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Q: Clothes ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Clothes
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: dar1234-ga
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Posted: 09 Aug 2002 05:40 PDT
Expires: 08 Sep 2002 05:40 PDT
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How do I get iron burns off of black shirts and return shape to shirts
that have been streached out....ruined by dry cleaners......

Clarification of Question by dar1234-ga on 09 Aug 2002 06:52 PDT
I took black shirts to the dry cleaners and they have iron marks on
them. It looks like the iron was set too hot and you can see where
they ironed...they also streched the shirts out of can i
get the iron marks out and return them back to shape....
Subject: Re: Clothes
Answered By: filian-ga on 09 Aug 2002 07:07 PDT
Hi dar1234-ga!

I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience at the dry cleaner's. I
did find a few tips on removing and treating iron scorch marks on
clothing and a few ways of getting your clothing back into shape.

Removing Scorch Marks:

"Scorch marks may be removed by using a cloth dampened with vinegar.
Place it over the scorched area and apply a warm iron. To treat scorch
marks on cotton, press with a warm iron on a cloth dipped in

"How to Remove Scorches:  Wet scorched area and cover with cornstarch,
then brush off when dry."

"When the iron leaves a scorch mark on a garment, I put a liberal
amount of peroxide on the stain. Then I place a white handkerchief
over the spot and iron over it with a medium heat. This is a safe way
of bleaching out the mark without hurting the fabric or the color of
the garment."

"How can scorch marks be removed? 
If the fabric is washable, you can try brushing it gentlty with a soft
brush or dry sponge,to remove loose carbon particles. Then, wash the
fabric with regular detergent and a mild all-fabric bleach. This will
permanently weaken the fabric even more than the scorch has, but the
scorch may no longer be noticeable."

This site describs what a scorch is and how it is caused, too.

Here's yet another idea for treating scorches:

"Light scorch marks can be treated with 1 part water and 1 part
hydrogen peroxide dabbed gently on the mark. Also you can try a borax
solution (1/4 cup borax to 1 quart of water) on the scorch. And if the
fabric permits, it can be soaked in a bleach solution. Be sure to
rinse thoroughly and wash as usual after treatments."

Another site I found also recommended using a mild solution of

As for returning shape to your clothing that has been stretched out,
you might try first taking it back to the dry cleaner and insisting
they press the item so that it looks normal again. They should do this
for no fee, of course, since they're the ones who caused the problem.

I don't know what kind of shirt it is but I'm assuming you mean dress
shirts made of cotton. Here is a site which has tips on pressing
shirts properly, which may restore your shirts to their original

This site is a PDF which gives many pressing tips for shirts:

According to this site, "Re-shape whilst damp, particularly on 100%
cotton knitted garments by gathering the hem in one hand, holding the
shoulders in the other and pulling back into shape."

It goes without saying that you need to have your item either damp or
warm before you can reshape it. The fabric is much more pliable this
way. Another idea is to use a "Wrinkle-Releaser" which relaxes the
fabric and allows it to be re-shaped. You can find these in the
grocery store's laundering section. I have Downy Wrinkle Releaser and
I find that it does help. You spray it on and then pull the fabric
into shape. It sure is easier than wrestling with a garment that is
very wrinkled, distorted and cold. Mostly it's a matter of pressing
the garment into shape and making it retain that shape. You can use
irons or presses, wrinke releasers, stretching the garment while it's
damp or warm, or you can always take it to another dry cleaner's.

For a wool item, ExecStyle offers these tips:

"Wool needs air to help it spring back into shape. 
Give your wool garments a 3 day rest after wearings. This will help
them shed wrinkles and allow the garment to regain its original shape.
This rest will help avoid dry cleaning and keep your garment feeling
new much longer."

This site gives tips on all kinds of specific fabrics:

For leather shirts you can crumple newspaper and put it in the
armholes to retain the shirt's shape, and there are also professional
"racks" and molders that you can stretch your shirt on to give it its
original shape. Sort of like a "shoe horn" only for shirts. I'm not
sure that these are available for consumers, so it's best to ask your
dry cleaner -- preferably not the one who ruined your shirts in the
first place:)

I hope this helps get your shirts looking good again! Good luck!

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Subject: Re: Clothes
From: expertlaw-ga on 09 Aug 2002 07:20 PDT
Caution - test your scorch removal method on an area of a shirt that
can't be seen when you're wearing it, to test for discoloration.

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