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Q: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   6 Comments )
Subject: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
Category: Sports and Recreation > Hobbies and Crafts
Asked by: 6ra3-ga
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Posted: 16 Jan 2006 17:12 PST
Expires: 15 Feb 2006 17:12 PST
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I'm thinking of an appropriate gift for someone special, though I
wouldn't want it to be too obvious as to my intentions.  Won't send
them anything on Valentine's day.  I'm going to look online for
material to build up a gift that has the following guidelines:

1. Quality, no brand.
2. Should have Lavender involved as it's a favorit of the person intended for.
3. Wrapping material and ideas and their details are as important as the contents.
4. Subtle, not obviously luxurious, but not cheap.. hidden
quality/details would be ideal.

The person likes to watch movies and frequents the Gym and is a
female.. Was thinking of blankets, beddings or scented stuffing
materials for beddings, candles, items related to the cold season.. it
would be applicable to the weather and times for delivery near
Valentines, but not theme related.

Looking forward to your help. :-)


Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 16 Jan 2006 17:22 PST
I am not sure from the title - is this a request for Pinkfreud? Please
let me know as I will certainly unlock it if that is the case!

Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 16 Jan 2006 17:39 PST
Mao - I have contacted Pinkfreud and she is not able to work on an
answer for you at this time. I will continue on with my research,
unless I hear from you soon. umiat

Clarification of Question by 6ra3-ga on 16 Jan 2006 17:49 PST
Hello Umiat,

An associate of pinky is good enough for me. ;-)

Please go ahead! :-)


Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 16 Jan 2006 17:58 PST
Thanks, mao. Any more info about this special person? Approximate age?
Other hobbies? I know you mentioned she(?) likes the gym, but what
about traveling, hiking, or camping? Does she like to cook? Have pets?
Favorite subjects she might like to explore more in depth? Also - do
you have a price range in mind?

Clarification of Question by 6ra3-ga on 16 Jan 2006 18:09 PST

Age group is in the mid-thirties.  Likes and has travelled, loves the
beach and water sports as well.  Don't know about the cooking part,
but I would guess not much as her career takes up most of her time. 
No fixations or focus areas that I think we should assume, we probably
would be better off thinking in general terms of what a suite, humble,
down to earch conservative person would like.  No pets that I know of.

Price range.. umm.. I'd say a few $k would be my max... but please
make sure that it doesn't look 'obviously' expensive.. I'm not trying
to show off.

Hope I helped. :-)


Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 16 Jan 2006 18:28 PST
Last question, I promise. Did you really mean max as a few thousand
("few k")? Or did you mean a couple hundred? I'm afraid a gift in the
thousand dollar range might go overboard even if you don't want it to
appear so. But I can look that high if you want me to. I just want to
make sure I stay within a comfortable price range for you.

Clarification of Question by 6ra3-ga on 16 Jan 2006 18:48 PST

Yes I meant a few thousand, but I don't want to push you that high up.
 I also would not do it if that makes it detectable that it was that
expensive.. I would also want the whole project to ultimately cost
that much, including all wrapping and shipping costs as the material
and gift(s) would need to be shipped internationally.. don't worry
about the details on the shipping part, I can receive the items in the
US or UK and have them forwarded to where I am.

All I care about is that the contents and wrappings are well thought
out and picked to address attention to details and uniqueness and
quality without luxury or brands being in the picture.. the effort on
my part to pick and put these together should be the focus. :-)

Hope that was clear? :-)

I don't mind questions, they would help me.. I'm enjoying this as well.

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
Answered By: umiat-ga on 17 Jan 2006 23:23 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, Mao!

 I've been racking my brain since you posted your question! This has
been hard to answer since I am somewhat of a bystander here and gifts
are very personal. Also, the most expensive items are usually apparel,
art, jewelry and watches, technical items, etc. which are very
subjective in terms of taste.

 I think the best way to approach an answer is to give you my "ideal"
suggestion for a gift package, followed up by additional items you
might consider for substitution. You know this special woman and I
don't, so I have no idea of her tastes. Perhaps you can mix and match
the ideal gift package by going through all my suggestions. I followed
up on your original suggestion for bedding items and went from


I have compiled a combination of gifts which might appeal to various
aspects of your friend's personality and lifestyle. The package
contains something cozy to wrap around herself and relax in after she
comes home from work or exercise, some lavender bath items for
pampering, a beautiful item of jewelry for work or an evening out, and
a sweet treat when she feels like indulging! The items are not "too"
personal and you are not running the risk of assuming a style she does
not like or a size that does not fit! I purposely chose the white silk
throw since it offsets the rest of the lavender theme, but if there is
still too much lavender here, you can choose a robe in a different
color from the additional selections I have provided. The alternate
suggestions will provide some variety of choices while still remaining
along the same gift theme.

Gift Package - Individual White Silk Throw, Plush Lavender Spa Robe,
Lavender Spa gift basket, a Set of Lavender Pearls, and a small box of
"Lavender Fudge."

* Cost without shipping and taxes - Low - $565 to High - $1,575

1. (a) White Mulberry Silk Throw from Plumeria Bay -  $210

 "The Winter Silk Throw is covered in a 19mm silk satin, just slightly
sand washed. This silk throw is a perfect companion, along with a cup
of hot chocolate (or tea, or...), to cuddle up with when the weather
gets chilly. Silk within, silk without. These comforters from the
legendary silk region of China are beautifully sensuous and supple,
conforming to your body contours, with the Winter throw offering a
buttery smooth satin finish silk habotai covering. Like our down
comforters you'll see, and feel, that quality materials, design &
craftsmanship do make a difference. Only the finest grade "A" Hand
pulled Mulberry silk floss strands, up to 3000 feet long, form
delicate layers of silvery white batting that will never shift or
bunch. This is due, in part, to the special inner construction of
these comforters, not found in others.

  (This seems a bit more personal and slightly more romantic than bedding,  
    especially when you are still tip-toeing a bit!)

2. (a) A Sonoma Lavender Spa Robe, $130


   (B) (b) Cozy Chic Robe (noted as a "favorite" on Oprah) - $120

      Close-up of colors

  * I think any other type of robe might be too personal. You can safely give 
    her one of these since it goes along with the spa/relaxation theme!


3. Spa Retreat Lavender Gift Basket - $124.95

"Shower her with relaxation and show her you care by sending this
stunning basket filled with spa delights. The hamper style basket
holds an abundant collection of rest and relaxation with lavender and
violet scented products. Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Shower Gel, Body
Scrub, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Bath Mitt, Bath Sponge, Lavender
Scented Candles and more. This lavender and violet collection of
products is sure to make her feel appreciated." SHIPPING WEIGHT: 14

4. Lavender Pearl Necklace - from $100 - $1000 

   a) 6.5x7mm Lavender Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace - $200 - $650.

   b) Lavender Pearl Necklace - from $100 - $1000

5. Lavendar Fudge - $6.70 USD 


 If you do not like some of the above ideas, please look at my
alternate suggestions below:


1. Mulberry Silk Winter Comforters - Twin Size 68"x92" - $285.00
   Mulberry Silk Winter Comforters - Queen Size 92"x92" - $340.00 

 "Filled with pure hand pulled Mulberry Silk floss, the Winter Silk
Comforter is covered in a heavier 19mm sand washed silk habotai in a
satin finish, the Summer Silk Comforter is covered in a lighter 10mm
sand washed silk habotai with a natural finish. The Winter Mulberry
Silk Comforter is ideal for a range of climates, for use in cooler
bedrooms or for those who are normally cold sleepers.

2. Down Comforter with a Duvet Cover  - If you decide against the
individual throw or the silk comforters, you can choose an
appropriate-sized down comforter with a lavender Lilas-colored duvet
cover (quite similar to Lavender):

Duvet cover in Lilas: Price range - Twin $360 - Queen - $416.25  King - $450

Down Comforters are traditionally sold in white, and the duvet cover
is recommended to keep them clean. Comforters will range in price
depending on size, weight and type of down. See choices below:

* I use a down comforter year-round, and you really cannot go wrong
with any of the choices on the site above.

3. If you fee comfortable enough to give this combination, I think it
is absolutely beautiful!

Custom-Made Satin Comforter (Lavender) - from $279 + (depending on mattress size)


Custom-made Lavender-Scented Bedding - $299 plus (depending on size)

AND - if you want: 

Sheet sets  (I recommend a contrasting color)

and pillowcases

4. Pure Cashmere Sweaters from Isle of Skye (from $495 down...)

   They offer lavender in their available colors, but not in all
 * You might do just as well to order a color close within that color scheme 
   if available.

5. Additional Jewelry suggestions:

a) Three Strand Necklace - Pearls and Amethysts - $155

"This black pearl, amethyst and crystal necklace is the perfect piece
for fall. Beautiful baroque black pearls with gorgeous rainbow orient,
amber-colored crystals, and faceted oval natural purple amethysts are
interspersed on rich brown cord. This necklace will look absolutely
stunning with the deeper hues of fall, or, to make it really pop, wear
it against white. The strands range from 15- to 17 inches. The
generous lobster claw clasp and one-inch extender are 18k white
gold-plated .925 sterling silver."

b) Amethysist is a purple gemstone that comes very close to lavender.
The following bracelet is very subtle and simple and contains
lavender-colored amethysist.

Amethyst Bracelet in 14K White Gold - $398.00

Would any of the earings or pendants on the following sites be of
interest? (better ignore the rings!)

From My Solitaire: (see beautiful pendants on pages 3 and 4)

Maine Amethyst (as shown) 14k Gold $225.00

Maine Amethyst (as shown) 14k Gold $175.00
Maine Amethyst (as shown) 14k Gold $115.00

6. Pashmina Cashmere Shawl Handmade in Nepal - $98 (click on Lavender)

 * Note that this comes with a gift box!


   Lavender Cashmere Shawl - $89


7. I don't know where your friend lives, but including a gift
certificate for a massage, or a few catered dinners would be very
thoughtful. You could slip the certificate inside the gift basket...


Indoor Water Fountain (these are so soothing) - $100 - $900

Movie -  "Ladies in Lavender." $17.99 (just a play on her love of Lavendar)
 Synopsis -


 Unfortunately, there is a big problem at this point. Most of the
nicer wrapping paper and gift bags sold online come ONLY in large
quantities (wholesale). I was only able to find one online store that
sells unusual wrapping paper in small quantities. Please take a look
at the following recommendations. If you don't care for this paper,
you might do better to shop locally in a party store or an independent
bookstore like Barnes and Noble, which often carries a gift wrap
selection. You will have to do that for gift bags, anyway, as I did
not find anything large enough online.

 I think a few large gift bags filled with tissue paper or raffia and
individually-wrapped items in different papers is the best way to go.
If you fit the filled gift bags into the shipping box, everything will
be protected until it reaches it's destination.

 If you live in a large city, you might even be able to find a
professional gift-wrapping service, though they are quite rare.


Katespaperie has a beautiful selection of unique gift wrap. Take a
look at all the papers below, and then see my three recommendations:

All papers

I recommend the following papers, perhaps wrapping the larger items in
(a) and the smaller items in (b) and (c)

a) "Scribble, Pink & Purple" on the Sheer Papers Page? This paper
would be very nice for the larger items that you select

b) Kate's Mulberry Gift Wrap Roll, Lavender

c) Kate's Mulberry Gift Wrap Roll, Pink

If you are using any gift bags, try the Crystalized Tissue paper in
Lavender to surround the wrapped gifts:


You might try the following to go with the papers recommended above
(in purple, pink or white:


 I wish I could be of more help in the gift wrap arena but it is
especially hard when you haven't even selected your presents yet!
Wrapping a bedding set will be a lot harder than wrapping a robe!

 If you want to get some ideas for wrapping, take a look at the
papermart website. As I mentioned, everything is in large quantities,
but there are some beautiful papers and bags on the site.


I truly hope I have given you some helpful suggestions for a gift
package!  After you have looked over my answer, please don't hesitate
to ask if you need anything further and I will see what I can come up
with! At this point, I am quite bleary-eyed as it is past midnight and
I have been looking for appropriate gifts and wrapping paper for most
of the past 15 hours! I am afraid of what I might come up with if I
tried to suggest anything further at this time of night!

Looking foward to hearing your thoughts!



Request for Answer Clarification by 6ra3-ga on 18 Jan 2006 07:08 PST
Hi Umiat,

Great research and it shows the effort you've put into sifting through
the tons of available gifts to come up with appropriate
recommendations.  Thank you!

I would like to ask for a bit more informtion and possible how to and
tip web sites of people whom show with pictures ways and ideas for
wrapping and packing different types of gifts.. The key word here is
'neat' and 'unique'. :-)

Good luck!


Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 18 Jan 2006 07:32 PST
Certainly, Mao. I will see what I can find!

Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:37 PST
Oh my gosh, Mao, I am getting frustrated. There are way too many sites
on unique gift wraps that include drawing on paper shopping bags,
wrapping presents in cut-up comics, sticking old stamps on paper, etc!
I don't think this is what you want!

 The best photos and ideas for fancy wrapping will likely be found in
books, I'm afraid, since I cannot find many websites with actual
photographs. I have posted some links to book covers at the bottom of
my clarification that might give you some ideas. You might want to
actually take a trip to a bookstore and browse through some similar


 However, before you look at the book photos, I have a few ideas.

 How about going with an all natural theme in your gift packaging?
Your friend loves the beach and enjoys exercising, and she might
really appreciate the natural look as opposed to lots of glossy paper.
In a way, it will make the items you have selected stand out more. You
can dress up each each individual package with it's own special
natural tie or ribbon, and then nestle them all in a packing box
filled with shredded colored paper for shipping. You will have to go
to paper store to see if you can find bulk shredded paper  - it looks
like this:

* Better yet - buy some colored construction paper and shred it yourself!

I think you can acquire all your wrapping materials from a site like
Loosends. Take a look at the following suggestions:


 Since your most intimate present is the jewelry, why not take the
loose pearls or other jewelry item you select and snuggle them down
into a ribbon nest like this:

 Basically, it looks like the ribbon is repeatedly wrapped around a
small object placed in tissue, raffia or other natural packing
material and then tied several times around with metallic wire.
 (to see more wire, type wire in the search box on top)

Stuffing material for around the pearls 

 Again - since this is the most personal and intimate part of the
gift, why not attach a special poem or saying that would convey how
you feel?


 Another idea is to tuck the pearls inside the back pocket of a little
sachet like the one found here -

Spa Robe

How about rolling up the spa robe and putting it into something like
this bag, and then tying the handles with a selection of tie or ribbon
found on the site?

Silk Throw

The silk throw might roll up or fold into a bag like this which your
friend can reuse for other things. Tie the handles together with
whatever tie or ribbon seems most appropriate. You might want to
crumple up some nice tissue around the bottom and sides of the bag, to
make it a bit more decorative.

Tissue -

Lavender Fudge

Candy could go into something like this little box: 

Spa Giftbasket

This is basically in it's own container, but if you want to make it
look as though you compiled it yourself, you can always take out some
of the bottom stuffing and fill it with a mixture of loose seashells
and then stick some lavender sprigs in amongst the shells so the
lavender stands up among the spa products.

You can then wrap a cello sac around the basket and tie it up however
you see fit.


Materials links from the Loosends website:

Looseends gift wrapping links

Natural containers

Specialty packaging

Links to lots of different ribbons



If you want to make some wraps yourself, please look through the links
on the following website:,1788,HGTV_3273,00.html

If you decide to stay with the fancier gift wrap, see the following
books and photo covers for some ideas:

"The Gift Wrapping Book: Over 150 Ideas for All Occasions."



Creative Gift Wrapping



Quick and Easy Enchanting Gifts Wrapping



Creative Gift Packaging



Presentations - A passion for gift-wrapping


From Gift Wrapping Ideas:

"Anyone who had tried to wrap a bowling ball, baseball mitt, or
otherwise oddly shaped item knows that flimsy paper in cheerful prints
just won't do the job on their own. There are several ways to get
around this problem."

"One option, of course, is to choose a gift bag for the item in
question, add lots of pretty colored tissue paper, and tie everything
up with a big shiny bow. Alternatively, you can find or purchase a box
that the gift will fit in and wrap it with paper or foil or however
you'd like to. If the box is too big you can cushion the empty space
with tissue. Another option is to find a piece of fabric that will
comfortably cover the gift. Place the item in the center of the
fabric, bring the fabric up to the top on all sides, and tie it all
together with festive ribbon."


From "That's a wrap, folks That's a wrap."

"Oddly shaped items can be placed in a gift bag. Gift bags can be
purchased in all sizes now, even for large items such as bicycles. If
the item is smaller, a beautiful way to wrap up a gift is to surround
it with colorful tissue paper, then place inside a clear cellophane
bag. Tie off the top with matching or coordinating ribbon for a fun,
festive presentation."

"Some people like to enhance the gift wrapping by adding little
surprises such as artificial snow inside the box. When the recipient
opens the box, a flurry of snow will fly!"

"Also, little embellishments on the box add a special touch. An
evergreen sprig or a small ornament tied on top makes a beautiful
addition to the gift."


 I hope I have given you some fun ideas to work with. I think the
simpler the better, and the materials from Loosends seem to go along
with the type of woman you are describing - someone who is sweet,
humble, gentle, down to earth, and who loves the beach and outdoors.


P.S. - Please post a comment to this question in the future to let us
all know what you decided upon, and how she reacted!

Request for Answer Clarification by 6ra3-ga on 31 Jan 2006 16:49 PST
Hi Umiat,

First of all I need to apologize to you for not responding earlier,
big brother halted my account because my card was declined, no matter
what I did in changing the card in my profile or fixing the old card
or sending emails to support.. nothing happened for five days.

Created another account as a backup. :-)

Allow me to review the response and get back to you.. it's been a while.


Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 31 Jan 2006 16:55 PST
Sure thing. I don't think there is much that I can add at this point
but I would sure like to know what you have decided upon!

Request for Answer Clarification by 6ra3-ga on 31 Jan 2006 18:27 PST

Then till I go through it all and from the looks of it, it sure
deserves a fiver hands down. :-)


Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 31 Jan 2006 22:22 PST
Thank you for your kind words and very generous tip, Mao!
6ra3-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $20.00
Challenging question that was addressed by Umiat who seems to be on
the look out for the touch ones! :-)

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: nkamom-ga on 18 Jan 2006 04:48 PST
A quick internet search shows a number of lavender gardens around the
world.  How about sending her on a long weekend to relax and enjoy
herself?  This one in California seems nice.  She could enjoy warm
weather and some wine.

You also couldn't go wrong with a spa package.

Also, something you made yourself would send a message.  Perhaps you
could make some lavender bath salts -  not expensive, but sure to
catch her interest.
Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: 6ra3-ga on 18 Jan 2006 06:57 PST
Hi Nkamom,

I sure agree with you that something I make would do a lot more and
that is the intention.. I was going to pick up a few items to use as
raw materials for something I would do.. them being good quality and
expensive would likely yeald better results when one would attempt
those.. I have done this eight years ago for my first marriage attempt
and it took months of preparation to create the gifts and she has till
today all of them stored and visits her memories of them even if what
was between us didn't work out.

I liked the materials Umiat graciously found for me and use those to
build this gift up in the coming thirty to four five days as I'm not
in a hurry to make a certain date.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your effort and suggestion, it is
wonderful, but I rather have something that would stay with her as
she's quite able and does travel a lot and is consulted on Spa's in
her group of friends so it's going to be challenging to go that route.

I've kept it simple in the past with sometimes a pack of a certain
juice she liked where I gift wrapped each small container seperately
and placed it inside the original packing and then had it express
delivered..  Two surprises in one.. to find something she mentioned
had left an echo and then to see all the trouble and details I went to
in order to get it done. :-p

The above question is meant as Ammo for me to think and see what I can
use in building this one I'm about to start with, won't ever take
something off the shelf as anyone can do that and if it's expensive it
would not be appropriate.

Thanks! :-)

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: pinkfreud-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:54 PST

I have often decorated gift packages with origami figures made from
differently-colored papers. If you're handy with crafts, origami is a
delightful way to make beautiful and memorable decorations. If you're
not handy with crafts, some florists and hobby shops sell
prefabricated origami.

Once I made an origami crane from a $100 bill and nestled it in the
ribbon-bow of a wedding gift. Decades thereafter, the bride still
tells people about that "moneygami." Here is a pic of the same trick
(this time I did it with a $1 bill, since I am not very affluent these

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: 6ra3-ga on 31 Jan 2006 16:50 PST
Pink! :-)

Welcome back and I sure liked your idea!  Say, are you sure those are
the hands of someone in their fifties?  Forget the folding magic, I'm
impressed.. what do you do to keep them looking like that? O:-)

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: pinkfreud-ga on 31 Jan 2006 22:45 PST
Yep, that's my hand, all right. What do I do to keep my hands looking
like that? I photograph 'em with a crummy webcam that has a hazy
plastic lens!

Seriously, though, my skin care secret is Burt's Bees Milk & Honey
Body Lotion. Without this stuff, I would look like fine Corinthian
leather that has been left outside for several decades, then scrunched
up and thrown in a corner.

Subject: Re: Would like to avoid Valentine's Day, but prepare for. >:-) Pinky?
From: 6ra3-ga on 01 Feb 2006 05:23 PST
Hi Pink,

I've been bad.. I contacted Burt's Bees and mentioned what you've told
me about their products and I think you're <- -> far from being hired
as a hand model by them! :-)

If I get a response from them, I'll post it on here. :-)

Thank you for the recommendation, I found an online store to pick up a
few of their products for the whole family.


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