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Q: How do I clear "history" on Dialer screen for Palm Tungsten T3 model? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: How do I clear "history" on Dialer screen for Palm Tungsten T3 model?
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Asked by: nanonano-ga
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Posted: 25 Oct 2004 12:17 PDT
Expires: 24 Nov 2004 11:17 PST
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Is there a way to clear" the DIALER history on my Palm Tungsten T3
model?  There are no options available to do so on the T3 menu or
preferences for the "Dialer" feature. I've looked all over the Palm OS
and Palm T3 website - and nothing is listed.  I want to 'clear' all
the history -  but only on the DIALER  screen. Please help!

Request for Question Clarification by aht-ga on 26 Oct 2004 20:25 PDT

I do not have access to a Tungsten T3 at the moment to verify this, so
I'm posting this as a clarification request first in order to
ascertain whether your need can be solved with one of the following
two methods.

The first method that comes to mind is possibly the easiest. The Call
History list holds your 11 most-recent numbers dialed. So, if there is
a number on the list that you would like to 'flush' from the list, the
easiest way may be to simply dial 11 new numbers. These numbers do not
necessarily have to be valid numbers, so even using a series of
toll-free numbers such as 1-800-555-0000 through 1-800-555-0011 should
do it.

The second method is not as easy. The Call History data should be
stored in a Call History PDB (Palm database) file that you can try
deleting. If I recall correctly, if you start from the Application
Launcher (a.k.a. Home), and open the Menu, you should have a Delete...
function on the menu. Using the Delete function, you can scroll
through looking for a Call History PDB file. Again, as I do not have a
Tungsten T3 handy at this time to verify this, I'll need you to look
on yours instead.

Personally, I'd suggest the first method as it is safer and most
likely easier. Let me know what your preference is.


Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by nanonano-ga on 27 Oct 2004 16:56 PDT
Thank you for your reply and the suggestions.  Unfortunately, I do not
have my T3 with me at the moment - but later tonight I will try your
Method #1.

Ideally, I'd like to clear the entire screen, and not have any 'fake'
numbers showing. If I do try Method #2 as you suggest below,  I wonder
if it will remove the actual Dialer "application" ...  or will it just
remove/delete the Call History "log" of numbers already dialed?  That
is what I would prefer.

Thanks again for your helpful suggestions  - I'll check tonight and
reply again with my findings.

Request for Question Clarification by aht-ga on 27 Oct 2004 21:19 PDT
If you can locate the Call History pdb file (as per the second method
above) using the Delete function, and assuming that the Delete
function will let you delete the pdb file, then all that you are
deleting is the database containing the Call History data. Generally
speaking, the PalmOS applications are all designed to automatically
recreate a (blank) database file if the original one is corrupt or
missing, so the Call History function should recreate the file (with
no data in it) after you delete the original. Make sure you run Call
History (ie. open Dialer and click on History) before you
re-synchronize the Tungsten, or else the backup version from your PC
will be written back to the Tungsten and you're back at square one.


Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by nanonano-ga on 28 Oct 2004 12:17 PDT
Thanks, aht!

I tried to find a file named as "Call History pdb" but I could not
find it anywhere. I followed your instructions to try and locate it
(select the "Delete" menu button from the Homepage screenview).   The
closest I could find are 2 files:  one is "PHMDB" and the other is
"PMNDB". I did NOT delete those two - since I don't know what they

I DID find something labelled as "DIAL"  and "DIALER".  When I select
"DIALER" and clicked the "Delete" button, a window pop up and asks:
"Delete the Dialer application and all data?"

Can you confirm/advise that if I say "YES" to this question - it
appears that I will NO LONGER have the Dialer application function on
my PDA, correct?

Thank you again for your time and help.

Request for Question Clarification by aht-ga on 28 Oct 2004 22:04 PDT

I would not suggest deleting the Dialer application, unless you know
for sure that you do not need it. While removing Dialer should also
remove the Call History in your version of the PalmOS, I cannot say
for sure (without seeing the backups on your PC) whether you will be
able to easily reinstall it.


Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by nanonano-ga on 29 Oct 2004 12:27 PDT
Thanks aht,
I think I am clear now as to the procedure and what my options are for
clearing the Dialer history. Your help and responses are appreciated!

Request for Question Clarification by aht-ga on 29 Oct 2004 16:24 PDT

Thus far, our discussion has been through requests/responses for
question clarification, to see if there is indeed an Answer that I can
provide. At this point, based on what I've been able to find, it
appears that your best options are the ones we've discussed. May I
post this as the Answer, to help complete this transaction?


Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by nanonano-ga on 29 Oct 2004 18:55 PDT
Yes,  aht,   .you can consider this 'answered'. 
Thank you again for your help!
Subject: Re: How do I clear "history" on Dialer screen for Palm Tungsten T3 model?
Answered By: aht-ga on 30 Oct 2004 01:00 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

I will summarize our discussion here as the Answer for your question.

The Dialer application's Call History feature stores the eleven
most-recently dialed numbers for quick reference and re-use. This
information is stored in a database file associated with the Dialer
application. This leaves two possibilities for 'clearing' the Call
History list when such a need arises.

The first possibility is to simply flush the list using eleven new
phone numbers, such as toll-free numbers ranging from 1-800-555-0000
through 1-800-555-0011. Dial each one once, and when you are done the
previous contents of the History list will be gone.

The second possibility, which is a bit more difficult, is to delete
the Call History database. As your experimentation has shown, though,
the database is not directly accessible through the PalmOS interface.
Instead, your only option on the Palm is to delete the entire Dialer
application, then attempt to reinstall it from your PC. Depending on
whether or not you really need to use Dialer, this may or may not be
an acceptable risk to you.

One final possibility is to look for the Call History database file in
the system backup files stored on your PC, delete it, then force
HotSync to copy the system from the PC to the Palm (minus the deleted
database). This method may result in a corrupted Dialer application,
though, so unless you are very comfortable playing around with your
Tungsten T3 in this way, you are best advised not to try this.

Ultimately, the easiest method is to 'flush' the list using eleven new
numbers, so that's what I would recommend in this case.

I hope that this discussion has helped!


Google Answers Researcher
nanonano-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thanks again! Very helpful and clear instructions. Great response time all-around.

Subject: Re: How do I clear "history" on Dialer screen for Palm Tungsten T3 model?
From: lth-ga on 01 Feb 2005 07:54 PST
An easier way might be to 
  - Install Filez (from or elsewhere), open the app
  - Make sure "PalmCard" is at the top right of the screen
  - Look for the file History1.0_dilP and delete it

I've only verified this works on a Palm Tungsten E.

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