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Q: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto" ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto"
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Asked by: urge-ga
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Posted: 11 Oct 2004 00:53 PDT
Expires: 09 Nov 2004 23:53 PST
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I want to know all about DJ Tiesto, 

Please discuss the change in his repertoire over his career.

Please discuss the artists approch to :Recording, production, live
performance and composition.

Also please provide an accurate/current discography.

Thank you

Subject: Re: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto"
Answered By: politicalguru-ga on 20 Oct 2004 03:35 PDT
Dear Urge, 

Thank you for a great question! 

It is important to note that DJ Tiesto has recently changed his name,
and dropped the "DJ". Now he's just Tiesto.

Tiesto certainly had changed his repertoire as well as his career
throughout the years, from Dutch pop remixes at the very beginning,
"In the beginning of his carrier as DJ he mostly played new beat and
acid house, sometimes some Madonna" (SOURCE: TranceSite, "Here's The
Scoop", <>); "A blend
of house beats and bass-heavy grooves that were distinctly different
from the tunes of most Dutch DJs of the era." (SOURCE: B-Lux, "DJ
TIESTO", The Bassline Cartel",

Soon he moved to progressive style, and to what could be described as
"Waves of melodic, techno-trance gradually build in volume and pitch,
creating a sense of euphoria as the speakers detonate with a searing
bassline." (SOURCE: Maximum Rotation, "DJ Tiesto",

Tiesto has today a very rich repertoire, including remixes or
interpretations to classics, rock (Dave Matthews' Band), and pop
(Sarah McLachlan).

His approach is thus very verstile, and includes, for example,
recordings such as the Outside and the Inside - stadium music and
quiet one - in two different albums which are one. He himself says "I
always try to throw in some new tunes, and a variety of styles, into
my set." (SOURCE: B-Lux, "DJ TIESTO", The Bassline Cartel",
<>). MTV Asia write that
Tiesto Obsession "best epitomizes Tiesto's forte in dance floor
anthems built around a minimalist approach." (SOURCE: MTV Asia, Review
of In My Memory, <>).

This is experssed not only in recording, but also in his live
preformance and production career, which is very colourful and full of
synchronisation of different styles into one, under his wand. Not only
that, but his performance includes VJing (visual DJing) and is very
nicely described at Maximum Rotation's description of his performance:
"With deft dexterity, he calibrates the attributes of each sound with
lightning speed before unleashing it on the house. The resulting
symphony brings people to tears." (ibid).

He himself says, in an interview: "I'm trying to take my own musical
direction, and indeed try to keep on pushing musical boundaries. I
always think that music is always in development, either it is trance
, or progressive or whatever. " (SOURCE: Sharon B., "Talking to a
Legend - Interview with the world's Number 1 DJ - Ti?sto",
HarderFaster, <>).

Specifically regarding production, he added that " From a
collaboration I always try to combine the best of the styles with my
co-producer in order to get a good product. And if you combine 2
styles it always has a remarkable result. Sometimes good, sometimes
bad, but always different as when you produce on your own." (SOURCE:
ibid). Regarding performace, he told AskMen that "I love to produce a
track and then play it for the crowd, that's the biggest kick for me!"
(SOURCE: AskMen, "Dj Tiesto Trancemaster"

He is also a varstile composer, integrating sounds and motives from
different styles into his own unique, anthemic, style. In general, it
seems that his approach, in each of his activities, is to create crowd
pleasing, varstile, pieces.

Here is a piece from his own site, where he describes his experiences
from Athens, combining all elements of his work: production (for
himsef), composing and performing:

"When Athoc (Athens Olympic Committee) asked me in October 2003 to
play at the opening ceremony, I couldn?t believe it. [...] I was so
honored and thrilled by the idea that I could play my music for 15.000
athletes, 70.000 people in the stadiums, hundreds of presidents from
all over the world and over 4 billion people at home, that I didn?t
have to think twice. [...] I flew to Athens in January 2004 to have a
creative meeting with the people from Athoc. The reason why they asked
me was because they saw the DVD ?Ti?sto in Concert? and liked the
opening tune ?Adagio for strings? a lot. They wanted me to write a few
tracks which would fit the Olympic spirit and combine the classical
with the modern age. I couldn?t use vocals because that could be
wrongly interpretated by some countries. The last request they had was
that I could only play my own produced music. It was so difficult for
me to keep this big secret quiet because I wasn?t allowed to tell it
to anyone. [...]
The first rehearsal was on Saturday 7th august for an empty stadium.
That was pretty boring, the only excitement I had that night was when
I walked into the stadium the first time. I can imagine that if you
are an athlete, and you have trained for four years to get here you
must have an amazing feeling when you walk into the stadium the first

The second rehearsal was on Sunday 8th august with 35.000 volunteers
in the stadium who all helped to make these Olympics happen. At that
night I already felt the excitement in the stadium when I was playing.
A lot of people recognized tracks like ?Traffic? and ?Adagio? and
there was a great atmosphere.

The last rehearsal with almost 60000 people in the stadium was on
Tuesday the 10th of august. That night I noticed a lot of mistakes, my
mixer broke down, the monitors dropped out a couple of times and also
the music in the stadium wasn?t continuously on the right volume.
Everybody was still very happy though because all the things that went
wrong were hardly noticeable for the audience and would be solved for
the big show on Friday.

Then the big day arrived, Friday the 13th, normally not a lucky day
for people who believe in that but for me it was. You can rehearse as
much as you like but when the real thing is on, it?s a totally
different vibe. I wasn?t really nervous but had some tension in my
body. I was more really excited. When I went on, I was so impressed by
the whole vibe of the stadium and by everything that happened around
me that I almost forgot to mix the second track in! It was amazing to
see all those countries with athletes passing my booth. For me it was
like a trip around the world in one night. Every country that passed
me and where I?ve been brought back great memories. The athletes were
waving, dancing, shooting pictures and filming so I had quit an
interaction with them which made it easier for me to play. [...] For
me, to be there playing right under the Olympic flame, uniting the
world with my music, is an experience I will never forget." (SOURCE:
Tiesto Homepage <>).

Releases (according to official website): 
Magik one/two/three/four/five/six/seven mix
In Search Of Sunrice one/two/three mix
Summerbreeze mix
Nyana mix

Ti?sto - All releases
Ti?sto - In My Memory artist album
Delerium - Silence/Innocente mix
Moby - We're all made of stars remix
Moby - Extreme ways remix
Dave Matthews Band - The space between remix
Kosheen - Hungry remix
Kane - Rain down on me remix
Skin - Faithfullness remix

You can listen to much of his music on his site, and also to his
productions from 1995 onwards!

Saveall did not write this biography, but copied it, and since
copyrighted material might be deteletd from the site, you might want
to know about a possible source for this passage:
DJ Tiesto - Magik - First Flight
<> (probably copied there
from DJ Magazine; also quoted in
and many other sites).

More biographies: 
Maximum Rotation

Trance Site

Dance Star USA 

<> -
bio and interview, but pretty thin on both.

Sharon B., "Talking to a Legend - Interview with the world's Number 1
DJ - Ti?sto", HarderFaster,
<> - another interview,
pertty good one.

Famous DJs

Another good source is DJ Tiesto's official site:

I hope this answered your question. Please contact me if you need any
clarification on this answer before you rate it. Search terms:
"Tiesto", biography, discography, production, style, repertoire,
Subject: Re: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto"
From: saveall-ga on 11 Oct 2004 11:10 PDT
Highly regarded by both DJ Magazine and ultra-loyal fans, DJ TiŽsto,
due in part to his legendary six-hour, energetic live sets, has been
elevated to mythical status as one of the world's foremost trance DJs.
A native of Breda, Netherlands (born Tijs Verwest on January 17,
1969), TiŽsto first starting playing out at a well-known club in his
hometown called the Sprock. Discovered there by the GM of
Rotterdam-based Basic Beat Recordings, TiŽsto released his first of
five mix CDs as a part of the label's Forbidden Paradise series.

Coupled by quick success and his accelerated work ethic, TiŽsto soon
partnered with Arny Bink and, in late 1997, started Black Hole
Recordings as a private label for his productions and mixes which
became the birthplace for both his Space Age and revered Magik series
(volume seven hit during the summer of 2001). In addition to these
acclaimed series, Black Hole also brought the world the first mix
compilations from artists such as Ferry Corsten, Johan Gielen, and
Armin Van Buuren, and introduced yet another prized series called In
Trance We Trust.

Relentless global touring ensued and, in three short years, the world
outside Holland took notice with Nettwerk finally signing him to a
stateside deal. Summerbreeze marked TiŽsto's U.S. debut, a mix album
that showcased his remix of Delerium's "Silence" (featuring Sarah
McLachlan), an epic 11 1/2 minute tour de force of throbbing beats
cascading within a swirl of sweeping synthesized sounds, all of which
cocooned round McLachlan's majestically angelic voice; a call from
heaven heard from shore to shore to shore. Aside from reverberating
throughout dance clubs everywhere, the remix was massive, spending
four weeks in the Top Ten in the U.K., peaking at number three on the
Billboard dance charts, and continues to remain one of the most
influential tracks of the progressive dance era.

With this swell of immediate notoriety, he instantly became one of the
most sought after producers/remixers and catapulted a stylized musical
fashion, that of weaving threads of ethereal female vocals deep within
the ebbs and flows of a tidal wave of pulsating electronic rhythms. As
this anointed purveyor of exuberant layered soundscapes, TiŽsto has
churned out female-fueled remixes that span the gamut, including
tracks by Chicane, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer (on Delerium
"Innocente"), and Faithless. And there's more to come. A thorough
sonic search in MP3 land unearths several tasty treats of re-workings
of SuReal "You Take My Breath Away," Kosheen on their club smash "Hide
U," Dave Matthews Band "The Space Between," and a blistering
exploration on the theme from A Clockwork Orange.

Clockwork it seems to be as TiŽsto's star continues to shine bright.
November 2001 saw the release of In My Memory (Nettwerk), his first
artist album that mixes original compositions-turned club anthems
("Flight 643") with more commercial fare, as evidenced on the title
track with vocals by Mandalay's Nicola Hitchcock. April 2002 kept his
catalog expanding with the release of the third installment of
TiŽsto's hypnotically elegant, Ibiza-influenced and aptly named mix
compilation entitled In Search of Sunrise.


   1997  Magik, Vol. 1: First Flight  Black Hole 
   1998  Magik, Vol. 2: Story of the Fall  Black Hole 
   1998  Magik, Vol. 3: Far From Earth  Black Hole 
   1999  Space Age 2.0  Black Hole 

   1999  Magik, Vol. 4: A New Adventure  Black Hole 
   1999  In Search of Sunrise  Black Hole 
    1999  Live at Innercity, Amsterdam-Rai   IT&T Music BV 
   2000  Summerbreeze  Nettwerk 
   2000  In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 2  Black Hole 
    2000  Magik, Vol. 6: Live in Amsterdam  Black Hole 
    2001  Revolution Mix  EMI 
    2001   Search of Sunrise, Vol. 1  B.H. Songbird 
    2001  Magik, Vol. 5: Heaven Beyond  Black Hole 
   2001  In My Memory  Nettwerk 
    2001  Magik, Vol. 7: Live in Los Angeles  Black Hole 
   2002  In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 3  Panama 
   2003  Nyana  Nettwerk 
   2004  Just Be  Nettwerk 

    2004   Parade of the Athletes   Nettwerk 

 1997   The Tube   Fetish 
    1998   Tales From the Album "Magik"   Black Hole 
    1998  Space Age Inventions EP  Black Hole 
    1998   The Magik Tales EP, Vol. 2   Planetary Consciousness 
    1999   Theme from Norefjell [Netherlands]   Black Hole 
    1999   Theme from Norefjell [Germany]   Reef 
    1999   Magik Tales Far from Earth EP   Black Hole 
    1999   Space Age Inventions 2.0 EP   Black Hole 
    1999   Theme from Norefjell [UK]   Good As 
   1999   Magic, Vol. 3   Planetary Consciousness 
    1999   Theme from Norefjell [US]   P2K 
    1999   Subspace Interference   XSF 
    2001   Suburban Train [CD/12]   Nettwerk 
    2002  We Came   4-Play 
    2002  In My Memory/Urban Train [CD/12]   Nettwerk 
    2002   Lethal Industry   EMI 
    2002   643 [Holland CD #1]   EMI 
    2002   643 [Holland CD #2]   EMI 
    2003   Obsession   Import 
    2003   643: Love's on Fire   Nettwerk 
    2003   Traffic   Black Hole 
    2004  Love Comes Again   Nettwerk
Subject: Re: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto"
From: xpertise-ga on 11 Oct 2004 15:55 PDT
and umm, he was at the olympics too :)
Subject: Re: A report on trance DJ/Producer "DJ Tiesto"
From: urge-ga on 20 Oct 2004 00:59 PDT
This bio is great and the discography is brilliant, although is there
any more information on DJ Tiesto's approch to recording, compsition
and production?


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