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Q: author bios from op-ed pages ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: author bios from op-ed pages
Category: Reference, Education and News > Current Events
Asked by: mkinsley-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 24 Mar 2005 13:57 PST
Expires: 23 Apr 2005 14:57 PDT
Question ID: 499921
I need a complete list of all the authors of article on the op-ed page
of the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the
Los Angeles Times for the past two years. I don't need or want any
biographical information or the title of the piece--I just need a list
of the names.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 24 Mar 2005 17:15 PST
You know, I almost think this is do-able.

Almost, but not quite.

It's possible to find all four newspapers in a single database. 
However, the papers are each formatted and indexed just differently
enough that the data sorts are 100% reliable in (a) distinguishing
op-eds from other articles and (b) extracting the author's name for
the article.

That said, a look at the last few weeks produced an author list like this:

 William Raspberry
 Thelma Diemer
 Sebastian Mallaby
 Ron Shaffer
 Robert J. Samuelson
 Richard Holbrooke
 Richard Cohen
 Peter Beinart
 Michael D. Shear and Chri...
 Marc Fisher
 Lisa de Moraes
 Leslie Walker
 Judy Sarasohn
 John Kelly
 Jim Hoagland
 Jay Mathews
 George F. Will
 Fred Hiatt
 David Ignatius
 Daniel Patrick ...
 Courtland Milloy
 Charles Krauthammer
 Art Buchwald
 Al Kamen
  Virginia Postrel
  Tom Lauricella
  Stephanie Saul
  ROBERT I. TOLL; As tol...
  Paul Theroux
  Melanie Kirkpatrick
  Lawrence J. Korb and N...
  Larry Pressler
  Kathy Chu Dow Jones Ne...
  Kaja Whitehouse Dow Jo...
  Joyce Purnick
  Jonathan Gurwitz
  Jeffrey Zaslow
  James P. Rubin
  Iain Duncan Smith
  Greg Sandow
  Frank Cammuso
  Floyd Norris
  Elizabeth Cohen
  David Kocieniewski
  David Fromkin
  DAVID BROOKS; Paul Kru...
  Charles Fried
  Bob Mann
  Angela Pruitt
  Andrew Kohut
  Alvaro Vargas Llosa

However, even that fairly short list took a lot of manual clean-up,
and it's not a perfect capture of all the authors.

What I'm getting at, I suppose, is that this task seems too large for
a $100 job -- or even for $1000!

I would suggest finding some way to pare things down a bit so that
there's a realistic chance the question could be answered.

Let me know if you need more feedback from me on anything I said above.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 24 Mar 2005 17:17 PST
Big Omission!

I meant to say:

"...the data sorts are NOT 100% reliable..."

Clarification of Question by mkinsley-ga on 24 Mar 2005 22:30 PST
it doesn't have to be perfect! In particular, if the results include
lots of false positives (ie, names that are on non-op-ed articles)
that is no problem at all. And if a very few op-eds names are missing,
that is OK too, although if more than one or two percent aren't there,
that's no good.

also, if the cleanup is very complicated and time consuming, that can
be skipped, as long as all the names are there and not buried in a lot
of extraneous type. (IE, if the article title is attached to each,
and/or it says "Washington Post" time and time again, no problem)

RE the New York Times, I can tell you how to do it, They distinguish
between op-ed "columnists" and "contributers" and all I need are the
contributors. If you go to their left-column list and click on
editorial/op-ed, the menu expands and one of the options is
"contributors." and when you click on that it lists the ten most
recent, with a "next" link at the bottom. So you could gather all of
them if you could either (a) have the patience to call up and copy
from about 150 pages, or (b) somehow manipulate the html to get more
than 10 per page. I can't do either of these.

For a pretty clean list from all four papers, I'll pay $200. And if
you develop a good system, I ultimately want ditto from other
departments of the papers (ie, the NYT Book REview, WPost Outlook
section, etc.) plus other things, which should be easy and I'll pay
for them too.

I hope this is tempting.. $1000 is too  much.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 25 Mar 2005 20:30 PST

I hope I didn't leave you with the impression that I was fishin'
around for a fee of $1000...that was just my (clumsy?) way of saying
that this looked like a big job, and it may be prudent to try and pare
it down a bit!

I'm still trying to find a way to semi-automate the process.  If I'm
overtaken by a fit of profound cleverness and can figure it out, I'll
be sure to let you know.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 25 Mar 2005 21:42 PST
Making some progress.  Here's what ONE YEAR from the Washington Post
looks like -- opinion pieces by mostly "contributors" though its
obvious that some  staff writers and syndicated columnists got
included as well --  it's hard to know just how much may writers have
been missed, or how many false positives show up.

There are about 390 listings here -- I didn't eliminate duplicates as
I thought you might like to see names that appeared more than once
during the year.

Please give me some feedback on this before I attempt to go forward
with any others.   Thanks.



 Abner Mikva 							
 Alan J. Kuperman 							
 Allen Lebovits 							
 Amy Stuart Wells 							
 Anders Aslund 							
 Andrei Piontkovsky	 MOSCOW  					
 Andrew J. Bacevich 							
 Andrew Reynolds 							
 Andrew Reynolds 							
 Andrew S. Natsios 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anne Applebaum 							
 Anthony A. Williams 							
 Anthony D. Romero 							
 Arlen Specter 							
 Artem Agoulnik 							
 Ashraf Ghani 							
 Ban Ki Moon	 SEOUL  						
 Barbara Cochran 							
 Barham Salih	 SULAIMANI	 Iraq  					
 Barry C. Scheck 							
 Barry Castleman 							
 Benjamin L. Ginsberg 							
 Berta Soler Fernandez	 HAVANA  					
 Bill Bradbury 							
 Bill Clinton 							
 Bill Frist 							
 Bill Richardson 							
 Bob Dole 							
 Bob Kerrey 							
 Boris Tadic 							
 Boutros Boutros-Ghali 							
 Brad Rourke 							
 Brent Scowcroft 							
 Brent Scowcroft 							
 Brett H. McGurk 							
 Brian Baird 							
 Brian Faler and Jo Becker 						
 Brian Gifford
 Bruce Gelb
 Bruce W. Sanford 							
 Byron Dorgan 							
 Caleb Carr 							
 Carolyn McCarthy 							
 Cecil E. Roberts 							
 Charles A. Krohn 							
 Charles T. Clotfelter
 Charles Z. Wick 							
 Christopher J. Dodd 							
 Chuck Hagel 							
 Cindy Williams 							
 Clark Kent Ervin 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Colbert I. King 							
 Craig Charney 							
 Dan Blumenthal 							
 Dana Milbank 							
 Dana Milbank 							
 Daniel P. Erikson 							
 Daniel Seidemann	 JERUSALEM  					
 Daniel Serwer 							
 Daniel Wolf	 SOUTH DARFUR	 Sudan  				
 Daoud Kuttab	 JERUSALEM  						
 David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey 					
 David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey 					
 David B. Sandalow 							
 David Cole 							
 David Ignatius 							
 David Kay 							
 David L. Bosco 							
 David S. Broder	 BEIJING  					
 David S. Broder	 LONDON  					
 David S. Broder 							
 David Westin 							
 Debra Chasnoff 							
 Dennis Ross 							
 Dennis Ross 							
 Dimitrij Rupel 							
 Douglas Farah 							
 Douglas J. Feith 							
 Douglas J. Feith 							
 Douglas T. Kendall 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr.	 MIDDLETOWN	 R.I.  				
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 E. J. Dionne Jr. 							
 Edith U. Fierst 							
 Edward Cody
 Edward M. Kennedy 							
 Edwin M. Yoder Jr. 							
 Eleanor Holmes Norton 							
 Elie Wiesel 							
 Eliot A. Cohen 							
 Eliot Cohen 							
 Elizabeth Warren 							
 Ellen Goodman	 BOSTON  						
 Ellen Goodman	 BOSTON  						
 Ellen Goodman	 BOSTON  						
 Ellen Goodman	 BOSTON  						
 Ellen Goodman	 BOSTON  						
 Ellen Lutch Bender 							
 Emadeddin Baghi	 TEHRAN  					
 Enriqueta Bond 							
 Eric Liu 							
 Eric Reeves 							
 Eugene B. Rumer 							
 Eugene B. Rumer 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Eugene Robinson 							
 Farzaneh Milani 							
 Felix G. Rohatyn 							
 Frank Chang-ting Hsieh 						
 Frank R. Lichtenberg 							
 Frank Schaeffer 							
 Fred Hiatt 							
 Fred Hiatt 							
 Fred Thompson 							
 Gary Anderson 							
 Gayle Smith and Mara Rudman 						
 Gene Weingarten 							
 Geneva Overholser 							
 George F. Will 							
 George F. Will 							
 George F. Will 							
 George F. Will 							
 George P. Shultz 							
 George Silver 							
 George Weigel 							
 Gerard Latortue 							
 Gerard Wallace 							
 H. Gilbert Welch 							
 Harriet McBryde Johnson 						
 Haviland Smith 							
 Heather Mac Donald
 Henry E. Catto   							
 Henry A. Waxman 							
 Herb Allison 							
 Hilary Rosen 							
 Holly Burkhalter 							
 Howard Kurtz	 Washington Post Staff Writer 				
 Howard Kurtz and Frank Ahrens	 Washington Post Staff Writers 		
 Howard M. Metzenbaum 							
 Howell Raines	 POCONO SUMMIT	 Pa.  					
 Hugh F. Hill III 							
 Hugh Panero 							
 Hugo Chavez	 CARACAS	 Venezuela  				
 Ian Bowles	 BOSTON  						
 Ilyas Akhmadov 							
 Isaac Shapiro 							
 J. Robinson West 							
 J.B. Schramm 							
 Jack Goldsmith 							
 Jackson Diehl 							
 Jacob S. Hacker 							
 James D. Villa 							
 James Dobbins 							
 James E. McWilliams 							
 James Mosher 							
 James Pavitt 							
 James Q. Whitman 							
 Jan Egeland 							
 Janet Fleischman 							
 Jared Genser 							
 Jason Stearns 							
 Jay Mathews 							
 Jay Mathews 							
 Jeanne McManus 							
 Jeb Bush 							
 Jeff Bergner 							
 Jeff Fischer	 BAGHDAD  						
 Jeffrey D. Sachs 							
 Jennifer L. Mnookin 							
 Jessica Mathews 							
 Jim Sollisch 							
 Jim Wallis 							
 Joan Meier 							
 Joel I. Klein 							
 John Feinstein 							
 John Hamre 							
 John McCain 							
 John McLaughlin 							
 John Mintz	 Washington Post Staff Writer 				
 John Moores 							
 John Norton Moore 							
 John Podesta 							
 John Stuart Blackton 							
 Jon Kyl 							
 Jon Meacham 							
 Jonathan Fanton 							
 Joseph Doyle 							
 Joseph S. Nye Jr. 							
 Joshua Foer 							
 Joshua Muravchik 							
 Judith D. Auerbach 							
 Karen A. Tramontano 							
 Kate Martin 							
 Kathleen Babineaux Blanco 						
 Kay Bailey Hutchison 							
 Ken Lay 							
 Kenneth Roth 							
 Kevin Drum 							
 Kevin Krajick 							
 Lawrence F. Kaplan 							
 Lawrence Lessig 							
 Lawrence M. Hinman 							
 Lee Hockstader	 RICHMOND  						
 Lee Hockstader	 CUMBERLAND	 Md.  					
 Lee Hockstader 							
 Leon R. Kass 							
 Leonard Downie Jr. 							
 Leonard H. Marks	 	 					
 Leonard S. Rubenstein 							
 Ludmilla Alexeyeva 							
 M.R. Dinsmore 							
 Marcia Angell 							
 Marina Ottaway 							
 Marina Ottaway 							
 Marion Barry 							
 Mark Brzezinski 							
 Mark Feldstein 							
 Mark J. Penn 							
 Mark J. Penn 							
 Marlene M. Johnson 							
 Mary Bissell 							
 Mary Frances Berry 							
 Masha Lipman	 MOSCOW  						
 Masha Lipman	 MOSCOW  						
 Max M. Kampelman 							
 May 23	 2004 Sunday	  Final Edition	
 Michael A. Wertheimer 							
 Michael D. Tusiani 							
 Michael Dobbs 							
 Michael Gecan 							
 Michael Kinsley 							
 Michael Kinsley 							
 Michael McFaul 							
 Michael McFaul 							
 Michael Northrop 							
 Michael O'Hanlon 							
 Michael Powell	 Washington Post Staff Writer	
 Michael R. Caputo 							
 Michael Rubin 							
 Michael Shifter 							
 Michael Shifter 							
 Michèle Alliot-Marie 							
 Mitch McConnell 							
 Mona Eltahawy	 NEW YORK  						
 Mona Eltahawy 							
 Mona Eltahawy 							
 Monte Reel	 Washington Post Staff Writer 
 Morton Abramowitz and Samantha Power 					
 Motoo Noguchi 							
 Myles Brand 							
 Nadia Diuk 							
 Naotaka Matsukata 							
 Nathaniel Frank 							
 Newt Gingrich 							
 Newt Gingrich 							
 Noel Koch 							
 Noel Koch 							
 Nora Boustany 							
 Norman Ornstein 							
 Pamela Haag 							
 Pat Patterson 							
 Patrick Clawson 							
 Paul C. Light 							
 Paul Farhi 							
 Paul H. O'Neill 							
 Paul W. Hansen 							
 Peter Beinart 							
 Peter Beinart 							
 Peter Beinart 							
 Peter Beinart 							
 Peter D. Feaver 							
 Peter H. Gibbon 							
 Peter M. Shane 							
 Peter Moskos 							
 Peter Slevin	 Washington Post Staff Writer	 CHICAGO  
 Phillip Longman 							
 Pradeep Chhibber and Ken Kollman 					
 Ray Boshara 							
 Ray Takeyh 							
 Reuel Marc Gerecht 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard Cohen 							
 Richard G. Lugar 							
 Richard Holbrooke	 KYIV	 Ukraine  				
 Richard Holbrooke 							
 Richard Holbrooke 							
 Richard J. Durbin 							
 Richard O'Brien 							
 Rob Stein	 Washington Post Staff Writer 				
 Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman 				
 Robert B. Zoellick 							
 Robert Byrd 							
 Robert Byrd 							
 Robert E. Wittes 							
 Robert Kagan 							
 Robert M. Cornejo 							
 Robert May 							
 Robert R. Monroe 							
 Roberta Cohen 							
 Roger A. Pielke Jr. 							
 Ron Moore 							
 Ronald D. Asmus 							
 Roya Hakakian 							
 Ruth Marcus 							
 Ruth Mitchell 							
 S. Frederick Starr 							
 Sadiq Reza 							
 Salman Rushdie 							
 Salvador Stadthagen 							
 Samir S.M. Sumaidaie 							
 Sanford J. Ungar 							
 Saparmurad Ovezberdiyev 						
 Scott Cooper 							
 Sean Daly	 Washington Post Staff Writer 				
 Shibley Telhami 							
 Spencer Abraham 							
 Stanley I. Greenspan 							
 Stephen Moore 							
 Stephen Sestanovich 							
 Stephen Sestanovich 							
 Steve Andreasen 							
 Steve Ballmer 							
 Steve Danyluk	 	
 Steve Hadley 							
 Steve Hayes 							
 Steven Rattner 							
 Susan E. Rice 							
 Susan E. Rice 							
 Susan E. Rice 							
 T. X. Hammes 							
 Thabo Mbeki 							
 Theodore M. Shaw 							
 Thomas E. Ricks 							
 Thomas E. Ricks 							
 Thomas H. Bornemann 							
 Thomas J. Healey 							
 Thomas J. Raleigh 							
 Thomas M. Davis III 							
 Tim Dorsett 							
 Tim Roemer 							
 Timothy M. Gay 							
 Timothy Shriver 							
 Tion Kwa 							
 Tom Beaudoin 							
 Tom Callahan 							
 Tom Carver 							
 Trish Vradenburg 							
 Vaclav Havel 							
 Valery E. Yarynich 							
 Vali Nasr 							
 Victor Comras 							
 Victoria Toensing							
 Warren Buffet 							
 William B. Schultz 							
 William H. Hooke 							
 William Kristol 							
 William McSweeny 							
 Yossi Alpher 							
 Yossi Beilin 							
 Yuri Ushakov 							
 Zainab Bangura	 FREETOWN	 Sierra Leone

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 26 Mar 2005 12:51 PST
One more post.

I now have a much cleaner list of Washington Post authors -- 496
articles in the past two years.

It's still not perfect, but I'm more confident in this one, than in
the prior ones I posted.

I don't want to post the 496 names here and clutter up this page with
yet another long list, but I wanted to let you know of its

I'm finding that these lists are do-able for some papers, but not
necessarily for others.  The NY Times, for instance, is resisting all
efforts thus far.

Would information from individual meet some of your needs, if all four
papers aren't possible?


Clarification of Question by mkinsley-ga on 28 Mar 2005 12:19 PST
Hi. And thanks. I'm afraid you're not really getting there. The
WashPost publishes 5 or so pieces a day on its op-ed page, of which
maybe 3 are regular columnists, so that's about 750 a year...and if
your list was cleaned up of reuglar columnsits and other duplicates,
it would be 250 or so, maybe less.

But look, let's not give up. I now actually have the NYT and WP, and
can get the LAT. I am going to list here a bunch of other
publications, and i'll pay ten cents a name up to a max of $200 for
any author names you can get from any of these publications, with no
duplications. I am not a perfectionist, so I don't care if there are a
few, but I don't wanna pay again and again and again for Henry

(Obviously, this offer applies only to pafalafa. but anyone else is
welcome to volunteer and I will get back to you if I still need help.)


The NEw REpublic
The Weekly Standard
The Atlantic Monthly
The NEw Yorker
The Wall STreet Journal -- editorial and op-ed only (check out their
separate site,
The NEw York REview of Books
National REview

Well, start with those, and I can add more... thanks.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 28 Mar 2005 15:27 PST
Thanks for the feedback.  

I've continued to work on this, and I think that some of the numbers I
came up with up are actually quite consistent with the ballpark
numbers you mentioned.

Here are links to two lists -- 377 author names (no duplicates) from 2
years of the Washington Post, and more than 1,000 from the NY Times:

Take a look, and if you can, let me know how these jive with the lists
you created on your own.

These are pretty clean, but there are still a few quirky aspects to
them...if you need to know about how they were created, let me know.

Mean time, I'll take a look at the other publications to see if I can
generate anything to meet your needs.



Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 28 Mar 2005 19:16 PST
Here's a link for 746 names from 2 years of the WSJ, in addition to
the NYT and WashPost links I gave you earlier (above):

Let me know how these look to you.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 31 Mar 2005 09:55 PST

Still there?  I was hoping for feedback on the links I provided thus
far, to confirm that they are of value to you.



Clarification of Question by mkinsley-ga on 04 Apr 2005 11:28 PDT
these nameas are all great, and you have earned your $200, if you can
just explain to me how I pay it.

If you feel like tossing in lists from some of those magazines, that
would be terrific. But I want to pay you the $200 in any event.


Subject: Re: author bios from op-ed pages
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 04 Apr 2005 12:30 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Thank you kindly.  You're a gentleman, any emails to the contrary

I'm glad the lists met your needs.  You needn't do anything to pay me
-- by posting this formal answer to your question, that happens

You can, however, post a rating to this answer, or provide other
feedback, but that's entirely optional.

As for the other publications you listed, here's the scoop.  I used
the online database Factiva to generate the lists.  Factiva DOES
include several of the publications you listed, but with caveats:

--National Review -- only "selected" articles are included (i.e. not
every article printed is in the database), but 2 years are available

--New Republic -- only available since Sept 2003, and the content is
selected abstracts from the magazine, rather than 100% coverage.

--New Yorker -- abstracts only, but two full years available

--NY Rev of Books -- coverage just began in March 2005

--Weekly Standard -- full coverage since 2002

The others you listed are not part of the Factiva database.

I can try to crank out lists of ALL authors, if that is of interest. 
I do not know of a way to easily separate out "opinion" articles from
other types of writing, since that sort of distinction is not made for
all publications.

I looked at the Weekly Standard.  There are 924 articles in the
database over the past two years.  The first 100 authors are listed

and the first few articles listed are:

1.  The Legacy of Terri Schiavo 
Weekly Standard, 11 April 2005
By Wesley J. Smith

2.  A Chip Off the Old Dictator 
Weekly Standard, 11 April 2005
By Lee Smith

3.  Nation Building, After All 
Weekly Standard, 11 April 2005
By Vance Serchuk & Tom Do...

4.  The Kyrgyz Take Their Stan.. 
Weekly Standard, 11 April 2005
By Stephen Schwartz

5.  "Hell, No"--He's Not Exonerated 
Weekly Standard, 11 April 2005
By Claudia Rosett

If you wanted all 924 authors (less, after I remove the dups) I can do
it.  But if some sort of selection is needed, I'm not sure.

It would take some discussion between us to figure out how to proceed
on each magazine.

Let me know what you think.

And thanks again for such an interesting challenge, on a very interesting topic.  


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 04 Apr 2005 12:44 PDT
A few things I forgot:

--To comment back to me, you'll need to ask for "Clarification" per
these instructions:


The Researcher only partially answered my question. How do I get
further clarification?

You have the option to make a comment or request a clarification once
you receive your answer from a Researcher. To request further
clarification, log in and go to "My Account". When you see the list of
questions you have asked, click on the question with the answer you
wish to clarify. Once you have clicked on the question, look at the
Answer section and click on the "Request Answer Clarification" button.
Then enter the clarification you desire into the box. The Researcher
will be alerted that a clarification has been requested.

--If you want the Weekly Standard's full authors list, just say so --
I'll gladly include it as part of the answer to this current question.

--Factiva also has transcripts from many TV news shows, so that it may
be possible to generate similar lists of talking heads.  If that's of
interest...or if you want lists from the other magazines...please post
it as a new question.

mkinsley-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
excellent answer, friendly correspondence, total satisfaction. (I'm
not including a tip only because I already doubled the initial offer
because of total satisfaction.

There are no comments at this time.

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