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Q: List of companies who specialise in aircraft/aerospace non-destructive testing ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: List of companies who specialise in aircraft/aerospace non-destructive testing
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: chrisnial-ga
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Posted: 19 Mar 2005 17:40 PST
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Aircraft/Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing and Allied Research

The project brief is to identify if this segment within the commercial
aerospace industry warrants further in-depth study.

Required information

Of this segment, the following research is required:

Who are the major companies in these segments and what are their
business strategies (if known)?


1. The amount for this question is the max Google will allow and I
shall add a good tip on top of it for a good answer.

2. The UK is the main focus, but European and Global are important too.

3. Please note that we are interested in the commercial and not the
military markets for the focus of this study.

Thank you and good luck. :-)
Subject: Re: List of companies who specialise in aircraft/aerospace non-destructive testi
Answered By: adiloren-ga on 31 Mar 2005 22:01 PST
Hello  chrisnial-ga; thank you for the question. I have provided a
list of the major companies that specialize in NDT/NDI in the UK and a
few global and U.S. leaders as well.

Many of the large aircraft manufacturers perform these tests in-house,
and thus have their own hired NDT specialists. The companies I have
listed are either independent test consultants or are large providers
of the technology itself.

I also included news on events relating to NDT in the industry and a
number of useful links.

Please let me know if I can add to this response to suit your needs. 


UK and Europe:

Krautkramer and Agfa 
(have since been acquired by GE, but the information should be helpful)

Major Acquisition in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for Agfa
"The Krautkramer business consists of the production and worldwide
distribution of ultrasonic devices for the non-destructive testing
(NDT) of various materials, especially metals. Krautkramer sells
portable as well as stationary testing devices. In 1999, the
Krautkramer business, with manufacturing plants in Hürth (Cologne,
Germany) and Lewistown (Pennsylvania, USA) and offices in Germany,
USA, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Japan as well as other countries in
the Far East, accounted for worldwide sales of roughly 100 million
Euro. Krautkramer employs over 650 people worldwide.
The global non-destructive testing market is estimated at 1 billion
Euro, in which radiographic systems represents a share of 15 % and
ultrasound systems has a good 30 %. In the segment of radiographic
systems, Agfa has a marketshare of 60 %. Through the acquisition of
Krautkramer, market leader in ultrasound systems, Agfa obtains 32 % in
this promising NDT-segment.

"Non-destructive Testing is one of Agfa's core businesses less known
to the general public. However, Agfa sells industrial radiography
systems that are used to test the safety of eighty percent of the
world's passenger aircraft, and most major pipeline projects around
the globe are tested with Agfa receptors. With this acquisition Agfa
broadens its technology base in the NDT-business adding high tech
ultrasound hard- and software technology, which is considered to be
one of the most promising and fastest moving technologies in
non-destructive testing.", said Dr. Ludo Verhoeven, vice chairman of
the Agfa-Gevaert Group."

About Agfa
"The Agfa-Gevaert Group headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium ranks among
the world's leading imaging companies. Agfa develops, produces and
markets analog and digital systems, primarily for the graphics
industry, medical radiology, non-destructive testing, micrographics,
motion picture film and consumer imaging and photography markets. Agfa
employs about 22,000 people in 40 countries, and has 120 agents
throughout the world. Together, they achieved a turnover of 4,731
million Euro in 1999. Product and company information can be found on
Agfa's home page on the World Wide Web at:"

General Electric acquired Afgha's NDT wing - it is now under GE
Inspection Technologies

Material Measurements Ltd.
"Material Measurements Ltd. is probably the largest independent NDT
service provider to the UK Aerospace market. We excel as a market
leader by providing innovative solutions, uncompromising high quality
together with unrivalled response and customer care."

Company Literature

NDT Inspection & Testing Ltd

Factory Road, Sandycroft, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2QJ
T: 01244 520058, Fx: 01244 535440, e-mail:
Main NDT methods used: D, F, G, H, M, P, Q, R, S, Z

NDT Inspection and Testing Ltd holds UKAS accreditation for laboratory
and site testing services for all major NDT methods.
Approvals have also been granted by CAA, Bombardier (Shorts), Airbus
UK, BAe Military and Westlands.
In our 33 years of trading we have built our reputation on a flexible,
reliable and rapid response to our customer requirements, including
off-shore in the UK and overseas.
The company provides a 24 hour in-house or on-site service to a wide
range of industries, utilising our team of multi-disciplined personnel
The company operates from four sites in the UK and, as a subsidiary of
Shell Services, has international market representation. "

Non-Destructive Testing Group (NDT)

"services include physical, radiography and x-ray testing, welding,
aircraft, ultrasonic and mechanical inspection, and laboratory

Thermal Wave Imaging

"provides thermal nondestructive testing solutions to the global
aerospace, power generation, and automotive industries"


"Company providing one-stop aerospace treatments which include Mag,
Flaw, Dye Pen & Etch inspection as well as hardness testing"

Diagnostic Sonar Ltd.

"The requirement for rapidly detecting corrosion and disbonds in large
areas of lap joints in transport aircraft has prompted the development
of various new NDT methods and large-area imaging systems. QinetiQ has
developed ultrasonic array technology in collaboration with Diagnostic
Sonar Ltd and evaluated the inspection performance and the potential
speed of inspection. The crucial factors in this development were the
achievement of high speed as well as high spatial and depth resolution
to allow interrogation of sealant and adhesive layers and the
characterisation of corrosion."

"Technology transfer of the array has been a successful part of this
project. The ultrasonic array is commercially available from
Diagnostic Sonar Ltd, an NDT manufacturer in the UK, and the software
to control it is available as an upgrade of current
commercially-available equipment."

Farsound Engineering Ltd

Frazer-Nash NDT Ltd


U.S. and Global:

Charles Pattillo
8401 West Monroe
Houston, TX  77061
Telephone: 713.333.3100
Fax: 713.333.3110
NDT Services
Full service technology based international and domestic NDT service
company. Part of AITEC, Inc. which is one of the largest NDT companies
in North America.

Robert Phelan
50 Indusrial Park Rd.
Lewistown, PA  17044
Telephone: 717-242-0327
Fax: 717-242-2606
NDT Services
NDT Equipment
NDT Supplies
GE Inspection Technologies is your supplier of complete NDT solutions.
Now with innovative new products and extensive support from the
Krautkramer, Pantak Seifert, RADView and STRUCTURIX product lines, GE
Inspection Technologies' nondestructive testing business group is
positioned as the leading global NDT solutions provider for the major
technologies of ultrasonic, x-ray, digital and film systems.

Luke Schrimsher
5616 Haven Street
Las Vegas, Nv  89014
Telephone: 702.296.2499
Fax: 702.947.3080
NDT Services
NDT Equipment
NDT Supplies
NDT Training
Performs NDT on Corporate Jet Aircraft and General Aviation including
scheduled inspections, damage evaluations and repair; using PT, MT,


Allied Research Groups:

TWI Collaborative Research programme

List of Research Programs


Additional Resources and News:

Non-destructive Testing Applications in Commercial Aircraft Maintenance

Overhaul & Maintenance
March 1, 2005

"Right now there is no prescriptive requirement "to assure that
persons performing maintenance or inspection of aircraft meet a
minimally acceptable vision requirement," said the Federal Aviation
Administration. Though maintenance organizations have programs to
certify vision for inspectors who perform non-destructive
inspections/testing (NDI/NDT), like dye penetrant techniques commonly
used to look for cracks in compressor hubs and blades, the agency said
the requirements for those certifications are "neither uniform nor
standard throughout the industry." Of the inspector corps, 52% are
classified as "visual" inspectors, 36% as visual and NDI/NDT, and 12%
solely as NDI/NDT."

Evening Standard (UK)
August 1, 2000

<<The Concorde disaster has again brought safety issues to the fore.
The aviation industry relies on hundreds of product and service
suppliers such as Chris Hocking, who runs Hocking NDT from St Albans.
He makes equipment used to test aircraft for cracks.
NDT stands for non-destructive testing, used to detect tiny fissures
that can develop swiftly in parts such as landing wheels and if not
discovered can lead to catastrophe. "The massive pressure in the tyres
puts strain on the rims," says Chris. "There is huge stress applied on

The Weekly of Business Aviation (TM)
November 24, 2003

"Netjets designated Execaire Toronto as an official service provider
in the Canadian city for the fractional aircraft ownership company's
Cessna Citation fleet. Execaire, which is also an authorized service
center for Citation business jets, will service all Citation models
and handle AOG/line service, parts, heavy maintenance and avionics and
non-destructive testing. A division of the Innotech-Execaire Aviation
Group, the Toronto service center will have access to a $ 1 million
parts and tooling inventory and also features a mobile repair parts
facility that can take care of problems within a 100-mile radius of

Aviation Week & Space Technology
September 30, 2002

"RepliSet from Struers is a replicating system for non-destructive
testing and engineering inspection. It is designed to transfer the
microstructure of a surface to replica media, and produces an exact 3D
copy of an engineering surface. The replica is subsequently analyzed
off-site under laboratory conditions.
Replicas can be taken of metallic materials and most other solid
materials like ceramics, plastics, glass and concrete. There are no
size, shape or thickness limitations. RepliSet compounds are useful
for inaccessible surfaces and irregularities on critical components
that need to be examined and measured."

MENA Business Reports
August 26, 2002

"Qatar Airways has expanded the maintenance facilities at its Doha
base, adding a new aircraft wheels and brakes overhaul workshop, built
at a cost of $ 2.2 million. The facility is equipped with
non-destructive testing equipment to ensure the serviceability of the
wheel and brake parts, as well as a nitrogen reservoir that can
service up to 40 wheels without refilling. "

The Weekly of Business Aviation (TM)
July 1, 2002

"Innotech-Execair Aviation Group opened an authorized Cessna Citation
service center at Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport.
The 35,000-square-foot facility will provide complete technical
services, including maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs,
modifications, refurbishment and non-destructive testing. The new
facility is one of 24 authorized Citation service centers worldwide,
but the only one in Canada."

November 2, 1998

<<A new method of non-destructive testing is available whose
development seems fortuitously timed to meet the increasing demand for
both structural and nonstructural inspections of high-time aircraft.
       If exploited to its full capability, operators will be able to
detect the presence of a faulty wire buried deep inside a bundle,
without having to disassemble the bundle (see ASW, Oct. 19).
       The approach features a 13-pound multispectral camera that
detects extremely subtle variations in the spectral signature of the
material being examined. The data is fed to a laptop computer, which
compares the reading against a "baseline" measurement to produce
images highlighting strain, corrosion, cracking and other anomalies.
"This cannot be done with any other camera we're aware of," maintained
Charlie Weinert, vice president of operations for the company that
developed this technology, Thresholds Unlimited, Inc. Briefly,
consider three applications:>>

Business & Commercial Aviation
September, 1998

(www. online is Duncan's
frequently requested Capabilities Guide, which lists all of the
company's avionics, instrument, accessory and propeller overhaul and
repair capabilities, as well as Duncan's non- destructive testing and
calibration services.  

Business & Commercial Aviation
September, 1998

"Premier Air Center in East Alton, Ill. has received certification for
non-destructive testing on Citations using eddy current, magnetic
particle and liquid penetrant methods." 

Overhaul & Maintenance
March, 1998/April, 1998

"Maintenance errors could be reduced through standardization of
procedures, record-keeping and documentation, and the voluntary
sharing of error data, according to the Commercial Aviation Safety
Strategy Team (CASST), which recently released a list containing
dozens of wide-ranging safety recommendations.
CASST's maintenance agenda also includes reductions in uncontained
engine failures through improved non-destructive testing,
rotor-integrity and damage-mitigation programs. The group, which
comprises the Air Transport Association, the Air Line Pilots
Association, the Aerospace Industry Association, Airbus and Boeing,
also wants to push installation of advanced safety equipment such as
enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS) and
second-generation traffic alert collision avoidance systems (TCAS

July 8, 1997

"Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Aurora, Ill., was selected by the
Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, Ohio, to provide professional
design engineering services at Toledo Express Airport for the
rehabilitation of Runway 7/25, installation of centerline lighting and
touchdown zone lighting and modification of the electrical vault. The
project team also includes Proudfoot and Associates and Tol-Test,
Toledo, Roy D. McQueen and Associates, Oakton, Va., providing
non-destructive testing and pavement evaluation, and Lean Engineering,
McLean, Va., providing centerline and touchdown lighting system design
and analysis."

The Weekly of Business Aviation(TM)
November 3, 1997

"ASSOCIATED AIR CENTER opened an additional maintenance hangar at its
Dallas Love Field facility. The 72,000-square-foot hangar will provide
space for shipping and receiving, parts storage, non-destructive
testing and inspection activities. In addition, the hangar bays can
accommodate two transport category-size aircraft. "

Aero Safety and Maintenance
August 20, 1999

"Montreal's Tektrend International is introducing a new, optical
non-destructive testing method, called Edge-of-Light, under a license
from developers at the Canadian National Research Council's Institute
for Aerospace Research.
EOL uses a light source and a scanner to convert changes in surface
slope into light intensity variations on a personal computer display,
rapidly generating easy-to-interpret results. Scanning speeds range
from two to 20 linear centimeters per second across widths of 10
centimeters or more - relatively fast compared with other NDT

"Tektrend, which develops and makes NDT equipment, plans to market the
new method both as a stand-alone product and integrated with
ultrasonic and eddy current inspection systems. "

Business & Commercial Aviation
March, 2002

"Spectronics Corp. has developed the Maxima 3500M, a battery-
operated, high-intensity, black-light lamp for non-destructive testing
(NDT). The lamp's 35-watt bulb can deliver 60,000 microwatts per
centimeter squared at a distance of 15 inches. Spectronics says its
lamp makes small defects far more visible during fluorescent and
magnetic particle inspection than standard UV lamps. The 2.5-pound
handheld unit has an instant on/off/restrike switch, and its bulb is
prefocused at the factory for optimum performance."

NDT Aerospace News

NDT market analysis

Society of British Aerospace Companies


Google Search Strategy
nondestructive testing aerospace or aircraft UK 
-narrowing search terms

Lexis Nexis Aerospace Industry Search
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