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Q: Chances of my fiancee getting an STD from me? ( No Answer,   3 Comments )
Subject: Chances of my fiancee getting an STD from me?
Category: Health > Men's Health
Asked by: saltedveggie-ga
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Posted: 07 Dec 2004 19:03 PST
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Background - I've never been exactly a good boy in the past. But when
I finally met the girl of my dreams, I stayed monogamous and waited
for her. We did not have coital sex during the 2 years of courtship
and she is a virgin (I believe her). I got myself tested at the GP for
STDs via a blood test 1 month into our relationship and it came back
negative on Chlamydia, Gonorhea, Claps and HIV. I was however,
positive for HSV 1 and 2 and I told her honestly which she accepted.

For the last few years, I've had a painless rash (or rawness) at the
tip of my penis (urethra) ocassionally which never caused a problem.
There might have been some burning sensation during urination which I
didn't register mentally because of that STD test I did previously.
Also, in the last 2 years, I realize sometimes my sperm will come out
coagulated (jell-like) after ejaculation and many times, I got the
sensation that something got "stuck". My testicles and the general
groin region would ache. This caused some difficulty during urinating
(mild stream) and that feeling would go away after a few days -
usually after an ejaculation of the jell-like sperm.

Now - 3 weeks ago, I again developed a rash at the tip of my penis
with some mild irritation. With 1 month to go before our wedding, I
went to a proper STD clinic this time to get a full checkup and they
took a swab of my urethra for gram-stain testing and a GC culture. 30
minutes later, they declared I have NGU (or NSU) and put me on a 2
weeks course of Doxycycline immediately. They also dispensed a single
dosage of 1gm zithromax to my fiancee even though we've never had
genital sex.

But my world had fallen apart. How much of that initial test I did 2
years ago can I trust now? When I asked it to the health worker at the
STD clinic, she said blood tests are notorious for false negatives
when it comes to bacterium related STDs. I then requested blood tests
for HIV, Syphillis and HSV. My next appointment with the STD clinic is
this Friday but the waiting is killing me.

1. My fiancee and I have never had genital sex before but we've had
oral sex with comdoms and some heavy petting which are are usually
done with condoms. HSV aside, could she have gotten any thing else
from me? I am assuming Chlamydia or one of the gram-negative bacteria
the STD clinic found in me.

2. I could be sufferring from a mild bout of OCB after the test but I
guess my persistent research has shown that gram-stain testing is not
capable of identifying the exact bacterium in 30 minutes. The best
they could do was to tell gonorrhea apart and then assume chlamydia as
the next best possible suspect since it accounts for 40% of all NGU.
Now, what other gram-negative causes could there be to my symptoms?

3. Can the years the bacteria lived in my body caused me to develop
epididymitis? I am quite sure that jell-like sperm my body is
producing started some 12-18 months back. Same with that difficulty to
urinate. I would get that after a period (7-10 days) of non-sexual
activity. Problem would go away after I masturbate and ejaculate the
jell-like sperm.

I hope to get some answers in addition to the research I've done. I'm
already seeing a proper STD doctor for my problems but would like
opinions on how to deal with my current problems.

Many thanks in advance!

Clarification of Question by saltedveggie-ga on 07 Dec 2004 19:48 PST
4. Another question - I've already completed the 2 weeks course of
Doxycycline (100mg twice a day) but the symptoms still persists. The
rawness at the tip of the penis is still there. Before I take it to
the doc this Friday, can anyone tell me what else could cause this
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Chances of my fiancee getting an STD from me?
From: elevensomething-ga on 07 Dec 2004 21:54 PST
umm i wonder if the gel like sperm is a problem. When I dont
masturbate for more than a couple of week, I get the same thing. And I
dont sleep around.

So if I do masturbate after a long period, there is the gel like sperm
but I get the feeling that something is stuck. When I massage my
penis, the rest of the clogged gel sperm comes out.

Now for the std, I'll let someone qualified answer.

Subject: Re: Chances of my fiancee getting an STD from me?
From: begenxmaut-ga on 14 Dec 2004 12:10 PST
For gel like sperm problem i think all men have that moment too, just
like elevensomething told. As far I was knew, std is can't be cured
until the virus vanished. The medical drugs just prevent the symptoms
spread out, but won't kill the bactery or viruses. So the viruses are
exist in your blood, and this period is called "recurent phase", and
the symptoms can triggered by stress or dirty sexual activity. I
believe that your fiancee are got std virus too, so the viruses are
turn back to you, even you felt you've been cured. So, my
recomendation is don't get sexual activity even for "handjob" with
your fiancee during both of you in med. treatment until the med. test
show the result is safe for sex activity. But remember, the disease
could back, ask to your doc for what are the trigger for your disease?
I hope you'll get well asap.
Subject: Re: Chances of my fiancee getting an STD from me?
From: whitfield_creed-ga on 19 Dec 2004 13:49 PST
I too have that gel like build-up in my sperm after ejaculation. 
Although sometimes it seems like it does get a little "clogged", it
has never got stuck in there.  I think i heard a long time ago that
the gel-build-up are dead cells mixed with the sperm.  I wish i knew
more and if this affects the potency of the sperm count.  If anyone
know, please enlighten us!

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