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Q: fun things to do with a date ( Answered,   6 Comments )
Subject: fun things to do with a date
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Asked by: tomleary-ga
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Posted: 22 Jun 2005 22:58 PDT
Expires: 22 Jul 2005 22:58 PDT
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I'm looking for exciting things to do with a date. i.e., I'm trying to
plan a helicopter tour of chicago, but in case that doesn't work.
anything that gets the heart racing is a good idea, seeing as dinner
and a movie rarely makes a lasting impression. dancing is a start, but
something more creative would be spectacular. doens't have to be
obviously romantic, but that's always good.

please give a few good answers or lots of decent ones, which are able
to be done in the city of chicago at this time of year. also price is
no object thanks so much


Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 23 Jun 2005 01:15 PDT
How old are you? How old is your date? What are your interests? What
do you know about her? What are things you want to avoid? What have
been your most fun dates so far? What do you want them to learn about
you on this date? What do you want to learn about them? What do you
want to be the next step after this fun date? How do you want to feel
at the conclusion of this date? What kind of mood do you want to
establish? The more you can tell about your situation, the more likely
I will be able to make appropriate suggestions. Eagerly awaiting your

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by tomleary-ga on 23 Jun 2005 08:05 PDT
we are both 23, known her for 8 years or so. she's an artist type, and
probably has had many guys try to impress her, thus I need to out do
them all.
this is a first date so I want it to be exciting, I'm only in chicago
for a week so the goal is simply to have a lot of fun on one day and
that's it, no agenda after that. nothing I want to avoid, but the mood
I want to create is adventurous and exciting, not necessarily
romanctic. thanks again
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
Answered By: nenna-ga on 23 Jun 2005 15:02 PDT
Hi TomLeary-ga,

She sounds like a lucky girl if you?re going to this much trouble for her ?

Anyway, I?ve came up with five ideas, close to your helicopter ride
that are sure to impress her. They would me as well, if I were to make
to Chicago. I?ll be there in August for a concert, and I?ll have to
check some of this out myself.

First, Tandem Skydiving. If you?re into Extreme Thrills and so is she,
this would provide for a great date.

?Students take a 20-30 minute training session with a licensed
instructor who will explain the jump process and landing technique.
You are harnessed to your instructor in the plane and exit the
aircraft together. All you have to do then is Relax and Enjoy the

It?s typically a 13,500-foot jump, with 55 seconds of Freefall. You
must be 18 or older, be less than 220 LBS, plan for an entire day, and
bring lunch.

Video (DVD or VHS) & stills______$ 85.00

Second, you could try Flying Trapeze/Acrobatics/Tightrope lessons. 

From their website:
June 20th - July 13th - Trapeze-Experience? is back at Banner Day Camp
in Lake Forest, IL for it's 8th year providing daily flying trapeze
sessions, Monday through Saturday, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.
?	$60 per person, per session - frequent flyer rates available.
?	Reservations are required - phone 1-877-759-0044 for reservations and directions.

July 4th - August 5th - Trapeze Events International will be
conducting flying trapeze and circus arts programs in  Highland Park,
IL sponsored by the Park District of Highland Park:
?	Camp Big Top/Camp Little Top - Professional circus performers
instruct campers on circus basics including acrobatics, tightrope and
Flying Trapeze.
?	Open Flying Trapeze Classes - Monday through Friday, 5:30 - 7:00 PM,
$35 class fee.
?	Contact the Park District of Highland Park at 847-579-3123 for
further information and reservations. 

You can watch videos of the instructors here to get an idea of what
you?d be learning.

In addition, there are a number of different flying options you could
do depending on how high your sense of adventure is. Let?s go from
tame to wild!

You can do Scenic Flights by calling 312-i-can-fly. The offer many
packages and often customize them to suit their client?s needs. You
could create a personalized flight of everywhere you?ve been in
Chicago with her, perhaps, to throw some romance in? You can also
email them at
You could do an introductory flying lesson with her. With 2 people,
the prices stay the same, but you have to upgrade to a different
aircraft to accommodate, which adds on 35.00 to the price of the
flights. I called them to verify this as well.

They do 3 different flight packages
The website explains them this way:

Intro Flight #1 99.95 + 35.00 upgrade
A one and a half hour adventure in which the student experiences all
the different aspects of flight and flight preparation. Upon arrival,
the student is assigned their own personal FAA Certified Flight
Instructor, who will walk them through all the things a real pilot
does before, during, and after a typical flight. This first lesson is
not to be confused with an "airplane ride", where one is passive and
watches someone else do the work. The whole idea of this introductory
flight lesson is to get the student to do as much as possible - to
push the student right up to their potential. The student will do all
the pre-flight procedures, will taxi the aircraft, talk to the control
tower themselves to get take off clearance, take the plane off, and
once airborne, do many in-flight maneuvers. Of course, the instructor
will be sitting next to the student telling him to "push this" and
"pull that", but the student will do most of the flying.
The flying time will be between 35 and 40 minutes as the student joins
the "elite few in history" who have actually piloted an aircraft
A certificate of completion (suitable for framing) with the logged
hours, signed by their Certified Flight Instructor, as well as a
photograph of the student standing beside the airplane, will be
awarded to the student after the flight. Obviously, the student will
not learn how to fly in one lesson, but no matter which intro flight
they fly, they will experience all the different aspects of flight,
have a lot of fun, and acquire enough information and experience to
make a decision as to whether they would be interested in continuing
the challenge of learning how to fly.

Intro Flight #2

"The Downtown Adventure" 169.95 + 35.00 upgrade
The procedural and ground portion of The Downtown Adventure are the
same as Flight #1, but the big difference is that the actual flying
time on The Downtown Adventure is actually doubled. With the limited
flying time of Flight #1, one cannot get very far from the airport.
But with The Downtown Adventure, there is sufficient flying time to
get to the city and back. The student will take off from Pal-Waukee
Airport, fly over Glenview, Deerfield, Northbrook, Winnetka, Wilmette,
and Evanston, out to Lake Michigan then just over Bahai Temple. From
there he will turn right and fly south down Lake Shore Drive, circle
the Loop, the Sears Tower, and Hancock Building. Returning along
Chicago's great North Side, the student will be able to fly over
Wrigley Field, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, and will help with
the initial landing procedures back at Pal-Waukee Airport. Truly a
remarkable experience!

Intro Flight #3

"Lake Lawn Getaway" 249.95 + 35.00 upgrade
Our Deluxe Introductory flight is one that will be remembered for a
lifetime! It truly is one of the world's greatest gifts. Perfect for
the person who has everything. Just north of Lake Geneva is beautiful
Lake Delevan. On the north shore of Lake Delevan is the wonderfully
rustic lodge called Lake Lawn Lodge. After the procedural and ground
portions are completed at Pal-Waukee, the student takes off, flies
north over Mundelein, Libertyville and Lincolnshire to Great America,
then turns left toward the Wilmot Ski Lodge, the Chain of Lakes, City
of Lake Geneva, Yerkees Observatory, the Abbey Resort and Lake Delevan
before landing at Lake Lawn Airport. The student and instructor
discuss the flight over a light lunch or snack at the famous Lake Lawn
Lodge. Returning home, they head South over Grand Geneva Airport, Fox
River, Kemper Lakes, Waconda, Lake Zurich, and then back home to
beautiful Pal-Waukee Airport. Truly a never-to-be-forgotten

And, option 3, hitting wild is?

Aerobatic Flying Lessons! These are the packages available.

Thrill Of A Lifetime "Basic" - 169.95 - This flight is a 20 minute
introduction to aerobatic flight with lots of thrills and fun... at a
great price!

Thrill Of A Lifetime "Discovery" - 289.95 - The "Discovery" is a full
40 minute flight with more complex maneuvers, and includes
photographs, and an "Aerobatic Completion Certificate" which is
suitable for framing. A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

Thrill Of A Lifetime "Top Gun" ? 425.95 - Our top of the line "Top
Gun" flight is much more than an airplane ride... It takes a full two
hours, and includes some ground preparation, and familiarization. It's
our most popular and exciting flight available. After you strap
yourself into the aircraft for this adventure, you'll experience all
of the basic aerobatic maneuvers... many of which you'll actually be
able to perform yourself! UNBELIEVABLE!!! 

I hope you have a great date with a great girl and knock her socks off!

If this answer requires further explanation, please request
clarification before rating it, and I'll be happy to look into this

Google Answers Researcher

Flying Trapeze Chicago Illinois - Flying Trapeze Classes - Circus Arts
Classes - Flying Trapeze School - Circus Arts S
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
From: tlspiegel-ga on 22 Jun 2005 23:13 PDT
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
From: badger75-ga on 23 Jun 2005 12:03 PDT
Take her on a hot air balloon ride in the suburbs.
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
From: dprk007-ga on 24 Jun 2005 16:02 PDT
Personally I would just eat it.  If it is from Tunisia it is probably
delicious. I hear Moroccan dates are quite tasty too.
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
From: frde-ga on 25 Jun 2005 05:20 PDT
Rearrange your schedule

Early evening 1 ask her to show you her favourite places, especially eatery.

Adjust day 2's schedule to suit what you have learnt on evening 1
- if that is a problem, adjust day 7's schedule.

Getting her airsick, or hugged by a huge sky diver trainer as the
bottom drops out of her guts, is not necessarily going to impress her.

BTW two helicopters dropped in NYC last week, after a 100% safety record.

As an aside, mostly she'll be interested in finding out how much of
you is for real, and how much .. just trying to impress her.
Subject: What was the problem with my prior comments :-)
From: mongolia-ga on 13 Sep 2005 16:31 PDT
Subject: Re: fun things to do with a date
From: shf007-ga on 09 Apr 2006 18:51 PDT
I came across this website. "51 things to do with a date". Maybe you
can have a look. Great help just before going out on my date. hehe..

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