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Q: School Homework ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: School Homework
Category: Family and Home
Asked by: moose12345-ga
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Posted: 22 Oct 2004 00:03 PDT
Expires: 20 Nov 2004 23:03 PST
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"How to focus teenage boy for studies?"
Subject: Re: School Homework
Answered By: kriswrite-ga on 22 Oct 2004 06:15 PDT
Hello Moose~

Experts have a number of tips for helping kids focus on homework:

1. Before homework, the child should have a snack or a meal. For some
kids, it helps to have a ?study period? right after lunch, in the
school library. Engage your son; ask him what he thinks would work
best for him: a study period at school (when should it be?), homework
after school and after a snack, or homework after dinner in the

2. Some kids do best when they can have a physical activity after
school, and *then* do homework.

3. Some schools offer after-school homework clubs or classes, which
provide the kind of structure that may help a child who?s having
trouble focusing on homework.

4. Whatever time is chosen for homework, it should be the same every
school day. (?How to Help: Show That You Think Education and Homework
Are Important -- Helping Your Child With Homework:? ;?Homework
Tips for Parents:?

5. One of the most important things any parents can do to help their
child with their homework is provide a quiet, clutter-free place for
the child to work. There shouldn?t be a television in the room, and
the rest of the family shouldn?t be watching it elsewhere in the
house. (According to the Committee on Public Education of the American
Academy of Pediatrics, kids who get two hours or less of tv a day are
more apt to focus on their homework; ?Parents should cut TV time to
focus kids on homework,? ) There
should be a workspace (a clear desk or small table) for writing and
books. A computer may be handy, but it may also inspire your son to
goof off, surfing the web and chatting in IMs and chat rooms. It?s
better to have the computer in another room, where the child can get
to it when he needs to, or have him use a computer that cannot be
connected to the Internet.  The telephone should also be off-limits
during home work time. Some kids don?t mind (or actually like) having
the radio or music playing in the background, but if you think this is
distracting your son, turn it off. Make sure everything your son needs
is handy: sharpened pencils, blank paper, erasers, dictionary, etc.
The lighting should also be good.  (?Dear Parents and Staff:? ; ?What Do Children Need From
Parents?? ; (?How to Help: Show That
You Think Education and Homework Are Important -- Helping Your Child
With Homework:?
; ?Homework Tips for Parents:?

6. Make sure he knows that *after* his homework is done, he can go
hang out with friends, or do whatever else he?d like to be doing. If
he?s doing his homework in the evenings, he should know that he?ll
only get to do these ?fun things? tomorrow, if he finishes his
homework tonight. If your son doesn?t finish his homework, try
pointing out: ?So you chose not to do your homework, didn't you?"
"Yes. ' "That violated our agreement, didn't it?" "Yes." "You can
guess what that means, can't you?" (?Parent Talk,? by Chick Moorman:*

7. Consider making homework time a ?work time? for you, too. Pay bills
at a nearby table, or do some reading. (?How to Help: Show That You
Think Education and Homework Are Important -- Helping Your Child With

8. Help your son learn to write down all his homework assignments in a
special ?homework notebook.? This needn?t be fancy, but it should be
the only thing that goes into the notebook. This will make it easier
for him (and you) to know exactly what he needs to do. (?How to Help:
Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important -- Helping
Your Child With Homework:? )

9. If you see your son getting frustrated, let him take a break, then
offer to help. (?How to Help: Show That You Think Education and
Homework Are Important -- Helping Your Child With Homework:? )

10. If you son has large homework assignments (like a report), help
him break the task down into smaller tasks. (?Help Your Child Focus on
Homework Assignments,? available for a limited time in this Google
cache: ://

11. Give lots of praise when he completes assignments. (?How to Help:
Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important -- Helping
Your Child With Homework:? )

12. Check your child?s homework every night. If he knows you?ll be
asking to see his homework, it gives him additional motivation to do

In addition, here are two good articles on helping kids with their homework:

* ?How to Help,? by

* ?Whose Homework is it Anyway,? in PDF form:


help teenager "focus on homework"
?focus on homework?
Subject: Re: School Homework
From: curious_-ga on 25 Oct 2004 08:40 PDT
don't insist on the studying, insist on the results.
Subject: Re: School Homework
From: semag-ga on 03 Dec 2004 21:28 PST
i am not an expert but am still in school myself so i think that my
opionion is relivent.

Obviosly it is important to give rewards, in  my opionion the most
effective reward is not money, it is attention if a kid gets good
grades take them out to eat as a family at their favorite restraunt as
a reward.

also punishment is imporant to an extent, do not allow the kid to get
away with just not doing it, and do punish them if they are refusing
to study, but it is my expierence that i find myself most concerd with
actualy "failing" then getting my xbox taken away, make the kid happy
to sucseed, and if the do fail do not guilt them but make a big deal
about it. ask them why and find out what they think is a better
soultion, dont say it as they nead to answer to get u to go away but
get them to relize that it is there loss if they fail.

also one of the biggest reasons for a kid not doing homework is that
they are disorganised, i sugest forcing your kid to do there homework
at a certain time, and actualy checking to c that it is done after

im sory abot the typos i am in a hury to finish this post i hope what
i said has been helpfull

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