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Q: Care of fudge in a retail store ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Care of fudge in a retail store
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: tedebare-ga
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Posted: 22 Nov 2004 21:17 PST
Expires: 22 Dec 2004 21:17 PST
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how do I prepare fudge for shipment?  How do I store fudge?
Subject: Re: Care of fudge in a retail store
Answered By: hummer-ga on 23 Nov 2004 07:23 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi tedebare,

Following a few simple procedures, you shouldn't have too much trouble
storing and shipping your fudge.


To store fudge, you'll need to keep it in an airtight container or
plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. For short periods (1 or 2
weeks), room temperature is fine. Store in the refrigerator for one
month, but for longer periods, pop it into the freezer.

Air tight tin with wax paper separating layers of candy  	 
Room Temp: 1 - 2 weeks  	   	 
Freezer: 3 months

How long can I keep fudge?
"Fudge will stay fresh for about two weeks if wrapped in plastic wrap
or an airtight container. Keep Fudge at room temperature.
Refrigerating it will dry it out."
Can I freeze fudge?
"Fudge freezes very well. Wrap in wax paper then in aluminum foil. It
should stay fresh for about 6 months."

Storing Fudge:
"Fudge keeps about a month in the refrigerator. Keep it in an air
tight tin with wax paper separating layers of candy."


Briefly, use two containers, one for the fudge and the other for
shipping. Ideally, if you've made the fudge in disposable metal pans,
just leave the fudge in the pans, cover with wax paper, seal in a
plastic bag and pack in your shipping box.  For smaller orders, wrap
each square in wax paper before packing in box or tin.  Inside the
sturdy shipping box, surround the fudge container with popcorn (plain,
air popped only) or other packing material on all sides.

How to Mail Perishables
"The three Cs - a strong carton, ample cushioning and secure closure
will keep your baked goods intact en route.
1.  Choose durable foods such as ... fudge.
2.  Wrap cookies individually or pack them back-to-back and close together.
4.  Put brownies and fudge in disposable metal pans.
5.  Choose a strong mailing carton, big enough to allow for cushioning
material on the sides, top and bottom.
6.  Using crumpled or shredded newspaper or bubble plastic, center the
gift and slightly overfill the carton with the cushioning material.
7.  Secure the parcel with packaging tape, not clear or masking tape.
8.  Place clear tape over the addresses of both the sender and recipient.
9.  Mark "Perishable" or "Fragile" on all sides of the box.
10.  Take the package to the post office."

In General: 
"Durable foods that ship well include baked goods that are moist and
firm or hard, but not brittle. These travel well and should arrive
whole, not in crumbs. Examples are pound cakes, cookies, fruitcakes,
brownies and fudge."
Place in Pans:  
"Brownies and fudge ship better when they are left in their metal
pans. Cover the bars with wax paper, place the pan in a plastic bag
and pack in a cushioned box."
Place in Pans: 
"Brownies and fudge ship better when they are left in their metal
pans. Cover the bars with wax paper, place the pan in a plastic bag
and pack in a cushioned box."
Place in Tins: 
"Choose a box that is appropriate in size to the cookie tin within.
This will help keep the tins from shifting and the cookies from
breaking. The ideal cushion is 2 to 3 inches of packing material on
all sides."
"When sending cookies in a tin, on the bottom of the container place a
piece of bubble wrap, then line the container with parchment paper or
cellophane, leaving enough to tuck over the top once the container is
fully packed. Place one layer of cookies in the container. Cover with
parchment paper. Arrange another layer of cookies, followed with more
parchment paper, and continue this layering until the container is
full. Tuck the cellophane or parchment paper over the top, then place
another piece of bubble wrap on top, and seal your container."
"Pack the tin in a box neatly lined with lengths of Bubble Wrap, then
fold the Bubble Wrap back into the margins between the tin and box to
form a double cushion. Toss a scoop or two of popcorn  at the bottom
of the box. Set the cookie tin on top, and surround it with more

How To Ship Cookies So They Will Arrive Fresh and Undamaged:
"While wrapping the cookies in cellophane, make sure to place a layer
of it between the cookies as well. This will keep them from sticking
together. Just cut a piece of cellophane wrap that is larger than both
cookies laying side by side. Then lay one cookie, bottom side down at
the top of the wrap. Next, fold the top of the wrap towards you,
covering and turning the cookie upside down; the way you would fold a
letter into thirds for a legal sized envelope. Now you can place
another cookie, bottom side down, on top of the first covered cookie.
Continue to wrap making sure they are sealed tight.
After wrapping your cookies securely, make sure you have an airtight
container for shipping. You can purchase inexpensive shipping boxes at
discount stores or even the post office. You can recycle your own
small boxes too, as long as they are in good shape. Although I do
prefer using new boxes when shipping cookies, it just makes the gift
seem a little more special, you can even use empty cereal or oatmeal
boxes. Inside the mailing box, you can use decorated tins or plastic
containers if you'd like, or you can just place the wrapped cookies
right in the box if it's sturdy enough.  (If the box can be easily 
crushed the cookies can be too.)
Before placing the cookies or your decorated tin in the box, fill it
with packing material such as leftover shipping peanuts, bubble wrap,
crushed up newspapers, or my favorite: plastic grocery bags. For
goodness sakes, don't buy any new packing material; just recycle what
you already have."

Shipping Baked Goods:
"Once all individual items are tightly sealed in a food container,
select a sturdy cardboard box for shipping. Avoid using a previously
mailed box. Boxes weaken during transit, and may not withstand a
second trip. The box should be large enough to allow plenty of
cushioning material to be packed on all sides of the food box.
Place a cushion of crumpled newspaper, paper towels, bubble-wrap, or
Styrofoam pellets on the bottom of the shipping box, then add the
containers of food. Place heavier items at the bottom. Be sure there
is ample space between each item, with packing material surrounding
each container on all sides. Finish packing with paper. Shake the box
down and add more crumpled paper to be sure there is no headspace left
unpacked. This will assure the contents will not shift while in
transit. Securely close the box and label it ?perishable.?

Additional Links of Interest:

All about fudge:

Priority Mail Flat Rate Box:

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please post a
clarification request *before* closing/rating my answer and I'll be
happy to reply.

Thank you,

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"storing fudge"
"shipping fudge"
how to mail fudge
"packaging fudge"
fudge "how to ship"
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