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Q: Define job functions in this job description ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: Define job functions in this job description
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Asked by: outtawork-ga
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Posted: 01 Apr 2005 13:51 PST
Expires: 19 Apr 2005 13:21 PDT
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I have a job interview coming up and need more information on what the
job entails so that I sound like I know what I am talking about when I
discuss the job with the company recruiter.  I don?t fully understand
the job requirements, but apparently, the wording I used in my job
application was sufficient to land the interview.  I need details on
what an employee might do on a day-to-day or monthly basis for each
job function.

I may be having difficulty adequately defining my questions as I do
not know exactly what to ask about, so please feel free to post
request for clarification.  Some research I did is posted at the end
of my questions.

Job description and company:
Perform testing and certification on processing of electronic
deposits.  Develop e-commerce requirements and workflows   Develop
document testing.  This would be for a financial services organization
with high net-worth customers in a treasury operations department.

Wording on my job application
.I was taking an educated guess when I wrote the following:
 ?I can use my project management experience to provide analysis of
various financial workflows such as payroll, accounts payable and

E-Commerce requirements
Please give an example of how you might develop E-Commerce
requirements for electronic deposits.

What is certification?  Fraud control on checks presented for deposit
and disbursement?  How do you perform certification?

Define ?workflow? and please give at least one detailed example of
developing requirements for workflows and how that relates to business
electronic deposits.

Document testing
What are the document(s) and how do you test them?

Would this be an example of converting a manual workflow to an electronic workflow?
* adopt payroll cards, which allow pay to be electronically deposited
into an employee's checking account.
* improve cash flow by producing a cash-flow report for each company
division, complete with details on checks written, recurring payments
and cash inflows.
* use online bank reports,

Are these examples of electronic deposit certification or is the job
description referring to something different?

An electronic affidavit, issued by a trusted organization, like a
bank, that vouches for the identity and the authority of an individual
or business to conduct any transaction over the Internet. For eCheck,
certificates are issued to payers and payees through their bank or
through their eCheck service provider. In the U.S. Treasury Market
Trial, the payee's certificate was housed in the chip portion of
his/her electronic check smart card.

Another service is positive pay, a fraud-control service in which a
business provides the bank with a list of checks it has issued for
payment; the system screens all checks presented for payment against
the list before distributing the funds.

Thank you.

Outtawork, underloved and underfed
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Subject: Re: Define job functions in this job description
From: willcodeforfood-ga on 01 Apr 2005 15:36 PST
If you are having trouble even understanding the terminology, I
suspect it will not take an interviewer very long to figure out that
you are in over your head.  You need to be prepared to explain some
specifics about the experience you cited on your resume.  Here's how
I'm understanding the details of the job description:

>> Perform testing and certification on processing of electronic
>> deposits.

Testing means running and evaluating a system that process these
transactions to make sure it works correctly and certification means
vouching that it functions properly.  The certification itself is
proabably a document you prepare that explains how the system was
tested and that you believe it to be functioning correctly.

>> Develop e-commerce requirements and workflows

This means figuring out how much time and money a project will take. 
To do so you'll first establish what information/input the system will
need and from where, as well as what information/output the system
must deliver.  A workflow will show how an entire process works, from
beginning to end, including the steps a user takes as well as the
internal system steps that make a process happen.

>> Develop document testing.

This seems like a sentence fragment from your job description.  Given
the context, it could mean testing documents for authenticity or it
could mean cross-checking or auditing documents generated by a system.
 It could mean something else entirely as well.

The details of this sort of position are probably way too much to cram
but you may be able to come off looking sharp enough to have them
recommend you for another position in the same department.  Good luck.
Subject: Re: Define job functions in this job description
From: outtawork-ga on 01 Apr 2005 18:02 PST
Thanks, willcodeforfood.  I think you shed some light on it.  I have
some experience -- we just never used that terminology.  I used
different words and descriptions on my resume -- rather wordy by
Subject: Re: Define job functions in this job description
From: myoarin-ga on 02 Apr 2005 08:05 PST
I cannot add much to Willcode's comment except to point out that an
important part of workflows is the provision for controls and
documentation thereof, especially for financial transactions, within
the electronic system and also at the level of human interface with
it, but you are probably familiar with that, and also with description
and documentation of workflow via flowcharts (a subject that you can
find many sites for on the web).  This one for example:

But I hope this is kindergarten info for you.

Good luck!
Subject: Re: Define job functions in this job description
From: outtawork-ga on 05 Apr 2005 12:32 PDT
Passed the first interview. . . . On to the next round . . .
Subject: Re: Define job functions in this job description
From: willcodeforfood-ga on 05 Apr 2005 13:38 PDT
Congratulations and good luck!

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