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Q: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK) ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK)
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: wsg-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 02 Aug 2002 09:01 PDT
Expires: 01 Sep 2002 09:01 PDT
Question ID: 48598
Based on my previous Google Answers query, helpful assistance was
providing in locating the ideal cordless telephone (Samsung SP-R6100).
Upon further investigation/phone calls, however, I determined that
these phones are only sold in the UK, and both stores will not ship to
the U.S.

Please help me locate a store that will ship to the U.S.
Alternatively, if such a store is not available, please let me know if
there is a service I could hire to serve as an overseas shipping agent
or liason (ie. they purchase the item for me abroad and then charge a
shipping/administrative fee to ship the merchandise to the U.S.).
Also, if such a service exists, will they return the merchandise for
me, upon payment of an additional fee, if the telephone is not
compatible with U.S. phone systems?

Thank you for your assistance.

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 13 Aug 2002 10:43 PDT
Hello wsg-ga

The phone you are seeking is also sold in Italy for 154,42 Euros
including taxes
I contacted them and they do not ship overseas but I could have it
shipped to an address in Italy and then have somebody ship it to you
if you are willing to cover the shipping/administrative costs. I have
just sent them an e-mail about their return policy, I'm waiting for a


Clarification of Question by wsg-ga on 14 Aug 2002 09:43 PDT
Thank you for your kind offer, Silvares. I definitely would be
interested! Please let me know the cost in U.S. dollars for the phone
and for the shipping/administrative fee, as well as the return policy.
Also, if you could please inqire for me as to the compatiblility of
these phones with U.S. systems (i.e. would adapters be required?).
Thanks for your help!

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 15 Aug 2002 15:36 PDT
Hello wsg-ga 

I verified with what their return policy is. If you
need to return the item you need to notify them by fax within 10 days
from receiving the item and then you have 10 more days to send it back
(they will trust the postmarks dates).
Since this doesn't seem like too much time to me I would like to make
sure that there are no major compatibility issues. So I emailed
Samsung to check for possible problems. I haven't received an answer
yet but I will keep you posted.
The total for the phone including shipping (in Italy) is 164.37 Euros
We will do the conversion with the proper exchange rate, for now
consider more or less one Euro = one dollar.
Also how would you like it shipped to you from Italy ? I think the
best bet would be FedEx or something of that sort but it might be
expensive ...

I'll keep you posted with compatibility issues

Clarification of Question by wsg-ga on 15 Aug 2002 18:52 PDT
I've also e-mailed Samsung (3-4 wks. ago) and have yet to receive a
reply. Please let me know if you have better success.

I suppose we could order it via Fed Ex, DHL, etc. which would give me
enough time to test and return it (again via Fed Ex, DHL, etc.), if
necessary. What would be the approx. cost and delivery time to ship
via Fed Ex, DHL, etc.?

Also, does the seller impose a restocking fee for returned

Thanks again for your help!

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 19 Aug 2002 12:09 PDT
Hello again

I called Samsung Italy to find out the compatibility issues. They said
that one of the problems would be the frequency the phone is
broadcasting on because is not the same between Italy and here. I am
not sure though about how competent the representative was since the
frequency is between the base and the phone unit and so should not be
a problem as long as the base and the unit are in the same frequency.
The other problem is the power supply and you would have to buy a
converter (but I think you were aware of that).
If you still want to go on with the purchase I checked the FedEx web
site but it's hard to quote a price because I don't know the weight of
the package. Looking at the different options it could be anywhere
between 30 and 65 Euros.
They do not specify the time but I think it would be two or three
Also to answer your question there is no restocking fee.

If you want to go on with this I will need your name and address and
also, if you want me to purchase the phone for you, I need a way for
you to refund me. I can think of PayPal but any other suggestion you
have would be fine.
I have a free fax number if you want to fax me your information and
maintain your privacy.

Let's see if we can pull this off ....


Clarification of Question by wsg-ga on 20 Aug 2002 10:36 PDT
Thanks for all of your help, Silvares. I think it's worth a try. I'll
be on travel next week, so please give me a call this week if possible
at 1-800-428-7262. I'll provide you with my address at that time, and
we can finalize the payment details as well. Also, feel free to claim
the $20.00 listing fee as you have truly gone "above and beyond" in
assisting with my request!
Subject: Re: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK)
Answered By: silviares-ga on 22 Aug 2002 09:10 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Good morning wsg

as we agreed I ordered the phone for you, the order was accepted. 
I will immediately tell you when we are ready to ship it to you. 
In the meantime we just have to wait ...

I'll keep in touch and let the show begin :-)


Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 29 Aug 2002 20:42 PDT
Dear wsg 

I haven't forgotten about you ... I check daily but, even though the
phone has shipped from the online seller, we haven't recieved it yet.
If he doesn't come tomorrow I will telephone factotus to find out what
the deal is.

I will keep you posted

Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 02 Sep 2002 21:54 PDT
Dear wsg 

Italy being Italy ... it's really sad but ... 
Even though I got a confirmation email they haven't shipped the item
I had to call them to find this out. They should ship it tomorrow or
the day after .... Sorry

I'll keep you posted

Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 11 Sep 2002 08:44 PDT
Hello wsg 

some good news at last. Purchasing the phone has been a real
Too afraid of internet frauds they didn't accept my credit card
(because based in the US) but didn't warn me. So they cancelled my
order without notifying.
After a week and several phone calls I found out that the order had
been cancelled. So we reissue the order using an Italian based credit
card and everything went through fine. We received the order in Italy
on Monday September 9 (this is the date to start counting 10 days). We
shipped it to you on Wednesday September 11th. It should take between
two to five days to get to you. Please let me know right away if we
need to return it since we need to send a fax immediately. The cost
was 164.37 for the phone and 41 to ship it to you.
So I would say a total of 225 $ including the administrative costs.

I am really sorry that he took so long but hopefully the phone is on
its way and you will be able to try it out soon.

wsg-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Wonderful answer. Wonderful person. Thanks for your help!

Subject: Re: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK)
From: mwalcoff-ga on 02 Aug 2002 10:03 PDT
There are companies called freight forwarders who are in the business
of moving products from country to country, handling the import/export
rules along the way. For example, Interspan (Manchester) Ltd. of
England has weekly dropoffs to many U.S. cities
( I don't know whether they
would handle an order so small, however.
Subject: Re: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK)
From: drjmetz-ga on 02 Aug 2002 11:15 PDT
Hi there,

I just wanted to mention that I strongly suspect a cordless phone from
the UK will not be compatible with the system in the US. Perhaps a
more cost-effective approach would be to contact the company that
manufactures the phone and ask them, before investing any money in
this venture :-)

Hope this helps,

Subject: Re: Seeking Assistance on Ordering Merchandise From Overseas (UK)
From: tehuti-ga on 02 Aug 2002 12:21 PDT
You might find this of interest  It details some of the
differences between telephones made for the US and those made for the

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