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Q: Best places in big cities resource ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Best places in big cities resource
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Restaurants and City Guides
Asked by: bailey111-ga
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Posted: 07 Jun 2005 15:13 PDT
Expires: 07 Jul 2005 15:13 PDT
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I am trying to put together an excel list of the best restaurants,
hotels, bars of some major cities (New York, LA, etc) complete with
address, neighborhood, etc?  Is there are resource out there or what
is the best way to get this information?
I obviously know about the city guides but am looking for a better way
to aggregate and sort
Subject: Re: Best places in big cities resource
Answered By: nenna-ga on 08 Jun 2005 13:30 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi Bailey111-GA

As the Researcher who did the question Pinkfreud pointed you to, I
learned a lot about how to find this information easily and quickly,
as that was a LOT of work. Therefore, I?m glad I saw this question as
well because I think that all of my searching will help me point you
to the quickest resources for your project. While I wish there was an
easy simple way to do this, there?s not, in will involve a little bit
of research. However, I can cut your time down immensely from what I
learned on the other question.

First, let me make you a list of the 20 largest cities in the US. As
of 2003, the 20 largest cities by Population were?
New York
San Diego
San Antonio
San Jose
San Francisco
Fort Worth
If you don?t mind my personal opinion here, I would add Orlando, New
Orleans, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Tampa to your
list, and remove San Antonio, Detroit, Columbus, Milwaukee, and Fort
Worth. That gets you some of the more popular tourist cities and stays
away from some that aren?t so, well? visited would be the best word?

Now, as far as finding that information, I used a couple sources that
proved invaluable. The main one was Yahoo Travel. The reason I lied
this so much is it would list the top rated items in a given category,
with their address and about 85% of the time,  a linked map and what
?neighborhood? it was considered in within the city.

Let?s use NY as an example.;_ylt=AggS92oAToEF9RcAn_TLqVXqDmoL

From there I would go to the ?Top Ten Things to Do? Link. If you go
that page and scroll down to the bottom, there?s a Popular Hotels in
NYC section with all the Hotels linked. If you click them, it shows
you the address, map, rates, etc. That would be a huge help in
compiling your hotel portion of your list.

Most cities also have a hotel tab at the top of the page you can see a
listing of them with neighborhoods.;_ylt=AlPNggdzurbmqknaX6B85IziphQB

Affinia 50 
Rated #1 for all New York City Hotels
(4 Reviews, 4 Guides)
User Rating: 4.5 stars - Rate it!
Write a review & enter to win a trip!
Hotel Class:
Average Price: $159.00
Neighborhood: Midtown [Map it]

Then, if you click the hotel name, you are taken to:
For example?;_ylt=Ah0.CI4YbiAIbHhy8edPzM.cFmoL

Affinia 50, New York City- Rated # 1 in New York City
155 E 50TH St, New York City, NY 10022 
A small link says ?Map? Right next to the address.
Now, onto Restaurants. I would recommend Yahoo Travel once again for
all the same reasons.

When we were at:;_ylt=AlPNggdzurbmqknaX6B85IziphQB
If you look up top, there are a number of tabs. One says ?Restaurants?
Click on it. It?s set up the exact same way as the hotels. A list of
user reviewed restaurants in order, with links for each that you can
click to get the address and a map.

***Now, if this is too narrow and focused in on the city proper for
you, you can use the links above the lists to expand the search
radius. You have City View, Greater Area, which covers NYC and
surrounding areas, and Map View, which plots them all by rating number
on a map for you. I used this as an easy way to find groupings of
things in the same neighborhood considering I?d never been to most of
those cities. Much easier than searching addresses.

Now, as far as bars. Yahoo Travel doesn?t have a listing for the top
rated bars in the cities, so we?re onto a new search. For this one I
would use the website

They have listings of the bars by city, in a number of categories. Hot
Spots, Sports Bars, Bars and Pubs, Nightclubs, and more. For example,
There are over 1617 Bars and Pubs listed for NYC. The listings have
addresses listed and map links with them. You can get a listing of the
Bars/Restaurants by area/neighborhood as well, which would help you to
categorize them as well. You can also sort by price.

Another good resource would be AOL?s CityGuide. They list the top 10
bars for **many** cities. For example, here?s NYC?s.  When you click on the
link for the bar, it gives you an address and a map.

Here?s the listing for the #1 rated bar in NYC

I?ve also used and I think AOL?s Cityguide is much
easier to go through and compile information from.

I wish there was a major list that could just be copied. Trust me!
LOL. I spent many hours on that last question hunting, searching,
digging, and compiling. I hope this information helps you to make your
spreadsheet in the easiest possible manner, this was the fastest ways
I found when working on that other question. As you can see, I can
compile information, and my hosting is back up (So I could do a
spreadsheet, which I could not do for the other question as my hosting
was down). So, if you?d rather have a researcher compile the
spreadsheet for you, feel free to post another question and I could
create that and host it for you and do the work for you. It?s what I
and the other researchers are here for, to help you get what you need!

Just a heads-up, in order to do it for you, if you so choose to use
our services, we would need a list of towns, how many
restaurants/bars/hotels for each area you would like listed, and how
you would want the spreadsheet set up. You may want to review the
pricing guidelines if you so choose to do that as well so that you can
price the question accordingly for the amount of time and effort it
would take.

If this answer requires further explanation, please request
clarification before rating it, and I'll be happy to look into this

Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 08 Jun 2005 13:32 PDT
Hi again!

Let me give you some Google Searches I used as well:


Request for Answer Clarification by bailey111-ga on 13 Jun 2005 12:47 PDT
this seems pretty good, i will probably post a follow up as you
suggested.  Wondering whether you researched trade associations as a
possible resource for this information?
Also, i live in NYC and the top ten things for NYC is not very
good(very touristy rather than popular), and I am wondering how good
these sources are rather than anything collaborative?

Request for Answer Clarification by bailey111-ga on 13 Jun 2005 12:50 PDT
follwoing up on my comment, the Hotel affinia is simply in a different
league than the Pierre hotel in New York.

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 14 Jun 2005 17:44 PDT
Hi Again,

Unfortunatly, there isn't a resource alredy out there with this
information, as you can see. It's going to take some research. If you
post a follup question asking me to do the research for you, please
let me know with a clarification here.


Request for Answer Clarification by bailey111-ga on 16 Jun 2005 09:52 PDT
I followed up, would like to hear your thoughts on the follow up..thanks..

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 16 Jun 2005 16:40 PDT
I'll check it out and see what I can do.


Request for Answer Clarification by bailey111-ga on 17 Jun 2005 06:27 PDT
not sure if the other researcher on my other question is going to be
able to pull it off...

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 18 Jun 2005 08:51 PDT
Hi again,

I have taken a look at your question, and hopefully will get the
change to answer it. However, if I do not, one of our other
researchers will be more than happy and capeable of helping you. The
reason I haven't jumped on this sooner is because I had emergency
surgury on Tuesday, and haven't been able to sit in front of my
computer for long amounts of time. I'm getting much better, but I'm
limited in my working time. I should be back to work on Monday, and if
it's not answered by then, I'll be more than happy to start on it and
work with ya!

bailey111-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
i followed this up..thanks

Subject: Re: Best places in big cities resource
From: pinkfreud-ga on 07 Jun 2005 15:15 PDT
Some of the material in this answer to an earlier question might be of use to you:
Subject: Re: Best places in big cities resource
From: bailey111-ga on 07 Jun 2005 16:56 PDT
thanks.  That was basically neighborhhods with maps but it certainly
helps.  I am looking on a way to find the information, find this
information, rather than then doing the entire research.

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