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Q: Opinions of Hillary Clinton ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Opinions of Hillary Clinton
Category: Reference, Education and News
Asked by: seawolf123456-ga
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Posted: 02 Nov 2004 10:46 PST
Expires: 02 Dec 2004 10:46 PST
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Why do some people dislike Hillary Clinton? Why do others like her?
Subject: Re: Opinions of Hillary Clinton
Answered By: kriswrite-ga on 02 Nov 2004 11:36 PST
Hi Seawolf~

Thank you for the interesting question.

Likes and dislikes are a very personal thing, and every single human
being has people who both like and dislike them. Political ideas aside
(after all, we can?t expect conservatives to get too excited about
people whose world view is so different from their own), here are what
people say they like and dislike about former first lady and Senator
Hilary Clinton. Everybody?s opinion counted here, whether well known
or not, and I?ve culled opinions from a wide variety of sources.


A strong woman: ?I like Hilary Clinton. I think she's-- she's a
fantastic leader.? (?Wesley Clark Interview,? CBS: ) ?I
like Hilary Clinton. I think she is a very strong woman and a fine
Senator.? (?Do you turtle lovers vote?? Turtle Times:

A good Senator: ?Hilary Clinton is one of my state senators and I
could not be more happy with anyone else. Her and her counterpart
Charles Schumer have done a great job in the Senate representing NY
state.? (2020 Democrats: )

Smart: ?And I really, really love Hilary Clinton. I think she's very
cool. I mean, she may be a little precious about certain things, but
at least she's out there and she's involved. And she's an incredibly
smart woman.? (?Interview with Sandra Bernhard,? )

Devoted to her husband: ?Hilary Clinton is a stunning woman and very
intelligent and has supported her husband through some tough times and
doesn't deserve the vile and spite aimed at her.? (?Downsize This,?
123 Check:
Accomplished career woman: ?I like Hilary Clinton. She has
accomplished a lot as a career woman and as a mother.? (My China News:


Cold and Manipulating: ?...but she doesn't have his deadly tools,
charm and charisma [of her husband]. She is a cold, manipulating
bitch, and anyone with a grain of perception can see it.? (?Spanked,?
Dean?s World:

Snob: ?Hilary Clinton is said to have commented to her driver after
speaking to a hall of honest-to-good country folks - ' get me outta
here as fast as you can'.? (?Elan Vital Today,? The Grapevine: )

Anti Women?s Rights: ?If she is a outspoken defender for women's
rights, then she sets a bad example for living with a husband who
shows no respect for women or his family. I surly do not Hilary
Clinton speaking for me! I would never want my daughter to follow her
footsteps.? (?Women Role Models,? Family Education:^0@.ee72036/410

Not Strong: ?Everyone says Hilary Clinton is a strong and fierce
woman. Like hell she is, if she was she would have kicked ol Willy
Clinton out of her life for good, but she didn?t.? (?Men Suck,?
Useless Knowledge:

Power Hungry: ?Hilary Clinton is addicted to power and she will do
whatever it takes to achieve it.? (Caiterwauling:

Etc: ?She is portrayed as a strong woman. She is not. She is a
weakling and poseuse thrust to celebrity by a people increasingly weak
and pretentious. Where incompetence reigns, it becomes the perverse
standard of competence...She is a Democrat with snobbist pretensions;
a person who loves the poor who once had a homeless man arrested for
talking to her; a feminist who despises actual female intelligence; a
look-at-me religious enthusiast with secular rhetoric; a grant-hog for
Big Science who once kicked the guts of disheartened Russian
physicists at Akademgorodok by declaring, not words of hope for the
fragile democracy, but in effect that Marx was right after all.? (?It
Has to Be Said,? Lew Rockwell: )

Kind regards,

"I like Hilary Clinton"
?Hilary Clinton is?
"love Hilary Clinton"
"hate Hilary Clinton"

Request for Answer Clarification by seawolf123456-ga on 02 Nov 2004 12:03 PST
Hey Kriswrite - thanks for the answer - Actually, I WAS looking for
political and proffesional reasons, not subjective. I.E. What has she
done that conservatives don't like? what has she done that Democrats
DO like?
Thanks again...

Clarification of Answer by kriswrite-ga on 02 Nov 2004 13:59 PST
Ok, politically speaking, then :)  I was surprised to find that when
you specifically look at policy decisions Mrs. Clinton has made, much
of the same rhetoric comes up as when you look at her personality and
persona. Amazingly, it was very difficult to come up with praise for
Hilary Clinton?s stint as Senator (even though I searched for about an
hour and a half...for praise alone), but all the praise and criticism
seems to come down to these points:


Good Social/Governmental Ideas (etc): ?I think Hilary with her views
on homosexual rights and freedoms, as well as her uncanny views on
children's education, financial growth, and economic stimulation would
be a great asset to this country.? (2020 Democrats: )

Political Experience: ?...she has been in Washington for 7+ years and
knows how the Federal Govt. and the political system works. She can be
more effective than local politicians because she is savvy, will not
have unrealistic expectations of what can be accomplished (especially
if there is a Republican majority again, Goddess forbid), and knows
the art of compromise to achieve her goals for the state. I think New
York is lucky to have her.? ( )

Great Fundraiser: ?Certainly Hillary is the best fundraiser to ever
grace the top of the GOP hit list...? (Washington Monthly:

Political Smarts: ?Hilary is smart enough to realize that she needs to
lay down a solid track record in the Senate before she steps out onto
the big stage.? (Washington Monthly:

Hard Working: ?...[she] shows up [at work], a lot. She has worked very
hard to be visible upstate...? (Washington Monthly:


Liar: ?U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton had her staff fabricate records of
meetings and phone calls to families of victims of the Sept. 11
attacks.? (A Small Victory:

Not "good": ?She is judgmental and vindictive and has a strong
tendency to demonize those who disagree with her instead of responding
to them.? (?Convention-al Wisdom,? Tutaai: )

Too Radical: ?...she has espoused policies that I perceive as radical,
especially her enthusiasm for government-rationed health care and
imposition of crippling, job-killing mandates on employers...Hilary
Clinton constructed a complete reconstruction of America's health care
system (20% of the national GDP) in closed sessions, locked away from
any input not hand-picked by her. And she wasn't elected by anyone.?
(?Convention-al Wisdom,? Tutaai: )

Unpatriotic: ?One reason why I don?t like Hillary she said once
?America could be a good country.?? (The Wings of the Web: )

Too Liberal: ?She wants bigger government, and more taxes. Plus, she
was the one spearheading the socialization of the US medical system in
the early '90s.? (Dunesburry and the bounty: )

?Hilary Clinton? policies
"Hilary Rodham Clinton" policies
"Hilary Rodham Clinton" like
"Hilary Clinton is a great"
"Hilary Clinton is a good"
"Hilary Clinton" "good senator"
"Hilary Clinton" "great senator"
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