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Q: Scholarships for international students ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Scholarships for international students
Category: Reference, Education and News > Education
Asked by: mikky2004-ga
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Posted: 08 Oct 2004 21:04 PDT
Expires: 07 Nov 2004 20:04 PST
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I'd please like to know the specific US universities that offer
scholarships to international incoming undergraduate students who are
non-US citizens

Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 12 Oct 2004 21:12 PDT
Hello Mikky2004-ga,

The scope of this search has proved too vast. In order to refine my
search, please tell me whether you already have an undergraduate
degree and are looking for a graduate scholarship, or else your search
is for a scholarship to get an undergraduate degree. If there's a
particular field you're interested in, please let me know as well.
Also, knowing your nationality may be of help, and whether you are an
US permanent resident or not. Finally, you asked for universities
offering scholarships, but very often these are given by grantmaking
institutions, are you interested in them too? Thanks.


Clarification of Question by mikky2004-ga on 14 Oct 2004 02:32 PDT
I'm an intending international undergraduate from South Africa hoping
to major in Computer Science for a B.Sc Degree. I do not live in the
US, i'm not a US Citezen nor permanent resident and grantmaking
institutions would be fine. thanks

Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 14 Oct 2004 10:28 PDT
Thanks. I'm working on it.


Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 30 Oct 2004 19:03 PDT
Hello Mikky2004-ga,

Now I?m in the final phase of this quest. I?ve already compiled all
the needed information and begun to organize it. Apart from that, in
one hour from now my ISP will perform an upgrading procedure. Hence,
either I?ll finish and post the answer before that, or otherwise I?ll
have to wait until the service is reestablished some hours later.
Thanks for your patience.


Subject: Re: Scholarships for international students
Answered By: guillermo-ga on 31 Oct 2004 19:48 PST
Hello Mikky2004-ga,

Given the extent of this search, I dealt with it through different
strategies, each leading me through different steps. Every step
presented a variety of options to follow, from which I selected those
that I considered the most effective ones. While I?ll give you the
results of the options I took, I will also post the most relevant
steps (search pages) I went through, so you?ll have all the choices
including those I did not follow, in case you want to explore them.

My first, widest approach, was this Google search: us-universities
"scholarships for international students"
). From it, I chose the web page ?101 Top College, University and
Scholarship Websites?
( ) which offered a
variety of online resources for scholarship searching. One among them
that proved to be particularly useful was FastWeb
( ), a customizable scholarships search engine,
which also includes useful features such as email deadline reminders.
Using it requires free online registration; I registered and created a
hypothetic search according to some of your features. I wasn?t able to
include some characteristics that did not ask you for considering them
too personal ?assuming that you will probably want to try a more
detailed search yourself- such as race, cultural heritage, sexual
preference, etc., which may be useful due to the existence of
scholarships addressed to particular minorities. Being a required
option, I assumed the gender ?male? ?please forgive me if this isn?t
the case. To make sure of the accuracy of the results, I checked each
of them, and found that although quite smart, the system does not
necessarily match exactly the specifications you enter. I cannot give
you the link to the search results page because you would be required
my password and username, the latter being automatically my email
address, which I cannot post here due to Google Answers rules.
However, here you are the results, classified as to ?yes? or ?no?
would be useful for you.


Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand Institute:
Computer Science Scholarship -
Computer Society International Design Competition (not exactly a
scholarship, but a team design contest):
Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarship - Straightforward Media:
Dyzco Distance Learning Essay Contest:
8A Better Earth - Environmental Essay Contests.:
Excellence in 3D Animation Award - Troy Studio :
Get Out of Debt Scholarship - Straightforward Media: In this website I
found another interesting resource:
( )
Olive W. Garvey Fellowship - Independent Institute:


Datatel = Nancy Goodhue -> South Africa is not included among the few
foreign countries where this scholarship is available
Global Solutions Flash Movie Contest -> to know details of the contest
you have to register, but the registration form is designed for
American residents
Lincoln Forum Scholarship Prize Essay Contest - Lincoln Forum -> you
need to be already in an American College US or Canada
Microsoft College -> US residents

Now, so far, these awards are not given by colleges or universities,
so I did this other Google search looking for scholarships given by
the educational institutions themselves, which are often based on
students? merit: international-students ?undergraduate merit
scholarships? (://
). These were the results that I found significant for you, i.e.,
having Computer Science among its majors and admitting international
applicants for scholarships:

Central Missouri State University:
See majors? list at:

Southern Methodist University:
See Computer Science and Engineering Degree Program at:

In a more specific approach, I used some of the information posted in
a questions I had answered previously
( ) which may be
useful for you too, since it includes a ranking for the top 100
universities for Computer Science. Among the top five of them, the
following may offer financial aid or scholarships for international
-- Stanford University ( ). See: Undergraduate
Application Requirements & Priority Filing Dates 2005-2006
( ), and look for
application requirements for ?All other international students?, which
2005-2006 International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) from
CSS (College Scholarship Service) and 2005-2006 Certification of
Finances (COF) from CSS, what are standard application and
certification forms administered by The College Board
( ), a ?a not-for-profit membership
organization (...) Founded in 1900, (...) composed of more than 4,500
schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations?
( ). Many colleges would
base their need-based scholarship awards on the CSS Financial Aid
Profile, for both American citizens, permanent residents and
International Students (see and
). You can find a list of institutions using the Profile at
, but be aware that not necessarily they accept international
applicants. Please do not mix it up with the FAFSA (Free Application
for Federal Student Aid) ?which is required by all colleges in order
for students to be considered for federal and state sponsored aid
programs? ( ), restricted to American
citizens or permanent residents, although some educational
institutions use its form to analyze international students? request
for scholarships.

-- Massachusetts Institute of Technology: see Financial Aid at MIT ?
International Undergraduates at:

-- Carnegie Mellon University. Although explicitly ?Financial aid is
not available to undergraduate international students?
), among the scholarships there is one that, unlike the others, do not
include as an eligibility condition to be an US citizen or permanent
resident: Judith Resnik -- Challenger Scholarships
( )
addressed to Computer Science applicants, among others. This doesn?t
mean that international students are indeed eligible, but you might
want to ask them directly.

-- Cornell University. ?Cornell University maintains only a very
limited program of financial assistance for international students who
are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States, Canada,
or Mexico. Those who do receive funds have exceptional credentials and
demonstrate financial need. This information is not intended to
discourage you from applying, but to give you a realistic
understanding of the situation.?
( ). You would be
required to submit the Cornell?s international financial aid form (2S)

Other institutions I came across in my search that offer financial aid
for international students and where you can study Computer Science

-- Northwestern University
( ), among the
top 40 American universities in Computer Science.

-- Carleton College (
) ( )

-- Michigan State University (among the top 50 American universities
in Computer Science) offer scholarships for international students
( ),
including the Mandela Fellowship Program, specific for students from
South Africa, although apparently for graduate degree studies

This was the result of my research. However, you have probably noticed
that the subject is so wide that is practically impossible to seize in
its completeness. Rather, I think I?m giving you some good information
and an orientation to help you succeed in your search for financial
support to afford higher education in the USA. I hope to have met your
needs and encourage you to ask me for any clarification you may find
necessary. Wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.



Clarification of Answer by guillermo-ga on 08 Nov 2004 19:43 PST
Hello Mikky,

I have some additional information for you. The above mentioned
College Board offers in its website a scholarship search engine:
No registration is needed. I tried a search for you. Since I assumed
male for gender in the search at FastWeb, I assumed female in this
one. The search results page is shown only by doing the search
process, so a link wouldn?t work, what you can easily do ?and I
encourage you to do so, since you?ll be able to enter more specific
specifications. However, these are the results I got, excluding which
don?t seem to meet your needs, and a few already found through the
FastWeb search:
A World Connected Essay Contest ( )
  Sponsor: Institute for Humane Studies 
  Type of Award: Private; Scholarship;  
  Closing Date: June 1 
Akademos, Inc. Scholarship
( ) (you?d need to have a valid
  Sponsor: Akademos, Inc. 
  Type of Award: Private; Scholarship;  
  Closing Date: June 30 

First Generation Scholarship Program
(apparently you?d need to be a permanent US resident or American
citizen or Chinese citizen; please check the sponsor?s website: )
  Sponsor: The Coca-Cola Foundation 
  Type of Award: Private; Scholarship;  
  Closing Date:  

International Study Programs (ISP) Scholarship
  Sponsor: Council on International Educational Exchange 
( )
  Type of Award: Private; Scholarship;  
  Closing Date: March 15 
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
(in case you are inclined to screenwriting: )
  Sponsor: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 
  Type of Award: Private; Scholarship;  
  Closing Date: May 1 

You?ll also want to take into account that there are many
undergraduate scholarships for which non American citizens US
residents are eligible, which while not useful for you now, they will
be once you are studying there to help you pursue your studies.
American universities often have financial aid programs for their
students, typically based on financial need or academic achievement.

Another resource for scholarship search is eduPASS
( ). At there?s a list of
Schools with Financial Aid for International Undergraduate Students:

Schools with Awards to More than 150 Students 

Arizona State University (AZ)
Barry University (FL)
Clark Univ. (MA)
Eastern Michigan Univ. (MI)
Grinnell College (IA)
Harding Univ. (AR)
Harvard (MA) Illinois Inst. of Tech. (IL)
Liberty Univ. (VA)
Louisiana State Univ. (LA)
Macalester College (MN)
Marquette Univ. (WI)
Mount Holyoke College (MA) Ohio Wesleyan Univ. (OH)
Princeton (NJ)
Univ. of Bridgeport (CT)
Univ. of Houston (TX)
Univ. of Pennsylvania (PA)
Univ. of South Florida (FL) 

Schools with Awards to 100-149 Students 

Brown Univ. (RI)
Calvin College (MI)
College of Wooster (OH)
Dartmouth (NH)
Dordt College (IA)
Eckerd College (FL)
Florida Inst. of Tech. (FL)
Georgia Southern Univ. (GA)
 Graceland College (IA)
Luther College (IA)
Middlebury College (VT)
Northeast Louisiana (LA)
Oberlin (OH)
Savannah Coll. of Art (GA)
Slippery Rock Univ. (PA)
Smith College (MA)
 Stanford (CA)
Texas Christian Univ. (TX)
Tri-State Univ. (IN)
Univ. of Miami (FL)
Univ. of Rochester (NY)
Yale (CT) 

Schools with Awards to 50-99 Students 

Abilene Christian Univ. (TX)
Allegheny College (PA)
Augsburg College (MN)
Beloit College (WI)
Bethany College (WV)
Brandeis Univ. (MA)
Bryn Mawr College (PA)
California Lutheran (CA)
Cleveland Inst. of Music (OH)
Colby College (ME)
Columbia Univ. (NY)
Concordia Coll. (MN)
Cornell Univ. (NY)
Denison Univ. (OH)
Franklin & Marshall (PA) George Wash. Univ. (DC)
Goshen College (IN)
Houghton College (NY)
Ithaca College (NY)
Julliard School (NY)
Knox College (IL)
Lake Forest College (IL)
Lawrence Univ. (WI)
Lewis & Clark (OR)
Lynn Univ. (FL)
Maharishi Intl. Univ. (IA)
Monmouth College (IL)
North Park Univ. (IL)
Principia College (IL) Rochester Inst. of Tech. (NY)
St. Augustine's College (NC)
St. Johns College (MD)
St. Lawrence Univ. (NY)
St. Olaf College (MN)
Trinity College (CT)
Tulane Univ. (LA)
Univ. of Maine (ME)
Univ. of Wisc./Eau Clair (WI)
US International Univ. (CA)
Washington College (MD)
Washington Univ. (MO)
Wesleyan Univ. (CT)
Western Maryland Coll. (MD)
Wittenberg Univ. (OH) 

Schools with Awards to 15-49 Students 

Albright College (PA)
Amherst College (MA)
Augustana College (IL)
Bard College (NY)
Bates College (ME)
Bennington College (VT)
Bowdoin College (ME)
CalTech (CA)
Central College (IA)
Coe College (IA)
Colgate Univ. (NY)
Davidson College (NC)
Dickinson College (PA)
Earlham College (IN)
Eastern Nazarene (MA) Elizabethtown College (PA)
Elmira College (NY)
Gettysburg College (PA)
Gustavas Adolphus Coll. (MN)
Hamilton College (NY)
Hampshire College (MA)
Hood College (MD)
Johns Hopkins (MD)
Kalamazoo College (MI)
Kenyon College (OH)
Lafayette College (PA)
Messiah College (PA)
Michigan State Univ. (MI)
Mount Union College (OH)
Occidental College (CA)
Spalding Univ. (KY) Swarthmore College (PA)
Taylor Univ. (IN)
Thomas Aquinas Coll. (CA)
Troy State Univ. (AL)
Univ. of Chicago (IL)
Univ. of Colorado/Bldr (CO)
Univ. of Oregon (OR)
Univ. of St. Thomas (MN)
Univ. of the South (TN)
Vassar College (NY)
Wabash College (IN)
Wellesley College (MA)
West Virginia Wesleyan (WV)
William Smith College (NY)
Williams College (MA) 


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