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Q: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   10 Comments )
Subject: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: steve71k-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 22 Dec 2004 09:27 PST
Expires: 21 Jan 2005 09:27 PST
Question ID: 446022
I need 1,000,000 Nokia 8910i cell phones. I need them to be
non-branded phones with European specs. I am willing to pay
$215/phone. I need them in the next 30 days (end of January 2005).
Where can I buy these phones?

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 22 Dec 2004 11:26 PST
Hello steve71k-ga: 

Is $215 per phone an absolutely firm figure? 

So far, I've found one European dealer who sells the Nokia 8910i in
lots of 100,000 at $220. (I've emailed him to see if he can provide
you with up to 1 million units.)

So far, that $220 price is the lowest I've found. Would you be willing
to pay any more than that if this dealer can't sell you quite the
volume you need, and I need to find additional dealers for you?

I can contact some of those sellers to see if they'll bring down the
price since you're buying in such large volume, but I just need to
know what your absolute price ceiling is.


Best regards,
Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 22 Dec 2004 16:14 PST
The most I can pay is $223. I know that is a strange number but there
is only so much I can pay. I am willing to buy from multiple sources
to get me to the number I need. Please keep in mind that I need these
phones to be non-branded phones. Thanks for your help with this.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 23 Dec 2004 06:52 PST
Hi Steve:

Yes, I am specifying to dealers when I contact them that these must be
*non-branded* phones with Euro specs.

Unfortunately, I'm not finding a lot of dealers, but I have found a
couple who sell in very large volume.

But with Xmas now upon us, I may not hear back from them until early next week.


Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 23 Dec 2004 09:17 PST
Thank you so much for your effort on this. I would be glad to discuss
even buying 100,000 phones right now. I would gladly pay for the few
dealers you have found right now that have phones available at my
price point.

Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 23 Dec 2004 13:16 PST
I have talked to my partner and we can now pay $255 for phones. I hope
this opens up the number of available opportunities.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 23 Dec 2004 14:16 PST
"Thank you so much for your effort on this. I would be glad to discuss
even buying 100,000 phones right now. I would gladly pay for the few
dealers you have found right now that have phones available at my
price point."

OK. Let me see if I can round up a few more dealers for you. Actually,
I think you're going to have to call them anyway (and two are in
Europe, so I really can't call them), and at least one prefers to
negotiate price.

I'll post what I've found for you either late tonight or tomorrow.

I apologize for the delay in responding to you. There is bad weather
in the region where I reside. and it's caused some power outages


Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 23 Dec 2004 14:43 PST
Don't worry about the delay in responding to me. I am thrilled that
you have found dealers that I can work with. I hope the new price
point ($255) helps. I look forward to reading what you post.

By the way, I hope the bad weather is not affecting you too badly.
Please take care. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 23 Dec 2004 19:00 PST
Well, we?d better dial back on our enthusiasm -- at least for the moment.

I?m afraid I?m running into problems. Some of the sellers I?ve found
are selling well above $255. Also, due to language problems on foreign
sites (with just some words translated into English), I can?t be
certain that some of the sellers I found earlier are indeed selling

For instance, the best lead I?ve found so far is this one:

Netherlands-based dealer Dutch Mobile World sells in lots of 100,000
units at $220 each, Euro specs:
(Scroll about halfway down the page.)
Company: Dutch Mobile World 
Contact: Mark Janssen 
Phone: 0031614271600

That image you see on that Web site appears branded, but I?m wondering
if this image of the Nokia 8910i (one of my co-workers thinks that
image ?was lifted from a distributor?s site?) is merely being used as
an illustration; it?s possible Dutch Mobile World may actually sell

My coworker and friend, Scriptor-ga, kindly double-checked the Dutch
phone directory on our behalf, and the street address listed for that
dealer ? well, it turns out there isn?t actually a Langeweg Street in
the town of Maastricht! (That could be the fault of the Web site that
listed the dealer?s address ? it could be their error. But it?s

Also, I e-mailed this dealer yesterday, but haven?t heard back. But
that could be because he?s overwhelmed with business calls, or because
he's taking time off for the Xmas holiday. If you want, you can try
calling him at the number listed above.

Meanwhile, I will try calling a dealer in California (my e-mail to
them was returned as undeliverable), which advertises the Nokia 8910i,
to ensure that it is non-branded and has Euro specs, and to see if
they?ll come down in their advertised price.

I will also call a dealership I found in Louisiana that sells
non-branded cell phones to see if they have the non-branded Nokia
8910i, find out in what volume they sell, and their price. And there's
a South Carolina dealer I can call tomorrow, too, to see if they carry
non-brand 8910i.

I have also found some international dealers (including one in China
and one in Korea that specialize in non-branded phones), but I either
can?t find e-mail addresses for them ? or my e-mails to them are being
returned to me.

Adding to the frustration: Some note they sell non-branded phones, but
don?t mention specific brands. Others mention the Nokia 8910i, but
don?t mention if it?s non-branded.

So, I'll try calling those American dealers tomorrow on the hope
they?re open for business Christmas Eve.

I?m sorry we?ve hit this snag, but I feel uncomfortable listing
companies for you -- as an Answer -- that require international phone
calls, without my being certain that they have just what you want at
the price you want. But since Dutch Mobile World is right on-target
for your price range, they may be worth the gamble of a call.

I'll be sure to post tomorrow to tell you what I found out from the
American dealers.


Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 23 Dec 2004 21:07 PST
Let me try and clarify what I mean by "non-branded". For us, a branded
phone is one that has the wireless carrier branded on it like Sprint,
T-Mobile, or Verizon. If it says Nokia on the phone, that is ok.

The biggest hurdle for us is the price. I will try calling the Dutch
Mobile World contact tomorrow and will let you know how I make out.

I hope this clarifies what I mean by "non-branded". You are doing a
great job! Thanks again.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 24 Dec 2004 09:04 PST
Thank you for clarifying what you meant by non-branded! 

I have left messages with two American dealers, but probably won?t
hear back from anyone until next week. (At least that?s my

I had found three American companies, but one appears to be out of
business, as my e-mails to them bounce back, and I've just discovered
that their phone number  is no longer working. So, I'm going to assume
they're just not in business any longer.

Btw, You and nametaken-ga will be able to communicate again, after my
Answer is posted. Please bear in mind that GA rules forbid users from
posting their real/full names, or their phone numbers and e-mail
addresses. (nametaken-ga  is, of course, welcome to post the name and
contact information of a company that may be able to help you.)


Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 24 Dec 2004 09:41 PST
Funny...I didn't even realize that I was responding to someone else.
Sorry about that. Why was he able to send me a comment? I thought once
a question was being worked on by somebody, I thought it was "locked"
from anybody else trying to answer. You have been great and I don't
want to start working with anyone else at this point.

By the way, I called the number you gave me for Dutch Mobile World and
got a wrong number. I don't think they really exist.

I don't know if this helps in any way, but a friend of mine in the UK
pointed me to a website called They seem to be a
retailer and the price you can buy 1 Nokia 8910i is about GBP 380
which equates to roughly US$200. Now, I am not going to sit and buy 1
phone at a time to get me to a million, but if you could figure out
what wholesaler they buy from, we may be able to buy the kind of
quantities we are looking for.

Have a great Xmas and thanks again for your help.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 24 Dec 2004 14:37 PST
I will be glad to contact first thing next week -- thank
you for that tip. By then, I also expect to hear back from the dealers
I contacted today.

Thank you for your kind remarks. I certainly will do everything I can
to find a supplier who can meet your needs.

Merry Christmas,

Clarification of Question by steve71k-ga on 25 Dec 2004 06:28 PST
By the way...I must have been in my pre-Xmas haze, but something that
costs GBP 380 does not equal US $200. It actually costs US $730. I'm
not sure that British web site is going to help.
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 25 Dec 2004 22:05 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
I believe I have found sufficient information to post an answer. One
of the best leads I?ve found expires today, Dec. 26,  and another good
lead expires on January 5. It?s going to be much more efficient if you
contact these distributors, rather than waiting for me to relay
information back and forth.

I have found a large listing of 8910i distributors (including
international) ? and most of these are very fresh leads, posted within
the last few days and weeks ? but you have to register at the site
(it?s free) in order to contact most of them.

I actually got 128 matches at this directory, though of course, not
all of them will be right in line with what you want (some sell
refurbished). From what I can tell, these phones are non-branded and
nearly all the sellers have noted the specs. (Most of these listings
are for European specs.)

Some international sellers at this site who have posted a price are
listing at about $270 euro, which is about $360 USD. (And, btw, $360
is about the standard price I?ve been finding for the non-branded
8910i since I began researching your question.) But among these leads
are two sellers whose prices are $140 and $220.

But most of the sellers listed here haven?t listed a price, just noted
that they?re ?competitive,? and that they prefer to be contacted
directly to negotiate, or to give their price list.

I also found another import/export directory site for cell phones, but
there is a registration fee of $14.95 there.

I think you?re going to end up having to buy from at least several
dealers to get to a million units. You may be able to persuade some
dealers to come down, so that you ultimately get to a million at what
breaks down to $255 (or lower) each.


The directory I?m referring to is Alibaba, which lists manufacturers,
suppliers, exporters, etc. Alibaba has been listed in ?Forbes ?Best of
the Web?, 5 years in a row!?

Here?s Alibaba?s list of 8910i sellers:

There is a contact person listed for each distributor. You can e-mail
them directly from this site, once you?ve registered. Some sellers
have also listed phone numbers and contact names.

Among the more promising leads:

Future Developers Pakistan:
They have 120,000 8910i phones and THEIR OFFER EXPIRES ON DECEMBER  26th.

Tyce (UK):
Is selling model 8910i at $140 per unit, but I?m not sure that they
have a large stock.

Nevracom SRL (Romania):
They have large stocks of 8910i, selling at $220 per unit. Offer
Expires January 5th:
?8910i - on 220 USD/unit?

Contact name: Silviu Roman
?Phone contact:
0040-743-620455 or +40-743-620455?

JND Marketing (UK):
?We have on offer Nokia 8910i for $232 FCO from Taiwan. For production run.
Must be 100K. . . . If you require different qty please email me. Made
in Finland, logo free, SIM free,1 year Nokia warranty.?

DTEAM (Germany):
Sells 8910is with steeper discounts the more you buy. If you purchase
300,000 units or more the price is $278/unit.

So, if you can buy a large percentage from JND at $232, or from Tyce
at $140, you may be able to spend more per phone at another dealer,
like DTEAM, to get to 1 million units. You may also be able to
persuade DTEAM to lower the price per phone since you?re going to be
more than tripling that 300,000 order.


Their Web site:

Paula & Brown
?Sell Brand New Nokia 8910i, Euro Spec [United Kingdom]?:

Mobile Outlet (Germany):

Telefonica Movistar (Spain):

Well Faith International Industrial Limited (Finland):

Shenzhen Commworks Technology Development Co.,Ltd. (China):

Sell Nokia 8910i Production (South Korea):
NOKIA 8910i Production Run.

CellTel Global Solutions LLC (USA, sells worldwide, so should have
phones with appropriate specs): 

You can also post a ?Wanted? notice at Alibaba in hopes of making a
match with a seller:

B2B Tradeholding Directory:

This is the other large directory I found, ?Nokia 8910i --- US - New
York Importers / Exporters - B2b Manufacturers Distributors /
Wholesalers Trading?:

You have to register at this import/export site, for a fee of $14.95,
in order to explore it.

At that page, see:? Import Offers to Buy to view demands or select
Export Offers to Sell to contact suppliers? and click on those links.
(Links will only work after you?ve registered.)


Karoun Trading Co., Germany
They have 3,000 8910is available, but at $270 Euro, which is currently
$365 in USD.  Again, if you can get a bunch of phones cheaper
somewhere else, you may be able to make up the volume differential
here, even at a higher price.

Computer & Telecommunications Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers ...
... Benzene International (Distributor/Wholesaler ... Nokia 8910i Qty:
10K & 50k in 4w weeks  and 100k in 6 . . .?

?Cheap Nokia 8910i Mobile Phones Listings?:

You can find more leads at SG:
(They have a free trial membership.)

I found this Dresden, Germany, dealer, Mediagigant, which carries Nokia 8910i.
Price is available upon inquiry, and I?m not sure of their stock size.
You?ll have to contact this dealer:
?Trading Refurbished Mobile Phones Trading Brand New Mobile Phones (Non-branded)?
Tel: 82-2-2189-5500 Fax: 82-2-558-3264
Contact Person: Aram Namgung

This lead may be worth mulling:
MindNeurons Pte Ltd
?Our company is into Software exports and imports. Our company has
capability to do production run for Sony P900, P910 and Nokia 8910i?
?Contact Person: Satheesh Kumar P
Address: 20 Cecil Street #14-01 Equity Plaza Singapore - 049705
Tel: 6592466691
Fax: (65) 6438 2436?

Here?s a lead from China, Leantech Co. Ltd:
 ?Supply cheap non-branded new mobile, OEM mobile . . .We have an
advantage of producing new low-end (simple) GSM mobile/ OEM mobile.
You will find our price is the lowest and the quality is good.?

Their posted e-mail address doesn?t work. Here?s their other contact info:
?Persoan? de contact: Shu Susan Pozitia: Marketing
Companie: Leantech Co. Ltd  mai multe anunturi... 
Adresa: 16F., World Trade Bldg., South Renming Rd. Oras: Shenzhen
Tara: China Telefon: 86-755-25857652
Fax: 86-755-25857421?  

I have left phone messages with both of these companies and will let
you know if/when I hear back from them:

MoBiz non-branded phones: 
119 Normandy Drive, Slidell, LA 70458
Fax: 1-866-587-5855

Capital Blue
?We buy and sell new and refurbished mobile phones. We are interested
in Nokia models 6600 and 8910i . . . .?
Tel: 212-561-0730 [Please note: The number posted at the above URL is
incorrect; I have given you the new, correct number.]

Search Strings:
"Nokia 8910i" +non-branded
?Nokia 8910i? AND ?non-branded?
?Nokia 8910i? AND ?non-branded? AND European 
?Nokia distributors suppliers?
?Nokia 8910i distributors suppliers +large?


Should you come across them again, you can skip: 

Dutch Mobile

MPN Wholesale

I hope my research is of help to you. If you have trouble navigating
any of these links, or if you require further assistance from me,
please post a ?Request For Clarification? and I will be glad to help

Good Luck,
Google Answers Researcher

Request for Answer Clarification by steve71k-ga on 29 Dec 2004 15:31 PST
FYI...I have had no luck getting any phones. The leads you have
provided are not real in most cases. I am not very happy about this.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 29 Dec 2004 18:12 PST

I'm sorry and concerned that you're having problems.

Ailbaba, the site that I recommended, notes that its "Gold Suppliers
and TrustPass members have completed an authentication and
verification procedure conducted by third-party credit agencies."
Running the search term "Nokia 8910i" at Alibaba brings up a list of
sellers (you want the ads marked "Sell") at this page:

Going through that, you can see logos for "Gold Suppliers" or
"TrustPass" by the names of some dealers; that means those are sellers
who have been verified and authenticated by Alibaba.

Here are some "Gold Suppliers" who sell Nokia 8910i at Alibaba:

Some of those dealers have their own Web sites. Look at the bottom of
each page for a Web site and/or phone number. For instance:

Holly Sun:

Also from my Answer:  XPLORER PACIFIC:
Their Web site:
Is a "TrustPass" seller, meaning they are verified.


Shenzhen Commworks Technology Development Co.,Ltd. (China):
Is a Gold Supplier. 

I suggest you try and contact some of the *verified* (Gold Supplier or
TrustPass) sellers at Alibaba. Remember: I came up with 128 matches,
so you may have to do a lot of weeding there to get to verified
sellers, and go through all the unverified sellers. (Again, look at
the bottom of each page for a Web site/phone number, if you are unable
to make contact via Alibaba.)

I will contact Alibaba tomorrow on your behalf.

Please tell me exactly what kinds of problems you're having: Did you
register at Alibaba? If so, your inquiries should go directly to
sellers via that site. Is that not happening? Or they're just not
responding to inquiries made via Alibaba? Which of the sellers that
you've contacted appear dubious?

Please tell me as much as you can and I will report these
concerns/problems to Alibaba. (I'm sure they would like to know of any

Don't forget the option of posting a "Want" ad at Alibaba, noting the
volume you need and your price. You should be able to attract dealers:  
There you would list under "Buy."

I also want to ask you about the other trading site I gave you:  
B2B Tradeholding Directory:

Are you having trouble finding legitimate dealers there, too? If so,
please tell me as much as you can and I will contact B2B on your

Also, a commenter (in comments since deleted -- deleted because it
turned out he was soliciting for his own company)seemed ready to make
a deal with you. I'm assuming that didn't work out, then?

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 29 Dec 2004 19:01 PST
I forgot to say: also be sure to list any problems with leads from Exporters.comSG.

I found a verified seller at Exporters.comSG who's been awarded 10
"trust points" by other members of that site:
Epic Export/Import: 

Here is their Web site:

They are selling the 8910i with Euro specs, albeit, higher than your
price range. But you may want to call them, as your very high volume
may induce them to bring the price down. (Again, I believe you will
have to buy from several dealers to meet your high volume and
restricted budget.)

I also found this list at Exporters.comSG:

You can see that at least three:
"MindNeurons Pte Ltd [SINGAPORE]
Our company has capability to do production run for Sony P900, P910
and Nokia 8910i . . . ."

"TelElektro.Com GmbH [GERMANY]
Export/Import: We look for big stations at mobile-phones constantly:
Nokia 6600 , Nokia 8910i ..."

"Triple O trading [SINGAPORE]
Export/Import:Weekly physical stock of nokia 6600, 8910i, 6230, 7200.
all relevant POS available."

Are rated as "active" (that is, active within the past 2 weeks),
"popular," or "trusted."

Go to this page to learn about getting a free trial membership to this site:

Also try calling MoBiz non-branded phones, which I found at Exporters.comSG:
Fax: 1-866-587-5855

When I called them last week, they sounded like they were in business!
Of course, I called them the day before Xmas, so, not surprisingly, no
one was there.

Request for Answer Clarification by steve71k-ga on 30 Dec 2004 14:19 PST
So you know, I have spent an enourmous amount of time looking into the
leads you provided. I have also spent a lot of time on and
the other sites you led me to. In each case, the leads turn out to be
fake or they are unwilling to sell the phones at my price. The US $255
price per unit is a big hurdle. By the way, the guy who posted a
comment was trying to solicit me, but it is turning out to be a false

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 30 Dec 2004 20:30 PST
Hi Steve:

This is long, and I apologize for that. First, let's start with new leads.

Good timing! Just as I was posting this, I heard back from Well-Faith
(a lead I'd given you earlier), whom I'd contacted this evening via
Alibaba, where they are a "TrustPass" verified seller: 

This is interesting! You may want to talk to them. Even though they
are slightly above your price range, they will take a deposit on some
orders: "20% deposit in advance & the rest upon forwarder inspection
report for bulk order (+500sets per order)." So, that lead may work
out for you, after all!

If you contact the contact person I did via Alibaba, she should be
able to explain those details to you. Use the "Inquire Now" form.

Here two are *unverified* dealers from Alibaba, but you may want to try them:

New Leads (At, or below, your target price):

Joel Woodman:   
I have e-mailed him via Alibaba, but you may want to call him (His
number is at that page; he's in the U.S.). He sells phones globally,
including the Nokia 8910i, which he has priced at $140.

Electronics Heaven:
Sells in lots of 100, sells Nokia 8910 at $180. (Again, you will
likely have to patch together one million from a number of dealers.)

IarisInc SL in Madrid, Spain, is selling the 8910i at $190, but I'm
not sure of their quantity:

Simplius, in China, is selling the 8910i at $223:
(They discount for large orders.) 

Here are some trade sites I found tonight where you can search ads and
post ads. You may be able to hook up with suppliers at these sites:

ECeurope International Trade Leads:

Be sure to check this ad from Samaritan International World Traders
(They're covered by Dunn & Bradstreet, so must be legit):
(You can request a quote from them via that page.) 

WorldTradeAA Directory (Free membership):
In the box at top type in "Nokia 8910i" to bring up leads from sellers
and buyers. Be sure to run that search from that page under all three
categories:  "Trade Leads";  e-Catalog; Company Directory.

TCC Private Limited:

Trade Leads from Bizviet for the 8910i (74 hits on 2 pages; varying
stocks, prices, one company can do production runs):

Try posting an ad at Wholesale Wireless World:
This company is offering 8910i, but I'm not sure what their price is: 

Try posting at Nokia Wholesale  at Cell-Phone Forum:

And at the GSM Wholesale Trading Board: 

Place an ad to buy at the Federation of International Trade
Associations (members there are rated, much like eBay, so that should
help reduce the chances of fraud):

The Telecommunication Equipments & Components (India Trade Portal):

You can post at cell pages:

OK, getting to the clarification you posted tonight: You wrote, "In
each case, the leads turn out to be fake or they are unwilling to sell
the phones at my price. The US $255 price per unit is a big hurdle."

Let's break down the problems you're having:


I need to be clear: is the problem more with "fake leads," or is it
more that the $215-$255 is proving to be an unrealistic price?

As I said in my Answer, during my research I found that the standard
price for the 8910i, with Euro specs, is *roughly* $360, so you'll
likely have to buy from an amalgam of sellers in order to get to a
million phones on-budget. (Since beginning work on your question last
week, I have found a grand total of only about 6 or 7 dealers who sell
in your price range. Hopefully, at least one can sell you a high
number at a low price, so that you can make up the volume elsewhere at
a higher price.)

Is it possible that -- now that you've talked to some *legit* dealers
(such as Alibaba's verified "Gold Supplier" and "Trustpass" dealers)
-- you're realizing you and your partner were mislead into thinking
you could get one million of these phones at $215-$255 each?

If so, I respectfully suggest that you and your partner re-think your
venture and either go with fewer phones, or arrange for additional
financing. (Easy for me to say, I know.)

Fake Leads:

Are the "fake leads" you mentioned among the *verified* dealers at
Alibaba, B2B, and Exporters.comSG?

Please go back and look at the companies I listed in my Clarifications
posted on Dec. 29th. Are you having trouble contacting those
companies? Are their phone numbers fake, e.g. you're getting "This
number is no longer in service" recordings, etc.? Those are verified
sellers, so if they're providing phony information, I'd like to know
so I can let the trading sites know.

Alibaba's verified ("Gold Supplier" and "Trustpass") dealers are
reputable; they have been cleared by credit rating agencies. 
Furthermore, no less an authority than Forbes Magazine cites Alibaba
as one of the best business sites on the Web. So, if *verified
dealers* at Alibaba are suspicious, I want to report that to Alibaba!
(I believe Alibaba is reputable, will be inclined to take such
complaints about verified sellers seriously, and will try to help us.)

Also, are you using a free e-mail address, such as Yahoo or Hotmail?
This can cause problems at Alibaba, and possibly at the other sites,
too. (Some business people won't even respond to anyone with such an
e-mail address.) You might want to try editing your accounts at those
sites and list a different e-mail address for yourself.

(Another consideration: some of these dealers are in Asia, and even if
they're not in areas directly affected by the tsunami, they may well
be having phone and power interruptions.)

Want Ad:

Another resource at Alibaba that I'd mentioned was posting a "Want" ad:

At Alibaba's main page:
When I enter the search term "8910i" under "selling leads," I'm coming
up with 147 sellers, and many of them are marked "Gold Supplier" or
"Trustpass." That's a lot of sellers.

Did you post a trade lead at Alibaba? You can post an ad specifying
your needs and price, so that some of those 147 sellers come to you:  

I urge you to post an ad there (and at the sites I found for you
tonight -- listed above). It's free, and I have to think at least a
few Nokia dealers will contact you! (If they don't, that may be proof
positive that you simply can't get one million 8910is for $255 each.
Not pleasant, but at least it will let you know where you stand.)

I had listed two sellers who sell at, or below, your target. Quoting
from my Answer:
"Tyce (UK):
Is selling model 8910i at $140 per unit, but I?m not sure that they
have a large stock.

Nevracom SRL (Romania):
They have large stocks of 8910i, selling at $220 per unit. Offer
Expires January 5th:
?8910i - on 220 USD/unit?
After you registered at Alibaba, did your inquiries to those two
dealers bounce back to you, or did they not respond to phone messages,
etc? (Neither is a verified seller, but if you're having problems with
them, I will cite them specifically when I contact Alibaba.)

I am sorry you're having a tough time. But I have to think that if
reputable dealers are telling you that your price target is
unrealistic, that you're going to have to make a readjustment: either
modify the deal and buy fewer phones; reconcile yourselves to buying
from multiple dealers to stay within budget, or arrange for more
financing for this deal.

Btw, I am trying to contact some of Alibaba's sellers myself, but, of
course, I don't expect to hear back until early next week.

I hope the discount sellers I found in tonight's search can come
through for you, or that you have luck posting ads at the other sites
I just found for you! If these new leads fail, and if we don't get
anywhere with the trade sites previously listed, you can apply for a
refund (but I can't guarantee it will be granted):
Scroll down to "Ask For A Refund."

I hope some of the new leads I've given you work out. I'll check back
in with you again next week.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 31 Dec 2004 13:54 PST
To send you off into the New Year with some upbeat news: I heard back
from a seller I'd recommended to you. He can provide you with one
million 8910i phones at $140 each.

In my inquiry to him I had noted European specs, but I neglected to
ask him if they're non-branded. (Most likely they're not branded; most
wholesalers seem to sell only non-branded.)

I will update you when I hear back from him. Or, if you prefer, you
can contact him, too:

After signing in at Alibaba, go to:

You will see his contact information at the bottom of that page. Or,
you can use the "Send Message" feature on that page.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 01 Jan 2005 10:21 PST
Good News! I heard back from Mr. Woodman:

"The [8910i] phones are with european specs and not branded with any
carrier name."

He prefers that you contact him via Alibaba. Make sure you are logged
in at Alibaba and go to:
and use the "Inquire Now" feature at bottom right.

Glad to know you are all set! Good luck with your business venture!

Request for Answer Clarification by steve71k-ga on 01 Jan 2005 12:44 PST
Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, I've been tied up with
family stuff the last few days. I appreciate the additional
information you have provided. I will be following up on all of your
leads. One note...while I am unhappy with the initial results, I am
not looking to get a refund from Google. I have never used this
service before and even though I have not been successful yet, I am
thnakful for the work you have done. I will definitely be letting you
know how the leads you have provided work out!

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 01 Jan 2005 13:19 PST
Steve, spare yourself having to go through all the new leads!

Look at my two prior clarifications (up above this one -- this page is
now getting messy!). Distributor Joel Woodman can sell you the one
million phones at under your target price. I have spoken to him, and
his terms are excellent!

Please contact him, as I've outlined, via Alibaba. He's waiting to hear from you.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 03 Jan 2005 21:33 PST

I am VERY sorry about that last lead. However, let's get clear: you
never asked me to "weed through them." I have found over 200 sellers;
I can't possibly weed through them all. At one point you even asked me
to just list sellers in your price range as an answer and I didn't do
that because I didn't have faith in that batch of leads. What I posted
as an answer honestly seemed to me more solid.

While I have no doubt that some of the leads I gave you are duds, out
of the 147 sellers at Alibaba alone -- and the more than 200 total,
overall I've given you --  it just seems that a hefty percentage would
be perfectly reputable and reasonable. (I can't imagine Forbes
endorsing Alibaba if it's truly laden with fraudulent or outrageous

To avoid questionable dealers, *contact only* the Gold Suppliers or
TrustPass sellers. If none of them are selling at $255 or below, it
may be that that price simply isn't feasible.

So, please try these verified dealers: 

is a TrustPass seller

is a Gold Supplier

Well-Faith is priced slightly above your target range, but you can pay
just a deposit upfront, meaning you may be able to make a deal with
them, and they are a TrustPass seller, meaning they are verified
They will take a deposit on some orders: "20% deposit in advance & the
rest upon forwarder inspection report for bulk order (+500sets per
order)."  Is it possible that you and your partner could swing that?
At least you'd know you were dealing with someone reputable.

Other Gold Suppliers and TrustPass suppliers of Nokia 8910i:

Also, please try Samaritan International World Traders (They're
covered by Dunn & Bradstreet, so they must be legit):
(You can request a quote from them via that page.) 

If these sellers are above your price range, perhaps you and your
partner can re-work the deal to allow for a smaller number of phones;
or make arrangements with one of these dealers to pay less upfront.

And Try: 

IarisInc SL
Both of which look promising.

I am sorry this has been such a struggle. The leads I've just
re-listed seem to be the most legit and most promising. Please also
post a Want ad at Alibaba and at the other trade sites I listed for
you on Dec. 30th. Aside from contacting the above dealers, posting
such an ad is the best way for you to make a match with a reputable
dealer who is selling in your price range. Also keep searching Alibaba
for "8910i" sellers (new ads are posted all the time), but contact
only the verified sellers.

If none of these leads works out, I urge you to then get back to me
and I will assist you in applying for a refund. (You have until
January 25 to apply.) I don't want you to end up without the phones
AND feeling that you've thrown away your money.

Again, I am sorry that we've both had to struggle so much. I had no
idea the cell phone business was this dicey!

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 05 Jan 2005 05:12 PST
I took one final spin at this and found more leads for you: 

Oceanfront Cellular:
(Price is ?Negotiable.?)

Nikao Mercator:
Charges $232 for the Nokia 8910i.

Buy/Sell Mobile:
(Priced above your target, but some may be willing to negotiate
considering volume.)

Asks that you contact them for prices:

EC21 Marketplace directory:
I got 103 matches for 8910i here. You?ll see ads from distributors
that also list at Alibaba, plus many new leads. Most of these
distributors don?t list a price, but prefer to be contacted directly
for quotes.

(Analema is based in Venezuela, but has partners in Europe)

I came across several different ads for Gitras, and they appear to
have different lots of 8910is, including those with European specs,
and so likely different price options. They are listed at Alibaba as a
TrustPass seller:
?By now you realize that physical stock is either a myth or
prohibitively expensive in 99% of cases; go for production runs with
us and save time and money! For instance, you can presently get nokia
8910i at around $290, FOB hong kong, for a minimum of 20k per month
for 6 months, first delivery in 21-25 days.?

Here?s their homepage:
The lot of 8910i Nokia phones listed at top right is out of your price
range, but I urge you to contact them since they seem to work with
several partners.


YKW Wholesale:

You can always contact Nokia directly:,,4610,00.html 
Verified Sellers -- Alibaba

These are verified sellers I contacted to see if they can sell at your
price, and in the required volume. I?ll let you know if/when I hear
back and what they have to say, but as I?ve learned from other
projects, many businesses are reluctant to negotiate/discuss via a 3rd
party, so please feel free to go ahead and contact them directly

Communication World (Int'l) Co., Ltd.:

Long Xun Trading Co. (Refurbished and New)
Surindra's Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Sinatech Industry (HK) Co.,Limted (But I think they just make accessories.)

Dragon-Inn Communication (They seem to sell in small quantities, but
could be helpful if you can get more phones elsewhere):

I have also e-mailed back Well-Faith:
Tel: +86-755-8212 9995   Fax: +86-755-8212 9901

I asked if they are willing to negotiate their price down in
consideration of such high volume. Again, they do have a percentage
deposit option, so it?s possible you could swing financing with them.

I will let you know if I hear back from any of these verified sellers
and what they have to say.

Alibaba Non-Verified Sellers, But in Your Price Range:

These are unverified sellers, and you know what sort of luck we've
been having with those. If you want, you can try your luck with them
since they do sell at low prices.

JND Marketing: 

Computer Discount


Delta Technologies Korea

Harbert Store (U.S.):

Inkteh Corporation

Just Phone's

Bradshaw Ed.Inc.


Terra Group:

Global United Company

KWK Technic Co., Ltd

Charlie Setliff.Co.Inc

Panyan International Trade Co., Ltd.
(Price negotiable.)

Rigano Company Limited
(Price not given.)

Mobile Mogul

I really do hope some of these leads work out.

I greatly regret the stress and frustration we?ve both been through.
But frankly, not only do I think your price target may be unrealistic
(it?s very hard to find these phones below $300+, even in large
stocks),  you should have told me upfront ? or, at least very early in
the Clarification process -- just how rampant fraud is in this

I had no idea fraud was such a widespread problem with mobile phone
distributors and, if I had, to be honest, I likely would have dropped
this project, but another researcher might have picked it up. We
researchers need to be aware of caveats and potential potholes in any
project we handle. The more you tell us, the better we can perform.
(Although, in situations like this, all we can do is locate dealers;
there isn?t much we can do to check them out. We do the best we can to
provide as many leads/options as we can.)

I do hope you?ll come back to Google Answers, but please give as much
information as you can when posting a question.

Please also understand that with business-related questions, we
researchers understand that clients want us to get as much information
as possible, but businesses are often reluctant to discuss discounts,
payment plans, etc., with us, preferring to talk directly to the
would-be client.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 05 Jan 2005 14:59 PST
Nevracom (Romania):
which I'd e-mailed last week, wrote back to confirm their price on the
8910i is $220 USD. The phones are new, Euro specs, non-branded. Large
orders: payments are made via bank services.

Please Contact:
Mr Silviu Roman
Tel:  40-743-620455
Fax:  40-743-620455
He asks that you contact him by phone to discuss details.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 07 Jan 2005 15:37 PST
Here are two more *verified* dealers that can meet your needs within
your price range:

DRAGON-INN Communication Co Ltd., Hong Kong
a "TrustPass" seller (meaning they are outside mainland China and have
been verified by a credit rating agency for Alibaba), can provide the
phones, in your price range, "with European specs, and not branded
with any carrier name."
Contact person is Mr. Michael Wong:


Communication World International CO., LTD
which is a "Gold Supplier" (that is, they're in mainland China and
have been verified by a credit rating agency for Alibaba), wrote me

They have the 8910i in your price range and can sell to you "in any
quantity." The phones are non-branded, and you can choose the specs.

Additional Contact Information:
Tel: 86-755-83926608
Fax: 86-755-83926608
Business E-mail:

In both cases, you can tell them that Nancy from Google Answers referred you.
steve71k-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
Resarcher was extremely helpful and provided me with a very thorough answer.

Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: nametaken-ga on 24 Dec 2004 01:10 PST
What port of delivery or city of delivery??  Does the price include
tariffs and shipping??
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: steve71k-ga on 24 Dec 2004 06:20 PST
The phones will be delivered to London, UK. The price I am looking for
does not include the cost of shipping or tariffs.
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: nancylynn-ga on 26 Dec 2004 15:39 PST
Thank you, Steve, for your kind words and for the very generous tip!
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: nancylynn-ga on 02 Jan 2005 19:25 PST
Steve: In case you're getting lost in all the Clarifications (this
page is a mess), I'll try posting this here: I have found a dealer for

Distributor Joel Woodman (located in NY state) can supply you with one
million 8910i Nokia phones "with european specs and not branded with
any carrier name." They are priced at $140 each.

He prefers that you contact him via Alibaba. *Make sure you are logged
in* at Alibaba and go to:
and use the "Inquire Now" feature at bottom right to e-mail him. (You
can also see his phone and fax numbers at the bottom of that page.)

He is waiting to hear from you, so please contact him on Monday. You
can say that Nancy from Google Answers referred you to him -- he and I
have exchanged several e-mails. His terms are excellent and very fair.
I think you're all set!
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: steve71k-ga on 03 Jan 2005 18:31 PST
FYI...Joel Woodman does not live in New York State (he lives in
Spain). His phone number does not work. He has been contacting me via
e-mail and is asking me to use an online escrow service that is fake.
There are a lot of scammers out there who make the claim they have the
phones. This was a very difficult question to answer, that's why I
paid the most you can pay. I had hoped that you could weed out all of
the false leads.
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: kasuku-ga on 12 Jan 2005 08:58 PST
Hello steve71k-ga,
Iam not sure how i came across your question but i share your
frustration. Since i started selling mobiles phones six months back,
trying to source them has been a nightmare. I have run into one conman
after another.
Iam based in the uk and have established various useful contacts round the world.
If you are still having trouble sourcing your phones please get in
touch and maybe we can work together to solve the problem.
I dont have anystock of the Nokia 8910i but could inquire round to see
if i can get it.
Subject: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: netsourcer-ga on 23 Jan 2005 20:05 PST
Hello Steve!

I'm wondering if you can comment on the Nevracom Company in Romania.
Were they bona fide or just another scammer?
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: steve71k-ga on 24 Jan 2005 18:53 PST
They were another scammer.
Subject: Re: Non-Branded Nokia 8910i phones
From: netsourcer-ga on 25 Jan 2005 20:20 PST
Do you have 8910i phones for sale?
Subject: Re: Well-Faith
From: gianniponzi-ga on 29 Mar 2005 07:15 PST

I recently purchased some phones form them and unfortunately these
were seized by customs as fakes.....

Of course I was assured that all was well with the product.

Be carefull!

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