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Q: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: wolf9227-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 18 Jan 2006 10:01 PST
Expires: 17 Feb 2006 10:01 PST
Question ID: 435021
I am trying to find out what exchanges are equivalent to the OTC BB
and pink sheets in foreign countries.  I have no problem finding the
primary exchanges are, but when stocks are delisted due to failing to
meet listing requirements, they must continue trading somewhere else. 
In the US this happens to be the OTC BB or the pink sheets.  I am
looking for a link or list containing this info.
Subject: Re: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
Answered By: siliconsamurai-ga on 18 Jan 2006 10:40 PST
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Hi, thanks for bringing your question to Google Answers.

You didn't provide a stock name  so you want a general answer and you
should start at for any stock.

The default stock lookup in is for U.S. and Canada, but
there is also a ?worldwide? option which searches dozens of markets.

This is the place to begin so you can identify the exchange the stock
it is trading on.

Outside the U.S. many national markets don?t separate ?pink sheet?
from other stocks but some do and I list various online resources for
the world's stock and bond exchanges, both listed and OTC.

For example, various Canadian stocks which trade pink sheet in the
U.S. are simply listed on the Toronto or other Canadian exchange (for
Toronto that would be indicated by a designation.)

Various exchanges supported on Yahoo Finance are shown here

along with the delay times for free quotes.

This page also shows the suffix, such as .to (Toronto), .bc (Barcelona), etc.

Given that information you can simply enter the name in Google to find
the Web site for that exchange.

Go to the exchange site to obtain any further information.

For example, if you have a .bc stock name extension in Yahoo!, that is
the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

Google Search term
Barcelona Stock Exchange

You can also turn to

carries a list of about 100 world stock exchanges.

A typical listing will list the official name, address, phone and fax
numbers, as well as an email contact.

You can also find world stock exchanges listed at

This site includes links to the exchanges.

Pink Sheet trading is the nickname for Over the Counter trading (as
I?m sure you know.)

So searching Google for a country name and ?otc stock exchange? will
give you want you want after you have determined the exchange name
using the Yahoo Finance site (if you don't already know where it is

For example, Google Search Term
European ?otc stock exchange?
will lost a lot of useful sites.

See also
which has codes for listed and unlisted stock and bond exchanges.

See also
for a proposed cross-border clearing agency.

for various stock exchanges, including foreign OTC exchanges.

If nothing else you can find precise names such as Buenos Aires OTC Stock Exchange 
And Google that.

You can find more exchanges listed at

Even more exchanges are listed at

Thank you for the question. I have provided dozens of links to world
exchanges as well as a quick way to locate which exchange most stocks
and bonds are trading on(Yahoo!).

Good investing!

Clarification of Answer by siliconsamurai-ga on 18 Jan 2006 12:24 PST
You are welcome to request a refund and I won't object, but I really
don't understand your objection so could you please explain.

You want OTC exchanges and I provided links to sites which have them.
OTC exchanges in various countries are where the delisted stocks from
those countries or regions go. I trade OTC all the time, have level II
quote subscriptions and everything.

I can't provide a specific exchange name and location for you unless I
know what particular stock you are looking for - you seemed to be
asking for general information about all OTC exchanges in the world
where stocks no longer listed on the major exchanges are traded.

Request for Answer Clarification by wolf9227-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:02 PST
The OTC BB and pinksheets are where stocks in the US trade when they
are delisted from the NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX.  There are no listing
requirements for the OTC BB other than they have to report regularly. 
There are absolutely no listing requirements for the pink sheets.  So,
in essense, these are the garbage cans for stocks in the US (not to
say that there aren't some great and legitimate companies there, but
just that there are many more terrible and just shells in the case of
the pink sheets).  So my question is not about OTC (I mentioned the
OTC BB, so maybe 'OTC' threw you) but rather exchanges with minimal or
no listing requirements when there is a primary exhange in that
country.  The lists that you have provided are more primary exchanges
and/or do not differentiate from those with minimal or no listing
requirements for stocks that are delisted from the primary exchanges. 
What I am looking for is that extra piece of information to

Clarification of Answer by siliconsamurai-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:23 PST
As I said, I am not contesting your request for a refund, although you
would normally do either that OR give a bad rating, not both, but you
didn't specify any particular country and in many countries there is
no equivalent of the Pink Sheets simply because there are very minimal
listing requirements for any exchange.

In third world countries the main requirement to be listed is either
knowing someone in the government or buying a listing,if they are
delisted they cease to exist.

The Pinks in this country exist only because there are strict listing
requirements where there is no such system, there is no equivalent to
the Pinks simply because they stay on the main exchanges until they
cease to trade at all.

Good luck.
wolf9227-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars
This did not answer my question.  I am looking for the exchanges for
countries when stocks are delisted from the major exchanges (similar
to the OTC BB or pinksheets in the US), NOT just any OTC exchange.  I
am requesting a refund.

Subject: Re: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
From: scotttygett-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:47 PST
This was hardly a $10 question.

It seems to be implying that the majority of foreign exchanges do not
have open markets, and in my slight experience researching the british
listing requirements and their enterprise exchanges -- you have to be
an idiot to live in Europe, or a crook.

The OTCBB is far from being open. Lots of requirements, expensive,
owned and run by quasimonopoly NASDAQ (former not-for-profit?!).

The pink sheets are owned by a competing company that is very open
about listing small company shares. Night and day. And NASDAQ has
agreed to list these quotes temporarily.

Technically, you can have an "OTC" stock, but have it listed nowhere
but the company at this time, due to the mess with NASDR, NASD,
NASDAQ, etc. as I understand it. This is likely the case with foreign
exchanges -- one goes to the trouble of being listed, then discovers
one is back to waiting on the phone for an investor to call.

The pink sheets don't have cachet, but they don't have third party
clearing requirements and mandatory SEC filings either. (If you don't
trust the company, buy a mutual fund that does. ;  ) ) An SEC
requirement that OTC companies be sponsored by market makers seems to
have changed.

Just to be clear about this, the SEC doesn't want any pink sheets
stocks to trade "at multiples." Whether or not the big companies'
inflated stock prices are being used to funnel multiples of earnings
into brilliant investments/mergers/uses, owing to the magic of
"speculation," the SEC wants small stocks to trade on value.

Presumably, a small company faces a better shot of getting a fair
shake at the M&A table by being public already, but I haven't seen
studies on this.
Subject: Re: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
From: frankchang20-ga on 18 Jan 2006 13:48 PST
I guess wolf does not particularly have any otc stock in mind, but
he/she wants to find foreign otc stock exchange so he/she can do
his/her own gold mining.

I do some research in this field, to my best knowledge, there are no
such a list (ie. a list of Foreign OTC exchange). It is because OTC
markets to most countries are too tiny to be captured. These market
only operate toward a small group of domestic investors. I have a
collection of these exchanges from my ad hoc case reading/study. I
share with Wolf here. (note many Exchange website does not have
english version)


Euronext Paris
39 Rue Cambon, F-75001 Paris, France
tel: 33 1 49271000
Fax: 33 1 49271171

Warenterminborse Hannover
Prinzenstrasse 17, 30159 Hannover, Germany
tel: 49 511 301590
fax: 49 511 3015930

EDX London
131 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1NT, UK
tel: 44 207 0658500
fax: 44 207 0658861

34th Floor, One Canada Square, London E14 5AA
tel: 44 20 7074 4444
fax: 44 20 7074 4433

Borsa Italiana
Piazza Affari 6, 20123 Milan, Itlay
tel: 39 02 724261
fax: 39 02 72004344

BME (This is Spain main Exchange but they do have a subsidury handling OTC)
Plaza de la Lealtad, 1 28014 Madrid, Spain 
tel: 34 91 5891161
fax: 34 91 5312290

Japan Securities Dealer Association

Kosdaq stock market

Another good way of searching these kind of exchange is to use
Proquest Academic. Using key words of a country's name plus OTC. That
requires a lot fo filtering and reading.
Subject: Re: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
From: scotttygett-ga on 18 Jan 2006 18:45 PST has a cute remark about the
confusion telling unlisted from OTC companies. When the NASD's OTC was
relatively "open," I suspect that all stocks could be traded there
easily. (1970's?) Now that there isn't a "counter," (though I cannot
think of a reason in the world for it, since the world's stock
exchanges could all be run on a single desktop with every man woman
and child having their own stock symbol) the pink sheets are the
closest thing to an open market, and a counter.

Wanting to do some good in an environment where good is respected can
be tough. Going to debt is usually a bad idea. You're promising that
the discontent around you will diminish at some point, and if that
were happening, you wouldn't need it. So, you lie when you go into
debt. Good luck.

Googling for some info on european bankruptcy, now that the US has
hobbled its own law; the gist of it seems to be that foreign private
incorporation exists as it does here though few opt to "go public."

I have heard that this is all subjective and not to think about it.
Subject: Re: OTC BB / pink sheet non-US equivalents
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 19 Jan 2006 04:42 PST
Hi, of course I based my answer on the price offered.

I don't know what wolf needed the information for which rather limited
my options in answering, but I do invest in some "mining" and oil
stocks around the world and it can be very challenging to track down
info but extremely rewarding. I certainly don't advise anyone to try
to do so unless they know mining (I've put in my time in the dirt) and
have a very good (and very expensive) advisory service - I mainly use
"crazy" Dines who gets no respect from the media but his stocks show
massive gains. He has been pushing gold and commodities for years
while people laughed at him but compared to the "safe" index
investments which haven't gone up for years but are still touted by
the "expert advisors", the metals, including copper, have done fairly
well. Certainly buying and holding QQQQ, SPY or DIA hasn't been a good
option even compared to GLD which is pretty new and about the worst
performing metals stock.

Oh well, I have some pretty good ratings from others and a number of tips.

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