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Q: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW MD. ( No Answer,   4 Comments )
Subject: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW MD.
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Asked by: scarestar-ga
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Posted: 05 Dec 2004 14:49 PST
Expires: 04 Jan 2005 14:49 PST
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I am a 50 year old male who exercises regularly (racquetball) and eats
a well balanced diet. Prior to my 39th birthday I had great health, a
skinny body and no complaints. Since my 39th birthday, I have had
numerous health issues; low sex drive, reduced pubic / underarm hair,
low energy / stamina, morning stiffness, depression (also found it
easier to cry at movies, where previously I did not and this makes me
uncomfortable), breast sensitivity, some memory loss issues, severe
(even debilitating) hot flashes, fibromyalgia, dry joints and tissues,
high blood pressure, difficulty in losing gained weight and high
cholesterol. Prior to my 39th birthday I was hypermetabolistic (able
to eat anything yet never gained weight no matter how hard I tried).
After my 39th birthday I became hypometabolistic; overnight I gained
about 36% more body fat verses my previously normal (skinny) weight
and all of these previously mentioned symptoms hit me (more severely
as time has gone by). I was diagnosed with a non-malignant pituitary
tumor, ruled to have below normal human growth hormone levels, but low
normal (250-450) testosterone levels. The HGH did slightly help some
of my symptoms, but the rest of my symptoms are being treated
individually (drugs to fight hot flashes, drugs to lower cholesterol
and blood pressure).
	  My wife was on hormone replacement therapy due to thyroid cancer
(and its subsequent removal) years ago. She has been cancer free
since, but recently (over the concerns for women and hormone
replacement therapy) they took her off the estrogen therapy. Now she
has the IDENTICAL symptoms to me (though not as severe) and wonders
how I have managed to endure the ordeal! The good news for her is that
the endocrinologist (or OB) is willing to put her back on estrogen
therapy, but even though I have her identical low hormone symptoms, 3
endocrinologists later, no one is willing to treat what would appear
to obviously be low hormone symptoms!  Why? Why? Why must I endure
this situation and its potential risks: (Andropause/Male Menopause,
higher risk of developing Alzheimer?s disease, slower recovery from
strokes, increased risk of coronary disease and heart attack)? Is
there any doctor on my medical plan (Humana) (or any medical plan)
that understands what men like me are suffering? Is there any help on
the horizon? I am in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area.
	The main question is this: is there any doctor in the Dallas / Fort
Worth area who is willing to treat men like me with testosterone
replacement therapy (and/or other medical hormone therapy) when we are
symptomatic, but still in the low normal range (250-450)?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW MD.
From: denilou-ga on 19 Dec 2004 20:47 PST
Sorry I am not in Texas to help with a doctor.  However, my husband
also was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor.  His Dr. put him on
dostinex 2X a week.  It changed EVERYTHING.  Breasts back to loss slowed.  He just over-all feels much better.  But
best of all his sex drive and performance improved. I will add that he
is now 57 years old and symptoms started at least 10 years ago...he
has been on the dostinex for 2 years now.  It seems the pituitary
tumors often go untreated...ask your dr. about the dostinex.  Hope it
does for you what it has done for my husband.
Subject: Re: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW MD.
From: regand-ga on 04 Feb 2005 20:21 PST
Hope you are feeling better since you first posted your inquiry.

There may be another factor in this equation and that is research has
shown chemicals and pollutants to mimic hormones.  Oftentimes what may
be perceived as hormone imbalance can be traced to toxins from
pesticides and environmental hazards.

My family has tried the "detoxification" method.  Some disregard
natural methods but they seem to work for us.  We like the whole-body
hyperthermic chambers that heat the body core temperature to 102F and
103F which has shown to kill viruses and bacteria.  In the meantime,
analysis of the perspiration removed during this session shows
pesticides, nuclear poisons and all sorts of horrid stuff removed.

Just a thought.  There are lots of saunas on the net and I found only
one hyperthermic chamber called the Smarty (from Japan).

Hope this helps,

Subject: Re: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW MD.
From: inmind-ga on 06 Mar 2005 18:09 PST
I Live in Ga., am 45 female with hormone disfunctions...I have been to
about 6 different doctors trying to just get some hormone tests
run...very discouraged that very few medical doctors are willing to
validate hormone disfunction, most would rather treat you with
antidepressants-etc. I have had some good treatments with Integrative
care physicians, like at a Progressive Medical. Also, chinease
medicine, accupunture and herbs very helpful.You must become very
knowledgeable about the symptoms and really ask doctors alot of
questions. We can't depend on doctors anymore to be the end all be
all. Good Luck!
Subject: Re: 50 year old male with low hormone symptoms, but low normal levels seeks DFW
From: sideiron-ga on 09 Mar 2005 09:51 PST
A site you may not have come across is the one for the Pituitary
foundation over here in England. has a lot
of info on the endocrine system in general. It's a very complex system
(the endocrine system) and it may be  that you need something else in
addition to what you're already taking.



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