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Q: WOW! Christmas Day Entertainment / Games ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: WOW! Christmas Day Entertainment / Games
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Asked by: dtnl42-ga
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Posted: 17 Nov 2004 00:37 PST
Expires: 17 Dec 2004 00:37 PST
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We have a big family Christams Day together - we know all the usual
games - any ideas on unusual, wow family games / ideas to make the day
memorable and the best Christmas day ever?
Subject: Re: WOW! Christmas Day Entertainment / Games
Answered By: sabrina_j6-ga on 17 Nov 2004 14:10 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Dear dtnl42,

Since you mentioned that were aware of some of the more common games
and ideas, I have only included very original and creative ones. If
you cannot find what you are looking for here and so need a few more,
please let me know.  I hope you and your family have an enjoyable
Christmas party.

Games and Ideas: 

1) Christmas Box Game

?Wrap up a small gift (possibly a CD, tape or candy). Then wrap this
box in a succession of larger boxes. Use DUCT tape for the wrapping.
Don't tell anyone about the layers of boxes. Get a pair of dice and a
baking pan to roll them in. Get a pair of oven mitts, a scarf and a
hat. Get everyone in a circle and put the box in the middle. Choose a
number to roll for a person to get a chance at opening the box. Begin
rolling the dice. Each person gets one roll then passes the dice. When
someone rolls the number of choice (it is best to start with a less
probable number "4")
They have to: 
Put on all the clothes (hat, scarf, mitts) and try to open the box. 
They only get to try until a new person rolls the same number.

2) Christmas Who Am I 

Tags for each person's back with Christmas characters written on them
Rules: Make tags with names of Christmas characters: Kris Kringle,
Mrs. Claus, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Rudolf, Frosty, etc. Then put one on
each persons' back. They have to go around the room and ask other
attendees questions that could be answered with a yes or no to find
out who they are. When they guessed their own "identity" they get a
1. Ask "yes" or "no" questions only. 
2. Answer yes or no to questions only. 
3. No removing your own name tag to find out. If you ask, anyone will
help you find out your identity.
4. If you need people seated or grouped up this may be a good way to
do it. Have place cards at the seat of each item. Or have a few
different categories of item to guess. Then when it comes time to
group up have the cartoon characters go here, vegetables there, etc.

3) One Handed Wrap

?A Christmas game where you and your partner race to wrap a package
first. The catch? You can only use one hand each!
Each pair races to wrap the box and tie the ribbon in a box around the
box. The host should warn all the groups that he/she will judge the
winner based not only on speed but quality of wrapping. Have all
groups start wrapping at the same time. Each person should hold one
arm behind his or her backs (no switching in the middle). After
everyone is done, the host can judge who won. You should make a note
of what order the groups finish in.?

4) Christmas Movie Trivia 
?Copy the Holiday Movie Trivia (make sure not to leave the answer in)
and hand out one to every guest as they arrive. Whoever gets the most
questions right wins! Another variation on this game: Divide all
guests into 2 or 3 or 4 groups, each group can collaborate on answers,
the group which gets most questions right, wins?
Christmas Movie Trivia can be found on this page:


?The young and the young at heart always enjoy the classic beach game
of "limbo". Try using a string of holiday lights or a strand of
sparkly garland for your limbo stick. For a fun variation on the game,
make it a little more challenging by adding a Santa Stomach to guests
as they take their turn. Have a couple of oversized shirts, and some
fluffy pillows on hand. Get ready for some howling laughter!?

6) Stocking Hunt

?For this game you will need three pairs each of two different colors
of Christmas stockings or clean socks. Number 1-6 stockings or socks
of both colors. Hide stockings around room, house, or school. Inside
stockings 2-5, place a note giving a hint to the location of the next
stocking (i.e. "Stocking #2 is under something large" or "Stocking #4
might be enjoying a good book."). Divide players into two teams. Hand
both teams cards hinting at the location of the first stocking. The
first team to find all six stockings wins.?

7) Candy Cane Relay
These are their instructions: You must make two teams and give each
player a cheap, disposable chopstick. Each team gets in line holding
their chopstick in front of them. The first player gets a candy cane
put onto their chopstick. When the signal is given the first player
turns and tries to pass the candy cane on to the next player. Each
player continues down the row. Players can only touch the candy cane
with their chopsticks and if it falls the player passing it is the
only one who may retrieve it. The team who dropped it is fined a ten
-second -penalty. As soon as the last person receives the candy cane,
that person runs to the front of the line. First team to get their
candy cane back to the front is the winner.

8) NAME THAT TUNE ? You'll need a CD player and some compact discs
with compilations of Christmas songs. Play the first few bars, and see
which guest can name that tune the fastest. Keep track of points and
award the winner a Christmas music CD. If your group is large, play a
variation on this game. Using famous Christmas and holiday songs, list
song titles on one side of a page, and the original Artists or
songwriters on the other side. Make enough copies for all guests.
Challenge guests to match as many as possible. A challenging but fun

9) Christams Card Toss!

Get about 10 Christmas cards of various sizes. Place a laundry basket
about six feet away from the participants. Have each participant stand
at a specific place and throw the cards at the basket. The person who
gets the most cards in the basket wins the game

10) Noah's Ark 

The group divides in two parallel lines facing each other across the
room (perhaps boys/girls but doesn't matter). Each person is assigned
an animal whose match is across the room somewhere. After being given
a moment of thought, everyone in the room acts like the assigned
animal and walks (crawls, flaps, waddles, etc) across the room in
search of their mate. No human language is allowed. When people think
they have discovered their mate, the go to the referee. The
pandemonium proceeds until everyone has been mated.
To help with the assignment of animals perhaps you could make two sets
of animal cards to pass out to people. In this case, the people
wouldn't need to be in parallel lines across from each other. They
could just be in a big circle or anywhere in the room.

Delight your friends & family with unfamiliar traditions, while you
teach your children how to be true citizens of the world by
incorporating customs from other cultures into your family
celebration. Particularly fun if you know your family's background and
can use you ancestral roots as a guide for which customs to
reintroduce into your family sphere, but equally fun even if you just
dig one country's Christmas vibe and want become adopted into that
culture--even if it's just for a day! For example, take Christmas
south of the border by getting a Christmas pinata and decorate with
poinsettias, native to Mexico and believed to have first been used in
connection with Christmas in the 17th century when Mexican Franciscans
included the flowers in their Christmas celebration.

An exploration of worldwide Christmas traditions as celebrated by
people in countries you may never have even visited! So here's your
chance to travel to far off places, and experience the holiday sights,
smells, sounds & sensations of the Christmas holiday as recorded by
inhabitants of adults & children from various parts of the world.

You may also find these links useful:
1) Purchase Christmas Trivia and Charade cards
2) The Best Christmas Party Game Book
3) Christmas bingo. Festive bingo cards can be printed out here
4) Group Jokes and Riddles
Ask fun Christmas riddles  to the group such as ?Why was Santa's
helper down in the dumps?
Because he had low elf esteem?

5) Guess the real names of the Christmas carols from the alternate titles.

Please ask for a clarification on this answer if necessary,
I hope this helps!

Best Regards,
dtnl42-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars

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