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Q: Brand Name for a Crop Seed Company ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Brand Name for a Crop Seed Company
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: perfectanswers-ga
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Posted: 14 Jan 2005 05:22 PST
Expires: 13 Feb 2005 05:22 PST
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I am looking for a appealing, distinct, great brand name for a new
brand of crop seeds aimed at commercial vegetable growers and farmers.
The target audience are growers in Middle East, Africa, USA, Canada
and South America.

Points to consider while selecting a name:-
1. Ease in pronunciation
2. Ease to remember
3. Should evoke emotional connection
4. Suggestive of benefits
5. Distinct from all seed brands (see list can be viewed on
6. Clear and Concise
7. Evokes Interest
8. Availablility of domain name.
9. No similar searchable company name in any sector
10. Decide colors to be used for logo

I have come up with the following names 'Harvestika', 'MaxHarvest'and
variations thereof. But I need more appealing original names.
Thank you for your time and efforts.
Subject: Re: Brand Name for a Crop Seed Company
Answered By: scribe-ga on 14 Jan 2005 08:19 PST
Naming is something of which I have done a fair amount, as an
advertising copywriter. And sometimes I have done it quite
successfully! I trust this will be one of those times.

I have four names for you at this point. 

I don't think the name has to "say" seeds or agriculture. Whatever the
name is, it can be followed by the word "seeds." More important, as
you said, is that the name be easy to say and remember, and that it
also implies a benefit.

I think there is one other important consideration, a linguistic one.
Since you will be marketing in non-English-speaking countries, it
seems to me that we should be trying to come up with a name which is
either easily understood English, or invent a name that would be
easily understood and have positive connotations for an international
target audience.

Thus my first proposed name: 

1. Potentzia.

I like Potentzia for several reasons. To me it suggests what is most
important about a seed, the potential it contains for good growth, its
strength. The name works nicely, too, because speakers of most
languages would get it right away (in both Italian and Spanish, for
example, the word for "potent" or "powerful" is "potente.") And for
English speakers, it's easily pronounced and quite suggestive of
benefit, too.

Similarly, another name I like is nicely international and also
implies a benefit (award-winning crops). The name is 2. GrandPrix.

Three other names I like a little less.
They are: 3. Terra Rica  4. Good Earth. 5. Generoso. All convey a good
feeling and benefit, and (with maybe the exception of Good Earth) pose
no porblem for non-English speakers.

As for domain and name exclusivity, here's what I found for each name.
1. Potentzia: available as domain name; NO product that I could find
with this name spelled this way.
2. GrandPrix.  There is a website, but you could use grandprixseeds.
3. TerraRica. Available as a domain name.
4. Good Earth. There is a Good Earth herbs
But again, you could use
5. Generoso. There is an index site using this name, but that would
not confict with your use of it, as in Generoso Seeds.

So there you have it. I hope you find some good ideas among these. And
I wish you great results from this seed you are planting.

Request for Answer Clarification by perfectanswers-ga on 17 Jan 2005 07:53 PST
Hi Scribe,

Thank you for the answers. These are my opinions on the words
1. Potenzia- Doesnt seem to go very well with seeds. Could be ideal
for Potency medicines, although I know you meant 'potential' or
2.Grandprix- Hmmm.....well, not suggestive.
3.Terra Rica - Rica means rich right ? wouldnt go well with seeds
4.Good Earth -sounds okay...
5.Generoso- cant say

Clarification of Answer by scribe-ga on 17 Jan 2005 09:55 PST
Hello Perfect Answers,
I agree with your about Potentzia, and I am happy to give some further
thought to your question. You have already given much more thought to
this matter than I ever will, so it is very helpful to get your
reactions to my suggestions. In fact, I think your question is
definitely of the kind that requires some dialogue between asker and

I am still not certain whether your line of seeds will be marketed
mainly in the USA and Canada (and only incidentally in other
countries) or if your venture is to be truly international from the
get-go. If the latter, I still think that non-English names or
trans-language names should be considered.

One such name I have come up with in this second round is:

Abundanzia. (Could also be spelled Abundancia.)

I like and recommend this name because it is:
1. Trans-language (it's an Italian word, but would be readily
understood by speakers of many languages, including English).
2. Easily pronounced.
3. Expresses the product's MAIN benefit (higher yield).
4. Does not have the unfortunate connotations of Potentzia. ;)
5. Available for web domain use.
6. Lends itself to nice "horn of plenty" imagery.

Another area I looked at were those names that somehow contain the
concept of growth, such as:


As far as I can determine, this name is is use by a Los Angles city
recyling program and by a commerical greenhouse business. As a web
domain name, it's available.

Another name in this same conceptual area is:


This name may be a little too English-idiomatic and therefore may fail
the "international" test. But again, like Abdundanzia, it well
expresses the product's main benefit/promise.

A third possibility in this "growth" area is: GroGreat.
It has a nice ring to it, and is perhaps less idiomatic that GroBeyond.

A third area I explored were names that use "sun" in some way. It's a
good area to look at because of the positive connotations and because
it lends itself to great logo imagery (which, by the way, ought to be
added to your list of criteria, I think).

In this "sun" category, I have three possibilities for you.

1. SunBurst 
2. SunRays 
3. SunKing

The connotations of these names are entirely positive to any grower,
of course. SunKing is interesting because of its association with
Louis XIX of France. (Not that Louis XIV has anything to do with
seeds, but consider what a DISTINCTIVE image his portrait (in the
public domain) would give to your line of seeds. Just a thought.) As a
web address, you would have to write it as A
construction company owns

I hope this further thinking is more productive for you than my first thoughts.
All the best,
Subject: Re: Brand Name for a Crop Seed Company
From: clint34-ga on 14 Jan 2005 05:32 PST
Bountiful Crop Seed Co.
Cornucopia Crop Co.
Bountiful Harvest (And use the cornucopia symbol )
Subject: Re: Brand Name for a Crop Seed Company
From: probonopublico-ga on 14 Jan 2005 09:16 PST

(Pick of the Crop)

And YES it's available with loads of extensions.

But grab them all quick because this is so good that they will
disappear FAST now that I have posted this comment.

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