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Q: Drivers License Suspended ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Drivers License Suspended
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: barneyfive-ga
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Posted: 24 Jan 2006 22:08 PST
Expires: 23 Feb 2006 22:08 PST
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I am a resident of California but getting ready to move to Nevada my
Licesne in california was suspended for something I didn't do. It was
for not reporting a accident but a accident never happened. Will
they see this in Nevada? Will they see this in Arizona
Subject: Re: Drivers License Suspended
Answered By: cynthia-ga on 24 Jan 2006 22:42 PST
Hi barneyfive,

The simple answer to your 2 questions are: Yes, and Yes.

Will they see this in Nevada? [ YES ]
Will they see this in Arizona? [ YES ]

It doesn't matter if you committed this offense or not, your driver's
license is suspended and until you remedy that one fact, nearly every
nation in the country will have that pop up on their screen when you
apply for a driver's license in another state. There are only 2 states
where it's remotely possible to skate, but Arizona and Nevada are not

Check this out:

Driver's License Compact

..."DLC - This is a list of states that belong to the Driver License
Compact. An agreement between these states bascially says you have
only ONE drivers license record. Meaning, if you get a DUI in one
state it goes on your record (and stays) with whatever license you

Look carefully at the chart, you'll see just how close we are to a
National Driver's License already. Only 2 hold-out states!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask for
clarification, I'll be more than happy to explain further if needed.


Search terms used at Google:
"Driver's License Compact"

Request for Answer Clarification by barneyfive-ga on 25 Jan 2006 07:44 PST
Will it show up in KY I don't have a full understanding of this
compact law or Oregan

Clarification of Answer by cynthia-ga on 25 Jan 2006 19:25 PST
Let me attempt to explain...

CA LICENSE      AZ           NV          KY          OR
DLC/YES         DLC/YES      DLC/YES     DLC/YES     DLC/YES

...means that if you are visiting these state carrying another state's
driver's license, CA or OR will NOT notify the state you have a
license in that you have been pulled over and ticketed there.

So people with a valid Out-Of-State license that are visiting CA or OR
that are pulled over and ticketed while visiting, --CA and OR will not
contact the state that the license is issued from The ticket stays in
CA or OR and does not affect your driver's license. They won't hunt
you down or contact your home state DMV  when you go home, except to
send you letters. You'll get FTA's and eventually end up with a
traffic warrant in CA or OG if you ignore it completely.

...means that if you are visiting these state carrying another state's
driver's license, the ticketing state WILL notify the home state that
you have been pulled over and ticketed in another state. This will
affect your driver's license in your home state.

...These states do not access the DLC database when you apply for a
license in their state.

DLC/YES  (all states you mentioned, and all states not mentioned in DLC/NO above)
..."This is a list of states that belong to the Driver License
Compact. An agreement between these states basically says you have
only ONE drivers license record..."

To you, this means that since CA and all states except GA, MA, MI, TN,
& WI are members of the DLC database, anytime you give your name to
the DMV, they will see your license is suspended in CA. Since 45
states are members, they in essence check 45 states. They combine
driving records.

All the states you have picked report to the database, so...

Out of the five that are not members of the DLC, the best two states
to move to would be Wisconsin and Michigan, but even then it would
take some doing, their respective web sites would have to be scoured
to find out how they handle new applicants, and it's possible it won't
work. I don't know and since that's outside the scope of your original
question, I am not addressing it here.

In closing, with a suspended license in a state that is a DLC member,
it's impossible to get a clean driver's license in another state
that's also a member. If you want more information about Wisconsin and
Michigan, please post a new question and I (or another researcher)
will be happy to assist further.

Did this help?


Clarification of Answer by cynthia-ga on 25 Jan 2006 19:50 PST
Hi, I'm still poking around...

There may be some hope in Colorado, but I would take this with a grain of salt..."

The Secret To Getting A Colorado Driver License If You've Lost Your
License in Another State
Read this, it takes some time, but depending on your circumstances, it may work.

A collegue of mine, politicalguru-ga, answered this similar question,
which pretty much shoots down Wisconsin and Michigan based on another

Answered By: politicalguru-ga on 13 Jun 2005 02:38 PDT 
[please read the whole thread, it's relevant]
..."Two states that are neither members of the Driver License Compact
(DLC) nor to the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC) are Michigan and
Wisconsin. However, these would reject licensure motions by people
whose license has been revoked by another state, until the period is
over (and would know about it through the Problem Driver Pointer

politicalguru-ga also linked to the same site I found about Colorado and said this:
..."So, in the case of Colorado, it depends on the terms of your appeal to
the DMV and the term Colorado would have seen fit for your offence,
had it been committed in that state..."

I think the best way to proceed now would be to consider Colorado. You
could simply contact that attorney (and pay for the fact he does this
all the time asnd has the best chance of success) or, we could read
between the lines and search the Colorado DMV site and try to find out
what it is he's not telling.


(probably still poking around, may be back...)
Subject: Re: Drivers License Suspended
From: richard_has-ga on 09 Feb 2006 08:31 PST
Hello Everyone,

I just discoverd this board and was reading some of the suggestions. 
My issue is a little different in that I currently hold a valid
liscense from my home state of Maine.  The problem is I have multiple
Dui convictions(my last was over eight years ago) and my state goes
back ten years. I got arrested for Dui again back in October of 05. I
won my motor vehilce hearing so I still have a valid drivers liscense.
But when I go to court to make a plea bargin(looks like they may offer
me a first offence seeing that I have not offended in over eight years
and the case against me is pretty weak. This will save me from jail
time and a felony record. But once the court sends my conviction to
motor vehicles, I will be suspended for six years. I relize I have
really screwed up againg and have been attending AA for almost four
months, with a sponcer and am now on my forth step. My life is slowly
starting to get better.

But now i'm concerned about what a six year suspension will do for me
socially, vocationally, and everything else one can think of. Now that
I'm working the AA program, working full time, and legally driving
around, i'm starting to think of different options to hold on to a
valid liscense.  I contacted that attorney in Colorado and he stated
that once I go under suspension I would only have to wait one year to
apply for a colorado drivers liscense.  Sinse Colorado only goes back
five years, they would treat my recent offence as a first.  He also
stated that sinse I was not under suspension now, I could go to most
any other state and get a valid drivers liscense. I then asked him
what happens when my Maine notifys the new state of my conviction.  He
replyed "they usuallly don't do that."

I then checked with the Colorado dept of motor vehicles.  I was told
that If any state has a hold on my liscense, I would have to clear it
up with them before they would issue me a liscense.  I then asked what
would happen If I applied for a Colorado liscense now.  The girl was
very polite and took my name and date of birth and checked my Maine
record.  She said that Colorado would give me a valid liscense at this
time and that it was up to me. But added that if Maine notified them
that I was suspended they one suspend my Colorado liscense and I again
would have to clear things up in Maine before becomeing eligible

Well, enough talk about this.  I was just curious sinse my liscense is
still valid four months after a dui arrest and looks like it will be
for a few more months, If i'm stupid for trying to get a liscense in
another state or even more stupid for not trying while I Still can get
one. Any feedback would be welcome.

Subject: Re: Drivers License Suspended
From: littlelady1-ga on 10 Jul 2006 11:54 PDT

i just have a few questions. I just moved to Pennsylvania from
California and I need to get my PA License but I have a few parking
tickets out in California that I never paid for. Will the DMV be able
to see that and will they make me pay them before I get my new PA
license or will they give me one anyway? Also my boyfriend had a DWI
in New Hampshire and his license was suspended and he moved to
California about a year later and never completed his DWI class that
he was supposed to do he also had a SR22, but he went to a CA DMV and
got his license no problem they just put the SR22 on it and gave him a
licsene, so is he allowed to legal drive in New Hampshire? One more
questoin. I also brought him back to PA with me and he needs to get a
PA license as well. Will that DWI show up there, and will they give
him a license or will they say it is suspended and take his CA license
and not give him a PA one?


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