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Q: life in space ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: life in space
Category: Science > Astronomy
Asked by: gray786-ga
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Posted: 20 Jun 2005 00:17 PDT
Expires: 20 Jul 2005 00:17 PDT
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What has greater odds/probability, the odds/probability of finding
life on a distant body in the cosmos or the odds/probability of
finding intelligent life on a distant body containing life in the
cosmos that is not earth. possible formula
would be nice.

Request for Question Clarification by cynthia-ga on 20 Jun 2005 03:24 PDT
Have you seen the Drake Equation, and the Fermi Paradox?

Drake equation

Fermi paradox

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: life in space
From: tedrick79-ga on 09 Nov 2005 06:13 PST
Well your question was life in space, but I imagine you mean life on
another planetary body. Most people would imagine that given enough
time, planetary bodies, favorable conditions and just plain luck that
eventually life would form. Since we have not yet discovered any of
any kind or evidence of any - that is where our first conclusion must
be. There just simple are not any. Biology can support this. I have
come at this question from a few different angles - let me show you.

The first way I'll try to go through is biology. We know what
constitutes life. It is at its most basic level amino acids. In
themselves they are not completly impossible to come up with in a
'sterile' enviroment. I say sterile because that is what it MUST start
as - you have no life and you want time and favorable conditions to
conjure some up. So lets just say for the sake of argument you can get
some amino acids to line up. Next you need to form the shortest DNA
chain capable of being 'smart' enough to make another one just like
it. From what I have read from biologists it is roughly 700
nucleotides in a specific order. It is important to realize that these
acids have no telenomy - they would be just bumping into one another.
Given all odds there is a chance, and it is astronomically small.
Somewhere along the lines of one in a google. A google is a 1 with a
hundred zeros. Impossible yet here we sit. This has given rise to
something known as intelligent design theory. Which states, without
actually giving way to God, that someTHING is helping life along.

Second we have the second law of thermodynamics. You can google it if
you want the exact definition. It says that a system, left to itself,
does not get better with time - it gets worse. Entropy. This planet is
falling apart. It is slowing down - the sun shrinks 5 feet a day and
we are losing the moon at an inch a year. While none of these are
cause for worry they all demonstrate that the universe in which we
live is in decay. Wait! What about all those stars that form and make
new ones and the old ones. Well astronomer are all over about this -
they admit there is not enough interstellar matter in the pre-star
stellar nursery to make star yet that is where they must come from.
Some of you may notice where I am going with this.

The third grade argument always comes to mind - What came first the
chicken or the egg? The DNA or the RNA? Time is not the solution to
this problem - planetary goo given a billion years remains planetary
goo. The second law of thermondynamics is a law for a reason. I will
be the one to say it. We are utterly alone in this universe.

That tired argument that the universe is so big it has just got to
have other civilzations is arguing from a lack of evidence. Occam
would demand that we assume we are alone given the astronomic
likelihood that we are the only life lucky enough to even exist in our
very young universe.

So is there life in space?
Subject: Re: life in space
From: gray786-ga on 09 Nov 2005 10:31 PST
very good post, so say your right, say god created humans. that would
just raise more questions. who created god? why did god make such a
large universe maybe a infinitely large universe and leave it all to
humans. why did god create other religions where 5/6th of the earth
population don't believe in him. why did god make me not believe in
him. why did god make humans the only self aware intelligent species
on earth? the list of questions go on. i understand your argument
where space goop 1 million years from now is still space goop. i think
the evidence that we share 99 percent of our DNA with chimps presents
a strong case that evolution exists. 99% is so large to be simply
coincidence. and millions of years ago our ancestors the homoerectus
and homosapiens or what ever you will call them also present a good
case of human evolution. i believe the science is the key to
understanding the universe. i also think that it is human nature to
create something that will explain basic questions. the more and more
science advances the more and more religion seems human made to me. i
am typing this on 3 hours of sleep so my brain isn't working very good
but if other things pop into my head i will be sure to reply. if you
are right and humans are alone in the universe then that would be a
awful waste of space. (pun intended). :-)

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