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Q: Great Grand Father genealogy - Lucian (Lucas) Leskowitz ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Great Grand Father genealogy - Lucian (Lucas) Leskowitz
Category: Family and Home > Families
Asked by: leskowitz-ga
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Posted: 08 Mar 2005 10:48 PST
Expires: 07 Apr 2005 11:48 PDT
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I am looking for more information about my great grandfather.  He
started our clan.  Here is was I know.  He came to NY around 1913ish
from the Ukaine (white Russia).  When he came over, I was told the
name was changed to "Leskowitz" from something else to make it sound
more "American".  (They did not do a good job on that front.)  He
married Julia Specian who latter after remarried to an Ankud.  Lucian
died a few years later in NY of the flu and was thrown in a grave.  I
found the cemetary but do not have the name on hand.

What confuses me when I go to Ellis island (I think that is the port
he can in)  web site, there is no Lucas (Lucian) Leskowitz. There are
some Samuals but no Lucas.  I am trying to see if he can over with
other people.  He was not Jewish if that helps the search.  If $50 is
not fair, let me know.  I want to know more about him.  His son was
named Walter also.  Everyone above is dead so feel free to snoop. 
Thanks, Paul

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 08 Mar 2005 15:24 PST
Your last line there had me laughing, so I've been doing some snooping.

Without knowing your great grandfather's actual last name, this will
be awfully tough, and necessarily speculative.

The closest I came in numerous searches is this record from Ellis Island:

First Name: Lucian 
Last Name: Lischetzki 
Ethnicity: Russia, Polish 
Last Place of Residence: Warschau, Russia 
Date of Arrival: May 20, 1914 
Age at Arrival:  21y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S   
Ship of Travel: Bremen 
Port of Departure: Bremen 
Manifest Line Number: 0023 

The manifest listed an occupation that was hared to make out, but
might have been farm laborer.  It also indicated that Lucian could
read and write.

Do you have any clue from your own family history whether this could be your man?

I have looked, but I have not yet found any other records on Mr. Lischetzki.

Let me know what you think.


Clarification of Question by leskowitz-ga on 08 Mar 2005 15:47 PST
The wierd thing is I would have thought that the log would have said
Leskowitz not Lischetzki.  That is my name.  I will upload a link of
his pic and we will see if this guy is him.  I hope you are right.

Are there other people in his party with the same name?  I know I am a
pain.  I will post more tonight.  It could be him.  My wife is calling
me to out to dinner.  Be back.

Is Warschau, Russia part of White Russia?  That would help to narrow it down.

Clarification of Question by leskowitz-ga on 08 Mar 2005 23:10 PST
It looks like him and I want to believe you are right.  But I still
have doubts.  Here are reasons I am pointing that he is the guy (I
just watch a video of me drilling my 101 great-grandmother)

1.  She was born in 1895 and she said that he was 1 year or the same
age as her.  That would mean he was born in 1894 or 1893.  His records
show 1893. Close Match

2.  They married around 1915.  Met and married in 9 days. Your finds
show he was in NY at that time.  Good

3.  He died around 1918 of the Spanish Flu.  Now, I have a picture of
him and her and  their 6 monthish year old baby.  I know he died
around when the kid was around 1 year old.  So in doing the math.  The
dates add up.

4.  Lucian was his name.  Good match there.

Now my doubts,
1.  My great-grandmother would have said he if he was Polish.  She
said "White Russia".

2.  Leskowitz and Lischetzki are not even close.  I would thought the
official name would have gotten changed on the log.

3.  There is no other evidence; wedding, immigration cards, voting, etc.

I guessed you earned it.  However, can I ask how many Lucian's came up
with your search?   I think that is a fair.  That would give me
greater comfort that he is the one.  In other words, if there were 500
Lucians with "L" last names then I would have my doubts.  If there is
only one Lucian then he is the guy.  I think Lucian and the age is the
key.  This will determine if I move on or not in my search.

Here is the guy that made you $50.  Is he Mr. Lischetzki? You know as
much as I do.
Subject: Re: Great Grand Father genealogy - Lucian (Lucas) Leskowitz
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 09 Mar 2005 17:00 PST
You know, your request for all the last-name-with-an-L-Lucian's is so
obviously useful, that I'm a bit embarrased I didn't do it as a first

However, here they be:

Lachecki,Lucian	Warschau, Russia	1913	17
Lada,Lucian	Sokolow, Russia	1912	18
Lakowicz,Lucian	Sanun, Russia	1913	9
Lancewicz,Lucian	Augustowj	1907	0
Leibofsky,Lucian	Mojamde, Russia	1907	21
Lenda,Lucian	Ciechanow, Russia	1905	18
Leschizewski,Lucian	Bukowa, Russia	1913	21
Lewandowska,Lucian		        1893	7
Lewandowski,Lucian	Brooklyn, New York, New York	1909	1
Libweiczik,Lucian	Girewok, Russia	1907	28
Lischetzki,Lucian	Warschau, Russia 1914	21
Litkewicz,Lucian		        1896	35
Loskewsky,Lucian	Oletz, Russia	1907	30
Luprundvay,Lucian	Jerdyka, Russia	1912	29
Luschewski,Lucian	Wola, Russia	1907	19
Lutzikoski,Lucian	Lonczin, Russia	1912	26

The number after the date is the age of that particular Lucian at the
time of his arrival at Ellis Island.

The only other possibility that looks plausible to me vis-a-vis your
grandfather would be Lucian Leschizewski.  He arrived in 1913, was 21
at the time, and came from Bukowa, Russia.  The last name looks like
one that could have become "Leskowitz" with a bit of Americanization.

The manifest image says that this Lucian was to stay with a cousin in
New York.  The first name is hard to make out and looks almost like
"Madrid", but the surname is almost certainly Lewandowsky.  If this is
a name in your family, then I'd say "Bingo"!  If not...then I'd tend
to think the Lucian I mentioned earlier is your man.

By the way, I did the searching for these Lucian's not directly at the
Ellis Island database, but through a very useful interface that you
can see here:

This search page was created by, but it also contains
records of non-Jewish passengers as well, and is very handy for
searching the Ellis Island database.

For instance, I set up a search as follows:

First Name is exactly [ Lucian ]

Last Name starts with [ L ]

and then clicked on the "Search (new format)" button, to get the list
of Lucian's that I gave you above.

For each name, you can then click for additional information,
including the image of the original manifest.

I trust this information gets you a few steps closer to finding out
about your grandfather.  However, please don't rate this answer until
you have everything you need.  If you would like any additional
information, just post a Request for Clarification to let me know how
I can assist you further, and I'm at your service.

All the best,


P.S.  PLEASE...let me know what you think of the list of
Lucian's...I've grown quite curious myself.

Request for Answer Clarification by leskowitz-ga on 10 Mar 2005 20:50 PST
First, I am glad the name "Lewinsky" was not in the list.  That would
have really blowed.  LOLOLOLO

I agree if he came through ellis then it is Mr. Leschizewski or Mr.
Lischetzki.  No one matches the ages.

Since you offered, other than ellis island site, where else did you
look for info on Mr. Leschizewski or Mr. Lischetzki
(,etc)?  I am trying figure out where to go next with my
new information.

Also, by any chance did you search any other ports?  I read somewhere
that Boston was another port that people came in.  Galveston was too
but I know he did not come in there.

Funny thing is I can not find my great grandmother's port records and
I know her name.  It is like the people magically appeared in the US
without records.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 11 Mar 2005 07:12 PST

Thanks for the note...and you're quite right, there wasn't a single
Lucian Lewinsky in the bunch!

In addition to which you are already aware of, the other
major genealogy resource on the web is the FamilySearch site hosted by
the Mormons at:

Despite the Mormon affiliation, the site is a terrific resource for
families even without any links to the Church of the Latter-day

Click on the "Search for Ancestors" link if you want to have a look
around, but I did not see anything there pertinent to your family

As for other ports of entry, I have not heard of any specific
resources about Boston, but if they exist, I imagine they are already
subsumed in the records, as they are fairly comprehensive
in this respect (by the way, I checked as well for your
great-grandfather, but again, nothing of note turned up).

Hope that's everything, but if there's something else I can do for
you, just give me a holler.  Good luck with the rest of your search.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 11 Mar 2005 07:15 PST
One more thing.

You can request a copy of a NYC death certificate from their city archives:

There's a special form at the above link for certificates that date
back before 1949.

May be worth a try.

Subject: Re: Great Grand Father genealogy - Lucian (Lucas) Leskowitz
From: myoarin-ga on 10 Mar 2005 06:55 PST
I wrote the following before Palafala posted his answer and then
Google wouldn't accept my comment.  I haven't revised it for any later
info in the answer.
Nice having a greatgrandma 101.  Better having good genes than the best Levis.

Warsaw/Warschau (German spelling) is the capital of Poland, about
equidistant from the Ukraine and White Russia /Belorusaija.  But that
is immaterial since Warsaw is a clear reference.

Leskowitz :: Lischetzki:  Someone familiar with Slavic languages could
suggest if these could be related, maybe Ukraine/White Russian/Polish
forms of the same name.
Aren't  -witz and  -zki/ski  name endings that mean "son of", like
-son in English and -sen in Scandinavian languages?
Lesko- and Lische- seem quite different but may not be  (Slavic scholars!?)
And if you went to an American school and learned how to pronounce
scholar, as an Ellis Island official you might pronounce  Lische-  as
Liske- or Leske- or
Lesko-.  And, with shipful of Poles with -witz names, listed another
one as Leskowitz.  Your greatgrand wasn't going to complain  -if he
noticed - and he probably didn't speak any English, just was happy to
get his papers to immigrate.
Maybe the official even suggested that Lischetski with all its
consonants was not such a good name in the New World.
(Someone could do a thesis on name-changes on Ellis Island, maybe has.
 My dad got through 1920 with his name intact.)

That is no absolute help, but I hope that it can suggest further
avenues of research.
Good luck
Subject: Re: Great Grand Father genealogy - Lucian (Lucas) Leskowitz
From: emin-ga on 17 Apr 2005 02:38 PDT
Possible Polish name that could have been transformed to Leskowitz is Leszkowicz.

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