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Q: Height growth ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Height growth
Category: Health > Men's Health
Asked by: ironpraxis-ga
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Posted: 22 Jun 2005 20:45 PDT
Expires: 22 Jul 2005 20:45 PDT
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I am currently 5ft 7inches in height and will be turning 18 in a
couple days.  I know it varies for everyone, but until what age do you
stop growing in height?  I don?t think I have grown at all throughout
all my years in high school.  Mostly because I?ve always been an avid
computer gamer ever since middle school and became extremely hardcore
entering my freshman year and it was progressively more addicting. 
Anyways, I never really took care of myself and kind of bummed out
about my height because I could be taller.

I heard coffee stops your growth.  Milk is great.  What?s the
difference between milk and soymilk?  I?ve even heard stretching every
morning after you wake up is good.  Anything else you can help me with
that I might want to know?  I?ve even heard of supplements that can
increase your height growth even though you are done growing.  Are
there any downsides to taking these height-enhancing supplements?  Do
you know of any popular brands?  I am quite desperate, please help me
out!  I am open for ANYTHING!

Clarification of Question by ironpraxis-ga on 23 Jun 2005 10:16 PDT
Just to let you know, I am Asian.  Korean in particular.
Subject: Re: Height growth
Answered By: umiat-ga on 24 Jun 2005 08:37 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again, ironpraxis-ga! 

 Your height if determined primarily by your genetic predisposition.
You can get a fair idea of your familial genetics by the height of
others within your immediate and extended family. In rare cases,
hormonal disorders may affect normal growth, but this problem is quite
noticeable in early childhood. Healthy eating and good posture should
also be taken into account, but unless these factors are seriously
disrupted, their influence is small in the overall scheme of your
"pre-programmed" height.

1. I know it varies for everyone, but until what age do you stop growing in height?

Research shows a bit of variation about when young males reach their
full height. While some individual do report gaining additional inches
into their early twenties, most reach their full height in their late

From Teen Health Talk:

"I'm 17 years old and 5? tall. Is there a chance I will get taller?"

"The height that you achieve depends on several factors: 1) The genes
you inherit from your parents; 2) The age you enter puberty (when you
start to develop sexually); 3) the age you have your first period (if
you?re a girl); and 3) your general health.... Most young women
achieve their full height within 12 to 18 months after their first
period. Most young men tend to stop growing at the end of puberty when
they begin to shave regularly."


I'm an 18-year-old male who is trying to grow taller. Does skipping
rope and playing basketball help? If not, could you please give me
advice on ways to increase my height? I'm around 5' 6"."

"There is very little that can be done to help people grow taller. In
special cases, for truly small people who do not seem to grow, doctors
may prescribe growth hormones. For the large majority of shorter
people, this is not the case. For the most part, your height is based
on your genes. The best way to reach your true height potential is to
eat right and exercise."


From Riverdeep:

"The adolescent growth spurt typically begins in girls around the ages
of 10 or 11 and peaks by age 12. Girls typically stop growing by the
ages of 15 or 16. In boys, the growth spurt begins at 12 or 13,
reaches a peak by age 14, and is typically over by the age of 19. Of
course, adolescents don't all develop at exactly the same time. Some
develop earlier than their peers, and others mature a bit later."


An excerpt from "Ask the Dietician":

"Your son is not in a growth spurt, but will steadily increase in
height and weight until he reaches 13 - 15 years. Then he will add
lots of height and weight because of an adolescent growth spurt. He
will keep growing until he is 23, but will reach 90% of his adult
height by age 18." 


You have said - "Anyways, I never really took care of myself and kind
of bummed out about my height because I could be taller."

I wouldn't beat yourself up over your height. I don't know that
computer gaming and inactivity have really done much to affect your
height! There are plenty of inactive, computer addicts who rarely eat
well and are quite tall despite their unhealthy habits. Again, look at
others in your family to get a representative idea about how realistic
your height expectations are.



I consider the only potentially legitimate answer to this question to
be to correct your posture. If you have rounded shoulders with a
drooping head, you will appear shorter. Learning to correct your
posture and lift your head upright will certainly bring you to your
"natural" height, but will not actually add inches to you bones.

There are numerous products that promise to add a few inches. As I'm
sure you are aware, the web is full of false information and numerous
scam products. Do not waste your money unless you are willing to see
it disappear down a bottomless pit.

*** PLEASE read the following reference with a healthy "grain of salt." ***

The following article highlights the factors which contribute to
growth/height during childhood and early adulthood. It also mentions
some natural aids for "potentially" increasing height.

The following excerpts are from "Achieving new height."

"There is certain age at which most people usually stop growing i.e.
for man 25-27 and for woman 21-23. It occurs shortly after puberty. It
is possible to continue growing until 23 for woman and 25 for man. A
major determinant of height is how longer the longest bones the femur
(in upper leg) tibia and fibula (in lower leg) grow."

"Every person has been "pre-programmed" to attain a certain height. To
make the most out of your potentials you need to know the factors that
affect height growth."

(Some of these are Genes, Familial stature, Hormones, Irregular
sleeping time and posture, etc.....)

"Do not believe those who tell you that you cannot grow any taller
after puberty. Young adults can grow a few inches taller even after
the bones in the lower body become ossified. This is because besides
the length of the bones in lower body, the length of spinal column in
the upper body also alters height..."

Read more about natural aids for short stature - including proper
sleep habits, eating, lifestyle and exercise)

Concerning medical treatment for short stature, the article highlights
the following potential treatments and some disadvantages:

* "Supplementation of vitamins, proteins and calcium."
* "Growth hormone therapy-Any unbalanced level of growth hormone in
our body can be treated by growth hormone therapy i.e., supplemented
by tablets or injections."
* "Acupuncture-Acupuncture is also called reflexology. It initiates
reflexes in muscles which is helpful in growth. Same thing is followed
in Physiotherapy treatment along with limb lengthening traction."

Disadvantages and Side Effects

* "Costly- Mostly height treatments as hormone injections, tablets and
surgery is very expensive."
* "Books on height and exercise manuals are full of twists and turn
which are often misunderstood or misguided."
* "Painful-Doing height exercises, surgery or injections are very
painful. A routine of the course generally makes the short stature
persons scared."
* "Diagnosis must be confirmed before taking hormone treatments. This
requires a detailed case history with lab tests."
* "Overdose of Growth hormone will lead to hypoglycemia followed by
hyperglycemia or acromegaly which is a very serious problem."
* "Any man made growth hormone is likely to cause high cholesterol,
diabetes, liver disorders, increased tissue stiffness & allergic
* "Treatments need months of rehabilitation. The hormone treatment
should be complemented by an adequate supply of calories and amino


A helpful Q/A about height from Kidworld:

Q. "How can I increase my height? I am 5'5 and I want to be at least 5'8." 

A. "There's not much you can really do to increase your height. The
height of a person is determined by the genes handed down by their
parents. You can make the most of the genetic make-up your mother and
father gave you by eating healthy foods, getting proper sleep and
exercising regularly. You can also maximize your height potential by
not smoking and not slouching - bad posture can make you look

"Most kids get a growth spurt when they hit puberty, so if you're 15,
you'll probably get a bit taller, but there's no guarantee you'll
reach 5'8. Some people try taking growth hormones or special
supplements to make themselves taller, but this is not a safe or
proven way of increasing height. It's more likely to lead to medical
problems like arthritis. If you're still really concerned about your
height, you can can always try wearing shoe lifts. These can be a bit
awkward to walk around in but they do make you a few inches taller.
You could also try buying one of those medieval stretching devices and
getting a friend to stretch your legs out by three inches. This
technique, like the use of growth hormones or steroids, is also not
recommended by Kidzworld."


If you still want to investigate some of the products claimng to
increase height that are advertised on the net, please refer to the
following website and compare the products against their scam list:

Short Person's support - "Worst of the Worst."



2. What?s the difference between milk and soymilk? 

A comprehensive analysis of both products can be found in the following:

"Nutritional differences between soy- and cow's milk." Go Ask Alice

3. As for your concern about coffee stunting your growth, there is no
evidence supporting that contention.

See "Does caffeine stunt your growth?" The Straight Dope. 23-Jan-2004


For another good overview about height,  please read:

"Can We Predict Height?" InteliHealth. Feb. 11, 2003


Finally, some of the most popular celebrities are your height or
shorter and they do not lack for success!

Mel Gibson 5'8" 
Elton John 5'8"
Tom Cruise 5'7".
Emilio Estevez 5'7"
Dustin Hoffman 5'6
Elijah Wood 5'6"
Michael J. Fox 5'4"
Martin Scorsese 5'3
Prince 5'2-1/2
Dudley Moore 5'2"


I hope this information is helpful!



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does coffee stunt growth?
difference between milk and soymilk
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ironpraxis-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Well done!

Subject: Re: Height growth
From: short_fry-ga on 16 Aug 2005 21:54 PDT
Hey i no everyone says sleep well, eat well,excercise and you will
grow but...if a short person resorts to buying pills over the internet
to help them grow taller then they have probably tried being
Being short myself i would do anything (within reason) and if it
wasn't too expensive so if anyone has any ideas on how to grow taller
(other than the usual "be healthy" comment)

thanks it would be greatly appreciated
Subject: Re: Height growth
From: pinkfreud-ga on 16 Aug 2005 22:03 PDT

Pills that you buy from the Internet will make your wallet thinner,
but they will not make you taller.

I am a short person. The best ways I know of to appear taller are to
wear shoes with higher heels than the usual, to maintain good posture,
and to stay slender.
Subject: Re: Height growth
From: willthompson-ga on 23 Aug 2005 14:00 PDT
i have been doing some research, and steriods make your muscle tissue
rebuild faster, so that there is less pain, and science steriods are
pumped into some chickins, and other meats, if you work out, then eat
meat with steroids, you will be less soar for workouts, and if you
streach your tendons before this you there will be less tension to
hold you back from growing.
Subject: Re: Height growth
From: willthompson-ga on 23 Aug 2005 14:01 PDT
hold you back from not gorwing*
Subject: A guy grew 1.5 inches taller with inversion
From: vnguye07-ga on 21 Dec 2005 10:49 PST

I've heard about this success story awhile ago.. i don't know if it's

Check out this amazing website for more details: (100% free of charge)

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