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Q: Website Review ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Website Review
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Asked by: tonnix-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 26 Feb 2005 19:14 PST
Expires: 28 Mar 2005 19:14 PST
Question ID: 481608
For researchers with experience in website reviews.

We would like a website review for We are looking for
feedback, impressions, comments, suggestions for improvements, plus
whatever else that you might think would be good to enhance the

First, we need an analysis of welcome page. What you think it is, what
strikes you about it, and what you think you would click on first.

Describe your impressions of the site in terms of our credibility. 
In other words, do you trust us 100% as you join the club? What do you
think is missing to boost the credibility ?

Is the website appealing to you in terms of the content, menu system,
information organization, etc?

Sign up and create a test membership (leave credit card information as
it is, this is a test and no valid information is required). You have
to use a valid email address as you will receive some automatic email
alerts. You need to test available functions in member area.

To test an existing account use ? for email and
?abcde? for password.

Clarification of Question by tonnix-ga on 03 Mar 2005 14:03 PST
This question has been locked since I posted it few days ago. I just
wanted to see that someone is actually working on it.

Request for Question Clarification by leapinglizard-ga on 03 Mar 2005 15:09 PST
It's unlocked at the moment. I'll lock it now and post an answer within 24 hours.


Request for Question Clarification by leapinglizard-ga on 04 Mar 2005 16:30 PST
Something has come up, putting me behind schedule. Give me a few more hours.


Request for Question Clarification by leapinglizard-ga on 05 Mar 2005 18:02 PST
I'm afraid I have been detained by an important development in my
private life, and I can no longer devote any time to this question.
Perhaps another Researcher will be able to help you.


Request for Question Clarification by tox-ga on 06 Mar 2005 17:32 PST
Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have locked this question and
will have an answer for you within the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience,

Clarification of Question by tonnix-ga on 06 Mar 2005 18:25 PST
Thank you Tox-ga. I am looking forward to your review.

Subject: Re: Website Review
Answered By: tox-ga on 06 Mar 2005 22:03 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi there,

Overall, the website is very complete and well made.  The following
are mostly minor recommendations based on successes/failures of the
past websites I have worked with, with greater focus on the most
important aspect of the site - trust/credibility.

If you would like me to elaborate more on specific parts of the
website, or would like clarification on any part of the answer, please
let me know and I would be happy to keep working on this question
until you are completely satisfied.



=======Site Design======= 

The graphical aspect of the site is quite professional.  The color
scheme is soothing on the eyes and generally pleasant.  However, there
are some things that could be considered for revision :

1)	The background color for the website should be darker ? this is to
provide clear distinction between the unused space and the used space.
 This also has additional benefit of allowing surfers to focus on the
useful information easier by reducing the field of focus.

2)	Good usage of complementary color is going to allow your design to
stand out more.  Rather than going all out with red-orange hue, adding
in hints of dark blue (natural complementary color of orange) for
important fields / graphics that need to stand out from the rest of
the page is considered more efficient.

3)	The banner design is generally satisfactory.  However, the ?Tonnix?
logo in the banner doesn?t stand out as well as it should.  A simple
solution to this is to adjust the contrast or brightness of the orange
background that ?Tonnix? logo is overlapping, or just to add a little
bit of outer glow around the logo.  This can easily be done in
Photoshop.  Moreover, a smart and well placed catchphrase will amplify
the effect of the banner representing the site and drawing in the

Evaluation : Not much needs to be fixed.  Once small kinks are taken
care of, the site is completely sound on the graphical front.

=======Describing the System/Credibility=======

Consider moving ?about us? to the top menu of the page (or at the very
least, stand out more).  Many people need to be insured of the
company?s credibility when signing up on the program like this.  The
fact that the visitors can readily see the company introduction on the
top of the page will add to their trust as well as the company?s

A large part of the visitors? skepticisms come from whether the
company is easily reachable and open.  The ?Contact Us? page is very
important to convince them that this is true for Tonnix.  I would
recommend to make the page more elaborate with more options such as
phone, etc.  You don?t necessarily have to have the phone number open
to the general public ? you can have an option that says ?Contact Us
by Phone? and when they click on it, they have to log in to get the
phone number.

The testimonials will also play a big part is gaining the visitors?
trust.  I believe there should be a greater emphasis on this section
(it?s hardly noticeable) by mentioning it in many other pages of the
website.  Also, currently it is just a list of text testimonials that
isn?t very convincing.  It is highly recommended that you change the
format and include some pictures of these customers and/or videos to
make the testimonials seem more real and relatable.  An example of a
video testimonial can be seen on the following page:

Welcome page itself is near flawless at the moment.  It tells people
the simple concept behind the business and doesn?t seem to give off
?sign up and you?ll automatically win? type of nonsense.

However, for the 4 step guideline of the online lottery club system,
the pictures could use a title to get the visitors to focus on that
particular area.  The title can be ?It's simple", or anything that
convinces the visitors that this is not a complicated system ? which
usually compels them to think about the validity of the deal.

Secondly, how it works pages could use a little diagram that can
easily explain to people how it is definitely advantageous for them to
sign up in the lottery pool.  Simple mathematic diagram that clearly
outlines the increased chances of winning ? and their profit rate
would do that job as well as explaining the system.  This reinforces
people?s sense of security as well as makes them more willing to sign

The main menu is very well made ? it is designed in such a way that it
becomes a smooth progression which starts from the welcome page, to
how the lottery pool works, FAQ, then ends up with Sign up for Free
Trial.  This is a very natural way to wear away people?s reluctance
about trying out a new system / product.

Evaluation : Considering the way site is designed and possibly
addressing a few things that?s been said, the potential customers
could easily learn to trust Tonnix.

=======Member?s Area Functionality=======

The member?s area options are well designed and covers all the
important information.  As far as the functionality goes, zero problem
has been found.  Organization of the information is exceptional.

One thing to consider is, however, to add the ?help? option along with
the main selections like ?your account? to ?account summary?.  Often
times, people can get lost about the type of options that they?re
looking for and the page that explains little bits of information that
could easily be lost on new customers can be tremendously helpful. 
Other alternative is to add in links in each page that says ?Need
Help?? or ?Do you have questions?? which gives a pop-up window options
that links to the sub-menus of the ?Help? page.

Evaluation :  Simple, easy to use, and professional.  I wouldn?t change a thing.

=======Minor Suggestions=======

MegaMillion?s image under ?We Now Play? should link to their website. 
Also, the ?current jackpot estimate? should be a little bit larger, or
somehow highlighted to bring it to people?s attention.

In ?Your Winnings? page, there are several or singular spheres on each
of the drawings / winnings which show the winning type.  Subtle
systems of the games that are being played could use some explanation
on the website itself ? rather than relying on the visitor / members
to research on their own.

FAQ section should have a list of questions that are linked to the
certain section of the page.  By this, I mean that all the questions
should be listed at the top of the FAQ section ? without the answers ?
 to allow visitors to quickly sweep through the list and find the
question that they wanted to ask themselves, then allow them to click
on the link which will direct them to the answer.  This way, FAQ
section won?t be hard for the visitors to navigate once the list
starts getting bigger and bigger.
tonnix-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $40.00
Thank you very much for the excellent response.

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