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Q: graphics questions--icons, imbedding pictures in emails, etc. ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: graphics questions--icons, imbedding pictures in emails, etc.
Category: Computers > Graphics
Asked by: dingodog-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 04 Jun 2005 20:14 PDT
Expires: 04 Jul 2005 20:14 PDT
Question ID: 529433
I actually have four graphics questions that could each be priced at say, $5.
I am an illustrator with graphics knowledge that would like to find out how to:
(1) reconfigure my PC keyboard, if possible. I worked on the Mac for
years and now just bought a Dell, and I would like to find out if
there is an easy way to reconfigure the keyboard to make it function
like a Mac keyboard. Specifically, I'd like to switch the "Alt" and
"Ctrl" keys. This would help me oput tremendously because I work in
Photoshop and all the other graphics programs on the Mac and I always
use the keyboard shortcuts (Apple+O to open, Apple+S to save, ect.) On
the PC it's just a pain to do it all in opposite.
(2) I'd like to see how I can create those tiny little icons right
next to website URL's whenever you bookmark stuff. The little icon to
the left of the website that gives a nice little touch.
(3) I'd also like to find out how to create "descriptors" in the URL
listings--instead of just having, "", when people mark your
website under favorites, I'd like to have, say, "Andre Adams*
Illustration & Design", whenever people bookmark my stuff.
(4) finally, i'd really like to find out an easy way to IMBED pictures
(jpegs, whatever) in my emails. Like when people have the "signatures"
at the bottom of their email, I'd like to also have an image. I
currently use Yahoo for my email client, and i hope I won't have to
change to another--hotmail, earthlink--to accomodate that feature.

Look forward to your findings,
Subject: Re: graphics questions--icons, imbedding pictures in emails, etc.
Answered By: jackburton-ga on 05 Jun 2005 05:46 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
"DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets
you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works.
Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping
the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are
in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick
and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac.
Called DoubleCommand because originally it was used to give the old
PowerBooks a second Command key, where there was an enter key."
Download (*not yet available for Tiger)
These sites explain how to create favicons:
Howstuffworks "Why does my Web browser display some book-marked sites
with a custom icon?"
Matthew's Apples: Mac favicon Creation
Simply insert the title of the page between <title> and </title> in
the head section.
"1. Most HTML tags require an 'opening' and 'closing' 
 2.	A web page requires an opening and closing HTML tag i.e. <html> ..
web page here.. </html>
 3.	The top section of the web page requires a 'head' section i.e.
<head> ... </head>
 4.	Inside the 'head' you can place a title (which will be the name
you see when you add the site to your  favorites / bookmarks) i.e.
<head> <title> ..text for favorites..</title></head>
 5.	After closing the <head>, the next section is the <body> In other
words the body is inside the <html> and </html> but it's below the
<head> ... </head> section."
This page explains how to add a signature to your email:
Search terms used:
pc keyboard "like a mac"
html "bookmark title" 
signature yahoo
I hope you this answers all your questions. If anything is unclear
please request clarification.
Best regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by dingodog-ga on 08 Jun 2005 17:33 PDT
Hi and thank you for the answers, however, for the first question I
meant remapping the keyboard for the PC (my DELL computer), not for
the Mac! On my Mac there's no problem--the problem is on my PC, when I
try to use graphic programs like Photoshop and commands are all with
the CONTROL key, to the far left. What I'd like to do is find a way to
switch that key with the ALT key.

If you could find something on that, THAT would be something!


Clarification of Answer by jackburton-ga on 09 Jun 2005 07:09 PDT
I'm sorry I misinterpreted your first question. I thought you had a
Dell keyboard connected to a Mac, for some reason.
One of these programs should do the trick:
"TradeKeys 2 lets you map your keyboard almost any way you want. Under
Windows 95, 98, and Me, you can change, swap, or disable any of the
standard keys (those that existed on the original 84-key keyboard
layout). Under Windows 2000 and XP, you can also remap extended keys
such as Right Ctrl and Right Alt, the Windows logo key, and the
navigation cluster."
This program also lets you remap keys:
Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional
"Send and remap keyboard keys
This is a very useful and powerful feature of Aquarius Soft PC
Keyboard Hotkey Professional.
You can use this feature to do the following:
? Send another key combination to activate a function."
dingodog-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
On the first question researcher misunderstood what i wanted. Other
than that, good stuff.

Subject: Re: graphics questions--icons, imbedding pictures in emails, etc.
From: czaemon-ga on 04 Jun 2005 23:50 PDT
for titles, just insert <title>Title of page</title> at the top of your html. explains url icons.
Subject: icon editor
From: dima_ko-ga on 13 Mar 2006 05:40 PST
(2) To create an icon you need an icon editor, e.g. IconEdit2 -

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