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Q: looking to buy or create velcro-like substance. ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: looking to buy or create velcro-like substance.
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: puravida77-ga
List Price: $7.00
Posted: 26 Jul 2002 10:33 PDT
Expires: 25 Aug 2002 10:33 PDT
Question ID: 45484
Hello; I am looking to purchase a velcro-like substance (I don't know
if something like this exists). The substance what be similar to
velcro, in that it would grip another material/fabric. In the case of
velcro-- one piece latches to it's counterpart (one piece is fuzzy,
and the other has partial loops that basically tangle in the fuzz). I
need a material that will 'catch' and hold onto fabric (for example
basic cloth that socks, or shirts, or pants.. made from).  I also want
the ,aterial to catch on the fabric when it is puled across the velcor
like substance one direction, but not the other. I am guessing this
would/could be done by the substcne having small spines/hairs/whatever
biased a certain direction. That is, the hairs/spines would point
slightly on direction. When cloth is pulled across it one way, it
would catch and hold the cloth,, when pulled the other, it wouldn't
catch. Important constraints are that: 1) The material must catch/hold
typical fabrics (as opposed to catching on another material
specifically for it's counterpart [like velcor operates..] 2) the
material must be applied to a flexible cloth-like medium (like velcro
is-- it is commonly on small strips of flexible backing that can be
sewn on things).  3) it must be affordable roughly compared to vecro
(i.E: +/- 200% what velcro costs).  4) the spines/hairs/whatever that
grip the opposing material/cloth must not use hairs/spines/etc that
would irritate the skin that would be on the other side of the cloth. 
If this material does not exists-- how could it be manufactured in
small amounts cheaply for prototyping an idea.

Clarification of Question by puravida77-ga on 27 Jul 2002 06:47 PDT
The property of catching on fabric,but only if the fabric is pulled
one direction across it is absolutley manditory. Velcro/hook loop does
not do this with fabric. Also, the substance must catch on fabric, not
some other special substance (like hook loop). I only mention hook
loop /vecro becasue it has some similar properties to what I want.
Velcro/ hook loop will absolutely not work for this application for
the two reasons stated above. I imagine this subtance I am looking for
would be constructed similar to the description I posted previously.
If it is made differantly but has the properties I want (the ones
above)-- that is fine as well.

Request for Question Clarification by seedy-ga on 27 Jul 2002 07:12 PDT
While I have not been able to find this "one-way" hook and loop
material, it somehow rings a bell from something I have read.  Since
Velcro is headquartered very close to where I live in NH, I'll call
them on Monday morning to see if the product you describe exists or
could be made.  The process for making Velcro is to loop a fiber
through a carrier then snip off the loop causing it to form hooks.  I
am not sure how they would orient the hooks all in one direction but

If you can be patient, I'll post a result on Monday, July 29th...


Request for Question Clarification by seedy-ga on 02 Aug 2002 03:44 PDT
I finally spoke with a technical person at Velcro in Manchester, NH
who told me that they DO have a one way Velcro as you described. She
was not sure if it is a standard designation product or special order.
 I am awaiting her return call with the answer to several questions
(ie: miniumum quantity, product #, availability, etc). I'll post again
when she calls again.


Clarification of Question by puravida77-ga on 02 Aug 2002 06:47 PDT
Thanks for your continued work seedy! Keep it going! I definately need
the stuff I described.
Subject: Re: looking to buy or create velcro-like substance.
Answered By: seedy-ga on 04 Aug 2002 17:14 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
My conversation with a technical person at Velcro HQ in Manchester, NH
resulted in her sending me a sample of VelcroH719 (one way hooks). 
The product works in the way you describe allowing a plush material,
or sock material to slide over the hooks in one direction without
catching but immediately catching if the plush is slid in the opposite

There is no way for me to know if this product will work with the
cloth materials you are testing but I'm sure you can call Velcro
customer service and request a sample of the H719 product for your

You can reach Velcro at  The phone number for
sales and marketing is  800 225 0180  or 603 669 4892 (if you are
calling from outside the USA). If you want more technical information,
please ask them to connect you with the technical department.

I cannot send the sample I have received to you since the GA
Researcher Guidelines prevent direct contact between a customer and
researcher.  If you need further clarification of this information I
have provided, please don't hesitate to ask.


search strategy:  google search:  (velcro)  (one way velcro)
finally I called Velcro directly...
puravida77-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thanks for the great work!
Excellent answer!

Subject: Re: looking to buy or create velcro-like substance.
From: aulana-ga on 27 Jul 2002 00:46 PDT
Hello, I can help you for the most part.  Velcro is not actually an
item, but a name brand of a product called hooks and loops (hook being
the rough side and loop the soft, you can take a magnifying glass and
see why).  So basically you have been paying more for it because of
marketing, similarly to the difference in price of Pepsi as opposed to
Shasta cola or something else generic.  If price is what is stopping
you from buying hooks and loops, you can easily drive to your local
fabric and/or crafts store and ask for hooks and loops (which COULD be
under the name of a different brand or not labeled at all), which will
surely be cheaper than the well-known Velcro brand hooks and loops. 
Or if you don't want to drive, there are some online retailers I
tracked you might be able to get this product from (most sites are
Velcro retailers).  Here are the addresses:

If the situation mentioned above is the boat you are in, then 3 out of
your 4 demands are met.  As for the last, I have searched for quite a
bit and I, myself, can find no mention of a "one-way velcro" if you
will.  Perhaps the general public isn't afforded such a luxury or
perhaps I simply don't have enough connections to get them to you.  At
any rate, I'm sorry about that one.  I have pondered the idea of how
to make hooks and loops, and formulated an idea which seems plausible
to me.  However, no matter how I see it, the work would be very
tedious.  If you wish to pursue that option, feel free to email me at

I hope that helps you.
Subject: Re: looking to buy or create velcro-like substance.
From: seedy-ga on 27 Jul 2002 07:17 PDT
My recollection of how they make hook and loop material was faulty as
I noted when I checked one of Velcro's basic patents  #4,775,310...


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