can use
your soundcard in Windows, you can use it with Goldwave.
3) Noise reduction, with presets to remove, say, tape hiss.
4) Goldwave was designed to capture, edit, convert, and compress
audio.  That covers it all.

I hope this answers your question; I have found that Goldwave is the
'gold standard' of audio editors.  If you need clarification, please
ask before rating this question.

Further Reading:

Goldwave FAQ

Goldwave Features:

Request for Answer Clarification by nrduncan-ga on 07 Oct 2004 14:44 PDT
Quick question, will it also allow you to edit the file?
The 2 functions I would like would be cropping (i.e. to remove silence
at the beginning or end), and breaking a file into smaller pieces.

No biggie either way, just wondering is all.

Request for Answer Clarification by nrduncan-ga on 07 Oct 2004 15:35 PDT
Found my answer on the website, as far as I can tell, yes and yes.

Clarification of Answer by wengland-ga on 11 Oct 2004 09:05 PDT
The above process will work for any analog input to your soundcard -
cassette tapes, vinyl records, live recordings, etc.

I hope this clarifies my answer for you.

Clarification of Answer by wengland-ga on 11 Oct 2004 09:07 PDT
Helps if I read the right clarification - yes, the software allows you
to trim the recording; you can also do some other neat things, like
speed the recording up (useful for slow lectures, books ,etc), or slow
the recording down (useful for learning the notes from music), without
changing the pitch of the sounds.

Glad I was able to help you with your question!
nrduncan-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $15.00
Exactly what I asked for.  Thank you very Much!!

Subject: Re: Recording Tape On PC
From: athena4-ga on 07 Oct 2004 14:07 PDT

A quick search (recording tapes on to CDs) shows that RipEditBurn will
do what you are looking for, for about US$40.  There is a plug in to
remove some of the 'noise' from the recordings, called Record Cleaner,
but that costs an additional amount that puts is out of the range you
have specified.  You may want to check out their package-purchases if
you have use for Sound Effects also.

See    and you may
want to read their tutorials if you are interested.

This is a free comment, so you may use the additional $5 for your
purchase if it meets your needs.

I am not an official GA researcher.

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