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Q: Food Manufacturing ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Food Manufacturing
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: rd001-ga
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Posted: 22 Jan 2005 16:25 PST
Expires: 21 Feb 2005 16:25 PST
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There are many brands of stuffed grape leaves that are sold in cans. 
I am trying to find out:  (a) whether they are made by hand or
machine, and (b), if made by machine, the name and address of the
manufacturer, and (c) if possible, I would like to know who makes the
machines (e.g., I would like to open a factory myself).  I believe the
answer to (a) and (b) should not be too hard, but (c) may be more
difficult.  I happy to pay more if necessary to get a good answer. 
Here are a few examples of the stuffed grape leaves:

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 24 Jan 2005 11:52 PST
I''m still checking on this, but I've spoken to a representative of an
equipment manufacturing company, who, in his 30 years of being in the
business, has never seen any machinery that can take an actual grape
leaf and stuff it.  He says, however, that he has equipment that can
automatically process grape leaves into a stuffable outer layer, which
can then be automatically stuffed.  Would you be interested in that as
a potential answer?


Clarification of Question by rd001-ga on 24 Jan 2005 12:16 PST
I am not trying to "stuff the grape leave".  Per the pictures on the
cans, a grape leaf is laid flat, a filling is put in the middle of it,
and then the grape leaf is wrapped around the filling (imagine using a
grape leaf as wrapping paper to wrap a small battery as a present). 
Thus, the machine your propose sounds exactly like what I am looking
for.  To make sure there is no confusion, can you show them a link of
the finished product and make sure we are talking about the same
thing.  If it helps, they are referred to as "dolmades" in most Greek
restaurants.  Thank you very much and sorry for any confusion.

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 25 Jan 2005 12:02 PST
I'm waiting to hear officially from a manufacturer on whether or not
these are made by hand (and don't know if I will, since they're in
Turkey, and there may be a language barrier).  I'm guessing they are
made by hand, as do several manufacturs in the US (with whom I spoke),
given the nature of the product.

I have since done more research on this, and the company I originally
mentioned actually would take grape leaves, chop them up, and make
them into an extrudabe "meal"/pancake which could then be wrapped (by
equipment they could supply).  Analysis could be done to make sure the
taste is the same.  I don't know if this is something you'd be looking
for as an alternative.

I have found that there is essentially one company in the US that does
"auto" wrapping of various types.  The equipment is built-to-order (I
believe this is the case with a lot of "manufacturing line"
equipment).   However, the representative I spoke to said that the
leaves would have to be cut to uniform size and be of a consistency
that's capable of being folded before entering the machine.  This
would be a new custom project for them.

For the folding aspect, this lead would be the best available in the
US.  I also have a lead in China that looks to make similar equipment.

For machinery that could cut the leaves, I could supply you with
additional contacts.

For putting the whole thing together, the best bet would be to meet
with a "manufacturing line" consultant who could advise on how to best
set this all up. I have found a source that lists several such

Would you like me to post all this information as an answer?

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 25 Jan 2005 12:03 PST
typo: manufacturs -> manufacturers

Clarification of Question by rd001-ga on 25 Jan 2005 15:26 PST
Please do post your work as an answer.  I believe it sounds good and
meets my needs.  You mentioned that there are several manufacturers in
the US who do this by hand.  If you could include the names of the
ones you already found, that would be great.  Thanks.

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 25 Jan 2005 17:18 PST
I apologize for that sentence.  That was meant to be read: I'm
guessing they are made by hand, as do (guess) several manufacturers in
the US (with whom I spoke)....  those manufacturers are equipment
manufacturers of various kinds (not grape leaves).  I also spoke to a
Turkish retailer who said basically the same thing.

This definitely looks to be a largely foreign-made product.
Subject: Re: Food Manufacturing
Answered By: jbf777-ga on 25 Jan 2005 17:44 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello rd001 -

Thank you for your question.

Several manufacturing consultants with associated resumes can be found
at the following link:

   American Society of Baking

More than one of these consultants should be qualified to act as a
single-source administrative entity for your whole project.

The primary (if not only) player in the US that makes folding
equipment of this kind is New Jersey-based Solbern:

   8 Kulick Road
   Fairfield, NJ  07004-3385 USA
   Tel. (973) 227-3030x20 (Jorge)
   Fax (973) 227-3069

Another company that looks to make similar equipment in China:

   Nichimo Co., Ltd.
   2-2-20 Higashi-Shinagawa
   Tokyo,  140-0002   Japan 
   Phone: (011) 813 3458 4198 
   Fax: (011) 81 3 3458 4607 
   Web Address:

Rheon USA is a firm who could supply you with equipment to make a
grape leaf "meal" out of chopped grape leaves which could then be used
to wrap the stuffing:
   Rheon U.S.A.
   9490 Toledo Way
   Irvine, CA 92618

The Food Processing Machinery Association may be a good place to find
equipment once you know the different pieces you're looking for. 
Several types of cutting equipment categories are at this link; click
on one of them to take you to lists of companies that specialize in
that product:

One company I spoke to thought waterjet cutting might be applicable
for cutting the leaves to size; FlowCorp is a company that specializes
in such machinery:

If you need any clarification, please don't hesitate to ask before
rating this answer.  Thank you.

Search strategy:
  spoke to several contacts in the 
  industry; including trade 
  associations, magazines,
  manufacturers, etc.
Select search terms:
  dough folding equipment

Clarification of Answer by jbf777-ga on 26 Jan 2005 11:50 PST
With regard to the waterjet cutting contact "FlowCorp" that I listed above:

I just got off the phone with Keith from the company, who says there
shouldn't be any problem cutting grape leaves; they have past
experience cutting leaves.  Their automation group would be able to
assist in creating a custom solution, in addition to networking with
other companies for processes involved with aligning the leaves for
cutting.  Keith's direct line is 508-478-8582.

Request for Answer Clarification by rd001-ga on 26 Jan 2005 16:05 PST
Thanks for your answer.  Can you clarify a couple things:  (a) please
confirm that you did not find any manufacturer of stuffed grape leaves
who uses an automated process; and (b) assuming all of them do it by
hand, did you find any of the actual companies that do the
manufacturing (as opposed to distributing) and can you let me know who
they are (are there any in the US or are they all abroad, and do you
have names/addresses for any).  Thanks.

Clarification of Answer by jbf777-ga on 27 Jan 2005 09:54 PST
Please let me know if you need any additional clarification.

Turkey-based Tamek says their stuffed grape leaves are all hand made,
and that all other companies in Turkey make them by hand:

  Nispetiye Mah. Hakk? S¸ehit Han Sok. No:35 2.Ulus 34340 Bes¸iktas¸ ?   
  TELEFON	(0212) 284 77 66 pbx
  FAKS	(0212) 283 99 93

Fantis Foods of NJ is an importer of three different brands: Fantis,
Onassis, and Aris.  The rep said they're all made by hand:

  Fantis Foods 
  60 Triangle Blvd NJ 07072 
  Tel: (201) 933-6200 

Manufacturer and importer "Krinos" who merged with "Big Alpha" claims
to be the largest such importer in the US.  They say all brands, any
where they come from, are made by hand -- that's why they're not all
the same size in the can.  They represent Turki'li, Zanae, and Big
Alpha brands:

  47-00 Northern Boulevard
  Long Island City, NY 11101 US 
  Phone: (718) 729-9000 
  Fax: (718) 361-9725 
  Contact: Marina 

Contact information for manufacturers (all are located in Greece or Turkey):

  17 Politechniou str.
  +30.2310.531.611-12-64, or +30.2310.526 374
  Fax: +30.2310.540.526

  konserveci?li?k san ve ti?c a.S¸.   
  Tuzcular köyü mevkii bartin-turkey
  phone : 90 378 237 64 40 pbx 	fax : 90 378 237 64 44 

  Onassis canned foods 
  industrial area of thessaloniki, 
  Gate 49 570 22 
  +.2310 795556 / +.2310 796983 

Clarification of Answer by jbf777-ga on 27 Jan 2005 09:57 PST
To address question (a) above: I cannot find one manufacturer who uses
an automated process.
rd001-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $15.00
Excellent answer.  Initial answer was correct, but not what I hoped it
would be.  Researcher went the extra step to propose alternatives. 

Subject: Re: Food Manufacturing
From: jbf777-ga on 27 Jan 2005 12:13 PST
Thank you for the kind words, rating, and tip!  Please stop by again.


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