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Q: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
Category: Computers > Hardware
Asked by: mdpa173-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 18 Apr 2005 19:13 PDT
Expires: 18 May 2005 19:13 PDT
Question ID: 511138
i want a very large television which would double as a computer screen from
which i can play online poker by a remote from across the room. is
this possible? is there a remote mouse which will go across the room?
i am seeking information and specific recommendations of brands.. ty
in advance

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 18 Apr 2005 20:05 PDT
Hello mdpa173,
I'm thinking that you would need a wireless mouse for your setup. I
assume the farthest wireless mouse works up to six feet, so I wonder
if your is bigger than this. And when you mean very large TV, do you
mean bigger than 21", say, 50"? And do you prefer an LCD (which would
make it flat, but costlier) or a CRT (cheaper) TV?

Clarification of Question by mdpa173-ga on 19 Apr 2005 05:06 PDT
very big like fifty inches, to serve as my primarily television as well.

are there any special mouse with long cord designed for this type of situation.

are you sure longest wireless mouse goes six feet?  i thought
microsoft had designed a living room type of computer/entertainment
package - i saw them promoting at the mall six months ago, but it
looked glitzy and impractical.
is there a special mouse with extra long cord otherwise - about twelve
feet to the set i am guessing.

ty in advance
Subject: Re: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
Answered By: journalist-ga on 19 Apr 2005 10:22 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Greetings Mdpa173,

I use a Microsoft Wireless Optical Tilt Wheel Mouse 2.0, and I just
walked 23 feet from my laptop...the mouse worked perfectly from that
distance.  I found specs that said it worked well anywhere from 6 to
10 feet away but I more than doubled the greatest reported distance
and still it worked perfectly.  Its wireless USB adaptor is a pod unit
"Smart Receiver" with a 2 ft. cord from the laptop so it may be placed
alongside the TV unit or CPU unit to facilitate an even greater
distance.  I purchased it from Best Buy.

See the mouse at

Regarding mouse distance review:
"The Bluetooth products also had the longest range. Both Bluetooth
mice worked at distances of more than 30 feet, while the best RF
mouse, the Logitech, stopped receiving signals at a distance of just
more than 13 feet. The other RF mice all had effective ranges of less
than 10 feet. The Macally mouse had the shortest range, about 5 feet,
followed closely by the Microsoft mouse, at 6, and the Ken-sington
mouse, at 8. All the mice performed well when barrier objects, such as
a stack of books, were placed between the mice and their receivers."


This 50" TV is advertised as being used for a computer screen:
Price $1,998.90 (reg. price advertised as $3,057.60)
"PC Display Capability (VGA, SVGA, and XGA) The Panasonic Multimedia
Projection Display is the ideal centerpiece for a media room, since it
can be used as a computer monitor for large-screen multimedia
applications...DVI with HDCP Connectivity DVI is a high-performance
interfacing solution for high-resolution digital displays, such as
this Panasonic LCD Multimedia Projection Display. It provides an
enhanced visual experience versus analog technology (such as VGA), and
enables the transmission of streaming digital video signals from a
personal computer to a television monitor. HDCP is a specification
developed by Intel Corporation to protect digital entertainment
content across the DVI interface."

Also see these models:

Model: Sony PFM 50C1 Plasma Television
Description: 50-inch EDTV Plasma Display, Widescreen 16:9 Format
Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA)
"Using a computer input to the Sony units' 15pin VGA input is a
pleasure, especially in XGA (1024X768) format. This unit is a great
value in the market for XGA presentation. The fixed pixel structure of
1365X768 matches up extremely well with 1024X768 computer resolution.
Text images, through such software as PowerPoint, display very nicely
as do graphics and video games."

Samsung HL-P5085W 50" Widescreen HD-Ready DLP Television with PC Input

JVC PD-50X795 50-IN HDTV Plasma Television and PC Input

Panasonic TH-50PX20U/P 50" HDTV-Ready Flat Panel Plasma 
"You can also connect it to your computer to serve as a monitor. It
offers resolution of up to 1,366 x 768 pixels (with a pixel pitch, or
spacing, of 0.81 x 0.81 millimeters) and an anti-reflective coating
that reduces glare. The motion-adaptive 3D Y/C digital comb filter
further increases brightness and clarity."

PIONEER - PDP-5040HD 50-IN HDTV PureVisionTM Plasma Television and PC Input

Mitsubishi PD-5030 50" Plasma Television
PC Input - UXGA Compatible



DLP Television Vs. LCD Television
"COMPUTER USE - Both display technologies can be used with a computer.
Neither LCD monitors nor DLP TV's will succumb to the problem of image
persistence, which is certainly a concern when displaying static data
and graphs (like the Excel spreadsheets, etc.). One will just have to
that verify that the television has PC compatible inputs because not
all displays will have a computer compatible input. *Advantage: Draw.
If you need a display to double as a monitor and television, verify
that it has a PC-compatible input through either VGA or DVI."

A consumer post at a forum:
"...I do have a 50" DLP HDTV (res. 1280x720) that has a DVI connector.
I connected my PC via DVI and RGB to the 50" DLP HDTV and got a
different set of display problems. The good news is that both
connections (DVI & RGB) gave the same results. The picture on the
desktop was clear & stable as well as the task bar at the bottom of
the Window's screen. What was strange is that the application Icons
were flashing on & off. Some flashed very quickly and others a lot
slower. Tried different settings, but no luck. Also tried "PowerStrip"
on the 26" LCD HDTV and still unable to solution the problem. At this
point, I am thinking on returning the Radeon 9600 graphics card and
switching back to the intergrated video (Nvidia chipset) with a RGB
connection to the HDTV, which works on both HDTVs."

"If you are planning to use your LCD TV as both a television and
computer monitor, make sure the unit your are considering does have
VGA or other connection options designed for PC use."

"...most people I have seen connecting their display to a PC with the
Radeon use this adapter and the component inputs to the display.  [The
link is] "
(I recommend you peruse that entire thread.)


Should any of the links I've provided not work correctly, please
request a clarification before rating my answer as I am happy to

Best regards,


50" television PC input
LCD television 50" PC input
Microsoft Intellimouse Tilt Wheel
LCD television 50" vga input
best 50" television PC input

Request for Answer Clarification by mdpa173-ga on 25 Apr 2005 05:03 PDT
thank you for your xclent response.  i used fifty inches as an
example.  would it be possible to get a link or two to a bigger

thank you in advance

Clarification of Answer by journalist-ga on 29 Apr 2005 06:51 PDT
Sure!  Sorry to not respond sooner.  I've been away.  I'll get on this right now.

Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by journalist-ga on 29 Apr 2005 07:27 PDT
Greetings MDpa173,

Following are some larger screen TVs that mention PC input:

PANASONIC - PT-60LC14 60-IN HDTV LCD Rear Projection Television and PC Input

LG - RU-60PZ61 60-IN HDTV Plasma Television and PC Input

Panasonic - PT-60LCX63 60-IN HDTV LCD Rear Projection Television with PC Input

"Ideal for video gamers and PC users"
[This link came from ]

Samsung Tantus HPN6339 63" HDTV-Ready Flat-Panel Plasma TV
"Extraordinary 1,000:1 contrast ratio, high 700 cd/m2 brightness;
includes RGB PC input"

"PC Input: D-sub 15-pin"

Panasonic 65" HDTV Plasma TV
[see description for PC input specs]

Not certain this one has total PC specs.  Mentions "DVI + PC Audio
(x1)" on front and back panel inpus
Optoma 65" DLP TV

"PC Input (RGB/Component) 
Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 
(VGA, SVGA, XGA display & SXGA, UXGA compressed display) 
fH: 15 ? 110 kHz; fV: 48 ? 120 Hz 
Audio Input (for PC): M3 stereo plug "

Mitsubishi WL-82913 : 82"
"1080p PC Input"
[Link found at

Hope these additional resources are of assistance.  : )

Best regards,


60" TV PC input
62" TV PC input
63" TV PC input
65" TV PC input
70" TV PC input

Request for Answer Clarification by mdpa173-ga on 29 Apr 2005 08:35 PDT
excellent answer,  as a matter of curiosity -  once i rate the answer
(5) and tip ($10).  does it then become impossible to ask you to
clarify one or two minor points --ie  am i supposed to wait until i am
absolutely finished before rating and tipping?

also  is there a 'secret' to your databases -  i assume you are not
just doing generalized searching on google ( it is still worth the
money to me, but i am curious about how u are able to come up with
such concise answers - usually takes me hours to get the same
concentration of good answers when i search google.)  thanks again

Clarification of Answer by journalist-ga on 29 Apr 2005 10:27 PDT
Hi Mdpa173,

Rating my answer will *not* close the question.  You and I will be
able to converse via the Clarification area or the Comments area, and
other Researchers and non-Researchers will also be able to use the
Comments section after you rate.

NOTE: Using the Comments area will not email-alert me or you to the
other's comments; using the Clarification area will email-alert both
of us whenever the other posts.

Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by journalist-ga on 29 Apr 2005 10:39 PDT
PS  To address if there's a secret way I found this info...nope.  :) 
I just used various search strings and reviewed the Google results to
find what you wanted.

I didn't use quotation marks in my searches for your answer but that's
a great way to pinpoint exact phrases you want to find.  For instance,
searching John Doe will bring up results with John and/or Doe, but
searching "John Doe" will bring up the two terms exactly together as
in quotation marks.

Also, capitaling an AND or OR will help include terms like

"big screen tv" 50" OR 60" OR 70"

and using a minus sign like this

"big screen TV" 50" OR 60" -42"

should remove whatever you don't want.

Google offers a great search tips guide at ://

Best regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by mdpa173-ga on 01 May 2005 13:44 PDT
my mistake, i do see the clarification area is still available to me.

best regards ---mdpa173   this is as regards my comment
mdpa173-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $15.00
concise, lucid and courteous.  excellent answerer

Subject: Re: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
From: journalist-ga on 01 May 2005 12:54 PDT
Mdpa173, thank you so much for your kinds words and your added
generosity!  I'm delighted you are pleased with my efforts.  :)

Should you have any further questions about this topic or others, I'm
happy to be of service.  On this question, if you use the
Clarification section, I will receive an email alert, but I'll check
back periodically in case you choose to post in this Comments section.

Best regards,
Subject: Re: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
From: mdpa173-ga on 01 May 2005 13:42 PDT
thanks,  it was a pleasure,  i don't see a clarification area any
longer ( although i desire none) , so i wonder if it drops out after a
couple of days

Subject: Re: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
From: aushelper-ga on 03 May 2005 22:57 PDT
If you want a large display for both viewing PC video output and
watching movies and TV, then I would recommend a large LCD flat panel
screen and widescreen TV, so you do not have to worry about image
burn-in from static image elements, and have a sharp display of text
and graphics.

One example would be the 45" Sharp Aquos LCD flat panel screen and TV.
Some more information can be found at:
Subject: Re: large screen television which doubles as a computer screen
From: cynic_74-ga on 29 Mar 2006 15:56 PST
Instead of a table mouse I would look at Gyration's line of wireless
control devices. I've used the ULTRA Compact Keyboard Suite and it
works well for browsing the net on a huge projection tv. It's very
easy, you hold the mouse like a Star Trek phaser and just wave it
slightly to move the cursor and click the trigger (instead of a mouse
right click, plus the keyboard is wireless too). You can see it here:

ULTRA Compact Keyboard Suite

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